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The Stained Canvas

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A breeze brushed through my skin, waking me into my reality. The sunlight hits me directly to my eyes, earning a foul word from my mouth. Slowly adjusting to the light, I leaned against the tree, rubbing my eyes. How long have I been asleep? Glancing at my watch, I jolted in surprise. I'm late for class! Its half past eleven. Who in the world sleeps for that long in the park. Another thing I realized was my bag and phone was gone.
“oh for fuck sakes, I knew it was a bad idea to take a nap in the park” . I cursed to myself as I brushed my hair, heading to college. As I creep to class, I saw Armin and Mikasa, its lunch break apparently. These two are my childhood friends and they have had each others backs ever since day one. As I called out to them, both turned at the same time with Armin with a worried look and Mikasa as usual, her infamous poker face.
“Eren, where have you been?” Mikasa was the first to talk.
“Well, you didn’t attend morning class and you didn’t pick up your calls, we almost wanted to report to the police.” Armin continued. I explained to them what happened as we head to the cafeteria. One thing for sure was that they were glad that nothing happened to me. Despite us doing different courses, we still have some classes together which is amazing. Mikasa and Armin are in the law as i'm doing art. I've always loved art since I was a kid mainly because I have the skills in this particular field. As I grew, I started learning more about art, from brushes to their history and revolution of art. Unlike these two, they are very smart, I must admit. They are one step ahead of me, not that I'm complaining. They are just good at everything in general, not to mention the amount of knowledge they acquire are endless. Could also say I'm pretty jealous of them in a way how they could manipulate and always have answers to anything that comes to them, however I would never forget my own advantage and skills I own.  My train of thoughts stopped as someone accidentally bumped into me. 

“oh shit, sorry.. I wasn’t paying atten-“ I apologies but only got interrupted. 
“Watch where you’re going, shitty brat.”
                      I know this person. Everyone knows him, Levi Ackerman. He is this college’s criminal. He gets into fights, steals cars and any other crime you could think of. Not to sure if he had murdered anyone yet but it's highly possible. I mean, the phrase “If looks could kill,” yes, that applies to him. I wonder why he hasn’t been caught and put into jail yet. Well, that’s what people say anyway. Personally, I find him quite mysterious in a way that he rarely talks, attend classes, and even have a small group of friends that sticks with hm 24/7 or so it seems. Must I say he is shorter than me despite being older and a senior in the art major He has jet black hair with an undercut, which suits him very well, his eyes are sharp. They are a mix of tints of silver with a hint of rays of blue, like the ocean. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and black ripped jeans with the classy brown Timberlands as he holds his denim jacket.
“Take a picture, it'll last longer. “He commented. Instantly I backed off and looked away. His entire group came behind him, as Mikasa and Armin came to him. “he said he is sorry, didn’t he? Why don’t you and your gang and back out now before someone actually gets hurt,” Mikasa said as she glared at Levi.
“Now~ now~ everyone come down. Things are getting too hot too fast now. Oi, short stuff, im heading to the roof, you're coming or nah?” That is Hanji Zoe, she acts like Levi’s right hand man. She tends to get into some weird stuff like invade any science class and does some very weird experiments, on top of all, she has this weird addiction for what she always calls ‘Titans’. These giants that eats humans for fun that lives hundreds of years ago.  Personality wise, she is plain crazy, loud but seems very caring type.
“I will not hesitate to fucking slap you til i break your eardrums. “ Levi replied, giving one final look  at me and walked off with the rest of his gang. I swear to God I saw a smirk on his face for a second. He thought no one saw that? He was dead wrong, I saw it. Disregarding that, I went through my day in the art room, almost finishing my last assignment for this semester.  Having Kendrik Lamar, Pray for me playing in the background really had me in the mood for the art i'm currently doing.

 Little did I know, I was not alone in the room. Only when I completed my work and turned around, I jumped and fell flat on my ass. Levi Ackerman was standing by the door, staring at me, my finished work to be specific.
“Before you do anything to me, let me keep this away so I don’t have to redo it again, I spent three days on this,” I blabbed at him not caring that might ticked him off. He didn’t budge so I took that as a yes. I brushed myself and place my work by the window so it could dry faster. As I turned back to him , he spoke softly, that was unusual coming from such a menacing man.
“Shitty glasses would adopt you as her science experiment if she sees that,” Is that a complement? Because if it is, that’s a very strange way of praising someone. Why is he here in the first place? Did he forgot something? Well, either way, I was a little surprised to be even breathing peacefully beside Levi, he is initiating a conversation with a complete stranger? Me of all people? Why? A bunch loads of questions bounce in my brain, he continued, “what’s this story?”
That snapped me back to reality. He is interested in my art? Wait, he is in art too. I guess this is only normal to ask. I didn't know what came onto me but I took a chair and placed it in front of him, signaling for him to sit. This is very awkward but I did not want to let the awkwardness took over me for someone who showed interest in my art.
“It's called Humanity's Last Hope.” In an instant, I saw his eye had sparkled with interest even more.
“Do you believe that you might be incarnated to another life or you have been born again, only forgetting about your previous life? This is a glimpse of what I think incarnations are about. Being born again, forgetting about your previous family, what sort of life you had and unable to learn anything from your previous life. Are the people that was from your previous life in this world too? Do they remember you? How do you want to know about what you had, especially with your loved ones, wouldn’t it be sad to forget who you once loved. I just find that with this art, it draws out the curiosity of what was going on. “ I explained to him. He was quiet. He didn’t say a word. I wonder what is he thinking.
“Do you think you had a lover from your previous life?” He asked.”  I thought before replying, might as well I tell the truth.
“I believe so, my life has been so empty for the past 23 years of my life, there was no excitement, no strong emotions to anyone that kept me from being astray. Basically, I have no way of living. I'm just doing what I like, and see what's there after that. There is no one there to support me, to give me strength to continue living. It's almost like I have lost something very dear to me, that is why I think I had a lover in my past.“ I spoke. Shit! I got ahead of myself. He must be creeped out. Looking towards him, he kept his monotone face, he didn’t look grossed out or wanting to leave.
“I see, “ 

                      That was all that he said, as he stood up, glanced at the painting once more and left. After that weird conversation, I started cleaning up whatever I have used, not knowing the time. It was already dark outside. Just how much time did I spend to complete this? Knowing I didn’t have my bag and my phone, I casually just walked home, to whatever that my parents has left for me, a small apartment for myself and large amount of money from their will, sent down to me. I had always thought my parents were doctors but I never knew they were working for a secret organization researchers, being part of the military. I had only knew this piece of information when they had past away. Everything was gone under my name, their house, cars, even 50 million dollars transferred into my personal account. I knew it was too risky to carry around such large amount, so I kept most of them in my parents house. How did they died? I was told they got into an accident, hit a trailer and their car lost control before falling off a bridge. Their bodies were only found a week later and it happened 16 years ago. I was young, I was devastated, but over the years, I have learnt to accept their death and moved on, Armin and Mikasa has always been there for me. My route back was chilly and quiet, something that doesn’t happen everyday. As I walked along side the pavement, grunts and ruffles were heard nearby me, as if a street fight was going on.
Nope, I am not going anywhere near there. 

  “Levi, don’t kill these guys, they aren’t worth killing. In Fact, lemme use them for my experiment,”

That voice is very familiar.
“HAHAHA! My my, calm down now, Your punches ain't going nowhere, brother. !”
Yes, that voice is very familiar.
“Oi, shitty glasses, get their stuff and get out from here. I won't be the one saving your ass again if the cops are here.”
Way to familiar.
                    I went close to them and peaked behind a bush. There were four guys lying on the ground, probably passed out. Levi really did a good job on them. Wonder what ticked Levi off for Levi to beat the crap out of them. Then right there, I saw a familiar bag and phone casing as Hanji was digging into. I'm so tempted to go out there and tell them it's my stuff they robbed but I don’t want to be beaten by yours truly.

                  As they were walking out of the alley, Hanji spoke. “Oh, these are Eren’s stuff. Why did they have it with them?” Handing one of the books to Levi. He held it and passed it back to Hanji. “I'm guessing this is his phone too. I heard during lunch that coconut head was saying they couldn’t reach him or something like that. We’ll just give it back tomorrow when we see him,” Hanji suggested. Levi scoffed and replied, “there is no we, you go do it if you wanna collect some good deeds.” And walked off. I could easily walk over to them and ask for it back but I got a feeling if I do that now, it'll just be awkward as I watched them fought some rando’s and you know, get my things back.  As they walked further, I went to my apartment, and pressed the elevator button. Just as the door was about to close once I entered, someone banged the lift, earning a girly yelp from me. There he stood, Levi Ackerman. He entered the lift, pressed on the top floor and leaned on the wall. There was an intense air clouding the lift. I don’t know where it is from but I want to get out from this lift as soon as possible. This is my third encounter with the man in one day. That does not happen to everyone.
“ I didn’t know you live here,” I stated. Silence was the reply I got. I let out a small sigh as I exited my floor. But on a serious note, I never would have thought Levi living here, on the top floor on top of that. As I entered my unit, I head straight to the shower and knocked out to bed. My mind kept bringing me back to that mysterious man I know. Maybe it'll be nice to get to know him better.

Guess I already know what to do tomorrow.