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Hot Wheels

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"Hello?"- I answered de private number that appeared on my screen

"Hello, y/n"- Phill greeted me

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise" Haven't heard of him in months. The last time I saw him was on my graduation dinner with my mom, after that, he just disappeared.

"How are you, kid?"

"Been better, you?" That was kind of true.

"Been better" he snorted "What have you been up to?"

"I'm sure you already know the answer to that question, but if it that was the issue I would have received this call months ago, and I know this isn't a social call either, so how can I help you?" I cut to the chase

"No fooling around, just like your mother" Phil breathed through his nose


"Fine, what would you say if we put your delinquent skills up to a good use?"

"Number one, how dare you, and number two, keep talking" Delinquent! unbelievable. Hours of practice is what it takes to do something like this.

"We may need you to pick someone up"

"As in take them out? Or..." I asked worried, I've never done something like that.

"No, y/n, as in give them a ride back from the mission" he gave an exasperated sigh

"Oh okay, yeah, I can do that, just checking" what a relief "when do you need me and where?"

"A team will drop you off at the location you're needed, a vehicle will be provided. They'll pick up in an hour"

"Wow, last minute call, okay, will I be back today?" I really miss him but I know he'll feel bad if I ask for some time together, time he can't give.

"Actually we may need you again for a couple of weeks, so pack a bag" I didnt know if that was true, but any time I could spend with him was worth it

"Okay, see you soon"

"See you y/n, and no unnecessary craziness, please be careful" he pleaded

"Yeah yeah old man, I'll be careful, you are no fun"

"Yeah, I'm a monster. Bye" so dramatic that man

"Bye" I said before hanging up


"Okay y/n, this is as close as the Zephyr can land, hence your expertise for bringing them back on time" I listened as Phill was on a video call, quarterbacking from the base.

The Quinjet had arrived on time to pick me up, 30 min after that, the plane attached itself on the Zephyr, already on route to the mission's location. I was given the specifications on the task as soon as I entered the plane. Not so many details, only the ones I needed to know. The important thing it was that I needed to get the agents back to Z1 on record time, my kind of thing.

"Copy that" I nodded

"See you soon, we'll keep this on comms, good luck" the call ended

"Okay Martin, can I get the coordinates of the location please?"

"Sure" he typed and it appeared on the holotable. Unfortunately it was right on the center of the city, downtown.

"And where exactly will the Zephyr be?"

"Northeast, right here on this huge empty lot"

"Is it a suburban area? Houses, schools and such?"

"Hmm yeah, there's a school nearby"

"Then forget that location. What about northwest from the city, this place looks good"

"But we already have orders to be on that location"

"But we are going to do this with the least casualties as possible, I'm not going fast and furious near a bunch of kids" if SHIELD wanted my help, some things I must decide "this place is perfect, big enough only one entrance and no way of getting surrounded" I pointed to the industrial area of the city.

"That's a mine, it's abandoned so nobody's there, and the mountain gives us cover on one front" JJ described the location

"Perfect, it's a little further from the previous one but that will do"

"Yes ma'am, heading to those coordinates, wheels down 10 min" Davis said from the cockpit

"Coms on channel 4" Martin announced




"Copy" I was ready, like the rest of the extraction team.

I used my time wisely, looking at the map and drawing all the possible routes in my head, memorizing every path from one location to the other. I saw Piper approach me with an ICER, I declined the weapon, I could do just fine without one but she said she wouldn't risk this mission by lack of preparation. I ultimately accepted it and secured it in my thigh holster, just having it on me felt wrong, but I couldn't enter on that rabbit hole right now, there was a job for me, and only me.

"We're here" Davis announced

I quickly got into the SUV and as soon as the ramp was down I was out, driving as quick as possible to the location.