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Their Own Fairytale

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Christmas Eve, red and green it seems to be plastered everywhere. Why was he here... because you are lonely he thought to himself. To erase some of your sins , plus you help put this together. Lucius Malfoy sneers as he walks by another muggle who doesn’t know how to chew with his mouth closed. This type of thing was more Narcissa’s thing. Rolling his eyes , he walks towards a little boy who was sitting quietly. This little boy looked familiar he doesn’t know how but he does.   

The boy was looking down into a book. He couldn’t be more than 4 years old there is no way that he is actually be reading it. He doesn’t know what came over him because before he knew it , he was sitting down next to the boy.  

Now getting a better look he had raven color hair with honey eyes. Wearing a black and a tie that is now loosened. Draco at his age wouldn’t have loosened his tie .

Everyone thought it was Lucius that was the strict parent but he wasn’t not when it came to Draco. She would have had him sitting properly with his tie tightened and he wouldn’t have been reading a book. He would have been entertaining the guest or standing beside them like a good son.   

“What are you reading?” The blond asks trying to strike up a conversation with the little boy, he would have to be a better conversation than anyone else in the room. Watching the little boy close the book  but not before marking his spot.   

“It’s a story about a Warrior who makes sure that he can protect everyone from the dragons but he is all alone. That was until Fairy came and helped him. Hayes is the warrior, and Lucian the Fairy fell in love and Hayes wasn’t sad any more. See look.” Opening the book he saw the warrior who has long dark hair with green eyes, wearing a kilt and his face painted. Then he saw Lucian, which is a fairy yes but a male fairy, with long blond hair. It was about the length his was before he cut it. Being in the muggle world he wanted a fresh start. So, cutting his hair was the worst thing he had to do but it was the most freeing.  What open minded muggle wrote this book ? Looking closer he could tell that this wasn’t a muggle book.   

“What’s your name? I’m Luc .” Lucius said holding out his hand towards the little boy. Seeing a smile appear on the boy’s face.   

“Just like the fairy in my book... I’m Edward, but everyone calls me Teddy.” Teddy takes he hand as he shakes it. “Are you a fairy? You look like one? A lot of people don’t think that they are real but there is a lot of things grown up’s think that arnt real but they are.” Lucius couldn’t help but laugh at that. He has been called many things in his life but a fairy is not one of them.  There was a part that he had to play in the war only a few people knew the real him.   

“No I'm not a fairy but I can tell that your book is not like other books.” Moving his hands over the cover it came to life. Seeing those honey eyes widen , Lucius chuckles.  

“You are like us!” Teddy bounced up and down. “I have never saw another one of us. Daddy said that we couldn’t go back because they would treat me bad because of my other Daddy and what happens. But I'm not supposed to talk about that... So, you are a wizard... just like my Daddy...” Just like his Daddy? Lucius thinks of who would have had a child and would have gone to muggle London. Plus another Daddy?   

“I am like you , what happens to you Teddy?” Watching the little wizard , he looks down at his book. Knowing that little boy is having a war with himself.  

“I can’t tell you... you wouldn’t talk to me anymore... It happened before with one of Daddy’s special friends. He wasn’t a wizard like us when he found out he left and yelled at Daddy and said not so nice things about me. Daddy made him forget. Daddy was really sad afterwards.”

The blond hated to admit it but he was already falling for this little boy. No one knows that Lucius has a soft spot for kids, he begged Cissa for more but she never really wanted the one, but in the contract, they said that they had to have an heir for the Malfoy fortune.

They were together only because when they were 17 neither one of them found their soul mate. When you are 17 you should meet your soulmate and when you touch a tattoo will appear showing your how your relationship will be. Well Narcissa found hers later once they divorced after the war, she took a holiday and shook hands with an art dealer and on their skin, a vine of roses tattooed on her skin starting at her ring finger going up her wrist wrapped around then up her arm. Showing that their relationship will be beautiful, because roses are but they have thorns to protect their selves. Lucius just figured his died before he could find them. He knew he was to be alone forever and that was okay.  

Ruffling up the raven color hair Lucius smiled. “Teddy there is nothing that you would say that would make me not want to talk to you... You are the best conversation that I have had all night.  You remind me of my son. He isn’t little like you he is a grown up.” The little boy looks up and his eyes changed from honey to a beautiful gray, that looked like his. A Metamorphigus , but why would people not talk to him because of that.   

Before he could say anything to the little boy, he felt a wand pointed at his back. Trying not to get the little boy hurt his just sits completely still. He wanted to tell the little boy to run that was before he hears him say.  

“Hi Daddy! I met a new friend.”   


Harry left Teddy to sit for just a few minutes so he could talk to one of his peers. He has been doing well in Muggle London. Once he moved out of the Wizarding World he wanted to do something that he always knew that he loved to do and that was write. Having taken custody of Teddy after they found out. Harry was a single parent, not that he needed money because he did have the Potter, and Black fortune. Teddy was also left money to take care of him. Not that he touched that money, that will be Teddy’s for when he grows up.  

So , once he figured out that he wanted to write he decided to write about his life. Not that the Muggles would think that any of this was real. He just finished year 4, it was almost therapeutic writing everything down. Not that it wasn’t hard writing about his life, but the muggles loved it.   

Finally getting away, he couldn’t wait to get home. He loved donating money to the children's hospital it just that these people are not the people that he would want to spend longer than a few hours with.  His black suit felt like it was constricting him even though it was tailored made to fit him perfectly. His hair was buzz on the sides and long on top which is styled perfectly.  He finally decided to fix his eyes, so he didn’t have to worry about glasses or contacts when he wrote.  

Looking down at his watch he was happy that he has spent enough time here. He is sure that Teddy is ready to go. He begged to come with him and he just couldn’t say no to his son. That was something that he had to get used to. He didn’t know how he would feel Teddy calling him Daddy, he thought that name would have been reserved for Remus but after everything he knew that he was his Daddy and so was Remus. He just made sure to tell Teddy all about how brave and wonderful his other Daddy was.   

After Harry told everyone that he was leaving, he figured since he never found his soulmate and everyone else around him has. That it didn’t matter if he left or not. Maybe he didn’t get maybe because he died it meant that he will never meet them. He felt bad for the one who was to be his soul mate because they would have to be alone, but Harry will be okay because he does have Teddy.  

Walking towards where he left Teddy , he saw someone sitting next to his son. Panic rises as he s aw who it was. What is Lucius Malfoy here and why was he talking to his son.   

Getting out his wand he walks up and presses it into his back. Before he could say anything , Teddy looks up at him and smiles.   

“Hi Daddy! I met a new friend.”  

Watching Lucius head gently turn he saw those gray eyes widen. Then there was a smirk on the older man’s face.   

“Mr. Potter, I was just getting to know your son.” Harry would not admit that his voice sent a shiver down his spine. Harry knew he was for the light side, just old habits die hard.   

“Yeah Daddy, he is a fairy just like Lucian. Isn’t he pretty!” Pretty that’s one word for Lucius, seeing the blond smirk again. “Do you know Luc ?”  

“Yes, we know each other.” Lucius said with a smile.   

“It’s time to go pup, it’s getting late and Santa will be coming soon. You will want to be in bed.” Watching his son lean over and hug Lucius Malfoy was strange.  

“Thanks, Mr. Luc , for talking with me... You should come over for Christmas dinner.... Shouldn’t he Daddy. You said no one should be alone at Christmas.” Teddy looks at him with those honey eyes, he hated when he did that... Why would his son do this to him.   

“I bet Mr. Luc has plans for tomorrow with his family.” Harry Looked over a Lucius who nodded his head.  

“Well My ex-wife is in Paris with her new husband but My son and his wife did invite me over for dinner. So, I won’t be able to make it I'm afraid, but New Year's Eve I would like to invite you and your Dad to dinner how does that sound?” That gives them an out, it was the full moon that night and he could tell Teddy knew that.  

“That won’t work Mr. Luc . That’s the full moon and....” Teddy stops before he could finish. Harry smiles at the younger man.  

“It’s okay Teddy, Mr. Lucius knew your other Daddy.” Teddy throws himself into his arms, sobbing. Harry knew that Teddy did feel horrible because of what happened with Gus.  

“Now Mr. Luc won’t want to talk to us anymore.” Feeling the tears soak through his jacket. He tries to calm his son. Watching Lucius tap on Teddy’s shoulder he slowly turns around sniffing.  

“Why on earth would I stop talking to you... Remember what I said, nothing you would tell me I would stop talking to you... I have a great idea...  We can still spend New Year’s Eve together. I have a secret as well...” Leaning close he whispers into his son’s ear. Not being able to hear what he was saying Harry watched him carefully.  

“My Daddy is a black panther! What are you?” Teddy squeals. Harry looks at the older man with wide eyes.   

“Oh I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Now where I live, I have woods in the back of my house. Both of you will come and celebrate ringing in the New Year together.” Harry takes a hard look at the man, he honestly seems genuine about it. That that he wanted to take a chance on Lucius being an okay guy.  

“Freddie and I don’t want to intrude honestly.” Lucius stands and looks him right in the face, reaching out his hand he looks at it wanting to just walk away buy something is pulling him to take his hand. Maybe it was his beautiful eyes. Sighing he grabs the older man’s hand. As soon as they touched, he felt their magic intertwine. Wanting to pull away from it he didn’t, feeling a tingle up his arm he looks down and what appears to be tree branch moves from his ring finer wrapping around his wrist little flowers popping up around the branches. Finally looking up he saw Lucius really for the first time, his eyes seem bluer glossy with unshed tears. Could this really be happening right now...  

“Daddy....” Hearing Teddy but he couldn’t take his eyes away from Lucius...From his soulmate. It was like everything stopped. He didn’t think he would ever have a soul mate. “Daddy....”  

“Soul mate...” Lucius said smiling, and then looks over at Teddy breaking he trance he had on Harry.  

“Daddy are you okay?” Looking down at his son he smiles, you could see the worry in his son’s eyes.  

“I’m okay pup... Umm Lucius I think we should be going....” He had to get away and he had to think. Could he really be Lucius Malfoy's soulmate? Looking at his hand again he couldn't help but smile as he sees the branch. 

“I’ll go get our coats...” Harry stops him by grabbing his arm, and shakes his head. Feeling their magic happy at their touch.

“We meaning Teddy and I... I know what just happened but there isn’t much we can do about it tonight. It’s Christmas Eve.” Knowing he still had to wrap all his gifts, for Teddy.  

“Harry, I'm not sure how much you know about what just happened but if I were to leave you right now and you to go home we both would be in horrible pain by midnight. Once a bond is started you have to be able to...” The smaller man held up his hands not wanting to talk about his anymore in front of his child.  

“Lucius not in front of Teddy...” Crossing his arms he looks up at the blond, really taking him in again. Merlin he is beautiful.  

“All I was going to say is we will have to be together until our bond is stronger.” Lucius grabs his hand again, their magic coiling around each other. Harry doesn’t think he has ever felt this scared but calm at the same time... He had to get out of here and think.  

“Teddy let’s go Santa is going to come and he will pass our house...” Running his fingers through his son’s hair .  

“Okay Daddy, so you are coming Mr. Luc?” The honey eyed boy asked with a sweet smile, holding out his arms to the boy Lucius waits to see if he would jump into them.  

“Yes, so let’s go.”  Harry watched Teddy jump into the older man’s arms as they walk towards the door. Feel his stomach cramp as they get farther away, he walks faster towards them. Lucius wasn’t lying they couldn’t be a few steps away.   

Of course, you would have an older soul mate, and of course it would be a Malfoy... He has a soul mate!

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Lucius pops in front of a small white cottage, the fresh snow blanketed over the lawn. It wasn’t as big or beautiful as his house but he could see why Harry would like it.  

“This is our house! Daddy, Mr. Luc come on!  It’s getting late and Santa is coming! I’ll go get ready for bed. Mr. Luc could you read me a bedtime story.” The blond looks over at Harry who looked worried, and tired... but there was also a small glint of happiness.  

“Call me Luc, not Mr... okay Teddy and if your Daddy doesn’t mind, I would love to read you a story but you must go up and brush your teeth.” Nodding he let the little boy down and he runs towards the house touching his little hand to the bright red door. Gryffindor red, of course if he wasn’t so happy, he would wonder what magic was thinking making his mate the head Gryffindor.   

“You have a great child Harry.” Seeing the man smile a smile that he has seen a couple of times. The smile that was reserved for the little werewolf.   

“Don’t I know it... everyone was mad when I left with him. They said that I was too young to care for him. Well his grandmother after they found out about his little furry problem, she couldn’t. I refuse...” The man stopped talking and shook his head. “Thank you... I try the best that I can.”   

Knowing tonight wasn’t the night to jump into getting to know the deep dark secrets no tonight was just to build the bond by getting to know each other.   

“You do a wonderful job.” The blond said as the walk into the cottage. The smaller man flicks his wrist the fireplace roars to life.  The sitting room was beige and tans, with dark leather loveseat and chairs.  You could tell that decorating was something that Harry wasn’t too into.   

“I’ll take your coat, umm... he is probably about finished... I will put some water on for tea... Erm I might have something that will fit you so you will not have to wear that suit all night.”  Seeing his soul mate’s eyes look over his body he preened he likes that Harry finds him attractive.   

“Pulling out his wand he flicks it and his clothes turn into a pair of trousers and a button up shirt. This was comfortable enough for right now. Seeing the blush on the younger man’s face he looks down and he notices that he may have made his trousers tighter than he usually does.   

“Luc! You coming!” A voice yells from the back of the house.  

“He is the second door on the right, I will give you a tour once he is asleep. I have a guest room that you could stay in for the night. I know we can’t be that far from each other.” He didn’t expect Harry to want to sleep in the same bed as him, not that he wasn’t a good looking, man he was. Just the trust would not be there... maybe it will be someday. Harry would love him, hopefully just for him and not just because of them being soul mates.  

Nodding Lucius walks back towards the room. The further he went away from Harry, the more his stomached cramped. Having to stop somewhere in the middle he took a deep breath... If they can’t be this far from each other there is no way that they can sleep in separate rooms.   

Hearing footsteps behind him he turns and sees Harry grabbing his stomach. Rushing over to him, on instincts he pulls him into his arms. As soon as they touched everything was better, felt like his heart was warm and full.   

“I guess I will be coming with you to tuck Teddy in.” The smaller man says as he gently pushes away. Feeling an emptiness as soon as they parted.   

“I think he would like that a lot. I don’t want to over step. Please let me know what you are comfortable with.” He needs Harry to trust him, so their soul mate bond will grow and they can be happy.   

“I’m fine with you reading him a bedtime story, if you don’t, you will see how a 4-year-old werewolf acts. Not that he is a bad pup, he is just stubborn.” The raven haired man walks towards the door, finding himself following him.    

Once he walks into the room he stops quickly. Sitting on the bed, that had muggle cartoon characters of a man dressed in all red and blue with white eyes. Not sure why the man had a white spider emblem on his chest. That is not the reason that he stopped quickly.   

On the bed sat Teddy but he didn’t have dark hair anymore. No, he had almost white hair and his honey eyes are now the color of his own. It almost looked like a young Draco sitting on the bed, looking over at Harry who was shaking his head and crossing his arms.   

“Teddy, you look good as a blond.” His dad said with a laugh. “Change back I think you might have startled Lucius. Seeing the look of sadness on the little werewolf’s face Lucius had to fix it.  

“Don’t Teddy, I take it as a high honor for choice of bedtime look. Now if only I could change so I could look like you next time. What story are we reading tonight?” The metamorphagus looks over at his Dad.  

“Daddy can we read the comic books... please! We have to see what happens to Spiderman and Doc Ock!” Raising his eyebrow Spiderman and Doc Ock?   

“Okay, okay... Tomorrow night though we are going to read something with more words than pictures. Deal?” Watching the two of them shake hands, Harry summons the book to him.  

Reaching out he catches it and sits down next to the little boy. Looking down at the colorful book he was handed he flips open the first page and starts reading.  



Harry just watched as the older man gently slides out of his son’s bed. Can’t believing that Lucius Malfoy sat and read to his son until he fell asleep. This is the time that they should talk but he has presents to wrap.  

Walking out the door, with Lucius following he leaves the door slightly opened. The older man was close enough that he could feel his body heat. Biting his lip he looks up into those beautiful gray eyes, it had to be the bond that was making him feel like this.   

“Harry?” Lucius cocks his head to the side with a puzzled look on his face. Shaking his head Harry takes a breath.   

“I have to wrap his Christmas presents, erm we can talk while I do that. I can’t lie I don’t know much about what happened tonight. I always thought I wasn’t going to have a soul mate so I didn’t do any research.” The younger man said as he summons the book, clothing and toys into the sitting room. Really taking in the room, besides the brown leather couches, there was a tree in front of the widow.  The colorful lights twinkle, as two poorly wrapped presents sat under the tree. Wondering what the older man would think about his decorating style. Well would they even stay here? Or would they move into where Lucius lives? What if he doesn’t want this? What if he is just here because of the bond. What about his son? Malfoy, he could only imagine how that is going to go.   

“You know you are thinking too loud. Come on let’s get some tea and I will help you wrap.” The blond places a hand on the small of his back. The touch sends a shiver down his back.   

“Do you even know how to wrap?” Harry said teasingly, hoping that he wouldn’t take it the wrong way. He doesn’t know if they are there yet.   

The blond raises an eyebrow, “How hard it could be with magic Harry? We are wizards are we not?”  The smile he is giving the younger man made him blush.   

“What’s the fun in that Lucius, I find wrapping presents therapeutic. We can try it my way and if you can’t get it then I will allow you to do magic...”  Placing the kettle on the stove Harry moves over to the cabinet and took out two tea cups.   

“Fine, if you insist... We should really talk about this Harry as we drink our tea. I’m sure the presents can wait.” Wishing that they could drag it out for a little bit longer. He is not sure he is ready to talk about this right at this moment. The blond walks up to him and places his hand on his cheek, his thumb slowly moving back and forth.  

“I know this is a lot to take in all at once...” Leaning into his touch Harry laughs nervously.   

“You seemed to be taking it well.” Grabbing the hand that was on his cheek and moving it off his face but not letting go they interlace their fingers together.  

“I won’t admit this to anyone but you, Harry I'm terrified. I never thought that I was going to find my soul mate. My Ex-Wife and Son has found their soul mate before me. I’m actually really lucky to have such a beautiful person inside and out as my soul mate... Someone I do not deserve. I know when I was a spy, I had to do things that I regretted. My hands are not clean, I hope that we can start right Harry. I want you to want to be with me because of me not because of the bond.” Harry’s eyes widen, he wants the same thing that you do. Knowing that he is telling the truth he doesn’t know how he knows but he does. He could feel it in his heart.  

“Lucius, I want what you want.  I want you to want me because of me, not because I'm your soul mate. My hands are not clean from the war, do you understand how many deaths are because I was simply alive? I wasn’t sure that I deserved a soul mate either, I mean I always thought that the reason I didn’t have a soul mate was because they died in the war. Then there is Teddy, I don’t want him to get hurt in this process. I can already tell that he likes you... and then it's like an instant family Lucius. I know that you already had a child. I don’t even know if you would want anymore, but Teddy isn’t going anywhere he is my son and I love him. He is the most important.” Feeling tears sting his eyes, he hasn’t talked about this in a long time. The older man squeezes his hand.  

“Then I think we are on the same page, Harry I will do whatever I have to do. I promise you I will make sure every day that I will be the person you deserve. I think from now on we should leave the past in the past and just focus on Teddy and our future. If you couldn’t tell I'm already pretty smitten with your son, I wouldn’t mind if you would like to have more... I will make sure that I can provide for you, him, and any other children we might have, not just financially because that is how my last marriage worked. Narcissa is the reason my son is the way that he is. I was just the provider. I want to make sure that both of you know how much you will mean to me...”  Moving his hand up to his lips Lucius places a soft kiss on the back of his hand.  

Harry’s breath caught, not only how wonderful his lips felt on his skin but what he said about Teddy. “I’m glad that you feel like you would want to do that Lucius.” Lucius let go and cupped both sides of his face. Staring right into his eyes, gray met green.  Harry leans into him, not sure why he feels that pull to kiss him but he does. The taller man leans down, closer now that they could feel their breaths on each other's lips.  Harry’s heart was pounding out of his chest, closing his eyes he leans in closer. Before their lips could touch the kettles, whistle which made him pull away quickly.   

“I’ll make the tea and we can talk more... We should figure how we are going to do tomorrow. I know that you said that you were going over to M... Draco’s I know he wouldn’t want me there but we can’t be that far from each other....” Harry said as he makes their tea, waving so the tea would go through to the sitting room.   

Groaning as he saw all the presents, he has to wrap. He really does go overboard with birthdays and Christmas. Sitting on the floor he starts to wrap the smaller presents first. Trying not to smile when he saw the older Malfoy sit on the floor next to him.   

“Tomorrow, I will tell Draco that something came up.  It’s not that he truly asked me over I was just going to stop by. We never had a proper Father and son relationship. I would much rather be here with you and Teddy than to go over there and may or may not be allowed into his home.” Harry’s heart broke as he sees the older man’s face fall. Leaning over he grabs the pale hand squeezing lightly.  

“Teddy and I have a ton of food for tomorrow. We could have our own Christmas.” Feeling long fingers slide up the tattoo that appeared earlier that night, Harry jumps.   

Pulling away Lucius searches his face. “Did I hurt you?”  Looking down at his hand and then back to the blond Harry smiled and shook his head.  

“No... I... it actually felt....” Stopping his face feeling his cheeks warm. “We should get started on these presents.” Nodding Lucius picks up his tea cup, with a smirk.   

Once everything was wrapped and they talked about small things Harry felt himself yawn. Trying to stay awake, he has been worried all night about going to bed. Not thinking that Lucius would do anything, it’s just sharing a bed with someone again.   

“I think it’s time for bed. Teddy is sure to be up early.” Seeing the older man stand up effortlessly off the floor holding out his hands for Harry to take.  Smiling a small smile, he places his hand in his.  

“Yes that he will. Come on I'll show you around.”  


Lucius stood in the master bathroom holding a pair of pants that were going to get too short for. Pulling on the pants he waves his wand to make them fit him perfectly. Taking a look at his body, he still looked the same as he did at 20. Unbuttoning his shirt, he flicks his wand again, the clothing folded and sat on the sink. Giving himself one last look over, the pants loosely fit him at his hips. Smirking he knew that Harry would probably blush at the sight of him, he couldn’t help it he liked how his cheeks would turn that beautiful shade of pink.  

Sauntering out of the bathroom it was Lucius who felt his cheeks warm Harry stood next to the bed only wearing a pair of shorts. His body was perfect, licking his now dry lips he tries to tear his eyes away from his soul mate but he couldn’t.   

“So, I can just make that chair into a bed if you don’t mind.” Lucius said pointing his wand over the small chair that had clothes on it. It looks like that he is going to have to teach him to put his things away.  Or if they live at his house the maid will come in once a week.   

“Erm... okay yeah that’s fine.” Harry looks down at himself and noticing he is almost naked he quickly gets under his covers.   

With a flick of his wand the chair was turned into a beautiful dark oak bed just enough room for him. He didn't need a big bed. Climbing in he looks over towards Harry, it looks like he is already asleep. Casting a nox the lights went off. Sighing he settles in for the night.  


Lucius was woken up by a terrible scream, jumping he pulled out his wand to look around the room to see if anything was there. What he saw made his heart break. There on the bed Harry was crying, and screaming. His body tossing and turning, he had to help him.   

Quickly walking over there Lucius stood above him. “Harry... Harry wake up it’s just a dream.” The younger man was being too loud and couldn’t hear him. Taking a steady breath, he reaches out and touches their soul mate tattoo.   

Instantly calming him, “Lucius,” Harry said in a horse sleepy voice.  Seeing that the man was still asleep he does a quick cleaning spell so he wasn’t as sweaty, but still holding on to his hand. Once he was satisfied, he pulls away to go lie back down.   

“No! Don’t leave! Nightmares leave when you touch...” Wide eyed Lucius looks down at the sleepy man.  Looking deep into those glossy emerald eyes. So beautiful.  

“Are you sure Harry? I.. I don’t want you to wake up tomorrow with me in your bed.” Green eyes open slightly.   

“Please Luc... keep them at bay...” If this is what he needs Lucius is going to do it. Not that it is such a burden. Getting to sleep in the same bed as your soul mate, your very beautiful, sexy, sweet soul mate.  

“Okay.” Pulling back the covers the blond settles down into the bed. Laying on his back he just lies there afraid to move and embrace the younger man. Soon he didn’t have to worry about it, Harry rolled over and cuddled onto him. Burring his face into his chest, the younger animagus throws his leg over his. Making a content sound Lucius looks down and sees that Harry is already asleep. Gently gliding his fingers through the raven hair, he smiles to himself. Hopefully this will not end awkward for them in the morning.  

Chapter Text

Lucius wakes up as he felt his hair being played with. Opening one eye he sees a Harry still asleep on his chest but on the other side was a blue haired little boy cuddled into him one hand playing with the older man’s hair the other holding on to Harry’s hand. Noticing he is still asleep; he looks over at the clock 4:30. Chuckling he closes his eyes again, hopefully he could get some sleep tonight. Even though he wouldn’t change how he feels right now for anything. This is what he has always dreamed of when it came to having a spouse and child. Nothing like he was raised , or the marriage that he had with Narcissa.  

When the blond woke up again it was because he felt Harry shift thinking he was going to move. Of course he wouldn’t want to cuddle you now that he is awake and not having a nightmare, but he just snuggled back into him. Watching his soul mate run his fingers through his son’s blue hair it changed to a deep purple.   

“I think I like the purple better.” Lucius said voice still rough with sleep, he nuzzles into the raven hair. Wondering if he over stepped but Harry just nuzzled right back into his chest.  

“Just wait until it’s pink. Sorry about last night...” The jewel color eyes looks up at him, pressing a kiss on his forehead Lucius just smiled.  

“One thing you must learn Harry, you are my soul mate, the one perfectly made for me. I will do whatever I can to make sure that you and Teddy are happy, healthy and taken care of. I promise you that. Plus, you must say waking up to me in your bed was the best Christmas present.” The younger man rolls his eyes, but doesn’t move.   

“When did Teddy join us?” Harry’s finger tips glide down the small nose, of his son. Making the little boy huff.  

“It was about 4:30 this morning, you been back asleep for two hours I woke up to him playing with my hair.” He finds himself smiling fondly down at the sleeping form. He might have gotten about 4 hours of sleep last night.  

“Lucius I'm sorry, your first night here and you didn’t  get  much sleep.” The younger man’s fingers trail down his chest. With each touch it affected him, sighing closed his eyes.  

“I’m with you, and Teddy that is all that matters. Now do you think we could maybe sleep for a few more minutes until the little one wakes up?”  Asking hopefully.  

“I’m awake...” A small voice said looking up at him, his eyes were the color of Harry’s this morning. “It’s Christmas Daddy! Teddy jumps up and runs towards the door.  

“Edward Remus! Don’t you open any presents before I get down there and have a cup of tea in my hand.” Hearing giggling Teddy  says  okay.   

“We should get down there, don’t want to make him wait any longer.” Feeling Harry move, missing the warmth of his soul mate. The green eyed man bends down and places a kiss on his cheek.  

“Thank you Lucius... I hope that you will get more sleep tonight...” The look in Harry’s eyes seeing something so sweet and caring. “You should just probably start off in the bed... There is so much we need to talk about...”  

“I can’t wait to discuss our future together.”  Lucius moves closer to his soul mate wanting to kiss the younger man.   

“Daddy!  Luc ! Come on I can’t wait any longer.” A small growl comes from outside of the room.  

Chuckling Harry pulls away holding out his hand to him. Smiling he takes it as his thumb moves across the tattoo sending a pulse through them.  


Walking down the stairs he saw Teddy sitting looking at the presents that were under the tree. Seeing them he knew that he went overboard again, he just never wanted Teddy to feel like he felt growing up.   

“Daddy! Can I open them yet?” Feeling Lucius’ hand on the small of his back as he walks towards the kitchen.  

“Tea first pup then presents.” The little boy huffs and crosses his arms. Shaking his head Harry flicks his wrist to start the kettle and grabs two cups from the cabinet. Looking over at the blond who is leaning against the counter watching Teddy and smiling. This is a Lucius that he has never seen before. Not that he knew the man very well. Besides knowing he was a spy in the war and that his son is a huge git.  

The whistle of the kettle brought him out of his thought as he poured both of them a cup. Handing over to Lucius he saw him put two cubes of sugar and a splash of milk.  Pouring the milk in his without the sugar he look up into those blue eyes and smile.   

“Okay Teddy let’s see what Santa got ya.” He said as he sat on the couch, watching the older man sit down next to him. Not quite touching, but close enough to feel each other’s body heat.   

Soon a couple of presents were opened, Teddy smiling and pointing out how he asked Santa for that certain toy. With each packaged that was open Lucius moved closer to him until Harry felt his arm around his shoulder. He shouldn’t be this comfortable with him yet, but maybe he was just too tired of being alone. Lucius was his soul mate, he couldn’t hurt him.... Still doesn’t make it easier just to relax and allow himself to be cared for without an alternative motive, like saving the whole bloody wizarding world.   

Feeling a kiss being presses against his temple, he leans into the touch. “You are thinking too loud...” Lucius whispered in his ear. “You okay?” He ask voice full of concern, looking over he smiles.  

“I’m perfect... It’s been a good morning.” The floor was full of presents and wrapping paper. Teddy already curled up beside the tree looking at the comic books that Harry got from a muggle comic shop.  “Hey you hungry? I’m going to start making our feast, so the kitchen will be off limits. What sounds good? Pancakes, Waffles, Eggs, French toast?”  Watching Teddy run over and jumping onto his lap.  

Luc , what is your favorite breakfast... You didn’t get any presents... So, you get to pick breakfast.” Pressing a kiss into the now blond hair, then looking over to the older blond.  

“I’ve always had a soft spot for French toast.” Lucius smiled a smile that Harry has never seen before, not that he has seen many smiles from the man but he seems so at peace and happy.   

“Then French toast it is...”  


Lucius sat at the table and watch Harry cook, he has never saw someone just flow in the kitchen like he did. Wondering how and when he learned to cook. Teddy was still in the sitting room playing with one of the many toys he got. So Lucius figured this would be a great opportunity to get to know each other.  

“When did you learn to cook” The younger man turns around with a sad smile. The blond did not like the look on his soul mate’s face. That was one he didn’t ever want to see again.   

“I have been cooking since I was 4 actually, I had to do the cooking and cleaning. Please don’t give me a pity look. It’s in the past they are gone... It’s a shame really, they died in a car wreck... Some would call in Karma... That is how they said my parents died... Anyways that is enough sadness for today...” He swats his hand in the air dismissing the negative feelings. Standing up Lucius walks towards him but Harry backs away from him. Feeling what he thinks is their bond pull.  

“Please... I’m barely keeping it together today... I mean this morning  wa ... waking up in your arms was great Lucius it really was but... If you touch me I will break down...” Searching into those green eyes full of hurt.   

“Okay... but I'm here....” Nodding Harry goes back to making their breakfast.   

“What about you Lucius, is there anything that you can do that might surprise me?” Thinking about it, truly he was pretty boring really. That is except the first and third Friday of each month.... It was truly the first muggle thing he did...  

“I sing.... I like to think I'm pretty good... I had lessons as a child, every pureblood must know how to play an instrument, study art, and play a sport. I sing, sculpt and I wasn’t too bad a quidditch in school. Let’s not forget potions, and politics.” Harry turned around raising his eyebrows in shock.  

“So you when did you have time to play?” Lucius shakes his head and sighs. Looking down at his fingers, not knowing why he is sharing all of this but he wants to share everything with his soul mate.  

“Malfoy’s don’t have time to play, sometimes my house elf  Budgy  would sneak a toy to me... but that didn’t happen often...” Before Lucius could look up he had an arm full of Harry.   

“I know I'm a bloody softy... I even cry a sappy movies Lucius but, I think that we might have a lot of things in common. I mean it’s on the different spectrum but it is still the same. You were just a small boy who wanted to play but was forced to do things he didn’t want to do... I... I’m guessing that all you wanted was love too...” Feeling the younger man in his arms felt like home, and what he was saying was the truth. He understood his soul mate understood.   

“I will always have a shoulder for you to cry on.” Cupping Harry’s face thumbing away the tears that were falling down. Moving closer to him seeing the younger man’s eyes flutter close. His heart pounding, he finally gets to kiss his soul mate, nothing to interrupt them. Gently moving closer right before their lips touch, they heard.  

“LUC! I have a present for you!” Teddy said running into the kitchen, Harry pulls away slowly this time shrugging his shoulders.  As to say life with a toddler.  

Looking down at the little boy who was now sporting the bright pink hair that his Dad told him about. Holding out his hand he saw a box that was left over from earlier...   

“Thank you, Teddy you didn’t have to get me anything. I didn’t get you anything...” Teddy shook his head looking at him like he was crazy.  

“You did, you have made Daddy smile today... I haven’t seen him really smile like that in a long  long   long  time.” Turning seeing a red face d  Harry he turned back around taking the present from the little werewolf.  

“I’ll just make sure that you get something later...  Because  it’s not really a gift if your Daddy makes me smile like that too...  So  should I open it?” Teddy nods his head quickly.  

Opening up the box he saw a stuffed black panther with four white paws, looking over at Harry and then back down to Teddy. He couldn’t take the little boy’s stuffed animal.  

“Teddy... This... this is a wonderful gift... but I can’t take your panther. He will miss you...” Passing the wolf back over to the little boy who just shakes his head and smiles.  

T hat’s Socks... I want you to have him...  Please ! ” Watching the little boy turn his hair raven black, then his eyes the same emerald green like his Dad. Holding the panther in his hand he leans down and picks up the little boy.  

“I will take care of him... Thank you Teddy... Best gift I ever received. Now.” Lucius moves closer to the little boys ear. “Do you have some clay or something that I can make into clay... I have the perfect idea for your Daddy since I didn’t get to get him anything... I will make something for you too...”    

“Okay do you want me to get it now?”  Teddy asks excitedly, bouncing in his arms, how much he feels for the little boy already.   

“Breakfast is ready boys...  wash your hands and sit down at the table.” Lucius winks and places the boy on the floor.  

“After breakfast Teddy we can sit at the table and do what we talked about.”  The blond said with a smile, knowing the little boy liked the fact that they had a secret.  

“And why where you two talking about?” Harry asked raising his eyebrow, but smiling wide. Placing the food on the table.   

“Nothing Daddy it’s a surprise... Right Lucius?” Nodding as he flicks his wand cleaning both his and Teddys hand, the little one giggles as he felt the older man’s magic wash over him.  

“Right Teddy, now this looks delicious.” Plating himself a couple pieces of the French toast that was perfectly made.  Daking  a deep breath in smelling the wonderful smell of cinnamon and confectioner sugar.   

“Daddy makes the best food ever! Lucius are you having another sleep over tonight? Because tomorrow Daddy can make eggs and wizards.” Eggs and wizards? Lucius has never heard of anything like that before, but whatever it is he bet it is delicious.  

“Teddy your Granny is coming over tomorrow remember...” Teddy turned his hair bright green.  

“Okay Daddy! Wish you would  come ” There was that frown that he saw the night before.   

“I know Pup but you will have fun without me... Your Granny takes good care of you... This is your time with your Granny. You know she doesn’t get to spend that much time with you.” His soul mate ruffles the little boys hair.   

“I know, but who is going to take care of you?”  Teddy looked older  than he  was, he truly was worried about his Dad. There is something there that Lucius is going to have to look into.  

“Don’t worry Teddy, I will take care of Daddy while you  are  with your Granny... We can get my house ready for your sleep over for the full moon so I need Daddy’s help to do that okay...” That did it, the little boy was all smiles, his hair turned to the blue it was this morning.  

“Oh yeah I forgot about the sleep over on the full moon!” Teddy starts dancing in his seat, taking a bite of his French toast.   

“Teddy, since we are talking about Lucius sleeping over... Do you remember in your book about Hayes... him finding his soul mate in Lucian?” Nodding his head, the little boy smiled.  

“Yes Daddy... You wrote that book just for me!” Cocking his head to the side Lucius looks at Harry who is now blushing. He wrote a children story about him finding a blond fairy who was his soul mate.  

“Y.. Yes I did. Well you are supposed to find your soulmates when you are 17, well I didn’t. I was really sad about it. So I wrote that story for you, but the good thing is I found my soul mate... It was just a little later than planned.”  Teddy concentrating on what his Dad said he puts his fork down.  

“You found your soul mate? Do you think they would like me? What if they don’t like that I'm a werewolf?” Watching Harry pick up his son and place him on his lap Lucius heart broke. What did they do to this poor little boy.   

“I think they would love you Teddy... But maybe you should ask him he is sitting right over there.” He pointed to Lucius. The little boy’s green eyes turn the blue of his and widened.   

“You’re Daddy’s soulmate!  Luc ! Does that mean he is going to live with us? Are we going to stay here or move? I don’t care if we move as long as I can finally get a dog... and maybe a brother..  Luc  can I have a dog and then a brother?” Laughing the blond shook his head meeting Harry’s green eyes trying to read what he is thinking.  

“I’m not much of a Dog person Teddy, but I wouldn’t mind giving you a brother. How about when you come over to my house on the full moon you can pick your room and there is a big back yard that you can play in.”  

“You are okay with this Teddy? It might change things a little bit for the first little while, but what is not going to change is how much I love you. You will always be number one...”  

“Okay! I got a new Daddy for Christmas! Wait till I tell Granny!” Harry’s smiled and pressed a kiss into Teddy’s cheek. Waiting to hear what he would say. There is no way that Harry would be okay with anyone knowing that he is with Lucius  Malfoy . Then his thoughts go to what Teddy said a new Daddy... Not that he expected Teddy to call him father... Well he didn’t even want his own son to call him father... He like Papa. Narcissa and his family said that it wasn’t proper.   

“We can tell her when she comes and picks you up! Now let’s finish our breakfast.”  

Luc , are you excited to have a new son?” Looking over at both of them Lucius felt complete for the first time in his life.  

“Teddy you don’t know how excited I am to have a new son! Especially a son who is as special as you are!” Finding himself with his arms full of a little werewolf he placed him on his lap pulling over his breakfast.  


Harry was finishing up their Christmas dinner as Lucius and Teddy worked on whatever they were working on at the table. He had to promise that he wouldn’t look over at the table and to be honest he did. Every time he heard a giggle from Teddy or a laugh from Lucius he would glance over.   

Harry couldn’t really believe what the older man said earlier. He wouldn’t have thought Lucius could be this kind and caring. Knowing that he is probably crazy for just going with everything, letting Teddy spend time with him or letting him in his bed. It wasn’t like he had much of a choice of him having to stay so close to him because of the bond.   

It scared him, how was it he is letting this be like a romance novel of him meeting his soul mate and then everything being perfect. How the man was hard on the outside but on the inside he is soft  and kind. Lucius has been wonderful this whole day. Maybe he should just allow it to be... This is what fate or magic or whomever put them together at this time.  

Mashing the potatoes, he hears his name. “Daddy! We are done! Come look!”   

Wiping his hands off with a towel he walks towards the table which is a complete mess. Paint and clay, Lucius and Teddy both covered in it, but they both had the biggest smiles on their faces.  

“Daddy look, Lucius made me Hayes, and Lucian figures from the clay isn’t that so wicked!” Wicked where did his son hear wicked... Thinking back he may or may have not heard him say that a few times. Looking at the figures they did look an awful lot like him and Lucius. Maybe it was like his mind knew that his soul mate would have blond hair, and look a lot like Lucius.  

“Wow, what do you say Teddy?” Setting down the figure looking over at the older man. Harry felt butterflies fluttering in his stomach. This is so new, but he wouldn’t give up this feeling for anything. He has never truly felt what love is... Knowing that it couldn’t be love yet, but someone who looks at some way the way Lucius is looking at him right now. It’s not too far off, they were soul mates after all.  

“Thank you, Luc! Can we give Daddy’s his now?”  Teddy was jumping with excitement.  

“Of course.” Holding a small red box with a green bow wrapped around it. Harry takes it from him and pulls off the lid.   

Looking inside he saw a figure of Teddy, picking it up with  shaky  hands, looking it over Lucius made every detail perfect.   

“That’s not the best part,  Luc  show him the surprise!” Teddy said almost too loud, he couldn’t contain his excitement. The blond smirked and flicked his wand, and the figure changed, instead of Teddy looking like he normally did which was like Harry, his hair was more like Remus including his honey eyes. Feeling tears sting his eyes, he does miss Remus... he misses everyone he has lost. Then the figure changed again to Teddy with his blue hair and violet eyes, then the last time Teddy had blond hair and blue eyes just like Lucius.   

“It’s charmed so anytime Teddy changes appearances the figure does too.”  The blond said with a smile he looked a little nervous... It was an odd thing seeing someone like Lucius nervous.  

“I love it thank you boys!” Harry pulled both of them into a hug. Kissing both of them on the cheek, wanting nothing more than to kiss his soul mate on the lips but he refuses to have his first kiss in front of his son.  

“I told you Daddy would like it.” Teddy said with his chest puffed out. “I’m going to go play,” and with that Teddy jumped out of the room.   

Harry was still looking down at the figure his fingers running over the sweet face. Feeling those blue eyes on him he felt a blush heat his cheeks.  

“I’m glad that you like it.. I know it’s not much... My second present you will get tomorrow, that is if you will go out on a date with me.” Lucius said in his Malfoy tone, normally that would drive Harry crazy. Which is did but it was a different type of crazy this time.  

“You want to take me out on a date?” Harry doesn’t even remember his last date, not that he dated often. It wasn’t in the cards for him, but now with finding his soul mate he couldn’t wait.   

“Of course,  first we can go to a café  and  have  breakfast then  afterwards we can  stop at my house so I can pack a few things... I hate how  transfigured  clothes feel, and I don’t have my hair potions or anything here.” Harry couldn’t help but snort. There is Lucius Malfoy, he knew he wasn’t completely gone, raising an elegant eyebrow. “Something amusing?”   

Shaking his head Harry smiles, “No, I see that Lucius Malfoy is still somewhere in there...” Seeing the cocky look fade from his soul mates face, he hated how quickly Lucius’ good mood was gone.   

“Hey.... You are a good person... You are my soul mate... You have to be if you got mated to The Boy Who Live, The Savior of the Wizarding World, and however many names I have...” Harry playfully stuck his nose in the air. Hearing a chuckle, he looks down and grabs the blonde’s hand. Thumbing over their soulmate tattoo. Feeling their magic reaching out for each other.  

“I’m glad that it’s you Lucius, if you didn’t notice. I must have had a thing for you for a while seeing as I written us together in Teddy’s Fairy tale.” Lucius stood up and pulled him into his arms.  

“I’m glad it’s you too Harry... So glad.” Lucius pressed a kiss on his forehead. Closing his eyes he leaned into the touch.  Feeling his wand vibrate in his pocket he groans and pulls away from the warmth and walked over to the stove.   

“You know, I think magic thinks it’s funny...” The blond said following Harry over to the stove.  

“Why is that?” Pulling the ham out of the oven he places it on the hob. Lucius bushes a piece of his hair behind his ear leaning closer. Almost meeting him in the middle, as if it were  clockwork  Teddy runs in.  

“Is it dinner time?” Laughing Harry pulls away from a pouting Lucius.   

“Yes it is go wash up!” The raven hair man said trying to stop his laughing. “You too...” Kissing his soulmates cheek. “Maybe if our date is good tomorrow you will get a kiss goodnight.” He said in a honey dripped tone. Winking at him Harry bushes past him flicking his wrist to set the table.  Leaving the blond frozen in the spot.   

Chapter Text

Harry was the first to wake this morning, just like yesterday he found himself curled up on Lucius. The blond was sleeping so peacefully. He hasn’t ever seen Lucius look this calm and beautiful. Not that he would have admit it at the time, he always thought the Malfoy men were attractive.  He let his fingertips slip through Lucius’ short hair. He would have never thought that the older man would have cut his hair. Then running his fingertips down his face, he stops and lets his thumb trace the pillowy bottom lip.   

Feeling a kiss placed on his thumb he couldn’t help but smile.   

“Harry, is there a reason you are waking me up so early, I know I'm attractive but I need my beauty sleep.” The older wizard teases. Harry starts to move and say something but he is pulled back.  

“I said I am trying to sleep, I want you right here.” Lucius grumble out making him laugh , the older man’s fingers glide across their tattoo. As always it sends electricity through him.   

Well I'm sorry I moved...” He said nuzzling into the older man’s bare chest. Waking up like this every morning with this man could be good . The man smells and looks bloody perfect in the morning. How is that possible.  

“Are you going to be waking me up every morning by playing with my hair?”   

“Yes, is that a problem?” Feeling strong fingers sliding up and down his back, he hums.  

“No it is not a problem... Since I am up now... what time is Andromeda coming to pick up Teddy? Feeling the body underneath , him tense. Knowing that is his ex-wife's sister he lets his fingers glide over the older man’s chest feeling him relax. Looking over at the clock it said 7:45.  

“A little less than an hour...” Harry groaned. “I should hop in the shower real quick and then you can go...” Moving again this time he was allowed. Sitting up he stretches looking down at his soul mate seeing how perfect his upper body was.   

“Hmm sounds like a good idea. I have thought about our date night... and I have picked out the perfect thing to do... It is full muggle though...” Harry never thought that would be something that Lucius Malfoy would say... Or any Malfoy.   

“Full muggle huh?” Standing up he heads over to his wardrobe to pick out what to wear, knowing that he would probably change for tonight. Feeling eyes on him because he is standing in just his shorts he looks over and smirks at his soul mate.  

“Besides apparation , yes..” Looking back to his wardrobe he picks out jean, t-shirt and a red jumper. Still feeling eyes on him he tries not to smirk.   

“Well I look forward to it...”  Harry said turning around and swaying his hips a little as he walked into the master bath. Thankfully the bond isn’t as bad as it was... The more time they spent together the further they could be apart. Before he closed the door he saw and heard Lucius groan and throw his head back on the pillow. Feeling smug but also extremely nervous that he could affect him like that.  



Throwing his arm over his face Lucius took a deep breath. Harry was like a work of art, he will sculpt him one day. Hearing the door creak open he looks over and there stood Teddy in his what did he call it... Iron Man PJs  

“Good morning Teddy.” Seeing the sandy brown hair sticking up everywhere, he must have been too tired to change his appearance.  

“Where is Daddy?” He stood holding a really loved wolf by the tail. Rubbing his eyes with his fist.   

“He is getting washed up. You can come up and wait for him.” Patting the bed Teddy climbed up and sat down on Harry’s side. “Did you sleep well?”  

Watching the little boy cuddle his wolf closer to him he didn’t make eye contact. I want Daddy.” The blond nods and pats the little boy’s hand.  

“I’ll go get him okay...” Quickly getting out of bed he walks over and knocks on the door.  

“Uh Yeah?” Harry’s voice sounds muffled.  

“Teddy looks like he needs his Daddy... I know you just went in there , but can I send him in?” Looking back at the little boy finding him standing right behind him.  

“Yeah.” The door swings open and Teddy walks in quickly shutting the door.   

Sighing Lucius walks over to Harry’s wardrobe looking at what was in there that he could transfigure into something else. He finds a blue button up dress shirt and a pair of jeans. Looking at them he doesn’t wear jeans that often but not much choice until he can get home.  

Hearing the door open Lucius turns around with a completely dress Harry and a clingy little werewolf on his hip.  

“Everything okay?” He said walking up to the pair. Harry smiles sweetly.  

“I think Teddy has something to ask you...” Seeing the little boy nuzzle into his Daddy’s neck. Placing his hand on his back Lucius rubs up and down gently.  

“You can ask me anything Teddy.” Harry pulled the little boy away so he could see his face.  

“I dropped Hayes figure when I was playing with him and he is broken.. I’m so sorry... I didn’t mean too and now I can’t play with him anymore...”  Seeing the tears fall from Teddy face, nearly broke his heart. He was thinking it was something much worse than this.  

“Is that what has you so upset?” The little boy nodded holding his wolf tight.   

“Teddy, there isn’t anything to be upset about, I can fix it. I don’t want you to ever feel worried about asking or telling me something okay... I know that I might look scary but I'm not... well at least not to you or Daddy okay...  Now I will fix it as soon as I get out of the shower.  Give me five minutes okay.” Teddy nodded. Pressing a kiss into his hair and then into Harry’s Lucius got his clothes and went to shower.  



Thankfully it only took 20 minutes of goodbyes to get Teddy to go through the floo. Most of the time it’s about an hour. Not that Teddy had separation anxiety he just didn’t like to leave Harry alone. Lucius once again promised to take care of him. Andi didn’t seem too shocked finding Lucius Malfoy as his house and being his soul mate. She did what every mother would have done. Gave him a kiss on his cheek and congratulated him and the threatened Lucius if he would hurt Harry, she will hurt him.  

“Are you ready to leave?”  Bringing him out of his thoughts he takes a good look at his soul mate. Lucius did look good in his blue button up and tight muggle jeans. That is something that Harry would like to see more of.   

They had breakfast at a little café near Lucius house, it was little but cute. Everyone in there was polite and friendly. Seeing the blond actually engaged with muggles was shocking. He is not the man that Harry thought that he was.   

After breakfast Lucius pulled Harry into his arms and apparates them to his beautiful home.... It had a gravel drive, with a three car, carport.  The house was all brick, more of a clay than red. The back yard was beautiful and large. It’s honestly perfect for full moons.   


Once inside Harry smiled, the house was museum clean. It was like no one lived there. The open floor plan and high ceilings. Most of the walls inside are brick as well, only a few walls were not.  

“Welcome home,” Lucius whispered in his ear, sending a shiver down his back. He thought that he was home when him and Teddy were together, but thinking about Lucius being there made it a million times better.   

“It’s beautiful... It puts my house to shame...” Harry was already in love with the house, don’t get him wrong he loves his but this... this was perfect.... It looked like nothing Lucius would have lived in before, well the Lucius he thought he knew...  

“Your house is a family home, something that I hope that this place can be for you and Teddy.” Seeing that smile he felt his cheeks warm.  

“I would like that... So how about a tour?” The smaller man said interlacing their fingers. The blond shows him room to room. The kitchen was state of the art with tons of counter space , which almost made him drool.  Dining room large for a table for nightly dinner. Study, library, Teddy had four rooms that he could pick from. There was even an owlery . For the blonde's two owls Mizar and Vega.  

“So do you like it?” Lucius said as the walk into the Master bedroom. The bed was king sized mahogany wood, with hunter green duvet.  Of course , everything matched perfectly.   

“Y.. Yes... It’s beautiful... I will change everything green to red... but.” Harry said playfully, biting his lip he looks over at the blond who is walking over to him. The look in his eye was full of mischief, but also happiness and something that Harry couldn’t read completely.  

“You know... I’m glad we get a chance to have alone time today... Not that I don’t love spending time with Teddy... we can actually talk about our bond and what it means.” Lucius said as he wraps his arms around his waist. The smaller man’s breath hitch as he felt his soul mate’s magic reaching out to his.  

“I am too... I’m not sure what all of this means. I know I want this and I want to get to know you better.” Harry’s green eyes staring into the greyish blue.   

“I’m glad that you want this Harry, because I want this too.” Feeling brave Harry leans in placing a shaky hand on the taller man’s pale cheek, slowly moving it to the back of his neck. Pulling down gently Lucius breath hitches but allows the movement. They are a ghost breath away from each other hesitating slightly, he is kissing this man after spending less than two days with him.   



Lucius couldn’t believe he was going to be able to kiss his soul mate there is no one now to interrupt him. Not that he expects them to jump into bed together. But a kiss, that would be enough.   

“FATHER!” Draco yelled from the door way wand pointed at them. Quickly moving in front of Harry blocking him from his son. What is he doing here? Normally Draco wouldn’t check up on him.  

“Yes Draco? To what do I owe this visit?” He said seemingly calm and collected. Watching his son slowly lower his wand.  

“You didn’t show up yesterday for Christmas, and when I flooed you this morning you were not around... Now I see why... You were too busy with Potter!” The younger blond spat out, glaring at him. “Who is too much of a coward to come out from behind you... Scared Potter?”   

“You wish!” Harry stepped out from behind him standing tall. He could feel the magic pouring off of his soul mate. Without thinking he wraps his arm around Harry’s waist and pulls him back next to him. He doesn’t fight or push away he just stood still, looking at Draco.   

“I’m sorry Draco, I do apologize. I was going to inform you but the day got away from me.” His thumb moving up and down caressing the smaller man’s side.  

“You didn’t show up to your own son’s Christmas to spend time with him?” Draco sneers, as if he really cared. Draco didn’t care, or at least Lucius didn’t think that he cared.   

“Yes Draco I did and I am sorry but Harry is my soul mate . You know how it is when you find them...” Lucius could feel his anger rising but he doesn’t want to get into it with his son.   

“SOUL MATE! Father you honestly want me to believe that? Really , this has to be some type of trick or something.” Watching the younger man thrust his hand in front of his son’s face.  

“I’m not lying Malfoy, see notice the matching tattoo. Trust me because of you I wouldn’t pick a Malfoy to be my mate." Lucius felt himself tense against his soul mate. He should have known that Harry wouldn’t even think about him in that way if he wasn’t his soul mate.  

“But! Your father is more the man you will ever be, I'm glad that Lucius is my soul mate. He is kind, sweet, loving . Yes , he can still be stuck up and a git, and yes, we have only been soul mates for a little over 24 hours. I wouldn’t trade it for anything because even if he wasn’t my soul mate, I would want to be with him because of the person that he showed me he is!” The let out a breath he didn’t know that he was holding. His soul mate just said all of those things about him.      

“I think you have made enough of a scene Draco, I will contact you later once you calmed down. Now please leave... I do love you Draco but you must learn that if your Mother can have a soul mate so can I. I would have hoped that you would have been happy for me.” Looking at his son who was still standing arms crossed glaring at the younger man.   

“Well Mothers soul mate isn’t the same age as me and who is a Potter!” Draco said right before he popped away.  Taking a deep breath Lucius turns Harry around in his arms and pulled him close.  

“I’m so sorry... Harry... I’m sorry my son is a spoiled brat.” Still feeling Harry’s magic crackling, he runs his fingers through the raven hair.  

“It’s okay... I’m sorry if I sounded like I wouldn’t have picked you... Lucius you are nothing like I thought. I am sorry I judge you on how your son behaved. It must come from his mother's side because I do not see you in him besides his looks.”  

“I hope that our children will have your looks. You are so beautiful Harry.” The older man presses kisses into his hair.  

“Is... Is it true once you find your soul mate, that wizards can carry a child? I know that wizards could with potions, but isn’t it with soul mates they don’t need a potion?” Harry looks so innocent looking up at him. Cupping his face, he smiles.  

“It’s true, we would not need a potion if we were to have children. They do have a spell that you could use so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant until you are ready. I know we touched base on it but you would want children? I’m not saying today but in the future?” Looking into his soul mates' beautiful green eyes there was a sparkle there.   

“I’ve always wanted a family, I have Teddy and I love him but I want a child of my own. Hopefully more than one...” Lucius smiles and kisses his forehead, the younger man hums.   


Lucius had his laptop open checking his emails. Harry did comment that he didn’t expect of all people Lucius Malfoy to have an email, let alone a laptop. Hearing the tapping of keys made Lucius look over at his soul mate. After he packed a b ag so he could stay over here for a few days, he asked Harry what he would like to do... He figured that he would want to go shopping or maybe to the cinemas but no. The man wanted to come home a write. He said that he did have it planned for the day and that seeing his son made his creative juices to start flowing. Harry’s words not his.  

Being dreadfully bored he looks at the clock and it showed it to be dinner time already. Then after dinner that is when he is going to take him to his surprise.   

“Love, it’s dinner time we should get ready for the second part of our date...” Watching the younger man bite his lip as his fingers continue to quickly tap away. The blond sighs, getting up he walks over and sits on the desk. Just in his line of sight.   

“Love... What if I just start to undress right here.... I mean you are not paying attention to me anyways... So I could just start taking off my top....” Lucius starts to unbutton his top couple of buttons. Seeing if it was affecting the animagus but it wasn’t he was still off in his own little world.  

“You know how to make a man feel special Harry....” Unbuttoning the rest of his shirt he threw it over the computer screen. That got his attention.   

“Oi.” Harry stopped as soon as he saw Lucius shirtless on his desk, seeing the redness in his cheeks he couldn’t help but smirk.  

“I see I got your attention now... You have neglected me all afternoon... I’m happy that you were doing something you love... but now it’s my turn to have your full attention... Mr. Potter my eyes are up here.” With a snap of his head Harry looked into his eyes, face flushed.  

“I’m sorry I just sometimes get carried away. I’m sorry I neglected you... Come on let’s go get ready... I’ll even let you pick out what I am wearing.... I’m assuming you would know what I need to wear...” The way that Harry was looking at him, as if he were some wonderful prize. It would have made him blush if he blushed.  

Walking towards their room, the younger man couldn’t take his eyes off of him. But neither could Lucius…  

“So… where are we going? Is it posh or more down to earth…” Harry said as he opened his wardrobe. Moving away so Lucius could take a look inside. He only glanced earlier when he picked something. Now looking at what his soul mate had he knew he was going to have to take him shopping. Not that he doesn’t look good in jumpers and denim… he looks really good in those he just needs a couple of date night outfits. Digging into the closet he found a tight pair of black denim. Smirking he pulls them out with a green button up and a black dinner jacket.  

“This should work… but we are going shopping after the New year.. I can’t take you out in jumpers and denim everywhere . Now let’s get dressed.” Trying not to watch him get undressed. His soul mate is not being shy as he removes his shirt replacing it with his button up, then his fingers undo his button on his pants. Lucius turns around summoning his clothes so he could change. He was going for the same look but he is wearing all black.   

“Why did you turn around?” Harry asked quietly, there was a hint of worry in his voice. Lucius groaned inward. He didn’t want him to think that he didn’t want to see him naked but he wanted to show that he is being respectful.  

“I wanted to give you some privacy, not that I don’t want to see you undressing.” Lucius said with a smirk .  

“I think we are past that Lucius, I mean I only sleep in my shorts.” This man is going to be the death of him. Sighing he turns around and sees Harry’s toned legs. Wondering how they would feel wrapped around him. " Mister Malfoy, my eyes are up here.” The younger man smirks and pulls up his denim.   

“You know I think that this relationship is going to work Mister Potter.” The blond said as he finished getting dressed. Looking at himself in the mirror he fixes his hair to perfection. He does look younger with his hair styled shorter.  

“I should hope so... but why do you say that?” Harry comes to stand beside him and tries to tame his hair. Rolling his eyes Lucius flicks h is wand getting the raven hair to lay perfectly styled.  

“Because like you said, we are a lot more alike than we thought. You look beautiful Harry ; I shall have the best looking date around.” Lucius said as he pulled the younger man into his arms. Feeling him nuzzle into his chest, he let his fingers slide down his back.  

“You are just saying that because I'm your soul mate... The person who is most perfect for you.” The younger man sounded dejected. Pul l ing away and cupping his face with his hands.  

“I’m not just saying that because you are my soul mate. I thought you were beautiful Christmas eve even before you touched me. I couldn’t believe how much of an attractive man you have become... It’s even better now because you are mine.” Pressing a kiss onto Harry’s forehead, the smaller man smiled up at him.  

“I thought you looked pretty good yourself. I am so ready for this date, remember what I said if it is a good first date you might get that kiss that you have wanted.” Harry said cheekily , beaming up at him.  

“I will have to make sure that this is the best first date then. Hold on tight.” The blond said before they popped away.  


Chapter Text

For dinner Harry was surprised that it wasn’t as posh as he thought it was going to be. They had a quiet dinner in a small Italian restaurant. The tables had the red gingham table clothes, with the drippy white candles. They feasted on wine and bread until their meal arrived. Lucius had  Seafood  Arrabiata , and Harry just went for the classic Veal Parmesan.  

Harry learned that Lucius had never had  a  Coke before, which he decided he was going to get the man to try. Lucius learned that Harry has never tried shrimp which he fed him from his dish.   

Other things were  how Lucius used to sneak muggle records  into his room so he could listen to them.  

Harry shared that he never really had a Christmas before going to Hogwarts. Knowing Lucius wanted to know more he couldn’t bring himself to tell himself more. He promised that he would tell him more soon. Harry just didn’t want to see the look of  pity on the older man’s face.   

After they finished their Tiramisu the raven haired man interlaced their fingers together leaning his  head  on the taller man’s shoulder.  

“I think that I ate way  too  much  Luc ... Why did you let me eat so much ?  Now I'm ready for sleep.” Cuddling into his soul mates arm Harry smiled as he felt  Lucius’  thumb caress their tattoo.  

“No sleep yet love, we have one more stop. Unless you want to go home and not hear me  serenade  you love songs all night.” Stopping Harry looked up at the blond who was smirking down at him.   

Raising his eyebrow Harry asked, “You are going to  serenade  me love songs for our date?” Nodding Lucius bent down and kissed his nose. Feeling his breath so close to his lips Harry just wanted to  pull him down  into a kiss but he wasn’t going to give in. He is not going to rush this even though they are soul mates.  

“Yes I am, here we are.” Lucius said as the stopped in front of a red brick pub called  The Sour Note Pub.  

This did not look like a place the Lucius Malfoy would go into.  Walking in  its  smoky and loud. There were a handful of people. Seeing as it was Boxing Day most people were probably still hanging out with family.   

“Lu!”  An older woman who had a cigarette dangling from her lips  and a harsh American accent. She  pushed a  button  in on the music system and walked over to them. The blond pulled away from him and hugged the  woman.   

Bonnie my love!  How was your Christmas? ” He kisses her cheeks,  as she batted him away.   

“It was brilliant I saw my children and grandchildren. I was hoping that I would see you tonight! ” Harry smiled, he has never seen Lucius look this carefree.   That smile wow, it took his breath away.  

“That wonderful…  I got a wonderful Christmas gift .” Lucius grabbed his hand and pulled him into his side wrapping his arm around his waist.  The smaller man hoped that no one could see his cheeks getting red.  

“Bonnie this is  my soul mate Harry.  Isn’t he the most beautiful man?   Harry this is Bonnie. She is a handful and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. ” Bonnie  ashes her cigarette and pulls me into her arms.   

“Oh Harry! It’s nice to meet you! I  told  you Lu I knew you had a soul mate it was just  in your own time! Now you don’t go hurting my Lu.   Catching his breath from the tight hug he nods , looking in to her blue eyes you could tell she was genuine  

“I would never hurt him. I couldn’t.”  Harry said seriously, he is already falling for the man, he  wouldn't  hurt him.   

Lu you go get you and your soul mate a drink and I will get you a song ready…. You know I love when you start it off!”  She  squeezes the older man’s arm and  walks off. Lucius looked over at him smiling at him.   

Come love  let’s  get a drink.”  Harry allows Lucius to pull him to the bar.   

“Hey Lu whiskey?” The blond behind the bar with bright red lipstick asks . He didn’t not like the smile that she was giving his souls mate. Not knowing what came over him, he  wrapped his arms around Lucius waist. The older man smirks down at him.   

“Yes please.” He said without looking at her. “Are you jealous Mister Potter?” The older man raised an elegant eyebrow blue eyes teasing him. Huffing Harry tries to pull away only to be held onto tighter.  

“No Lucius, why would I be jealous...” Looking away from his soul mate he looked at the bar tender. “May I please have an old fashion please.”  Trying not to look back up at his soul mate.   

“Sure thing love, coming right up.” The beautiful blond walks away making their drink Harry tries not to move to the music. He couldn't help himself.  

“You know, I think it’s cute that you were jealous and now you can’t even look at me...” Lucius whispered into his ear. Feeling his breath so close to his neck Harry’s heart raced. Biting his lip, he looks over their faces really almost touching.   

“I can look at you, see...” He whispers their lips almost touching. Not seeing the bartender sitting down their drinks. “I just didn’t like how she looked at you...” The older man smiled and leaned closer. Yes, show blondie that he is mine... Harry thought to himself.  

“We are going to start off tonight with Lu!” Bonnie’s voice boomed in the room making Harry jump back. Hearing the blond groan and stand up straight. There were a couple a cheers hearing his name.  

“You promised to serenade me with love songs...” Pouting up at the blond, who just shakes his head and walks towards Bonnie.  


Lucius has never felt nervous when it came to singing in front of a group of people. This is what he was trained to do as a kid. There was always a party piece that he had to prepare for when people came over for dinner. His father made sure of that. Though tonight it was different because his soul mate was going to hear him for the first time.   

“I figured this one would be good.” Bonnie said as the title came up on the screen. Smiling the man nodded. The piano started and he looked over to his soul mate who was leaned his back on the bar watching him. Better give him a good show, the microphone held in his hands perfectly. Taking a breath, he smirked at Harry and started to sing.  

For once in my life I have someone who needs me  

Someone I've needed so  

For once unafraid I can go where life leads me  

And somehow I know I'll be strong  


For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of  

Long before I knew  

Someone warm like you  

Could make my dreams come true  

Seeing that blush creep into his Harry’s face he smiled. Loving that he had an effect on his soul mate with his singing. Not feeling that nervousness anymore, Lucius walked away from the screen and started to walk through the pub. Making his way slowly to Harry.  

For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me  

Not like it's hurt me before  

For once I've got someone I know won't desert me  

I'm not alone anymore  


For once I can say: "this is mine you can't take it"  

As long as I've got love I know I can make it  

For once in my life I've got someone who needs me  


Now standing in front of his soul mate, he could feel eyes on him. Lucius loved the attention but what he loved even more was the look his Harry was wearing. Emerald eyes sparkling, face flushed, a shy smile, and those damn kissable lips.   


For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me  

Not like it's hurt me before  

For once I've got someone I know won't desert me  

I'm not alone anymore  


Now, for once I can say: "this is mine you can't take it"  

As long as I've got love I know I can make it  

For once in my life I've got someone who needs me  

For once in my life, she needs me  

For once in my life  


The song finished and Lucius kissed his soul mate’s nose as he walked back over to Bonnie. On the walk back he was cheered and a couple slaps on the back.   


Harry watched as Lucius walked back to the stage to give the microphone back. His mouth was dry and his pants fit him a little tighter than they did before. Gods could that man get any hotter... He was intelligent, handsome, sweet, and talented... That voice, Lucius was a crooner, in the best possible way. His voice was like warm honey, this man was full of surprises.   

Seeing him saunter back to him Harry felt his heart beating faster... He is perfect.  “Lucius...That... that was....” The blond cupped his face his thumb caressed his cheeks.   

“I told you I would serenade you.” Lucius bent down and kissed his forehead. His eyes fluttered shut, it was too late now... Not that it was a bad thing but his has fallen for this man, so quickly too... It has to be because of the bond but should he really care... Like the song said for once he had someone who would love him.   

“Lucius, you... are so .... Your voice is like...” He couldn’t put into words, he was  ballsing  this up. Just giving up he wraps his arms around his soul mate nuzzling his chest smelling his expensive cologne.  

“Next up we have Harry! Come on up!” Pulling away quickly his head snaps up seeing that  mischievous  smile.  

“Oh no Malfoy you didn’t put me into sing.... I can’t bloody sing!” The smaller man shouted, he has never sang anywhere beside the shower...   

“You are going to do great! Everyone has to sing My Harry; I picked this song out because I heard you humming it earlier while you were writing.” He hums a lot when he writes Merlin only knows which song it is. Pouting he was pushed gently over to the stage.  

Feeling every eye on him as he took the microphone Harry heard a familiar piano.... He couldn’t help the smile on his face at least he knows this song...  

Just a small-town girl  

  Livin ' in a lonely world  

 She took the midnight train goin' anywhere  


Just a city boy  

 Born and raised in South Detroit  

 He took the midnight train goin' anywhere  


Looking at his mate his voice trembled a little bit. Still nervous until he saw that smile Lucius gave him... Then looking at ever one else in the bar, they were moving to the music and singing along. Who doesn’t love Journey?  


A singer in a smokey room  

 The smell of wine and cheap perfume  

 For a smile they can share the night  

 It goes on and on, and on, and on  


Strangers waiting  

 Up and down the boulevard  

 Their shadows searching in the night.  


A singer in a smokey room  

 The smell of wine and cheap perfume  

 For a smile they can share the night  

 It goes on and on, and on, and on  


Strangers waiting  

 Up and down the boulevard  

 Their shadows searching in the night  


Harry’s found his voice then, enjoying the song and the crowd singing with him. Knowing his sounds like shite. He didn’t care, neither did anyone else.  Feeling brave like the Gryffindor he is, Harry walked away from the screen just like his soul mate did.  

Workin' hard to get my fill  

 Everybody wants a thrill  

  Payin ' anything to roll the dice just one more time  


Some will win, some will lose  

 Some were born to sing the blues  

 Oh, the movie never ends  

 It goes on and on, and on, and on  


Strangers waiting  

 Up and down the boulevard  

 Their shadows searching in the night  


Walking up to a table full of drunk women he started to sing to them moving the mic over to them so they could sing into it. Then finally making his way back to the stage his eyes find his soul mate again who had the biggest  smirk  on his face. He had a drink in his hand and was leaning on a brick pillar, looking like he just walked out of a bloody magazine.   


Streetlights people  

  Livin ' just to find emotion  

  Hidin ' somewhere in the night  


Don't stop  believin '  

 Hold on to that  feelin '  

 Streetlight people  


Don't stop  believin '  

 Hold on  

 Streetlight people  


Don't stop  believin '  

 Hold on to that  feelin '  

 Streetlight people  


When he finished the song, he was nervous all over again, did he really just do that?! On his way back from the stage he was stopped by the drunk women telling him how lucky he was to have such a hot husband. That titled made butterflies erupt in his stomach.   

Once he was in arms reach of Lucius he was pulled into a hug. “I did not like how everyone was staring at you.” Lucius said as he nuzzled his hair. Laughing Harry pulled away.   

“Are you jealous?” Trying to say it with a straight face, which he was failing horribly at. The older man ran his fingers through his hair. Leaning into his touch he watched the blond pout.  

“Malfoy’s do not get jealous....”  Kissing his nose Harry pulls away.  

“Well if you are not jealous one of those guys over there wanted to buy me a drink so if you don’t” Before he could walk away, he was pulled back into strong arms.   

“Mister Potter, you are my soul mate and the only one who can buy you drinks is me. For you are mine.” Lucius whispered in his ear, nipping his ear lobe, sending a shiver through his body. Gods this man.  

Turning around Harry cupped the older man’s face... “Good now buy me a drink and then you are going to dance with me...” Lucius grabbed his hand a pressed a kiss on his palm.  

“Such a demanding man...” Rolling his eyes he allows the blond to pull him towards the bar.  


Apparating  back home Harry didn’t want the night to end. He doesn’t remember the last time that he has had this much fun. Normally when Teddy was away, he just worked on his writing. He opened the door as the both walked into the house.  

“How about a cup of tea?” Harry said pulling off his coat and toeing off his shoes.   

“Sounds perfect, then how about we retire to the sitting room? I wouldn’t mind some chocolates...”  Once the tea was ready and sent into the sitting room, he sits down awkwardly next to Lucius... Why was he so nervous... Probably because you want to  snog  the bloody hell out of the man.   

“My Harry, I had a wonderful time tonight... Thank you for coming out with me.” The blond said as he picked up his cup and threw his arm around the back of the couch. Without thinking Harry moved in closer cuddling up against the older man.   

“I had a great time too  Luc . Thank you... I knew you said that you could sing, but I would have never thought that you would know muggle songs the way that you do. You are always so confident in everything. I wish I was like that. I mean I know you must think because I did all that I did. That I must be confident and strong, but I do not and did not feel like that at all. I was so scared but I know what I had to do and that was to make sure that no one else died because of that crazy man.” Feeling a hand on his neck playing with his hair gently.  

“It was something that was beaten into me. Harry I couldn’t have done what you did... You are an amazing man. I don’t know how I am your soul mate, I haven’t done the best things in my life. That I shouldn’t deserve you but magic knows better than we do I guess... I really don’t want to talk about the past tonight... Tonight I want to talk about the future... Me, you, Teddy... This was by far my favorite first date.” Turning to face the man Harry smiled up at him.  

“It was my favorite first date too... Which is good because seeing as this is my last first date...” Leaning in, he places his hand on Lucius thigh. The blond cupped his face with his right hand, gently pulling him closer. Harry’s eyes flutter close as their lips finally touch.  

When they did, he felt like he was awake for the first time. His senses heightened; he could feel their magic reaching out to each other. Not gently, no it was like a wave crashing into the sand. The kiss wasn’t sloppy or fast. No, it was slow and intense. Harry’s hands rest on the man’s chest ready to pull him closer.  

Lucius tongue swipes at his bottom lip, asking for permission that Harry granted. Once he did their tongues danced with one another. Neither one of them wanting to pull away, the kiss was too perfect.  Not until they had to take a breath.  The blond finally pulled away his hand still on his cheek. Their eyes looking deep into each other's. He felt at home and peace finally. This is where he belonged... He has found the man to make a family with...  

“Well Mister Potter... That was worth the wait...” No trusting himself to speak he just nods.  Lucius kissed him gently again this time it was over before he wanted it to. “I think I am falling for you Harry... Not just because of the bond...”  Lucius whispered on his lips, making Harry’s breath hitch.  

Smiling Harry kissed him once more, “Good because I feel the same way...”  

The rest of the night they shared many more kisses and chocolates. They ended up falling asleep watching a movie cuddled up on the couch.  


Chapter Text

Teddy felt funny, that’s how he always felt when it was the full moon. They are going to spend a couple of nights at Lucius house. He gets to pick out what room is going to be his room, and then Lucius and Daddy said that he could decorate it however he wanted.   

Walking to the kitchen he saw Daddy with Lucius, they were kissing. They always kissed now. “Daddy,  Luc … I’m hungry, my tummy feels funny.”  Both of his parents pulled away from each other looking down at him. down at him, or least he hoped that Lucius would be his Papa. He said he would, but Teddy wanted to call him Papa... He didn’t know how he would feel about that or Daddy. The blond picks him up, he nuzzles into his neck.   

Lucius smelled like soap, peppermint, flowers, and chocolate.... Teddy loves chocolate. “The moon has you feeling out of sorts huh love... I think we can talk Daddy into making what did you want the other day?”  

Popping up he smiles, “Daddy you can make Wizards and Eggs!” Leaning over to get into his  Daddy’s  arms. “Please Daddy!”  Changing his looks Teddy made himself look like Lucius, maybe if he looked like Daddy’s soul mate he would say yes... Not that Daddy would ever tell him no, he just likes to look like Lucius.   

“Sounds good, I will do that... What I need you to do is go and get somethings ready for tonight. Remember we are staying with Lucius at his house for a couple of days. We get to pick out your room and you get to decorate it how you want it.” Daddy sounded so happy, this is the happiest that he has ever sounded.   

“Luc can you help me...  Please.. ” He hopes that Luc would want to spend time with him. Not everyone liked him because of what he was... Just because he is different doesn’t mean he is bad... Daddy tells him that all the time.  Plus  before Luc and Daddy had to stay in the same room. Now it’s getting better.  

“Lead the way, Daddy is there anything that we need to pack?”  Watching his Daddy smile again and presses a kiss to his forehead. He is so glad that his Daddy is happier, Luc looks happier than he was on Christmas Eve.  

“We need pjs, day clothes, books and maybe a few toys...” His fingers count each thing he is saying, so Teddy does the same.   

“Comics?!”  Laughing his Daddy nodded his head. He loves books but he loves Comics more. Super heroes are the best! People said Daddy is a hero... and his other Daddy was a hero too. He wondered if Luc was a hero. Probably, he looks like a hero. He has blond hair like Thor.  

“Yes and comics.” Throwing his arms around his Daddy and kissed his cheek then leaning over to  Luc  who smiled and held  up his hand which he quickly went into his arms.  


Lucius watched as Teddy went through his comics so he could bring some over to his house. Making a mental note of why he should get for him besides the essentials he was going to take out both of them to pick out new clothes , toys and favorite foods to keep at his h ouse.   

“Luc?” Teddy voice breaking his train of thought. How could this little boy have stolen his heart so quickly.  

“Yes little one?”  Sitting down on the bed next to the  metamorphagus .  Teddy played with the corner of his comic book.  Poor thing, his emotions are everywhere. Lucius has been around werewolves before a full moon, but never one this young.  

“You have a boy right, but he is big right?” Watching the little boy’s hair change from blond to a deep blue.  Lucius must learn if the hair color changes have something to do with his mood, thinking it probably did.   

“Yes I have a son Draco, he is your Daddy’s age. He lives with his wife you will meet them one day.” Lucius hoped that they would meet one day. He wouldn’t put Teddy through that. His son could be a spoiled brat, the last thing he would want is for Teddy to be hurt.   

“Does he call you Daddy?” Raising his eyebrow, the blond wonders why he is asking that question. The werewolf is only 4 years old. A child would want to know.  

“No, he calls me Father.” Laughing at the face that Teddy pulled, his nose scrunched up. “You don’t like that name?” Lucius said through a chuckle, brushing the blue fringe from the little boy's forehead.  

“No, you’re Papa...” He said so matter-of-fact that made the blonde's heart burst, did he want to call him Papa? Worried about what Harry might think he hoped that his soul mate wouldn’t care.  

“You think I look like a Papa?” Lucius breathlessly replied, wanting him to say yes and that he was his Papa.  

“I would call you Papa.... Luc... Can I call you Papa?” Watching Teddy’s hair change again to his light blond, but he had his Dad’s emerald eyes. Feeling tears sting his eyes.  

“I think that we should ask your Daddy first if that is okay.” Seeing the frown appear on the boy’s face he pulls him onto his lap. “Oh, Teddy don’t be cross with me, I just want to make sure your Daddy thinks it’s okay. I would love for you to call me Papa... I am your Daddy’s soul mate... I would hope to think that I am your Papa now... If you want...” Throwing his arms around his neck Teddy squeezed him tight.  

“Yes Papa! I want you to be!” Letting his fingers brush on the back of the little boy’s head.  His heart warmed, this is what he has wanted for so long. Another child to actually raise right, play, get dirty, sing, dance, play with toys. Everything a child should do.  

“Boys come on  it’s  time for breakfast!” Hearing Harry’s voice through the house, he was happy that he could be further away from him now. It still  feel  a little lonely but it will be good once he can get back to work. Hopefully he will be able too.  


Harry smiled as he saw both of them walking in the kitchen, two blonds. Shaking his  head,  he sends the food over to the table with a flick. Making Teddy a plate he watched Lucius looking down at the eggs.   

“Teddy why don’t you show Lucius how to eat Wizard and eggs.” Cutting the top of the egg off before he let Teddy dip his strip of toast in the egg pulling out the toast dripping egg  everywhere,  he takes a bite.  

“See Papa it’s easy... oops!” The werewolf said as he looked over at Lucius. Did his son just call Lucius Papa? Not that he minded, it actually made Harry happy to think that his son likes his soul mate so much that he wanted them to be a family.  

“It’s okay Teddy,” Lucius said with a smile he looked over at him. “Harry, Teddy asked me today if he could call me Papa...I told him that I would love for him too but I said that we would need to ask you first.”  Seeing the love in his soul  mate’s  eyes he couldn’t help but lean over and kiss Teddy on the cheek and then lean over the table to place a loud kiss on Lucius’ lips.  

“I think that it is wonderful if you want to call him Papa Teddy. Seeing as we are a family now. Now Papa do you understand how to eat your wizard and eggs?” The smile on his face he wouldn’t be able to wipe off for the rest of the day.   

Removing the top of his soft boiled egg Lucius dips his toast in and took a bite. “Mmm that is good! Daddy makes the best food doesn’t he Teddy.” Harry felt his cheeks redden as he takes a bite of his own food.   

“Yeah Papa, he is the best cooker ever!”  After a few bites he could tell Teddy was having a hard time sitting still. This normally happens every full moon. Poor thing didn’t know what to do with all the energy. Most of the time Harry took him to the park to run it off, most of the time he makes a friend there and they run off most of his extra energy.   

Lucius could see the struggle the little boy was having and gave him a puzzled look. “Teddy, love if you could eat a couple more bites then you should go get your bag that you and Lu...Papa packed. We can go to the park before we pick out your room at Papas. Then we can have lunch and take a nap.” Harry held up his hands before the little werewolf could protest. “You know we take naps the day of the full moon, remember what happened when we don’t... You don’t feel good huh?” The still blond little boy nods.  

“Okay Daddy, Papa you are coming to the park with us right?” Looking over at Lucius whose blue eyes that have tears in them made his heart melt. How could he ever thought bad about this man. Yes, everyone had to play their part in the war, his was to be a spy.   

“Yes little one, there is no place I rather be.” Teddy beamed up at him and Lucius.   

“Okay love go get your things while Papa and I finish breakfast.” The werewolf bounds out of the room. “Walking feet!” Harry yells, hearing a muffled okay.  

Worrying his bottom lip Harry looks up at Lucius not know what to say after everything that just happened. “So Papa?”  

The blond blushes, “Yes Daddy?” His voice deep and rich, which sent a shiver down his spine. Taking a deep breath he continues.  

“Erm... For tonight, I'm just a little worried. It’s his first time with someone who isn’t me going to be there. I just wanted to make sure that he will be safe and so will you.” Lucius reaches for his hand, Harry takes it quickly. Letting his thumb rub across the blonde’s soul mate mark.   

“I will do what you need me to do. Harry right now I would do anything that you would want me to do. So, after I finish my breakfast, I will help you pack. When does Teddy go back to school he is in preschool right?” How could Harry forget about preschool, it’s not like he could not just near there. That is what he normally does it will just be a little further away.   

“I hate to say it but I didn’t even think about that. It will be fine we can just  apparate  there from your house. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. We will have to go in and put you down as someone that could pick him up.  Seeing as you are his Papa now, there is going to be days that you could pick him up if that is something that you would like to do?” Harry still wishes he wasn’t this nervous, Lucius has shown that he wanted to be in both of their lives, he is just always worried about it being too good to be true.   

“Absolutely, I will want to pick him up. With my job I can work from home or I can work at the office. Now I know that you mostly just work on writing, but with my help you don’t have to worry about everything else. We are a family now My Harry, there is no going back now... See us Malfoys once we want something, we get it! Seeing as you are my soul mate and that I couldn’t see myself not with you, not to mention I want you. That means I'm not going anywhere.” Lucius said so matter-of-fact which made him feel even more for this man.   

Reaching over he interlaces their fingers together. “Me either  Luc .”  


Lucius finished up a phone call as he saw Harry walk out of the little werewolf’s room. It didn’t take long to decorate it. Comic book characters on the wall actually moved, Iron Man, and Thor flew around as Spiderman  thwiped  through buildings. He must say that he did a wonderful job.  

After breakfast, they all decided to go to the park. Harry and Teddy  thought  that they were going to have a snow fight with him. Thinking that his cunning was going to get him out of it, he got a snowball right in his face. Which made the little one fall into the snow. Once it became too cold, they came back to his place to have hot coco and eat lunch.   

Lucius can now say that he had a  Toastee  which was actually pretty good for just being a toasted cheese sandwich. Closing his laptop, he looks up and sees his soul mate walk into his office. Smiling he opens his arms and the younger man walks over and sits on his lap.  

“I can’t believe I actually got him down for a nap that quickly. He likes to fight it when it comes to nap time on full moon days.” Lucius couldn’t help but cup his cheek letting his thumb move back and forth. This man is beautiful, and perfect...  

“That’s good, should we go lie down? You look a little knackered My Harry.” Pulling his soul mate letting their lips brush against each other. “I can work in bed, I just need to finish this up. My holiday is almost up... Then back to the real world...” Nuzzling into the younger man’s neck smelling his after shave.  

“Hmm okay I wouldn’t mind lying down for a little bit. Come on Luc let’s go to bed.” Something about the way that Harry said that, the blond moan under his breath. He didn’t want to rush  this,  he knew that the bond would be better once they do complete it. It will have to wait  though;  he didn’t want to do anything that Harry didn’t want to do first. Even though he catches himself staring at the half naked man every morning, and holding him until they both fall asleep. There is nothing more he would love to do than to make love to his soul mate.  

“It’s not nice to tease brat.” The younger man smiled cheekily as they walk towards his... no their bedroom.  


Harry stood in the woods behind Lucius house. Watching Teddy pace and jump around. Bless him he woke up cranky from his nap, didn’t want to eat dinner and cried for chocolate. Which he let him have a little bit of... He couldn’t help  it,  this was a rough time for him. Too much for a 4 year old.  

This is the worst one he has had in a while. Lucius  was trying to keep Teddy’s mind off of the change. But it was coming soon.  

“Daddy...” The little boy whined, soon the moon hit him. This was the worse feeling any parent could go through seeing your baby in pain. Quickly Harry changes into his panther form, slowly walking over to Teddy who is now a beautiful tawny wolf lying in the snow.  Nuzzling into him Teddy huffs and shakes his head. Yipping noticing his Daddy he bounces around.   

The tawny wolf stops and sniffs the air like he caught a scent barking at what was behind Harry. Turning around he saw the most beautiful white wolf. Lucius... his soul mate. Getting lost in those blue eyes he didn’t notice  Teddy running  and jumping on the older wolf.   

The two wolfs nuzzled and played with each other as the panther just sat and watched. Knowing that Lucius and Teddy have a good relationship which was very important to him. Once they have played the little wolf ran over to him jumping on his back. Nipping at his ears, the panther shook his head getting the wolf away.   

Standing up he stalks towards his pray slowly. The white wolf stood completely  still,  you could tell he was a Malfoy still in his  animagus  form. His head was held high, perfect posture. If he could he would roll his eyes.                                       

Moving closer Harry bump his head into the white wolf’s purring loudly. It was his soul mate.  Up comes Teddy who is yipping and pouncing, then sets off on a dead run. Wanting to be chased, the black panther and white wolf bounded towards the werewolf. Yipping and barking along the way.   


Teddy woke up the next morning in his bed. Which was always his favorite, sometimes after a full moon they woke up outside. Only when it is super cold does Daddy bring him back to bed.  Walking back to his Papa and Daddy’s room at Papa’s  house  he could see that they were still sleeping. Remembering that Papa had snacks on the bottom shelf of the cold box that he could reach he walks towards the kitchen.  

Before he could make it  there  he heard the  floo  come to life. Running towards it he saw another fairy walkout of the fire. This time it wasn’t a boy like Papa it was a girl.  

“Oh Hullo!” The fairy said smiling, her hair was yellow and she had really pretty eyes. Not being able to help himself Teddy changed his hair and eye color.  

“Hi... Umm my Papa and Daddy are not up yet... Are you a fairy like Papa? I mean he really isn’t a fairy but in Daddy’s book he is a fairy. You look like a fairy. I’m Teddy... Why are you at my Papa’s house?” The fairy spoke softly to him as she ran her fingers down his face. He felt really safe with her.  

“Because your Papa is my father-in-law.” Wrinkling up his nose he looked over the fairy.  So  Papa was her Papa too?  

Soon another person tumbled out of the floo. This time it was a man, who looked just like his Papa... This had to be Draco. He changes again quickly to match his new brother. The older man stops dead in his tracks.   

“There is no why that they could have a had a son so quickly.” The blond man said with a groan. It had to be his big brother.  Oh  he has always wanted a brother it doesn’t matter that he is bigger. Maybe Papa and Daddy could have him another brother.  

“I’m sure that this is Harry’s son Edward.” Teddy smiled and nodded; how did she know his name. Daddy told him to never talk to strangers but at their house no one could come through the  floo  unless Daddy knew them so if they could get into Papa’s house Papa’ must know they.  

“Are you my big brother?” Teddy looks at the man with a big smile. Hopefully he would say yes...   



Chapter Text

“I mean Love if you could have seen the look on my Fathers face! There is no way, it’s like magic has a horrible since of humor. Harry Potter my Father’s soulmate!” Draco was pacing in front of his fireplace, looking over to his wife she just smiled dreamily at him.  

“I always knew they would be together. Draco don’t be upset, your Father is finally with his perfect match.” Wanting to snap at his wife he took a deep breath, he does love her. Walking over he sits down next to him and lies his head in her lap. “Everything will be okay, the Nargels told me that your father is happy. I think that we should go see him.. It’s been days we should talk to you Father and Harry. I haven’t seen him since he left. You need a relationship with your Father... I have a feeling you will want him near soon... Something big is about to happen. Plus if you go I'll do that thing you like tonight. We can have breakfast together.”   

Sitting up quickly he looks into those beautiful blue eyes. “Okay, but can’t we do that right now... It might make me feel better. Please...” He tries to pout to his soulmate. Maybe, he could get his way like he normally does. He doesn’t want to go speak to his Father right now.  

“No because if I give it to you, you won’t go. Now come on let’s go... I’m hungry, I do hope they have things to make waffles. I love you Draco.” She pulls him up from the couch, she presses a kiss on his lips. Holding her there he couldn’t help but deepen the kiss.  

“I love you too... Now come on!” Walking over to the fire place he throws in the powder calling out his father’s house.  


“Draco!” Lucius said as he heard his son’s voice, practically yelling at Teddy. His soul mate runs up behind him.   

“Luna!” Watching Harry run over to his daughter-in-law and hug her. “I haven’t seen you in so long! You married Malfoy! Please don’t tell me he is your....” Thank gods for Teddy who interrupted his soul mate for starting trouble.  

“Papa! Is this your son? He would be my big brother, right?” Harry looks over at him with wide eyes shocked that his son would ask if Draco Malfoy was his big brother. Lucius didn’t want to break Teddy’s heart.  

Yes he is your big brother Edward, or do you like Teddy better? I’m Luna your big brother’s wife... Which means I'm like your sister!” Watching Teddy jump into the woman’s arms. Lucius then looks at his son and his soul mate. Who are glaring at each other .    

“Daddy can you make Waffles please Daddy and my big brother and Luna can eat with us... You are the bestest cook!” The little werewolf’s hair changes from blond to almost black with his Daddy’s green eyes.  

“Father I don’t...” Luna cut him off with a big smile.   

Teddy I think that is a wonderful idea, I could tell you about my travels and all the wonderful things I have discovered! You boys talk while Teddy and I go play.” Watching his new son and daughter-in-law walk away the older man takes a deep breath.  

“I’ll let you two talk while I go make breakfast.” Lucius looked at Harry with a sad smile.  

“Harry...” Lucius wanted them all to talk but he does need to talk to his son alone.  

“Sit, we need to talk...” Lucius said calmly as he looks at his son, he didn’t want to row with him but it might be necessary. Harry isn’t going anywhere. The younger blond sat down crossing his arms glaring at him. “Why are you so upset that Harry is my soul mate? When your Mother found hers you couldn’t have been happier for her. Now when I found my soul mate... The person who is perfect for me you have to act like a spoiled brat?” His voice was still calm even though he was more heartbroken than anything.   

Draco ran his fingers through his hair he took a deep breath. “He is bloody Harry Potter Father. How could I not be upset. He hates me... You think that you are going to be able to spend time with me anymore now that he is around. It’s not going to happen Father. He is going to take you away from me just like that man took Mother away from me... Which I don’t really care but with you... Never mind I should just go get Luna and leave. It looks like you have your perfect little family now!” Worried, his son was worried that he wouldn’t want to spend any time with him anymore. It wasn’t like they spent much time together anyways but knowing that his son wanted to. Watching Draco stand he get up and pulls the younger man into his arms.  

“Oh, Draco.” His son was stone still in his arms, knowing that the younger man was trying to keep it together. “Nothing is ever going to keep me away from you, you are my son and I love you. Just because I found my soul mate doesn’t mean I won’t have time for you or to allow Harry to force me away from you. He wouldn’t do that anyways, Draco, Harry is not like that. He values family, you guys will just have to get to know each other... We are a family now....” Finally, his son wrapped his arms around him.  

“I know this is not how Malfoy’s are supposed to act Father but, it’s just that you were always different than Mother. After she left it felt like we were starting to have a pretty good relationship. Not as stuffy and pureblood.” Draco pulled away and smiled a watery smile. “I just don’t want to lose that.” Lucius felt himself tear up, it’s what he always wanted with his son.   

“It will get better, you have a smaller brother now... I am not sure what you were about to say but Draco I do love that little boy. I might have not known him long but he is sweet and smart... I think you would like him if you give him a chance... and it looks like your wife already adores him.” Testing the waters, not knowing how he would feel about Teddy because of how jealous he got over Harry.  The younger blond straightened up.  

“I think I would like to get to know him. My wife has a wonderful judge of character. I mean look who he married. I’ve always wanted a sibling so. I will check him out... Potter on the other hand, Father I will try but he probably as big as a brat as I am when it comes to being spoiled.”  Shaking his head, he might not know all the details of Harry’s bringing up he knows that is one thing he is not.  

“Draco I can’t tell you everything but what I can tell you is that Harry has never been spoiled. Which is something I'm going to change.” His son raised his eyebrow but then nodded.   

Soon he heard the sounds of running feet, looking over there stood Teddy with blond hair and blue eyes, this time more of his daughter-in-laws color.   

“Papa! Daddy said that waffles are ready!” His little arms reaching up to be picked up Lucius bent down and picked him up with ease.   

“Well we should go then, Draco and Luna never had your Daddy’s wonderful cooking! They are in for a treat.” Watching the little one looks over to Draco who is just standing there looking still a little nervous.  

“Teddy how about you take Draco to the dining room while I go help Daddy get the food ready...” Handing the small metamorphagus over to his son.  With wide eyes he takes the little boy.  

“Hi Draco.... I’m Teddy... I hope that you will like me... I know I'm different... If you don’t it’s okay.”  Wanting to wait to hear what his son says, but he knows he needs to go talk to Harry.  


Draco nervously shifts the boy in his arms. How different could he be... Being a metamorphagus isn’t different it’s actually pretty wicked. Trying not to be jealous of the little boy.  

“Luna said you would still like me... but sometimes people can be wrong.” Shaking his head, not Luna she is always right. She’s his moon and he is her stars.  

“Why wouldn’t I like you Teddy? I mean Father said that we are to be a family now... Brothers normally like each other right... I never had one so we will just have to learn together.” Teddy bit his lip and nodded.  

“I... well I’m a wolf so... some people don’t like me... Daddy’s other family that we don’t talk to anymore said that he shouldn’t take me because I'm one... It made Daddy sad... I don’t want him to be sad anymore... With Papa, Daddy is happy. He left his other family because he said he wanted us to be happy and we don’t need to be around people who don’t like us. Daddy doesn’t care if anyone likes him...” The little werewolf played with his brother’s hair as he spoke.  

The Weasels... They didn’t want him to take care of this little boy after everything that has happened. Why should it matter if he is a werewolf? Potter has always wanted to save people. Including them, which he never understood because Ron was always so jealous of him. Not that Draco hasn’t been jealous of The Boy Who Lived. Ron just took it too far for someone who was supposedly his best friend.  

“Well Teddy, I can tell you that I don’t care if you are a werewolf... Some people don’t like me either, and that is okay. How about we go get breakfast?” This was weird, he didn’t know how to act. Everything has been changed since Harry became his Father’s soul mate... But it’s not all bad....  

“Okay big brother...” Something about how the little boy said it made him smile.   

“Okay little brother.” He said hesitantly.   


Harry was stacking the waffles on top of each other as he felt arms wrap around his waist. Leaning back into the body he relaxed instantly. He knew it was going to be hard having Draco in his family now but not knowing what happened in that room just stressed him. Feeling lips on his neck he leaned over so his soul mate had more room. Each kiss seemed to calm him more.  

“As always it smells good in here. Thank you for making breakfast ..... and giving Draco and I time to speak.” Turning around in his arms Harry looks deep into those gray eyes. Searching for something he just isn’t sure what.  

“You needed to talk to him Lucius... I will never make you choose between me and your son... just like you wouldn’t force me to choose between you and Teddy. If this is going to work both Draco and I have to work this out... I...” He didn’t want to say love... not yet... It was too soon for love... Even though that is what he is feeling. “I care for you so much and I'm falling in love with you...” A pair of lips cut him off. The kiss gentle, their lips slowly moving against one another.   

“Oh! Sorry Harry.” Luna said dreamily as she walked through the doors. “Your sons are waiting for you!”  Groaning he pulls away the blond doesn’t let him out of his arms.  

“We will be right there, is my oldest playing nice?” The elder Malfoy said with his perfect eyebrow raised. Ma... Draco better be nice to Teddy. He couldn’t deal with a broken heartened 4-year-old today. He was still tired from the full moon.  

“They are actually talking about what they are going to do after breakfast... They said something about playing super heroes.” Snorting he shook his head... He would love to see Draco play with super heroes.  

“Sounds brilliant thanks Lun ! We will be right out.” She practically floats out of the room, turning back to his soul mate he places a chaste kiss on the older man’s lips.   

“I’m falling in love with you too Harry...” Picking up the waffles he walks out of the room leaving a wide eyed smiling Harry behind.   


Lucius finished his nightly routine, usually after Harry. The younger man just brushed his teeth and took his clothes off. Lucius has more of a routine, he would wash his face, moisturize his face and hands. Then brushed his teeth. Soon he will get Harry into a routine but baby steps. Next weekend he will take him to get product for his crazy hair.  

Walking into his bedroom there was Teddy and Harry in his bed. Both of them are laughing. “Then Draco made Hulk fly and I... I said that Hulk doesn’t fly.  Then he asked why he is green so I let him have one of my hulk comic books.”  Teddy’s voice full of laughter made his heart warm, Draco really stepped it up today. He didn’t think his son would have been like that. He has to give credit to his daughter-in-law she has brought out the best of Draco.  

“You like Draco?” Harry asked as he brushed the boys fringe out of his face. Which was pink at the moment. Teddy nodded his head.   

“Yes Daddy, I like my big brother.... Draco said that you were not friends... but he wants to be he told me...” Lucius leaned on the door frame just listening to them talk. He does hope that his son wants to be friends with his soul mate.   

“Well I'm glad that he wants to be friends. I wasn’t very nice to Draco when we were younger, we both didn’t like each other because we were different from each other.” The little boys mouth opened wide.   

“Daddy that is not nice, you always told me if someone doesn’t like me because I am different means that they are not nice.” Watching the little boy frown Lucius wanted to cut in but he would let Harry talk to him.  

“I know Pup, that’s why I am going to change and make sure Draco knows that I will like him no matter if we are different or not... Now come on let's get you to bed it’s late and tomorrow is our first day back at preschool.” Figuring the little boy would whine he actually jumped up and down.  

“Yay school!” Lucius finally let’s himself be known.   

“I see you are excited for school tomorrow. You know Daddy and I are both dropping you off how does that sound?” Lucius said as he opened his arms for Teddy to jump into.  

“That sounds fun Papa! I get to show you my school! Daddy can you read to me tonight...” Hugging Teddy, Lucius hand him over to Harry.  

“Okay just one book tonight Teddy, it’s going to be an early morning tomorrow.” Nodding he lays his head on his Dad’s shoulder.  The blond leans over and kisses into the pink hair.   

“Night Papa... I love you...” He couldn’t believe Teddy told him he loved him, his eyes stung with tears.   

“I love you too Teddy... Sweet dreams.” Looking up at Harry who is smiling. Thinking that he loves his mate too... He couldn’t say it yet...    

“I’ll be back Papa...” The younger man leans over and presses a chaste kiss on his lips. Sighing he lies down on the bed.   

Thinking about everything that has happened today, this is the first step of becoming a family. Draco and Teddy look like they are going to have a good relationship, Harry is going to give Draco a chance. Then Teddy told him that he loved him. Then there was his soul mate telling him that he was falling in love with him. God did he want Harry to fall in love with him. This is so new but so perfect, he waited 30 years for his soul mate. His soul mate was worth the wait, those green eyes, that raven colored hair, sun kissed skin... Let's not forget that body.   

Knowing he shouldn’t be thinking about this, having that familiar feeling. The problem he has most mornings when he wakes up to Harry wrapped around him like a vine. Closing his eyes he tries to will away his erection... The last thing he wants is to rush Harry into anything... When he closes his eyes he thinks about Harry’s lips on his, his arms wrapped around his neck, his body pressed up against him. Moaning he bites his bottom lip, opening his eye he looks at the door if he is quick he would be able to get rid of this problem before Harry is done reading the bed time story. Replaying one of their snogging sessions in the kitchen at Harry’s house. The younger man was sitting on the counter top, Lucius was inbetween his legs which were wrapped around him. Those lips nipping and sucking at his neck.  Letting his hand slip down into his pants he grabs onto his erection. Squeezing he throws his back thinking about his hand being Harry’s. Mumbling a charm his hand is now slick, bucking his hips up he continues to squeeze.  

“Oh Harry....” He whispers out, his eyes flutter close. “So good...” Finally pulling down his pants he moans again as the cool air hits. His thumb drags across the head.   

“Hey Luc....” Shit! His eyes pop open as he tries to sit up and cover himself. Not wanting to make eye contact he takes a deep breath and finally looks over.  

“I’m sorry!” Lucius said as he looks into those beautiful green eyes... but they look different not embarrassed from walking in on him.. No they look blown out with lust... He couldn’t have affected him like that so quickly. 

Harry slowly walks up to him throwing off his shirt. “You have no reason to be sorry Lucius... I... I have the same problem...” Taking the older man’s hand he places it on his clothed erection. Letting his fingers trace over the outline he smirks when he hears Harry moan... Gods did that sound amazing, he wanted him to make that sound again. Squeezing gently, “Oh Lucius... Yes.. ”   

Suddenly feeling a hand on his erection Lucius groans. “Harry.... You.. You don’t have too...”  He doesn’t want to push Harry into something, even though he did place his hand on the younger man's erection.   

With his free hand Harry pulls him into a kiss. “Please don’t stop.” Taking his hand away Lucius whines, but then smiled as those pants that his soul mate was wearing were pushed down. Looking down he saw how beautiful and thick he was. Lucius was longer yes, but Harry was thicker and looked perfect. Mumbling that spell again he moves his hand to squeeze his soul mate again.   

“Fuck, Lucius yes... like that...” Wanting to say something he was cut off with another kiss, and the feeling of the younger man’s hand on him again. Sex has never felt like this, it was different with his soul mate. He didn’t know where his pleasure end and where Harry’s began. Their magic seeping out and intertwining with each other.  He wasn’t going to last long, wanting to go at the same time he strokes his soul mate faster.  

“Let go love, I'm not going to last long... Please show me how much you like this... How much you like my hand squeezing and teasing you.” Harry moans again a cross his lips. “Yes, love let me hear you, you make such beautiful sounds. I wonder how you will sound when I make love to you...” The rhythm was gone they both were trying to chase their orgasms.   

“Lucius... yes... don’t... stop... so.. Close...” Loving the sound of his name on those beautiful lips he kisses him tongues and teeth clashing.   

“Say my name again love... please... It sounds so good on your lips... I want you to scream it out... Come on love show me how much you love this...”  With one last stroke he felt the younger man tense up his face full of pleasure.  

“LUCIUS!” Harry screamed as he explodes over his hand and their stomachs. Hearing him scream his name pushed Lucius over the edge.   

“HARRY!” He rasps out, pulling him into another kiss, this one was gentler. Feeling how soft and perfect his soul mate’s lips were. Letting their high come down he opens his eyes seeing beautiful glossy green eyes smiling at him...  

“You are full of surprises love.” The blond said as he presses another kiss on those perfect lips. With a wave of the younger man’s hand they were both cleaned up.  

“Shh... sleepy. Talk in the morning...” Watching the younger man close his eyes and cuddle into him. Lucius presses a kiss into his hair.  

“Goodnight my love...” Closing his eyes there is so much he wants to talk to him about, but if his Harry was sleepy, they will just talk about it in the morning.   

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Chapter Text

This morning has been nothing but trouble. First, waking up late, almost making Teddy late for school. Then, the odd looks when Harry and Lucius walked into the school, hand in hand, going into the office to put Lucius down to be able to pick up.  

His soul mate gave him at least 50 kisses goodbye, it still wasn’t enough. Now, sitting in his office at his house, Harry couldn’t write... All he could think about was what happened last night. Gods, was it perfect. Of course, waking up late they didn’t get a chance to talk about it. Walking in on Lucius, was the perfect way to end the winter break. Hoping that his soul mate didn’t think he pressured him into anything. He would have completed their bond that night... Though he wants to take it slow...  Huffing, he turns on his computer, he has to be productive today.  

They were worried about the separation, but they could be out of the room now. Closing his eyes, he did feel a strain on their bond. Sighing, he takes a deep breath. He could do this... He has felt worse than this before.  

Placing his fingers on the keys, he begins to type. This time he is working on his children’s book. Even though he tries not to work on multiple stories at once, he always ends up succumbing. This one came to him the night of the full moon. A beautiful story about a wolf cub and his two Mommies. 

As he opens a fresh document on the computer, he feels a sharp pain in his stomach. Taking a breath, he shook his head again... Okay it’s fine. Flicking his wrist, music starts to play. Starting on the outline, he continues to ignore the pain. 


Lucius just went through another folder, throwing it in the trash, he was feeling horrible... About to say, sod it all, when there was a knock on his door. In walked in his assistant, the young man was wearing blue slacks and a light blue top.  

“Lu, you have a meeting in 20 minutes sir, but you are not looking too good... Would you like me to get you anything sir?” The younger man walks up to him about to touch him, and Lucius pulls away, like his touch would burn him.  

“I’m not feeling well Greg, my son actually came down with the flu on break. It looks like he gave it to me. I’m afraid that I am going to have to go home. Can you please reschedule my meetings? Please let Richard know if he needs me, I will be working from home for the rest of the week.” Lucius has never noticed it before, but has Greg always looked at him like that...  

“Yes sir, please call me if you need anything sir. I don’t mind doing house calls....” How he said it made Lucius’s skin crawl.  

“I’m sure my partner will have it covered... Thank you Greg... Since I'm not going to be in... Could you make sure that the invoices from the past couple of months are up to date...” Seeing the smile on the younger man’s face fall, he nods and walks out the door. 


Lucius doesn’t know how fast he drove home from the office. It would have been quicker just to apparate home, but he didn’t want to leave his car there seeing as he was ‘sick’. Once he opened the door to his home and he felt his bond pull, he felt a little bit better.  

“Harry? Where are you...” The blond said, as he toed off his shoes and hung up his jacket.  Turning around, he had his arms full of his soul mate. Taking a deep breath, he felt the bond snap quickly back into place.  

“I missed you so much Luc... I... I couldn’t focus... I felt horrible all day... You... we can’t be away from each other that long... We will just have to work from home.... How are we going to live our lives if we can’t be away from each other?” The younger man said in almost a sob. Placing soft kisses in the raven colored hair, Lucius spoke,   

“My love, I will be working from home until we complete the bond... That being said.... I don’t want to rush you My Harry, but the sooner we complete it the sooner we will be able to be away from each other....” he felt the man pull away slightly, just enough to look up at him.  

“Lucius... I basically jumped you last night... I’m sure you know that you’re not rushing me... Your magic is calling out to me... Luc... I have never felt like this before... You are my other half... I know they say you couldn’t hurt your soul mate... but I'm sure that you can... and right now we are hurting each other by not completing the bond....” he cupped his mate’s face... 

“My Harry, I am not going to just take you back to the room right now.” Pouty lips and emerald eyes look up at him. That look was almost enough for him to give in, but Malfoy’s do have a reputation to uphold. With his Soul Mate there is only one first time and it’s going to be special. 

“Why not... I mean we are all alone and Teddy won’t need to be picked up for a couple of hours.” Shaking his head, Lucius presses a chaste kiss on his lips.  

“Come on, let’s call our older son... See if he can baby sit tonight... I’m sure that Luna would love to have the company...” Seeing a look of confliction in those green eyes, “Love you know Draco and Luna would never do anything to hurt Teddy... You could see that from yesterday...”  

“Okay... but if he calls, he is coming straight home...” Nodding, Lucius and Harry walk hand in hand over to the fireplace. 

“Luna dear, are you home?” Luc said wit his head in the fire. 

“Hi Lucius, I’ve been waiting for your call all morning... Draco and I would love to watch Teddy tonight! I have a special dessert for him and everything. Tonight, I'm going to teach him all about nargles.” His daughter-in-law shouldn’t surprise him like that, but she does every time. He should know by now. 

“Thank you, we will pick him up from school and then floo over... Love you Luna.” 

“Love you too Lucius... Love you Harry!” Then she was gone.  

“Come on my love, I think we should go lie down for a little bit... First day back from holiday and I'm already playing hooky... You are a bad influence Mister Potter.” The blond said, as he wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist, pulling him flush against him. 

Harry placed his hands on the back of his neck, pulling him down so their lips were almost touching...  “You love it....” 

‘I love you...’ Lucius thought to himself as he kissed his soul mate before they made their way to their bedroom. Harry cuddling up on his chest, this is the best they both have felt all day. In each other’s arms. 



An annoying sound woke up him up from the most pleasant dream. Groaning, he rolls over to get the phone which was the reason for the noise. Flipping up, Harry answers. “Hullo.” 

“Hullo Harry... It’s Jill, from Edward’s school. I’m calling because Edward got into a row today, we need you to come for a meeting right away.” A row?! Teddy would have never gotten into a row. Something doesn’t sound right about this. He sat up quickly, waking Lucius in the process.  

“Okay, I'll be right there.” Jumping out of bed, the younger man walks out of the room, leaving his soul mate looking confused on the bed. Slipping on his shoes, he reaches for his jacket. Feeling a hand on his arm, Harry stops.  

“Where are you going my Harry? Is Teddy okay?” Looking into those gray eyes, he nods. 

“He is okay… I guess he has been in a row..... They called for me to come... Get your shoes on.” The blond just stood and crossed his arms. 

“Teddy would not just have a row... Looks like we will have to go and see what's going on....” Lucius stops and shakes his head. “I mean... I won’t overstep my boundaries... You are his Dad...” Placing a chaste kiss on his soul mate’s lips, he smiles...  

“I’m glad that you are protective over our son... Let me start and then you can finish okay... Depending on what the row was about.... now hold on...” The older man wraps his arms around him.  

Walking up to the building, he feels Lucius squeeze his hand, looking up at him he smiles... This is not his son... His son doesn’t row...  

Once they got into the office, they saw Teddy; his little face with a busted lip, black hair sticking up because, at school, he looks like Harry, and his trousers where ripped. Feeling his stomach drop he is pissed. Trying to get his magic in control, because he can feel it bubbling up, he looks over to the other little boy in question, with a black eye and mousy brown hair, sitting next to a burly looking man and his wife. 

“Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, thank you for coming...”  Jill said, sitting behind her desk, manicured nails tapping on the wood. That family looked a lot like his Aunt and Uncle, and with their very own Dudley.  

“I don’t see why my Tommy is here... That boy is the one that gave my son a black eye.” Harry looks over at Lucius, who has turned on his scary Malfoy mask. They both sit down. 

“He hit me first and called me a poof! Said that my Daddy and Papa were the F word!” Teddy said, tears welling up in his eyes. Harry was speechless, holding out his arms, his son climbed into them. At a complete loss he just looked over at Lucius, hoping that he would take over. He was too busy consoling his son.  

“Well looking at them, my son was telling the truth... The little boy probably made a pass at him...” The horrible man grumbled out. This time it wasn’t his magic he felt, it was his mate’s. 

“Mr. Robinson.” Jill said, trying to calm everyone down. 


Lucius has had enough, sitting up tall he spoke loud and clear. “My son would never make a pass on your son... He is 4 years old.... When my son is older, your son wouldn’t be his type, because he is about as good looking as you are...” Looking back over at that woman who has done nothing... Rolling his eyes, he continues. 

“What is the plan of action here... I need to get my son home.” Lucius said in his haughty tone, nose up, looking down at everyone in this room.  

“What is going to happen, is that Teddy will be on suspension for the rest of the week.” Rest of the week... he looks over at his mate. 

“The rest of week?” Harry said rising an eyebrow.  It was only Monday.  

“I agree with my mate, that seems a little long. So, both of the kids have a week off, but how are we going to know that this is never going to happen again?” Uncrossing and crossing his legs, he stares at the woman behind the desk.  

“You misunderstand Mr. Malfoy, Teddy is the one that is going to be suspended for a week. Tommy is not.”  She pats her hair, looking nervous, and she should be, trying to reign in his magic, he feels Harry’s crackling around the room. 

“Excuse me? I’m sorry, you are telling me that my son, who didn’t initiate the fight is suspended, while the brat who hit him first can come to school with no punishment?” Lucius stood up and leaned over the desk.  

“Um… Yes, he should not have hit him back, he should have reported it to his teacher.” Lucius looked over at Harry, who still had Teddy in his arms. 

“What you are saying is, that if Teddy was the one to throw the first punch, Tommy would be the one in trouble?” Lucius’s voice boomed. 

“Like your poof of a son would take the first swing!” The man barked out. 

“Gentleman, we shouldn’t…” 

“My son is the one who gave your son a black eye!” Lucius smirks, seeing the angry look in the bigger man’s eye.  

“Now gentlemen that is enough. Harry I’m sorry, but Teddy isn’t allowed back for the rest of the week.” 

“Then I guess my son is not coming back here. I told you Jill, when I brought Teddy here for the first time. You told us that your school was diverse and welcoming. That’s fine... I’m sure I can find a better place for him beside this.” Watching his mate stand up, he walks out the door with their son in his arms.  

“Well, you heard my partner... I know that one of my charities deals with this school, I will just have to think about that then, next time you need something.... Seeing as you teach your kids to be Homophobic, closed minded people...” Glaring one last time, he walks out of the office. 

His family is standing by the door, Teddy eyes are red and full of tears. Picking his son up from his mate’s arms, he walks them out of that school, heads held high.          

“I love you Teddy and you did well today! Next time someone has an issue, just tell them you will tell your Papa and I’ll take care of it.” Harry laughed and rolled his eyes. Raising his eyebrow, Lucius looks over at him. 

“What’s so funny Daddy?” 

“As long as you don’t start acting like Draco, Teddy that would be fine... Just please don’t say, ‘My Father will hear about this!’”  Playfully glaring at his mate. 

“His name isn’t Father. It’s Papa... I love you Papa, thank you.” The little boy says, nuzzling into his neck. This was as good as Draco telling him he loved him for the first time. 

“I love you too Teddy, now let’s go home.” Grasping Harry’s hand, they find a place to apparate back home.  


Teddy sat down on the floor in his room at Papa’s house with Luna and Draco. He loved that his brother came over after his row at school. Tomorrow night, he gets to spend the night at their house. Daddy said that he was going to go tonight, but since he got into the fight he was in trouble, but only a little.  

“Teddy, Father will make sure that you get to go to a new school or maybe you can get tutors. That is what I had. It was really fun. Then you can learn about potions.” 

“You can learn about wonderful creatures, and animals. I’ll tell you everything I know.” Luna said as she pulls him into her lap. He likes Luna she is really fun, and sweet, and she smells like candy floss, daisies and newspapers. Draco smells like mints, chocolate and potions.  

“I just hope that Daddy and Papa are not mad at me. I didn’t like what they said about me or Daddy or Papa...” Luna kissed his forehead and cuddled him close.  

“No, your Daddy and Papa are not upset at you.” She said, swaying back and forth just like Daddy does.  

“It’s true Teddy, Father is probably proud of you... Your Dad on the other hand...”  

“Why don’t you call Daddy, Daddy... He is your Daddy now, right, since Papa is my Papa now?” Teddy wanted to know, because he didn’t want his Daddy to feel sad because Draco doesn’t call him Daddy. 

Hearing a laugh from the door, all three heads turn towards it. There was Daddy standing with his arms crossed. 

“I don’t think your Daddy wants him for me to call him Daddy.” Teddy cocked his head to the side, why wouldn’t Daddy want that? 

“I would love for you to call me Daddy! Now come on kids I made dinner. Bangers and mash!”   

“Yay, dinner! Come on Draco and Luna!” Teddy bounces around.  

“Yes son, let’s go...” Draco whispered something that Teddy couldn’t hear but Daddy laughed really loud and threw his arm around his brother, who quickly, playfully, shoved him away. Draco really didn’t look upset… Teddy knew that Draco likes Daddy… Even if he pretends not too.  

Quickly he follows his nose into the kitchen, where Papa was waiting for them. This is what he has always wanted, a family dinner.