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The cute guy at the recording studio

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Tsukishima paused his music when he heard the door to the studio open and a timid voice asked, “Sorry to bother you, but are you guys still open?
He slid his headphones around his neck and walked to the front of the studio.

A cute green-haired guy was standing there, fidgeting, with his phone in hand.

“Can I help you?” asked Tsukishima.

The boy looked up from his phone. “Oh yeah, just wanted to know if you guys are still open.”

“We’re open for another hour. We close at 10. Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all. So I can record something then?”

Tsukishima nodded and led him to the recording room in the back. “I’m assuming you know how everything works. I’ll be just outside.”

The guy nodded. He stepped into the room and got set up. Tsukishima was about to put his headphones back on when the guy started singing. Tsukishima had to double check to make sure it really was the green-haired guy who was singing.
He was, honestly, a bit startled. The guy had an amazing voice and was singing with more passion than he had ever heard someone sing with in his year of working at the recording studio.
He continued listening to the guy sing until he was finished.

When the guy stepped out of the room he smiled briefly at Tsukishima. “I couldn’t finish today, is it okay if I come back tomorrow?”

Tsukishima could do nothing but nod as he followed the guy back to the front of the studio and accepted his money.

The guy opened the door to leave. “Thanks for all your help, uh…?”


The guy pondered that for a moment. “Is it okay if I call you Tsukki?”

Tsukishima shrugged. “Whatever.”

The guy smiled. “Okay. Bye, Tsukki!”

The door jingled as it shut, leaving Tsukishima alone to clean the studio and close up.”

As he was cleaning up, Tsukishima realized he never got the guy’s name.


The next day, Tsukishima was on the phone with his brother when the guy from before came into the recording studio. He waved at Tsukishima a bit shyly and waited for him to gesture in the direction of the recording room before going to the back of the studio.

Tsukishima told his brother he had to leave, hung up, and went to the back.

The guy was already set up with all his equipment and Tsukishima pulled up a chair outside the room to listen to him sing. There was something about his voice, the emotion perhaps, that brought up something in Tsukishima that he had only experienced when he was a little kid. He hoped the guy didn’t think it was creepy that he was listening to him sing from the outside of the recording room.

The guy redid the recording a couple more times before opening the door and stepping out of the recording room.

“Man, that took longer than I expected. Sorry, Tsukki.”

“Don’t apologize. You were recording something and that’s what this studio is for.”

The guy rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah…”

Tsukishima took a deep breath. “Hey, I don’t think I caught your name.”

The guy was startled but smiled. “Oh? It’s Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi, the cute guy who came to the recording studio. Tsukishima would have to get his number at some point. He nodded. “Bye, Yamaguchi.”

“Bye Tsukki!”

Tsukishima wasn’t sure if he would ever come back.


Tsukishima wasn’t working at the studio for the next two days and when he asked his coworkers if they had seen a green-haired guy come to the studio, they all shook their heads.

Kuroo grinned. “Haven’t seen anyone like that. Why, you got a crush?”

Tsukishima sighed and left. When he got back to his apartment, he lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling.
Did he have a crush on Yamaguchi? They had only met twice and Tsukishima knew he was being irrational.

The next day, he went back to the studio for his shift at 3PM. He didn’t realize that he had been unconsciously waiting for Yamaguchi to show up at some point until he got a text.
He checked his phone and saw one new message from a number he didn’t recognize.
The message read:

‘I’m coming to the studio. Are you working today?’

Tsukishima texted back asking who this was. He got a reply right away.

‘It’s Yamaguchi. Sorry, I got your number from your coworker with the bedhead.’

Tsukishima scowled. Damn Kuroo. He had been keeping something from him.
Right then, the studio door opened and Yamaguchi stepped inside, shaking water out of his hair.

“Hey Tsukki. Woo, it’s really raining hard out there.”

Tsukishima smirked. “Back again? I thought you were done. And you came in this weather. Surprising.”

Yamaguchi bit his lip. “Uh, I realized I messed up a part and wanted to redo it.” He added in a quieter voice, “I also kinda wanted to see you again.”

Tsukishima didn’t believe his ears. “Sorry, what was that?”

Yamaguchi’s cheeks went red. “I wanted to see you again.”

Tsukishima smiled and led him to the recording room to escape the awkwardness. He pulled up a chair and sat down.

Yamaguchi set up everything and started recording. He began to sing the chorus of the song he was working on and Tsuksihima closed his eyes and listened to his voice.

When Yamaguchi was done, he packed up his stuff and apologized to Tsukishima for asking Kuroo for his number. Tsukishima brushed him off, assuring him it wasn’t a problem.

After Yamaguchi left, Tsukishima was actually disappointed. And that’s when he realized it. He really did like Yamaguchi, and as more than a friend.

That night, Tsukishima was surprised when Yamaguchi texted him asking him if he wanted to go out for dinner on Saturday.
Tsukishima accepted and hope sparked in his chest.
Maybe he actually had a chance with the cute guy he met in the recording studio.