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The Devil Fruit That Ruined Lives

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Hi, hi, hi! I finished this fic a couple months ago but didn't post it because I was unhappy with the finished product, but after editing it it makes more sense than before and I think it has some potential. It's pretty dark, and Luffy changes a lot throughout due to certain events. This time, I'll let you decide if you think Katakuri is a good guy or bad guy.

I have tons of ideas about my made up all-all fruit, which is overpowered to the max, and this is the only one that has turned into anything worth posting. Enjoy~

There were multiple devil fruits in the world that were coveted more than others. Five in particular, while there was one that was the most sought out of all of them, no matter how powerful the other four were. It had been many generations since the "number one" fruit was found. It was tiny and appeared in the most secluded of places. Hidden from anyone directly looking for it.

Though fruits like the quake quake were powerful, it was not in the top five. Number five was a mythical zoan fruit. Including the dragon and phoenix fruit, though both were taken by strong pirates. Though logias were useful, they werent all powerful, so they didn't make the top five.

Number four, counting both mythical zoan fruits as one, was the darkness darkness fruit. Little was known about it other than it nullified all devil fruits. No one had found it in quite a long time.

Number three was the all-all logia fruit. It had the user able to transform into whatever logia they wish. But, it was known to be the most difficult fruit to control. It would need to have a smart and strong user. It had been found a total of six times, but usually the user died during battles as they were unable to properly control each different ability.

Next was the all-all zoan fruit, which was also difficult to control, but easier than the all-all logia fruit. The previous users for the all-all zoan fruit had come up with an ultimate form mixed with different traits of regular zoan fruits to be as powerful as possible. It had been found more often than the all-all logia, and was easier as well.

The number one fruit had been found once, generations ago. The all-all paramecia fruit. Able to control all paramecia abilities, including ones like the quake quake fruit. It made someone practically invincible, and was easier for the only user to use than it was known for the other two all-all fruits. If the original user had been a pirate, he could have done a lot of damage, even if it hadn't been part of the Great Pirate Age.

The man had been a marine admiral, known as the strongest man who had ever lived. But, even he hadn't mastered each fruit in his long life. Some were much harder than others. That was hundreds of years ago, but not during the Blank Century, where history was unknown and absent from everyone besides those who read the poneglyphs. Roger and his crew were the only ones to know true history, and they hadn't shared.

So, the all-all fruits were all sought out, especially the paramecia version. It would be quite powerful for someone who was able to use it properly, but disastrous by anyone who was unprepared or not strong enough to protect themselves even without being able to work the fruit yet.

So, having a four year old eat it was the worst possible thing to happen to him.

This is the prologue and very short, so I'll immediately post the first chapter.