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Your room, my room.

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Thanks to the excellent behavior that has been developing within the class and when I say excellent I mean bad, I have had to ask other teachers for advice. Together we have a mandatory activity. For as long as necessary they will be sleeping in pairs, they will rotate so that they share a room for one night with each of their classmates.- It is not necessary for Aizawa to look at the lowest of her class so that she knows what she is thinking- No Mineta, you won't share a room with the girls. This activity will be separately. The girls are not obliged to do this but if they want to take advantage of doing the activity between the six, they can do it. It does not end until all the men in this class rotate among you to share a room.- Nor did it take to be a fortune teller to know the complaint that was coming from your favorite explosive or maybe not so favorite.- No ... Bakugou, no ... no ... complaints ... don't you ... let me talk ... I'm not ... shut up ... I'm not asking ... no, shut up. Enough.- When his student finally stopped interrupting him with insults, he was able to finish speaking.- In short, thank his friendlier and less violent classmates for this happening. I don't want fights or stupid jokes that might offend who they sleep with. End of classes, bye. … God.- He said in an irritated whisper when he saw that one of the blondes raised his hand.- Kaminari?


Why does he say goodbye if he now lives in the same place as us? .- Sometimes the whole class wondered coincidentally if Kaminari's questions were a joke or really he meant it.


I still don't get used to misfortune. Get out now.-


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----


Once in the common room they realized that they had not been able to ask any questions about the activity, so they tried to do it logically.


So? How are we going to decide who shares the room with whom? And why are we not as happy as the girls? ... look at them, enjoy this as a sleepover.- Sero did not dislike the idea of sharing and having fun with other boys but complaining caused the same in other people and he wanted to have fun of that .


Do you want to paint your nails with them? .- Ojiro who was next to him bothered while he pricked his abdomen with his tail.


I do not know, lately you paint them very well.- Definitely the irony was part of Zero that in addition to speaking, rolled a tape over Ojiro's mouth while the two laughed.


Stop playing! This is a serious matter! As president of class 1A I will not allow this activity to be ruined. We will decide the first round tonight at random. Please take each paper previously listed from my pocket. - Needless to say, who is shouting in parallel that stands up and gestures that his pocket is in everyone's eyes.


Bro, when you say "my pocket" you think they are in your jacket or something. But putting your hand in the pocket of your pants is very rare.


This is nothing strange, Kirishima! We are young with enough maturity not to make dirty innuendoes! .- And making a move with the leg he placed in front of one of his companions.- Todoroki please do the honor of taking the first paper! Whoever gets the same number will be your roommate!


… Oh God… .- Closing my eyes, pointing his face in another direction and an adorable pout in his expression stretched his hand to the president's pocket.- Tomorrow I will fill out the form for the Bakusquad.


There are no more seats available.- Bakugou scoffed looking at his nails for some imperfection.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

This is how an angry Bakugou ended up sitting on Tokoyami's bed.


Why can't it be in my room!? .- I was with my arms and legs crossed while watching the other boy get some things ready before bed.


Because when they turn off the light in your room it is completely dark and in my room there are lamps that regulate the light to be able to control my Dark Shadow.


Where I am going to sleep?.-


I hadn't really thought about it. I suppose that with me, the bed is not so small.- Definitely this became increasingly uncomfortable.- Emmhh ... Sorry if the light bothers you to sleep, I think I have a mask because here. I'll find it for you.- Leaving the notebooks I was ordering to the side, he got up to look in his drawers.


Hey Hey! It doesn't matter, damn it. I fall asleep easily and early. If you have something to do until later, it doesn't bother me, neither does the light. In addition, it is your room and I swear that I am indespertable ... In short, I will go brushing my teeth and sleep.

He got up from the bed and walked down the hall without looking at Tokoyami so as not to embarrass him, because Bakugou was a damn bastard but he was not blind. He could see how his classmate struggled with his quirk and would not be interrupting his progress by forcing him to sleep in his dark room.

This was an excellent scene, walking through the halls looking for victims for their teasing found the best. I could perfectly see Todoroki sitting on the bed in that room that left you blind for such a flash. His face was bright with some lotion, food on hand, watching a movie on the laptop and an Aoyama filing his nails, he could even say that he was scented by the scent that approached him.


Nice sleepover, they take good care of you huh.- Obviously I couldn't finish with that, so I take out his cell phone to take an evidence of what he saw.


Envious of this? I remind you that at some point it will be your turn.- They had changed, the relationship between them was more empathetic and less bustling, since with their companions they saved Bakugou from kidnapping they have a beautiful enmity based on who throws the best insult-argument.- Besides, I don't mean it will be my turn with you. It will be your turn with Aoyama. No offense, Aoyama but it seems that Bakugou is afraid of you more than you have.


Do not think that by saying that I will not take the picture. I will tell Endeavor that his son is in good hands. - He took the picture and left the door smiling. He looked at his cell phone to see his new acquisition and his good mood disappeared ... the damn was posing.


Finally I arrive at the bathroom to meet Kirishima finishing preparing to sleep.


Bro! So you're with Tokoyami, good luck to you. My first night is with Mineta and my biggest fear is that she masturbates near me. I think I'll lock him in the closet.

That is bullshit. The night I'm with him I'll put him in a cage hanging from the window.


Oh. I had not thought of it. I will force him to sleep in my room, I don't want him near his porn. The truth is that I do not want it close.- Even Bakugou contained a small laugh.


I'm done, I'm going to sleep. Good night, shitty hair.-


Very funny, but I know they won't be good. Anyway, rest.


Once back in the room he realized that Tokoyami was transcribing notes quite concentrated.


Doesn't it bother you if I change my clothes here? I forgot to do it in the bathroom.- God, how awkward it was to ask that. But the blond turned so he didn't see his face in horror.


Oh do not worry. Leave your clothes wherever you want, I'll order tomorrow anyway.- He said without taking his eyes off where he wrote.


I will go to bed now. I will use the corner because most likely I will not wake up until the alarm sounds, also if you want to go to the bathroom I do not want to impede .- Fuck with everything, he would fall asleep. Anyway, he will not wake up until morning, by that time he would forget all the shame that causes him to sleep in the room of a partner with whom you hopefully speak ... or scream.- And if you need notes you can take my notebooks, they are in my backpack. Just take them out if you want, if you don't want them you can go to hell. ”He climbed into bed and turned to face the wall to sleep.


Okay, thank you. - A few minutes later, when he was about to get up from the seat to take Bakugou's backpack, he felt his leisurely breathing, indicating that he was already asleep. - I thought I was exaggerating when he said he was falling asleep fast.- He took the notebook from his backpack and with only a few leaflets he was surprised at how tidy he was. An impeccable letter, decent spelling and correct notes, that was definitely the notebook of the third best student in the class.- Oh, write very well ... That's why I do not understand what I write.- He took full advantage of the notes and those who did not He managed to write the photographs. He left some low-light lamps on, then lazily took off his clothes, dressed in a short pajamas and settled on the edge of his bed next to his partner. As I knew that he was already asleep, he didn't bother not to lie down as he wanted, besides he was just another boy, it's not the big deal. He told himself until he fell asleep, but not by much.

Just 2 hours later he woke up scared because something was moving in his bed ... Ah it's Bakugou, he had forgotten. But in a moment I was feeling it very close, too close, so much that it opened its eyes wide. He turned his head in the direction of the blond and found that familiar face near his with a completely relaxed expression, lips between open and flushed cheeks, all in the slightly illuminated by the purple lights of his night lamps, so he moved his entire body to face him comfortably.

Mmmhh ... Come ... Don't let them take me.- Tokoyami was frozen, he thought that Bakugou had woken up but apparently only spoke asleep, even though that was nothing to come. The blond approached him enough to put his face on his neck and hug him. He had never been so nervous, took a deep breath and tried to remain calm, thought again and felt sorry. That idiot who hugged him without knowing it was still afraid of what happened to the league of villains even though he doesn't want to recognize him awake. I hug him back and put his cheek on the other's forehead.


I hope you do not dream of any fight, if you shout you will kill me of a heart attack.- And although he started to feel very hot he did not dare to release it. He even took advantage of stroking her hair when he complained asleep, watched him make small faces, pots so harmless that he never thought of seeing that screamed boy. But she remembered a small detail that made her heart shake, if her boyfriend got to see that he is lying and hugging another boy, his only escape would be to turn off the lights and let his quirk kill him before he is murdered. Although there is absolutely no romantic thought in his mind concerning Bakugou, it is something that could be easily misunderstood, he thought of moving away a little, he tried.


Mmhh! .- There were strange things like Bakugou pouting asleep and things not as rare as Bakugou annoyingly sleeping.- No ... Stay ... Mmhh.


Now he was scared, he was not sure that the explosive boy was asleep.


I'm here, quiet. - He didn't have enough evil to leave that poor scared boy away from him when he needed him. He approached again, stroked her hair and looked at her face, flushed from the heat of the bed. He forgot his boyfriend and forgot that his partner was the violent class. He forgot the shame they would feel in the morning and the chances of explosions inside his room. He fell asleep, holding on and comforting him.


The sound of the alarm caused moans from both of them, too early, there were still a few minutes left to wake up willingly. This man is going to kill me, Tokoyami thought so fast that he forced him to wake up completely. He looked next to him with fear and thanked to realize that they did not have the same position last night, apparently while they slept they rearranged leaving only his arm under the head of Bakugou, who was beginning to move and make common sounds of who wakes up lazily.

MMMMMHHHHH !!!! Enough, I'm going to get up. - The blond forced himself to sit on the bed to wake up, began to move his shoulders and neck until he looked at his partner, still half dazed, slowly blinking in sleep and with a very subtle smile he said.- Five more minutes?


Impossible to say no, at least you could sit down. I feel that I am buried in this bed… every morning. ”He smiled as he felt the mattress move through the blond, dropping back.


How did you sleep? - He snuggled a little between the blankets.


Well, I thought it would be worse.- Tokoyami also snuggled a little thinking about how wonderful life would be if Bakugou Katsuki was that docile from morning until the end of the day, but apparently it was a product that he was even more asleep how awake - How did you sleep?


I was cold.-


Of course not, in a moment I woke up and you were warm.-


But I dreamed I was in a very cold place and it gave me the feeling that I really had it. - I was serious now, I didn't like to dream, it seemed very real.




What did I say?.-


That I was very cool.-


You wish. Be careful what you say, I'm waking up and my explosions are much worse in the mornings.


Ok, but when you wake up.-


Damn, shitty bird.- They let out a contained laugh and decided to get up.


This time Bakugou did not bother to ask what he could or could not do in the room. He took off his clothes with total freedom while they talked about the classes of the day. He offered his new friendship help with homework, also looked like someone who could be part of his select group of friends ... friends he had not asked.

While Tokoyami wouldn't talk about last night because of loyalty, she wouldn't tell anyone, she could also reach her boyfriend's ears and it wasn't the best moment of their relationship. He thanked his visit for the notes borrowed and returned them.




The one who said or thought that this activity would definitely not work at this time should be retracting. Being with another person in your most vulnerable moments, as it is while sleeping, was the confidence that his teacher wanted to provoke his students in the hope that everyone is really kind to his neighbors and that no heavy jokes are played.

Bakugou came out faster than Tokoyami from the bathroom leaving him alone until Kirishima arrived.


Good Morning. How explosive was your night? Hahahah.-


Nothing bad. I thought I would wake up from the cold of the possible hole in the wall. But it didn't happen. Even though I think there is nothing worse than yours, you were with Mineta.-


Ugh shut up. I slept almost instantly so that time passes quickly and I can get it out of my room. It is not evil in person but its perversions bother quite a bit.- I sigh while putting toothpaste on his brush.- Oh, good morning. I watch! How was your perfect night with our dignified and honorary president of the class?


Good Morning. Excellent, I never thought to finish my duties on time at some time in my life but being supervised so closely gave him an extra emotion, he also could not speak because he scolded me if he deconcentrated me.- He only closed his eyes and accepted what happened.


So he kept you with his mouth busy. Did you tell him only president or my president? - Launched Kirishima with double intention.


Enough of your gay jokes! - Ojiro thought to say a couple more things when he saw that Tokoyami had looked in another direction so they wouldn't see how he laughed.


But tell us, is it that fast inside the room? What do they call that in the porn categories? Fast and Deep? - Kaminari who entered the bathroom running to annoy was not going to be left behind. When it came to making fun of someone he was the first.- Hey! You who laugh so much? - He looked at Tokoyami macabre.- They say that Bakugou hugs at night. I hug you? Hey? Uuuuy yeah, I hug him.


Uuuuy, hugging all night. - Kirishima felt the need to join when he saw that the shorter boy was being stung by Kaminari's fingers to tickle him. So he started to chop it too.


Of course not idiots, but ... you seem to know a lot about that. - I tried to dodge the attacks while throwing water from the sink.


Uuuy yes he hugged him. Did he give you some explosive kisses too? Uuuy.- The blond, who just this morning had risen with a lot of energy, kept bothering until he saw the new victim of his jokes stop laughing. He looked behind his back and saw Shoji quite serious at the bathroom door.


Withdrawal, guys.- Ojiro, pulled the other two of his sleeves to force them out of the bathroom and give some privacy to the couple of friends, the tension was noticeable in the environment and maybe there are some pending issues between them. Nothing that concerns you.


But what they didn't know and nobody knew is that Shoji is Tokoyami's boyfriend.

They had what they commonly call a toxic relationship, where the shorter boy who had not had any love experience previously felt submissive under his jealous partner. You could not say that the boy with big arms was a person with bad intentions but his jealousy was difficult to control, it did not mean that they loved each other less but were aware that the relationship they had was not common and current. Sometimes the fights exceeded the limits and the two ended up deeply hurt, but they always looked for each other again.


So hugged? - Shoji wasn't acting normal when it came to someone near her boyfriend and you could see her expression that she wasn't happy.


Come on, you know they were kidding. That is not true. It's about Bakugou, it's almost impossible for anything to happen with him.-


I don't think it bothered you.-


Because I know they were just bothering you. Besides, you don't have to ... - He shut up, he was afraid to see his partner approaching him so quickly.


Don't hide things from me, Fumi. You know I will know anyway.-


I don't have to give you explanations of everything I do! And I am not lying! .- Armed with courage he could finally respond.


So why so scared? Don't force me to make you talk differently!-


No! ... Please, don't hit me. - The pressure caused by those who chose to love was so intense that it made both of them lose patience on some occasions. His hands were clinging to the edge of his shirt and his eyes closed, he cried. The intention hurt him much more than a blow could hurt. - Please do not do something that you will regret. Don't make me regret being with you.