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The Fruits of my Efforts

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Hello, fellow pervert/fan/erotica connoisseur!

Here's the deal. I draw a lot of smut. A lot of it.

I honestly don't even know where to start to post things, because there are some things that aren't so recent and I hesitate to look at because they're, well, old.

So to start off with, I'll put up my greatest hits from before December 2019! For the less great (but still great) hits, visit my 18+ Twitter profile @ingafterdark and scroll for a minute or two down my Media tab.

See my for all my social media.

Of course, this is all here for your viewing pleasure as long as these pics aren't reposted.

But you're nice people, I'm sure, and you'd never dream of such a thing, because it'd be sad if I couldn't post my porn in good faith anymore.

Anyway, on with the smut:

Table of Contents

  1. Table of contents (Repetitive, I know, but bear with me, #2 is much more fun.)

  2. Preening, except it sauntered vaguely downwards.
    Contains light bondage, wings, face sitting, and hints of divine light

  3. I Like Spooky, for Gingerhaole's DTIYS
    This one could be SFW, really, if you consider use of a witch's hat as a covering as well as a fun phallic nod safe for work.

  4. Lipstick, and a necklace of sorts
    Contains implied oral, cum, streaked lipstick, and inconvenient leather trousers.

  5. How You Thrill Me, also known as the One Where Crowley Gets Debauched to Mamma Mia.
    Contains fingering, semi-nudity, and one smug angel.
    I wrote a fic for this one!

  6. Angel Cake, Crowley's favourite indulgence.
    Contains nudity, cunnilingus, and sock-wearing.

  7. Am I a Masochist? The question I asked myself while I drew this for Smutryoukon's DTIYS.
    Contains semi-nudity, gags, lingerie, vibrators, corsetry, and both the ineffable husbands and wives.

  8. That Time I Remembered I Haven't Drawn Them Kissing
    Contains kissing. Really quite tame.

  9. Untouched, or the time I decided it was a wreck Crowley kind of night.
    Contains riding, anal sex, coming, and nudity.

  10. Circle Serpent, because how could I not draw a pose called "Circle Serpent?"
    Contains nudity, oral sex, and anal sex.

  11. ingafterdark's DTIYS, because I spent 16.5 hours on this and will peddle it wherever I can. Did I mention it's Leyendecker inspired? 
    Also pretty SFW, but there's a possessive thigh touch and stockings.

  12. For the Spankers, or the first and last spanking pic I'll do of my own volition. (But it's a good one!)
    Contains nudity, spanking, and rosy red cheeks.

  13. DTIYS Follow-up, because Aziraphale's shoes had a Secret and the original was far too tame to not have a NSFW follow-up.
    Contains anal sex, semi-nudity, and two middle fingers up to Heaven.

  14. No One Has Ever Done This, because no one has done fan art for chapter 11 of Slow Show by mia_ugly and I had to do it.
    Contains nudity, tattoos, rimming, and tenderness turned up to 500%.

  15. Soft, or I couldn't stop thinking about Femme!Aziraphale from my piece for Smutryoukon's DTIYS so I drew her again.
    This one is really just a pin-up, with a half-open shirt and some leg.

  16. Stress Relief, because I needed stress relief and wound up giving it to Crowley instead.
    Contains nudity, vulva massaging, kissing.

  17. Lick Butt, AKA the first thing I drew this year and honestly, I'm grateful. A redraw of bilarzo's piece of Crowley licking butt! Find her on IG, Tumblr, and AO3.
    Contains nudity, a dick, and a butt lick.

  18. A Firm Hand, in which Aziraphale takes what he wants.
    Contains nudity, oral, fingering, Crowley being used basically.

  19. Breakfast in Bed, in which Crowley's "breakfast" is saucy.
    Contains semi-nudity, glasses, and an angel who knows exactly what he is doing.

  20. Demon Thigh Appreciation, in which Crowley's thighs get fucked.
    Contains semi-nudity and thigh fucking.