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Puppy Lovin'

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' means talking in their head. 



'Ve~!! Ciao, I'm Italy!! I'm having another day of training. Truthfully, I would rather have lots of siestas or make lots of pasta!! Also pi-'

"ITALY!!!" I sat up quickly, knowing who's voice it is. "C-ciao Germany!!" I stuttered. "Go finish your laps!!" Germany yelled while towering over me. I hurriedly apologized and explained, "Germany, I'm so sorry for taking a siesta, but it's so early!! I also really don't want to run anymore because my butt still hurts from yesterday a-" Germany's face turned as red as a tomato when he quickly said, "Mein Gott!! Don't say it like zhat!! Vhat if someone heard you!? zhey could misunderstand!! You only fell down zhe stairs!!" I tilted my head sideways, not understanding why he was so freaked out. "Ve~? Misunderstand what?" I watched Germany sigh and put his face into his hands. "Never mind, Italy let's just go back to zhe house." Then he squats down next to me and picks me up bridal style. 'Great, I thought,  now my face feels like it's going to burn off!!' After a few seconds though, I felt myself relax into his warm muscles. My eyelids were getting heavier with every step he took.