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Their Own Fairytale

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Christmas Eve, red and green it seems to be plastered everywhere. Why was he here... because you are lonely he thought to himself. To erase some of your sins , plus you help put this together. Lucius Malfoy sneers as he walks by another muggle who doesn’t know how to chew with his mouth closed. This type of thing was more Narcissa’s thing. Rolling his eyes , he walks towards a little boy who was sitting quietly. This little boy looked familiar he doesn’t know how but he does.   

The boy was looking down into a book. He couldn’t be more than 4 years old there is no way that he is actually be reading it. He doesn’t know what came over him because before he knew it , he was sitting down next to the boy.  

Now getting a better look he had raven color hair with honey eyes. Wearing a black and a tie that is now loosened. Draco at his age wouldn’t have loosened his tie .

Everyone thought it was Lucius that was the strict parent but he wasn’t not when it came to Draco. She would have had him sitting properly with his tie tightened and he wouldn’t have been reading a book. He would have been entertaining the guest or standing beside them like a good son.   

“What are you reading?” The blond asks trying to strike up a conversation with the little boy, he would have to be a better conversation than anyone else in the room. Watching the little boy close the book  but not before marking his spot.   

“It’s a story about a Warrior who makes sure that he can protect everyone from the dragons but he is all alone. That was until Fairy came and helped him. Hayes is the warrior, and Lucian the Fairy fell in love and Hayes wasn’t sad any more. See look.” Opening the book he saw the warrior who has long dark hair with green eyes, wearing a kilt and his face painted. Then he saw Lucian, which is a fairy yes but a male fairy, with long blond hair. It was about the length his was before he cut it. Being in the muggle world he wanted a fresh start. So, cutting his hair was the worst thing he had to do but it was the most freeing.  What open minded muggle wrote this book ? Looking closer he could tell that this wasn’t a muggle book.   

“What’s your name? I’m Luc .” Lucius said holding out his hand towards the little boy. Seeing a smile appear on the boy’s face.   

“Just like the fairy in my book... I’m Edward, but everyone calls me Teddy.” Teddy takes he hand as he shakes it. “Are you a fairy? You look like one? A lot of people don’t think that they are real but there is a lot of things grown up’s think that arnt real but they are.” Lucius couldn’t help but laugh at that. He has been called many things in his life but a fairy is not one of them.  There was a part that he had to play in the war only a few people knew the real him.   

“No I'm not a fairy but I can tell that your book is not like other books.” Moving his hands over the cover it came to life. Seeing those honey eyes widen , Lucius chuckles.  

“You are like us!” Teddy bounced up and down. “I have never saw another one of us. Daddy said that we couldn’t go back because they would treat me bad because of my other Daddy and what happens. But I'm not supposed to talk about that... So, you are a wizard... just like my Daddy...” Just like his Daddy? Lucius thinks of who would have had a child and would have gone to muggle London. Plus another Daddy?   

“I am like you , what happens to you Teddy?” Watching the little wizard , he looks down at his book. Knowing that little boy is having a war with himself.  

“I can’t tell you... you wouldn’t talk to me anymore... It happened before with one of Daddy’s special friends. He wasn’t a wizard like us when he found out he left and yelled at Daddy and said not so nice things about me. Daddy made him forget. Daddy was really sad afterwards.”

The blond hated to admit it but he was already falling for this little boy. No one knows that Lucius has a soft spot for kids, he begged Cissa for more but she never really wanted the one, but in the contract, they said that they had to have an heir for the Malfoy fortune.

They were together only because when they were 17 neither one of them found their soul mate. When you are 17 you should meet your soulmate and when you touch a tattoo will appear showing your how your relationship will be. Well Narcissa found hers later once they divorced after the war, she took a holiday and shook hands with an art dealer and on their skin, a vine of roses tattooed on her skin starting at her ring finger going up her wrist wrapped around then up her arm. Showing that their relationship will be beautiful, because roses are but they have thorns to protect their selves. Lucius just figured his died before he could find them. He knew he was to be alone forever and that was okay.  

Ruffling up the raven color hair Lucius smiled. “Teddy there is nothing that you would say that would make me not want to talk to you... You are the best conversation that I have had all night.  You remind me of my son. He isn’t little like you he is a grown up.” The little boy looks up and his eyes changed from honey to a beautiful gray, that looked like his. A Metamorphigus , but why would people not talk to him because of that.   

Before he could say anything to the little boy, he felt a wand pointed at his back. Trying not to get the little boy hurt his just sits completely still. He wanted to tell the little boy to run that was before he hears him say.  

“Hi Daddy! I met a new friend.”   


Harry left Teddy to sit for just a few minutes so he could talk to one of his peers. He has been doing well in Muggle London. Once he moved out of the Wizarding World he wanted to do something that he always knew that he loved to do and that was write. Having taken custody of Teddy after they found out. Harry was a single parent, not that he needed money because he did have the Potter, and Black fortune. Teddy was also left money to take care of him. Not that he touched that money, that will be Teddy’s for when he grows up.  

So , once he figured out that he wanted to write he decided to write about his life. Not that the Muggles would think that any of this was real. He just finished year 4, it was almost therapeutic writing everything down. Not that it wasn’t hard writing about his life, but the muggles loved it.   

Finally getting away, he couldn’t wait to get home. He loved donating money to the children's hospital it just that these people are not the people that he would want to spend longer than a few hours with.  His black suit felt like it was constricting him even though it was tailored made to fit him perfectly. His hair was buzz on the sides and long on top which is styled perfectly.  He finally decided to fix his eyes, so he didn’t have to worry about glasses or contacts when he wrote.  

Looking down at his watch he was happy that he has spent enough time here. He is sure that Teddy is ready to go. He begged to come with him and he just couldn’t say no to his son. That was something that he had to get used to. He didn’t know how he would feel Teddy calling him Daddy, he thought that name would have been reserved for Remus but after everything he knew that he was his Daddy and so was Remus. He just made sure to tell Teddy all about how brave and wonderful his other Daddy was.   

After Harry told everyone that he was leaving, he figured since he never found his soulmate and everyone else around him has. That it didn’t matter if he left or not. Maybe he didn’t get maybe because he died it meant that he will never meet them. He felt bad for the one who was to be his soul mate because they would have to be alone, but Harry will be okay because he does have Teddy.  

Walking towards where he left Teddy , he saw someone sitting next to his son. Panic rises as he s aw who it was. What is Lucius Malfoy here and why was he talking to his son.   

Getting out his wand he walks up and presses it into his back. Before he could say anything , Teddy looks up at him and smiles.   

“Hi Daddy! I met a new friend.”  

Watching Lucius head gently turn he saw those gray eyes widen. Then there was a smirk on the older man’s face.   

“Mr. Potter, I was just getting to know your son.” Harry would not admit that his voice sent a shiver down his spine. Harry knew he was for the light side, just old habits die hard.   

“Yeah Daddy, he is a fairy just like Lucian. Isn’t he pretty!” Pretty that’s one word for Lucius, seeing the blond smirk again. “Do you know Luc ?”  

“Yes, we know each other.” Lucius said with a smile.   

“It’s time to go pup, it’s getting late and Santa will be coming soon. You will want to be in bed.” Watching his son lean over and hug Lucius Malfoy was strange.  

“Thanks, Mr. Luc , for talking with me... You should come over for Christmas dinner.... Shouldn’t he Daddy. You said no one should be alone at Christmas.” Teddy looks at him with those honey eyes, he hated when he did that... Why would his son do this to him.   

“I bet Mr. Luc has plans for tomorrow with his family.” Harry Looked over a Lucius who nodded his head.  

“Well My ex-wife is in Paris with her new husband but My son and his wife did invite me over for dinner. So, I won’t be able to make it I'm afraid, but New Year's Eve I would like to invite you and your Dad to dinner how does that sound?” That gives them an out, it was the full moon that night and he could tell Teddy knew that.  

“That won’t work Mr. Luc . That’s the full moon and....” Teddy stops before he could finish. Harry smiles at the younger man.  

“It’s okay Teddy, Mr. Lucius knew your other Daddy.” Teddy throws himself into his arms, sobbing. Harry knew that Teddy did feel horrible because of what happened with Gus.  

“Now Mr. Luc won’t want to talk to us anymore.” Feeling the tears soak through his jacket. He tries to calm his son. Watching Lucius tap on Teddy’s shoulder he slowly turns around sniffing.  

“Why on earth would I stop talking to you... Remember what I said, nothing you would tell me I would stop talking to you... I have a great idea...  We can still spend New Year’s Eve together. I have a secret as well...” Leaning close he whispers into his son’s ear. Not being able to hear what he was saying Harry watched him carefully.  

“My Daddy is a black panther! What are you?” Teddy squeals. Harry looks at the older man with wide eyes.   

“Oh I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Now where I live, I have woods in the back of my house. Both of you will come and celebrate ringing in the New Year together.” Harry takes a hard look at the man, he honestly seems genuine about it. That that he wanted to take a chance on Lucius being an okay guy.  

“Freddie and I don’t want to intrude honestly.” Lucius stands and looks him right in the face, reaching out his hand he looks at it wanting to just walk away buy something is pulling him to take his hand. Maybe it was his beautiful eyes. Sighing he grabs the older man’s hand. As soon as they touched, he felt their magic intertwine. Wanting to pull away from it he didn’t, feeling a tingle up his arm he looks down and what appears to be tree branch moves from his ring finer wrapping around his wrist little flowers popping up around the branches. Finally looking up he saw Lucius really for the first time, his eyes seem bluer glossy with unshed tears. Could this really be happening right now...  

“Daddy....” Hearing Teddy but he couldn’t take his eyes away from Lucius...From his soulmate. It was like everything stopped. He didn’t think he would ever have a soul mate. “Daddy....”  

“Soul mate...” Lucius said smiling, and then looks over at Teddy breaking he trance he had on Harry.  

“Daddy are you okay?” Looking down at his son he smiles, you could see the worry in his son’s eyes.  

“I’m okay pup... Umm Lucius I think we should be going....” He had to get away and he had to think. Could he really be Lucius Malfoy's soulmate? Looking at his hand again he couldn't help but smile as he sees the branch. 

“I’ll go get our coats...” Harry stops him by grabbing his arm, and shakes his head. Feeling their magic happy at their touch.

“We meaning Teddy and I... I know what just happened but there isn’t much we can do about it tonight. It’s Christmas Eve.” Knowing he still had to wrap all his gifts, for Teddy.  

“Harry, I'm not sure how much you know about what just happened but if I were to leave you right now and you to go home we both would be in horrible pain by midnight. Once a bond is started you have to be able to...” The smaller man held up his hands not wanting to talk about his anymore in front of his child.  

“Lucius not in front of Teddy...” Crossing his arms he looks up at the blond, really taking him in again. Merlin he is beautiful.  

“All I was going to say is we will have to be together until our bond is stronger.” Lucius grabs his hand again, their magic coiling around each other. Harry doesn’t think he has ever felt this scared but calm at the same time... He had to get out of here and think.  

“Teddy let’s go Santa is going to come and he will pass our house...” Running his fingers through his son’s hair .  

“Okay Daddy, so you are coming Mr. Luc?” The honey eyed boy asked with a sweet smile, holding out his arms to the boy Lucius waits to see if he would jump into them.  

“Yes, so let’s go.”  Harry watched Teddy jump into the older man’s arms as they walk towards the door. Feel his stomach cramp as they get farther away, he walks faster towards them. Lucius wasn’t lying they couldn’t be a few steps away.   

Of course, you would have an older soul mate, and of course it would be a Malfoy... He has a soul mate!