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No Good Group Chat

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12:45 PM


edthompson added chefliz , nogoodnick , jeremythompson , and mollysmob to the group


edthompson named the group our family


edthompson: Please let me know if this goes through. :-)


jeremythompson: oh no


mollysmob: he finally figured out group chats


chefliz: Ed, dear, what have you done?


edthompson: I’ve created a family group chat!


nogoodnick: Cool!


mollysmob: is it, though?


nogoodnick: eh


edthompson: Oh, come on! This way, we can get a hold of each other if an important issue arises! I hear group chats are the best way to stay in touch


jeremythompson: they also say every group chat spurs a second group chat without the annoying people in it


jeremythompson: not that i would know because the only group chat i’m in is the student government one, but still


mollysmob: oop


mollysmob: that means you aren’t in the student government spin off chat without the annoying people


jeremythompson: i brought that on myself


mollysmob: you sure did


mollysmob: anyway if this group chat had a second group chat without the annoying people, it would literally just be me and nick


edthompson: Be nice!


mollysmob: you could be in it too, dad


edthompson: Sounds perfectly nice to me!




chefliz: Could you all please stop texting so much while I am at work?


chefliz: :-)


mollysmob: anyway i’m making that second group chat now


1:23 PM

mollysmob added jeremythompson and nogoodnick to the chat


mollysmob named the group our family: the sub chat


mollysmob: welcome


jeremythompson: i’m honored to be involved in this


mollysmob: don’t let it get to your head


mollysmob: and you have to change your username to something more exciting


nogoodnick: yeah, even liz’s username is more exciting than yours!


jeremythompson: okay, rude


mollysmob: but she’s got a point


jeremythompson ugh fine


jeremythompson changed his username to futurepresident


mollysmob: yeah i’m gonna have to veto that


futurepresident: then come up with a fun username yourself!


mollysmob: how about gayandarrogant


futurepresident: those are not my only two defining factors!


nogoodnick: eh


futurepresident: why was i thankful to be in this chat again?


mollysmob: idk


futurepresident changed his username to jeremyt


jeremyt: this is as fun as you’re getting


nogoodnick: we will break you someday


jeremyt: wow, i feel so threatened


nogoodnick: you know i have leverage on you


nogoodnick: i have tea, and i am willing to spill it


mollysmob: ...what tea


jeremyt: yes, what tea?


nogoodnick: oh, just a little something that happened on poker night ;)


jeremyt: you said you wouldn’t tell!


nogoodnick: but that doesn’t mean i can’t threaten to spill


mollysmob: what happened!!!


jeremyt: well, i know what happened with you on poker night too!


nogoodnick: oh, me almost kissing will? yeah, i already told molly that.


nogoodnick: you ain’t got nothin on me


jeremyt: ..that would mean i do have something on you


mollysmob: this is why you didn’t get added to the student government chat without the annoying people


mollysmob: anyway


mollysmob: i want to know what happened!!!!


mollysmob: i swear i won’t tell anyone


jeremyt: no! i’m not telling you!


mollysmob: please?


jeremyt: NO


nogoodnick: i’m gonna start dropping hints


jeremyt: wow, your username really is true


nogoodnick: thanks!


nogoodnick: it involved a boy


jeremyt: nick!


mollysmob: TEA


mollysmob: whomst


mollysmob: tell me


jeremyt: you don’t know him!


mollysmob: i bet it’s someone in the student government


mollysmob: jim?


mollysmob: no


mollysmob: hmmmm


jeremyt: UGH fine


jeremyt: it’s Eric


mollysmob: oooh and he’s so important his name gets a capital letter?


jeremyt: nick caught him and i kissing in the hallway after poker night


mollysmob: OMG


mollysmob: JEREMY


mollysmob: so are you guys dating or what???


mollysmob: tell me everything 


jeremyt: i am literally in class right now


mollysmob: with eric??


jeremyt: SHUT UP


nogoodnick: what class are you in, Jeremy?


jeremyt: ....i don’t think i should tell you


nogoodnick: but why not?


mollysmob: he has pre calc


nogoodnick: and what room is that in?


mollysmob: idk, upstairs???


jeremyt: nick please tell me you did not sneak out of class to come spy on me


nogoodnick: it’s only fair considering you skipped school to spy on me


nogoodnick: now tell me what room you’re in


mollysmob: 218


mollysmob: i forgot you sent me a picture of your schedule when you first got it!


jeremyt: why did i do that


nogoodnick: gee, molly, i really have to go to the bathroom


mollysmob: you know what? i do too


nogoodnick: better use the upstairs one bc the downstairs bathrooms all smell bad


mollysmob: you’re right; they’re absolutely horrendous


mollysmob: wish our student body president would do something about that


jeremyt: go ask lisa




nogoodnick: we should go in and say the volunteer squad wants to interview him


mollysmob: omg is that eric sitting next to you


nogoodnick: omg is that you letting eric read this conversation


mollysmob: the height of romance <3


jeremyt: well we know you’ve never had a boyfriend before


mollysmob: rude


jeremyt: Eric laughed at it


nogoodnick: we know


nogoodnick: we saw


jeremyt: aren’t your teachers going to be wondering why you’re taking so long in the bathroom?


nogoodnick: pfft you think the biology teachers notice anything?


mollysmob: she’s got a point


mollysmob: and i’m such a good student that no one will question me taking a long bathroom break just this once


jeremyt: you guys are. the worst.


nogoodnick: thanks!




mollysmob: ugh fine


mollysmob: we got the information we needed anyways


mollysmob: you are in class with eric


nogoodnick: send him all our love <3


jeremyt: go away


mollysmob: see you at home <33333


mollysmob: wait so are you guys dating


jeremyt: GO AWAY


nogoodnick: well you better not let him slip away..


mollysmob: if you’re not dating by the time we get home, nick and i are helping you plan out how to ask him out


nogoodnick: because we know how your plans tend to go


jeremyt: rude


jeremyt: what did i do to deserve this


nogoodnick: we’re trying to be helpful!


jeremyt: while also insulting me


nogoodnick: okay fair


jeremyt: are you two back in class yet?


mollysmob: yes


nogoodnick: probably




nogoodnick: ugh fine