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BtP S1, Party Favour: Podficcers of Color Roundtable Discussion

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Behind the Pod, Party Favour: Podficcers of Color Roundtable Discussion

Additional notes:

For the curious, here's a few Fanlore articles about some of the things we talked about in the discussions about fandom and race:

  • What is RaceFail?
  • The infamous Haiti fic
  • Links to fandom events discussed:

  • Podfication
  • Europodfriends
  • Marvel POC Fanworks Exchange
  • The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology
  • @podathon on Twitter
  • @copperbadge/@polizwrites' Zero Comment Challenge
  • welovepodfic feedback challenge
  • What is blanket permission?
  • Podfic recs!:

    theleanansidhe's recs:

  • If you don't like it you can lump it (Young Avengers, Kate Bishop/America Chavez | read by exmanhater, regonym, Rhea314 (Rhea), & theleanansidhe | written by verity)
  • In Quiet (Legend of Korra, Korra/Asami | read by theleanansidhe | written by exmanhater)
  • kaixo's recs (by podficcers of color):

  • Baiting The Beauty (Game of Thrones, Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth | read by analise010 | written by glamafonic)
  • I Want To Make Up My Mind (Genghis Khan--Miike Snow music video, Gold Nose Villain/Secret Agent, Gold Nose Villain/Wife | read by blackglass, klb, luvtheheaven, reena_jenkins, secretsofluftnarp (luftie), silverandblue, wordsaremyfaith | written by Toft)
  • miss_marina95's recs:

  • Recovery (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Finn/Poe Dameron | read by reena_jenkins | written by imaginarygolux)
  • whoever you'll be tomorrow (MCU, Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson | read by sallysparrow017 | written by thingswithwings)
  • rhythmia's recs:

  • between hurting and healing (Check, Please!, Chris "Chowder" Chow/Caitlin Farmer | read by rhythmia | written by pennyproud)
  • quantum entanglement (163,427 light-years back to you) (Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau | read by rhythmia | written by pepperfield)
  • blackglass's recs:

  • your life as a transient variable (Check, Please!, Chris "Chowder" Chow/Caitlin Farmer | read by rhythmia | written by pepperfield)
  • A Cry Answered (Multivoice) (Pacific Rim | read by kalakirya, KDHeart, & such_heights | written by imperfectcircle)
  • A Cry Answered (w/ Japanese Translations) (read by blackglass & Hananobira)
  • A Cry Answered (Podfic Remix) (read by blackglass, Hananobira, kalakirya, KDHeart, & such_heights)
  • Kandake (Black Panther, Nakia/T'Challa | read by blackglass | written by HerenorThereNearnorFar)
  • Commenting and Talkback:

    blackglass (Trish, she/her) | AO3 | Twitter | Tumblr

    kaixo (Jazz, she/her) | AO3

    miss_marina95 (Jess, she/her) | AO3 | Twitter

    rhythmia (Mel, they/them) | AO3 | Twitter | Tumblr | Dreamwidth

    theleanansidhe (Isabela, she/her) | AO3 | Twitter

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  • 1) Record your talkback, and upload it somewhere easily accessible (ideally somewhere people can listen to your talkback without having to download the file first). You can also upload it to this Google Drive folder.
  • 2) Leave a comment here or a reply to this Dreamwidth post with a link to your talkback audio file!