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All of eternity is a damn long time to wait for a hero.

Looking back, the most dangerous time of his guard, the beginnings, were the most interesting. He was still mostly human back then, even if he knew that it wasn’t to remain so for long, which meant anyone that came to challenge him had some sort of chance against him. He had had a few close calls. The magic of the binding spell had healed him but had taken a bit of his humanity away each time.

He lost the ability to talk pretty soon too, sooner than expected: a slash across the throat had been the cause. His throat came back, but not his voice. Not that it mattered after people took one look at him and decided that he didn’t take any negotiations. And they were right, he didn’t.

He recognized the Wielder, of course he did. Several times, in fact. He always had that mark on his face, even if his face changed. It was impressive to see how the sign never changed when the one that carried it did, but even that creased to amaze him after a while. He didn’t even feel bad for keeping him apart from the sword that was rightfully his, but then again just because the Wielder could use the sword didn’t mean he should.

As time went by and he lost who he was to be more and more, he grew used to waiting in the silence of the crypt. He felt it come into him, in his head, in his heart, until he was nothing but a means to an end. He didn’t mind, not really. Better that than being insane. He counted the number of times a different Wielder appeared and estimated that centuries went by.

As expected, it was the Wielder that finally freed him. He was a monster in a deep gallery with a sword in his hand, guarding a precious artefact. Of course, no one thought that there were other solutions than fighting him save for the only person he ever forfeited against.

But what surprised him most was that the man – he didn’t know his name – seemed to have given himself willingly – and cried in delight as he came, again and again, asked for more, please, more, sweetly, in a tongue that looked like the one Hyer had spoken so long ago. One by one, he had awakened things Hyer has thought had been washed away by time but that had only been dormant: lust, pleasure, and the desire to be free. Eventually, they had to part but, if it had been about him, he would have wanted to keep this human with him forever.

However, now that he was free, it could be about him. It could be about him forever if he wanted.

He savoured the anticipation of leaving as he laid on the ground of the crypt. He had felt the spell break when he had forfeited, he had been free to leave from that very moment but he had not. After all, he had spent hundreds of years in here, what was a little more? He was never, ever coming back, after all.

When he was ready, he got up, picked up his sword and left.

The first thing he enjoyed was a drink at the nearby underground source. He didn’t need to drink, even if he could, so it had been a while since he had done it last. The sensation of water going down his throat felt weird to him – although not as weird as when he had swallowed the Wielder’s cum. Maybe he’d like it more if it was... ale. He used to like ale. Did they even still make ale? Memories of times long ago came back and he savoured them more than the water itself.

He enjoyed the feeling of the sun on his skin a lot more. After nothing but the cold light of the mushrooms for centuries, the warm caress of the celestial rays felt almost orgasmic, if he could orgasm with his skin alone. He stretched and even spread his tentacles out, taking up as much of it as he could.

He regretted it when they eventually dried out and came back into his feeling like sandpaper – until they were wetted again in his depth. He used to think of the liquid he secreted as something akin to saliva until he discovered that it cloaked his aroused dick as well, and then the name didn’t feel right. His lube? His mucus? Neither sounded right.

His juices? He cringed deeply at the thought. That sounded like something people would try to collect from him. He would rather stick with saliva.

Not that it mattered. He had other things on his mind and it was time that he got to it.


Turned out that living in a cave where nothing changed made you very susceptible to being distracted by anything you set your eyes on; Hyer discovered it when he looked up and realized that it was already the evening. He had done nothing but follow butterflies and look at flowers all day. But at least he spotted some birds in a nest, and had almost caught a rabbit – not for food, just to take a look at it. Everything was just so pretty. He felt like a little kid when he thought he had forgotten what it felt like long ago.

Not that he minded. Even if the thing he wanted most was to meet people, it wasn’t as if all the people in the world were going to disappear over night. Talking about the night, he did remember that stars were a wonderful sight. He laid under a tree in the grass – the most comfortable he had been in hundreds of years – and waited for them to appear.

Ah... after all this time, the stars never changed. Even if they did, he wouldn’t be able to tell, since he had never been a star expert. That didn’t stop him from enjoying them, just he enjoyed listening to the night around him. This was the sort of countryside that only seemed to grown around human settlements – still a little wild, but safe enough that one might just spend the night outside without being disturbed. If there were any wild creatures that would have caused a lone human trouble, they left Hyer alone.

He remembered that sunrises existed just in time to hop to his feet and run to the top of a hill to see it. It was so pretty that he started laughing – and then stopped himself when he realized that he was laughing. Well, more like giggling, to be honest, but that didn’t really matter when he had thought all this time that his throat wouldn’t allow such sounds to go through.

He wondered if he could talk some day, then wondered if he would become human now that there was no spell holding him. He didn’t know about the first one, but the second one he seriously doubted. There were no more magic to work on his body, there was no reason for it to go back to how it was before. Or at least he hoped there were no reason. He rather liked being invincible.

The day chased away those thoughts, replacing it with one that had been on the back of his mind all night: sex. Or rather, sex with a human, a cute one, soft, breakable and passionate. Just thinking about it gave him this warm knotting sensation between his legs, as he felt when blood flowed to his dick when it was still trapped in its sheath. He could free himself and take care of it, but he would rather have someone else do it for him instead.

As to how to get that certain someone to do it for him, he had no idea.

His first thought was that he might have a chance with the knight that had freed him, even if he didn’t know his name. After all, a Wielder with a legendary sword couldn’t be that hard to track down. But that might take a while, and he wanted to see if he could get someone else right now. Besides, it’s not like he wanted to have hm in particular; anyone would do if they were willing.


Turned out that finding someone willing was harder than he thought. Well, that was partly his fault. Acting like an overjoyed puppy when you were twice the height of literally everyone else wasn’t the smartest solution. He regretted having scared this group of fair-going maidens with his sudden apparition: now all he was left with their deliciously sweet scent lingering on the tip of his tongue and regrets.

He sat on the edge of the road with the single handkerchief they had dropped in their hurry and sighed. Thinking back, he realized that not having a plan was not the smartest thing to do. He used to think more carefully before jumping in action; damn, he had become rusty.

Better luck next time, he thought.

And next time was coming soon, if the fact that he was hearing footsteps – and hoovesteps – up ahead. He stood up but didn’t account for the fact that he had become a giant since the last time he had walked on a road: his form could be seen from a mile away, and it certainly was seen by the man leading his donkey to the fair.

He cried out and braced himself but hesitated to leave his donkey behind. Hyer, on his part, had not moved since he realized since he was spotted. Well, except for his crest, that flared out when he saw that the human had yet to run. Very interesting.

They stared at each other for the longest time, or so it felt to Hyer. He still didn’t have a plan but he was doing fine without. Now, if only he could get closer...

Or he could let the man get closer. His first idea – the idea he rolled with – was to sit on the ground so that he wouldn’t appear to be quite so tall. Then, to add to the impression, he turned to the other, waiting, hopeful.

Against all expectation, it actually worked. The man hesitated, then walked a few steps closer. Far from being within reach, but that was a start. Hyer observed him keenly as he waited.

He would estimate the human’s age at early adulthood, despite the fact that he was on the smaller size, but the first thing he noticed was that he was cute: freckled, doe-eyed, and a certain embarrassment in his mannerism that betrayed shyness in social situations. Hyer wanted to trace his define cheekbones with a finger and kiss the tip of his perky nose, then see him blush so red that his freckles became the lighter spots on his face. If he were to see such a face on this man, Hyer didn’t know what he would do next to him, but it was probably something that involved a distinct lack of clothes.

The human was also watching him, probably taking in the otherness of Hyer, his long limbs, his metal-like skin, and his human face on the top of a body that looked anything but. Hyer tried to smile, knowing that it made him look sympathetic. He wasn’t quite sure it worked. He was still re-learning this whole expression thing.

The man frowned. He was starting to understand that something was a little unusual about that monster in particular. They would usually attack, but this one didn’t. That was enough for him to be a little suspicious.

“What do you want from me?” he asked.

Hyer opened his mouth and tried to say something, anything, but the only thing he managed to produce was a low gurgle, at least at first. Then his vocal cords came to life, he made a sound that sounded like a whine. His tongue, so useful in other situations, moved around in his mouth, trying to modulate the stream of air into words, but it failed.

The man wasn’t the least reassured by those strange vocalisations. He took a step back. Hyer, afraid that he was about to lose whatever little progress he had made, made a sudden movement in his direction.

Bad choice. The human turned around and ran.

He was way to cute to let such an occasion slide. In an instant, Hyer was on his feet and rushing forward. One second more and he was scooping up the human, that really never had a chance to escape. The donkey, startled by the sudden movement, ran away, but Hyer wasn’t paying attention to the animal. He was busy trying to keep his hold on the struggling human as he carried him away from the path, towards a thick grove.

“Let me go!” cried the man. “Help, someone! Help!”

Hyer looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was indeed coming to help, but the path was empty. Everyone was at the fair down in the village now, which left them quite alone. What a shame. What a delicious, wicked shame.

He placed his prize down on the ground at the foot of a tree, on soft, rich smelling earth and shade-favouring plants. The man got on all four and tried to crawl away but failed when Hyer grabbed him by the hips and dragged him back under him. His catch cried in anguish and started kicking; in vain against Hyer’s thick skin. He felt the hits – the human had the strength of a farmer – but he had been built to withdraw a lot more than that.

The struggle excited him, as wrong as this sounded. The other arched against him, trying to break the cage of Hyer’s grip, pressing against him. When he would almost get away, Hyer had to grab him by the thighs or the shoulders to drag him back, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. And he looked gorgeous, panting and flushed from the effort, his clothes riding high on his midriff and dirt in his hair. There was a hot, unmistakable knot between Hyer’s legs already.

As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t kiss him until he finally had him on his back with his wrists pinned and, even then, he still waited. The man was panting hard, his voice hoarse from having screamed, his eyes closed. He was shaking. Hyer’s heart ached from seeing how terrified he was, even if he knew that he wouldn’t hurt him for anything in the world. He wished he could talk. He’d tell him that he was safe, entirely safe, that he was too beautiful to be hurt. But he couldn’t.

Instead, he leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. The human’s eyes shot open to stare at him in shock but Hyer just continued, dotting his cheeks with small pecks, one for each sweet little freckle across his cheekbones. He savoured the blush that rushed to meet his lips. The restless head coiled in his stomach, asking for more than such chastity, but Hyer ignored it. Well, as much as he could ignore a sensation that was starting to border on discomfort, anyway.

The man gently moved one of his pinned hands, trying to pull it out, and Hyer freed it. It came to stroke his cheek hesitantly before pushing him away. The creature let him do.

“What do you want?”

Hyer wanted to answer that he wanted him, he wanted the sweet sounds of his delight and his hot depth, the sight of him breaking from pleasure, and his blunt nails raking his back. Instead, he had to show him. He reached down to hold up the man’s hips a little above ground. Hyer’s chest was much longer than the human’s so he had to lean forward to connect their crotches together. The slight pressure against his throbbing heat was enough to make him shudder.

“Oh,” the man said. His voice was sweet, breathy, just as soft as the lips from which it escaped.

Hyer grinded slowly against the man. Even though the rough clothes, he could feel the soft flesh of the other pressing against his. The pleasure made him moan.

“Right here? Now? But I can’t, I got to go to the fair. My donkey...”

Hyer interrupted him by leaning in and kissing his face again. And again. Until the man had to push him away with a small laugh, and then he kissed his fingers.

“Stop, oh God, you’re a vile little beggar, aren’t you? If you want it so much come and visit me tonight. I live at the Cardoline farm. It’s down the road, and there are wood statues of chickens in front of it – the owner likes to sculpt in the winter.”

Hyer whined but he freed the man’s hips. Having him press there knowing that they wouldn’t bring this to its conclusion only teased his hunger. But he didn’t pull away and stand up just yet, he wanted a taste of his new lover, one that would last on the tip of his tongue until they would meet again. He pawed at his shirt. He was not trying to open it, he was asking if he could.

“I said tonight. Do you understand me?”

Hyer proved that he understood him by whining back at him pitifully the moment those words left him mouth. The man rolled his eyes but he was trying not to laugh.

“Gee, you’re a needy one. All right, but don’t get too ahead of yourself, I got to go.”

He opened his shirt for Hyer, revealing his chest to him. The monster licked his lips as he touched it, stoking his sides, appreciating his strength but also his softness, and sparse hairs on his chest. It was a different body than the one of the Wielder’s, less define, thinner, but lovely nevertheless.

He buried his nose against the crook of the man’s throat, listening to him breathing. It felt so good not to be alone. Desire for touch and company was the one need time had not stripped from him. He felt alive again.

The man, waiting for him to move, started to touch him on the chest and shoulders. His hands were warm, explorative, and they pressed against his tentacle slits curiously. Hyer let him do until he got his fill and pulled away. Tonight.

“Well, I guess that concludes it for today,” the man said as he sat up. “My name is Bren, by the way.”

Bren. Hyer smiled at him. It was cute. Almost as cute as him.

“Do you have a name?”

Hyer nodded.

“What is it?”

The monster tried to say it himself, but he failed. He looked around and pulled out his sword to press its tip in the warm soil until it was written.

“That’s a pretty name,” Bren said. “Well then, Hyer.” His hand slipped down the monster’s back, caressing him. “We’ll... see each other tonight? I’ll meet you outside.”

Hyer made an approving sound. He couldn’t wait.