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Werewolf Lincoln x Harem challenge

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Ok so here's the idea for the challenge

One day while out on a walk at night on a full moon 17 year old Lincoln Loud was walking in the park when out of nowhere a werewolf bites him turning him into a werewolf this werewolf was very old and was the last of the werewolves so he need a heir to carry on his legacy and the werewolf race now Lincoln Loud the last werewolf in the world and is a alpha and now his dream is to find and take many beautiful woman as his mates, lovers and brides with one of them being his alpha female and together lead there pack and the one Lincoln choose to be his first lover and mate and to be his alpha female and lead his future pack is his beautiful mother Rita Loud and turn her and all the others he takes as his brides into werewolves by marking them forming a mating bond and now with his mother Rita as his alpha female at his side they will build there pack and Lincoln will impregnate his lovers to rebuild the werewolf race.