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Save me

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Sehu̇n punched a wall after Kāi left.  Why was he covering for him to go find out about the Sehun he loved now.  He didn’t understand why he was still helping him. He looked up when there was a chuckle at his door.  He saw Baëkhyun standing there.  He used the wind to slam the door in his face.

 “You know he may never come back right,  then what happens to the little loyal puppy?”  Baëkhyun said opening the door again. 

 “Says the man still following around Chanyeøl ”  Sehu̇n retorted.

 “There’s a difference.  Mine still sleeps with me”  Baëkhyun smiled.

“You sure its not Him he’s imagining under him”  Sehu̇n smirked

He half expected Baëkhyun to attack him but he heard Chanyeøl ’s voice call him from down the hall.

“Run along loyal puppy” Sehu̇n said before shutting the door again.

Kāi did come back and even thanked Sehu̇n. But it wasn’t the last time Sehu̇n had to cover for him.  And why he did it over and over again he didn’t know. After the fourth time Sehu̇n had had enough.  He grabbed the hoodie he used when he went outside not on a patrol and the bag he had stashed under his bed for an emergency like this. 

“He’ll come looking for you and will probably kill you”  Chanyeøl  said as Sehu̇n was walking out. 

“Let him”  Sehun said leaving.  He was done with this house.  Done with helping Kāi go to the man that stole his heart.  He just wanted it to end. 

Walking through the streets he looked around.  He had some money but not much. And he knew he had to keep moving to keep Suhø off his trail.  He spent a few nights in a hotel eating fast food. But then he moved on this time sleeping in an abandoned warehouse.  It was here he saw the lighting where there was no storm. But it wasn’t Chën ’s his was red.  He looked over to see Jongdae.

“Where is Jongin”  Jongdae said lightning striking in front of Sehu̇n when he moved to run.

“How should I know we- they don’t have him”  Sehu̇n said turning. He used his own power to make cuts in Jongdae’s Shirt he tried again but a low voltage hit him brought him to his knees.  

“Just end me already stop playing.  Your not like us, you don’t play with your victim.  And I'm too tired to keep living as it is” Sehu̇n said looking at Jongdae.  He was, maybe that was really why he left. He didn’t have the courage to do it himself, so he hoped Suhø would. 

“I’m not going to kill you there is more to life than love”  Jongdae said shaking his head. “Just tell me where Jongin is.  He wasn’t there when I came too and I know you were there. I saw you before I blacked out.”

Chën sent me back saying he’d take care of you two.  I figured he was going to finish you off and dump the bodies despite our order not to.”  Sehu̇n shrugged. “Maybe your Kāi is floating down river”

“His name is Jongin.” Jongdae said wondering if Sehu̇n was right.  But why would Chën only kill one of them.  “Do you want to come back with me.  It’s at least a warm bed and we will show you more hospitality then you and the rest showed Baekhun and Sehun”

Sehu̇n looked at the man for a bit, not sure if he should take the deal.  Jongdae had a hand extended to him. After some more thinking he took it and pulled himself.  

“I can leave if I want to?”  He asked.  

“I can’t guarantee that” Jongdae said.  “I’m not in charge Junmyeon is”

“Fine”  Sehu̇n said He wasn’t switching sides but at the very least he knew Suhø wouldn’t engage with them right now.  And maybe now he was less inclined to die. He still wanted too but for now he would see what the future held for him with Exo. 

He was quiet when he followed Jongdae only looking up when they walked in to a house.  They were all in the living room staring at him. All but his clone he wondered where he was then it hit him Kāi had gone out tonight. 

“I can’t do this”  He said backing up. 

“We won’t hurt you” Junmyeon said getting up he kept his distance from Sehu̇n not wanting to scare him.  “I would like to ask you some questions but now is not the time.”

Sehu̇n looked around realizing that Kāi ’s clone was really gone.  What was Chën doing with him.  Its not in Chën ’s nature to torture any one.  He wasn’t sadistic like Suhø. Even though for some reason Chën seemed to be with their leader.  He finally nodded moving closer to Jongdae.  He still didn’t trust any of them, but he trusted Jongdae a bit more.  

“Come on, let's get you to a room.  It's too late for any questions” Jongdae said taking Sehun’s hand leading him up stairs then stopped remembering who was up there.  “Take mine”

He shifted to lead him back down stairs into his room.  

“He's here isn’t he” Sehu̇n asked.  “What is it that I don’t have?”

“There is more to love then that”  He said opening the door to his room. 

Sehun looked around then just went to the bed and buried himself in it.  Jongdae was going to say something but shook his head and left. Walking out he looked at the others and sighed. 

“We still don’t know where Jongin is and he doesn’t seem to know either”  Jondae said sitting by Junmyeon. 

“You believe him?”  Chanyeol asked

“He wanted to die when I talked to him.  So yeah right now I don't think he knows where he is”  Jongdae rubbed his face. “I honestly think if he did, I think he’d use Jongin to replace Kāi in his mind”

“Because that ends well”  Baekhyun sighed getting up and leaving.  He passed Sehun on the way up to his own room.  “Your clone is here”

“Hes what?”  Sehun asked, “Why”

“Jongdae brought him from looking for Jongin”  Baekhyun said shaking his head as he walked up the stairs.  

Sehun just looked Jongdae for a bit and sighed.  “What if he's here to attack?”

“Right now I don't think he has much fight in him” Jongdae sighed.  “I'm going to get him some food”

Jongdae just went in to the kitchen to make some food for Sehu̇n.  Ignoring the rest of Sehun’s questions right now he wanted to take care of the broken man in his bed.  He plated the quick meal and walked back to his room.  

“I’m not hungry”  Sehu̇n said from his pile of blankets and Pillows.  

“You have to eat”  Jongdae said setting the food down on this night stand.  He sat on the bed pulling the blankets away. “Look I know it hurts.  And I know you feel like the world is caving in on you. But like it or not, you have to take care of yourself’

“Do you?  Do you know what it's like?  To be taken by the enemy wanting nothing more to get back to the man you love.  To find out when you do. He’d prefer someone with your same exact face. But you yourself will never be what he wants.”  Sehu̇n said sitting up. “Helping him night after night to let him go to him. When your leader wants him on watch. With the hope that maybe just maybe this was a phase that he’d still come back to you.  Then you finally realize you will never be enough. He gets them both, Both of them. I get nothing but heartache and despair.”

Jongdae reached forward wiping the tears from Sehu̇n’s face.  “ Kāi was not who your meant for.  Who you are meant for I don't know.  But if you were meant for him he’d never of left.  He would have looked for you. Tore the world apart to be back with you.  Gave his everything to make sure you were safe and in one piece.”

“Why?  Why him?  Why did he have to take the only light in my life?”  Sehu̇n was sobbing now. Jongdae just pulled him close holding the sobbing boy until he fell asleep.  He was careful to set him back in bed pulling the blankets over him.