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A note on the story:


• This work is set in Edo Japan and while I am unfamiliar with the culture, I have tried my best to recreate it.


• For plot purposes Zhu Yilong's name has been changed to Ryuū which also translates to Dragon  and Bai Yu is sometimes referred to as "Shiro-san" because he is ambassador to Shogun's court. And his translates to "White" from his original name. Yes I have taken certain liberties so please do not match it up with history


• Shogunate period was time when Japan was run by Shogun who were powerful military warlords.


• Oiran were women of pleasure who were almost like celebrities and they lived in Yoshiwara; a red light district which was built by the Shogun away from city to limit prostitution and had only one entryway.


•There will be more references which will be explained per chapter.