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Things Get Stranger

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Of all the things Simon Glass had expected, this definitely wasn't one of them.


The highly trusted researcher had been returning from his well-deserved break, only to find Gears heaved over a desk with a pen digging into his furrowed brows. He blinked when he noticed the man's expression, which was full of shock and a small bit of fear. Glass knew something wasn't right when unusual man turned to him with even more of a startled countenance.


"Sir?" He mutters, though Gears remains completely still. "What- What happened?" The man was practically incapable of emotion, so what had gotten him in such a tizzy?


Gear's glances back at the glass, motioning to the empty cage and desk. SCP-079 was gone.


Glass stepped over, his eyes going wide. He began to slowly panic. "Where's the computer?"


Gears coughs in response, dropping the pen and fully turning himself to face the younger. "I- I don't know. One moment, the SCP was there.. And then it disappeared."


His eyebrow jerks up in response. "Wait, so- You're telling me that the SCP just.. poofed out of existence? Randomly?"  When Gears' nod is the only confirmation he gets, the man is left stumped. What in the world could've happened?


That's when the radio next to them began to fizzle into static, followed by the anxious and concerned voice of Dr. Adam Leeward. "SCP-049 is reported missing. I advise all staff to be on the lookout. I don't know if I should send out a breach report, because he only seems to have disa-"


Gears grabs the radio and switches it on to speak into it. "SCP-079 is missing as well." Leeward lets out a shaky breath.


With strained fingers, Gears goes to turn on his terminal and searches through any emails they possibly could have gotten. More and more again to appear, listing various SCPs of various classes, and all of them have one word in common, missing.


Glass stares at the screen for another moment. 



What in God's name is happening?