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cat got my tongue

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"Now darlen', you know better."

Pyro dropped their gun, looking down in shame and dissapointment. Scout eased up with the nozzle of the flamethrower wasn't mere inches away from his torso ready to engulf him in less than a second.

"Jesus CHRIST," his voice was shaky as he try to muster words from his shakiness. "I didn't do 'nuthen to the weirdo and...and it decided to pull this shit!"

Engineer put his head in his hands. Pyro shot up and started to blurt their normal mumbles and went to the floor and lifted up their prized unicorn that was now deflated and wrinkled. Engie looked back up now at a much-more worked up Pyro who almost seemed to be in sobs.

"It was a 'freaken accient man!" Scout said trying to pick apart what they were saying. "I ain't got anything to do with that 'freaken toy!"

"Alright, Scout, just say you're sorry. It ain't that hard son," Engie went over to console Pyro and grabbed the now non-inflatable pony from their hands.

"ME?" His demanor went from scared shitless to straight up pissed. "Pyro 'fucken tried to KILL me, and my biggest damn crime was accidentally 'poppin a dollar store toy!"

Pyro dug their masked face into Engie's chest, and Engie looked Scout dead in the eyes. Scout sighed.

"Fine. Sorry 'bout your unicorn dude." He calmed down and rubbed his neck. "Can I go now without that freak trynna kill me?"

Engie made a head gesture for Scout to leave and Scout did just that as soon as he was given the a-okay.

"Hey 'lil buddy, we can go into my workshop and fix this up, okay?" Engie said and Pyro looked up, body now perked. They nodded violently and Engie gave a chuckle.


Dell's workplace seemed cluttered, but he knew were everything was and that's all that mattered. He took Pyro in and set down Blossom on the table and Pyro sat down. They looked back to the door and before they could even mutter, Engie looked over.

"Oh, shoot, I almost forgot!" He got up to close the door and lock it. "Alrightie, that should do it. If you wanna, you can take it off love."

And Pyro did just that. Their face was beet red, and their eyes strained from crying. Snot and tears were smudged everywhere. Engie sat down and kissed their bare head.

"Now now 'darlen, it'll be alright." He went over to get a box of tissues and Pyro went in to use them to wipe their eyes. "No need to be this worked up over somethen we can fix in such a jiffy."

Pyro nodded and smiled.

Dell came closer and patted their back. "Did the cat get ya tongue again Py?"

Normally, those words piss off Pyro beyond belief. They delt with those sorts of things enough growing up when they went non verbal, but from Dell it felt a lot more kind and it was his way to show his support through it.

Pyro nodded and Engie kissed their cheek. "Not a problem. You wanna help fix 'er up with me?"

Pyro nodded and Engie went over to get some tape. It was the thick, white tape--not duct tape but rather an almost clothy top and a beyond sticky bottom. He went to one of his drawers that was filled to the brim with random tacks, pins, pencils and paper and rummaged until he found a pair of big blue scissors.

"Alright 'darlen, I want you to show me where she popped." Engie said. Pyro picked her up and felt beyond silly realising how mundane this all was.

They weren't a kid. They weren't some child. They didn't know how old they were, but too old to be doing things like this. But they couldn't help but get attached to what was basically plastic and dye. It was theirs and they have become so attached that this almost felt like loosing a good friend. Which, of course, it really wasn't, but that's how it felt.

They pointed at her flank, where a decent sized hole was. Engie cut a decent size piece of tape and smoothed it out, carefully putting the tape over the gash. He gave it a firm pat than went to the belly where the tube was and gently started to blow air, the once crinkled popped mess turning back into a firm creature of fantasy.

Pyro felt a surge of sheer joy come over them! Without even knowing it they were clapping their hands and shaking their head violently, kicking their legs back and fourth. Dell smiled and handed them back Blossom, to where they grabbed her and cradled her to their chest. Their gapped grin spread across their face with no haste and their eyes wrinkled from just how big it was.

"I'm happy 'somthen so small can make you so happy," Engie chuckled and Pyro, realizing their display, gathered themself back together and loosened the grip they had on her. Pyro felt their face go red and put their feet on the ground, legs still vibrating.

Dell patted their shoulder and they looked up at them in his eyes. "'Feeln better?"

Pyro nodded again and patted Engie back on his hard helment. Their grip on Blossom loosened as now they realize she's not as durable as she was before. Engie leaned in to press a quick kiss on their cheek.

"That's all that matters now ain't it?"