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Face My Fears

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Noctis’s eyes flew open, he quickly sat up not caring for the pain in his right shoulder and screamed at the top of his lungs. 

“DAD?! DAD!” 

“Noctis, it’s okay. Don’t worry.” That was his grandad’s voice. 

Noctis turned to his left and saw Somnus by his side. But Noctis didn’t want his grandad. He wanted his dad. He had to find his dad. He had to make sure he was okay. The 17-year-old Prince thought it was his fault that his dad got hurt and because he wasn’t by his bedside, it caused Noctis to grow more worried and he started to panic as to what might have become of his dad.

Noctis violently shook his head and tried to get out of bed. “No! Where’s my dad! I need dad!” 

“You need to stay in bed!” Somnus ordered preventing Noctis from moving. “He wasn’t the one that was shot.” 

“No, he was stabbed! Grandad tell me where he is right now!”

(The morning of the same day)

“You need to be there.” Somnus demanded putting his foot down as he stared at his brother. 

Regis stood between his grandfather and uncle and tried to prevent the fight that was bound to break out. “Grandfather, it will be fine. It’s only a charity event. Ardyn and Cor need to be with Prompto at the moment. You know that.” 

“I am not saying you’re wrong, Regis. What I am saying is you have received many death threats in the last week. A lot more than usual. This time I don’t think they are joking.” 

“I want to come along, I do. But right now, my son needs me more than Regis does.” Ardyn said in a low voice. 

Ardyn was of course more than concerned that Regis had received a lot of death threats as of late. With each letter, it was something more graphic and gory. There was something to be concerned about. It was clearly alarming what was currently circulating but his baby boy’s health was a hell of a lot more concerning to the daemon royal. The only reason why he was here and not at home with Prompto because it was Cor’s day off. Also, Somnus had demanded that he be here, he neglected to tell him what it was until now. Ardyn was very pissed off Somnus that had taken him away from his son to talk about something that he was going to say no to in the first place.   

Somnus let out a grunt of frustration. “Yes, but these people know that Prompto isn’t well. If they think they will have an opportunity they will take it.” 

“Than make sure you and Clarus don’t allow them to have that opportunity.” 

“You’re not listening to me! This is serious Ardyn! You need to be there!”

Regis put his hand out and breathed calmly hoping his grandfather would copy him. “We are listening. However, you are stressing too much. It is a simple charity event. Clarus will be there. Gladio will be there. You will be there. Monica and Dustin will be there. Drautos will be there. It will be fine. Cor and Ardyn need to spend this time with their son.”

“They’re not going to try anything if Ardyn is present.” Somnus raised his voice, feeling annoyed that they weren’t taking this matter seriously. 

Somnus did understand Ardyn’s need to be near Prompto at the moment. It had only been a few months since Prompto had been hospitalised for his weight. His poor nephew was diagnosed with Anorexia at the scene and he completely understood how heartbreaking that was for his brother. But at the moment Prompto had Cor with him. Ardyn would only be gone a few hours and it would keep Regis and Noctis safe if he stayed. 

Ardyn rolled his eyes, also getting fairly annoyed at this runt they had found themselves in. “Som. I don’t like biggy you up. But you’re immortal too. And the Founder King of Lucis who can always best me, the Adagium, in a fair fight. They won’t try anything with you present…” Ardyn paused for a second as he stared at his brother and let go a deep sigh. “What have you done?” 

“Nothing!” Somnus gasped in an offened tone. If anyone had done anything it was more than likely Ardyn’s fault. 

“No, you are convinced that something is going to happen. Somnus Lucis Caelum, you are going to tell me what you have done. And you are going to tell me this instant!” 

“Grandfather…” Regis questioned with a hint of wariness in his voice.

“For fuck sake! Regis is getting death threats! That is why I am concerned!” Somnus shouted, not wanting to be accused of anything. 

“That is all?” Ardyn raised an eyebrow unconvinced by his brother’s words. 


“Okay, uncle stop scaring me.” Regis ordered, he was done with this bickering. “Grandfather, that is all they are, threats. We’ll be alright I promise.”

Somnus wasn’t convinced. He shook his head and left the room to find Clarus and Drautos. They needed more people manning this event today. The Founder King knew that the dodgy dealings that he had done a little less than 3 years ago were going to catch up to him eventually. He seriously thought with the number of death threats his grandson had been receiving lately something was going to happen today. 

He could feel it in his bones.   

“This is so boring.” Noctis moaned leaning against the wall as he looked out ar the party. 

Noctis seriously wished Prompto was here or he could be with him. All this was was a series of people coming up to his dad and grandad trying to butter them up so they could get more money. Being a member of the royal family fucking sucked sometimes. 


“OW!” Noctis squealed as Gladio had just smacked him in the head. “What the fucking hell was that for!” 

“Stand up straight.” Gladio ordered, looking around wondering why there was a lot more glaive than guard on today…  

“I always have to stand up straight. Can’t I relax for like five minutes?”

“Can I stop babysitting your sorry arse for five minutes? No, I can’t. So, no. You can’t rest for five minutes.”  

“So not fair.” Noctis muttered, straightening his hair out before doing what he was told for once.  

He looked over to his dad and grandfather and they looked just as bored as he did. Clarus was probably feeling the same way but he was better at hiding it than his dad was. It appeared everyone was, even Drautos looked like he was hiding his boredom. Never mind, Noctis would just try and convince Ignis to let him have a nap when he got home later.  

Hang on a second… why was Drautos here? 

Noctis scanned the room and he had finally picked up on what Gladio had. There were so many more glaives than guards here today… that was never a good sign. Noctis knew that from past experiences and from the stories his dad told him when he was a Prince. Apart from at the end of that story, Mors had all those involved executed on the spot. That man was a little too unstable from Noctis’s perspective. In amazed Noct how kind and caring his own dad was considering that twat of a man had been his father. The young Prince turned to Gladio to express his worries. 

“Gladio? Keep your eyes on my dad.” 

“Sorry princess, that’s my dad’s job and mine is keep your arse alive. But… I see what you mean.”

“Just keep your eyes peeled.” 

Noctis felt uneasy and decided that it was in his best interest to stay near Gladio and not wander off for a nap. He just prayed to the Gods that his dad stayed near Clarus.

 “See I told you nothing to worry about.” Regis smiled, side-eyeing Somnus. 

They had an hour left of this party to go and so far nothing had taken place. Extra glaives were dotted around everywhere and guards were keeping close. It was all good. There was nothing to worry about. 

“Never the less, sire. It is always better to be prepared.” Clarus cleared his throat, trying not to put Regis in his place in front of all the guests. Regis did deserve a smack for not forcing Ardyn to be here today. Prompto would have been okay with Cor. Prom really didn’t need both of his dads with him at this moment in time. Because Ardyn wasn’t here it meant that they were now down two of the most skilled warriors Lucis had to offer. But the Sheild was not going to say anything. They still had an hour to go and he had to be on his toes.  

“Thank you, Clarus.” Somnus nodded, feeling more agitated as the time ticked on. He like Clarus knew there was still plenty of time for an attack to occur. 

“Stop flapping you two. Let’s get some refreshments.” 

“No. Stay put.” Somnus ordered.

“Grandfather. Move.” 

“It’s okay Somnus. I’ll go with him.” Clarus assured the Founder King while he gestured for more of the guard to follow. 

Somnus let out a deep breath and allowed Regis and Clarus to go. He really didn’t like this. He shook his head and walked in the direction of Drautos. Somnus needed to be certain that all the glaives were counted for. And when Somnus asked that of the Captain, the man hid his burning disapproving hatred well. 

Of course, they are all bloody counted for! The Captain wanted to say. Instead, he nodded and simply replied with: “Yes, Your Former Majesty.”

“Good. Just make sure the entrances are well guarded.”

Drautos nodded infuriated as Somnus walked away. When no one was looking he rolled his eyes with hatred. It was just a pity that, that Caelum couldn’t die. As for the lame King and crippled Prince… that was a completely different story.

Noctis stood there fidgeting as his dad made his a closing speech. 

Gladio was by his side, whereas Clarus was standing behind his dad. Everything had been okay. There was probably like ten minutes to go and he and Regis would be escorted out. Everything was okay. Because Noctis thought that he allowed himself to relax and his eyes started to drift around the room. He always got so bored at these events and his mind always tended to wander off to the thought of napping. When he scanned the room nothing seemed out of place. Everyone had their eyes on his dad and the guards and glaives had their eyes on the King, himself and the guests.

Suddenly a chill ran down his spine. 

He looked at Gladio and his Sheild had seemed to sense it too. Before Noctis could say a word there was a massive bang. Noctis covered his ears as Gladio suddenly grabbed hold of him and pushed himself in front of him. 

Noctis’s heart stopped. 

The sound came from where his dad was. 

Not thinking, Noctis pulled himself out of Gladio’s hold and saw what had happened. 

The roof above his grandfather had collapsed and there was debris everywhere. The rain started to come through the gaping hole in the wall and there was dust, pieces of ceiling and fire consuming the mangled stage. Noctis frantically looked in a panic for his dad. Without thinking, Noctis put himself in danger. He ran over to the stage as fast as his legs would carry him, forgetting he could warped in his frantic state of mind, so he could find his dad. Gladio called out to him but Noctis ignored him and when he finally saw Regis who was struggling to stand in the smoke filling room Noctis screamed to him.


Noctis knew Regis had heard him as he glanced over to him. Noctis’s heart filled with the tiniest amount of hope as Regis was strong enough to look at him but dread seeped into his stomach. Because someone was standing behind his dad… and it wasn’t Clarus or his grandfather.

The King and Prince locked eyes as the person standing behind the King threw his arm around Regis’s neck. A blade than appeared and it made it’s way into the King’s stomach repeatedly. 

“NOO!!!!” Noctis screamed out a gut retching cry in horror as he helplessly watched his father getting stabbed over and over again in the same spot by his attacker. He could see the red blood coat his dad’s attackers hand and the precious liquid coat his dad’s clothes. “DAD!” 

Noctis felt a hand rest on his shoulder and he saw the glaive and guard surrounding him blocking his view from the scene. NO! He had to protect his dad! They had to save him! Noct summoned a dagger and throw it in between one of the guard’s legs and out of the circle. He didn’t stop there, he threw the dagger onto the stage to where his dad was but the Prince never made it up there. 

Noctis heard gunshots in the blacken smoke and the next thing he knew he was on the ground. 

Noctis grunted as the agonising pain ran through his shoulder and entire arm. Noctis breathed heavily as he placed his hand on his shoulder and it was soon covered in a thick layer of warm blood. Noctis shook his head not caring about his own pain and army crawled through the thickened smoke to reach his dad. He had to get his dad to safety! Noctis needed to save him! His dad had to be okay. Noctis than started to cough as the smoke swarmed into his lungs. His eyes began to tear up due to the heat and shock, but Noct tried to push on. He had to get there. He had to make sure his dad was safe. 

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed him and he started to scream through a choke. “Get off me! Help my dad!” 

“Don’t tell me what to do boy!” 

Noct did not recognise that voice. He started to cough and choke as he knew this was one of the attackers and tried to get out of their grip. They were too strong for him. The man gripped his bloody shoulder making him cry out more in pain.       

“Guess I can settle for killing the Prince of Lucis instead of the King.” 

Noct’s eyes widened as he continued to struggle. In the smoke, he saw something silver appear in the man’s hand and Noctis tried to hit it away from him. It didn’t work and Noctis saw the man’s hand thrust forward. Noct closed his eyes waiting for the incoming pain but nothing came. 

Instead, he heard his attacker scream his last scream and Noctis fell to the floor with the man’s body falling on top of his. The smoke, blood loss and the fact he had just hit his head very hard on the floor made Noctis go drowsy. The last thing he remembered seeing before blacking out was Gladio removing the man’s corpse from on top of him and picking him up. 

But the Prince’s last thought was of his dad…

He prayed to the Gods that he was safe and Clarus or had someone got to him. Or his grandad or anyone. 

Noctis couldn’t lose him… He fucking couldn’t.