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Suits, Wings & Other Things

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Lucifer had always liked to crash family time at the Decker household. Even before he was willing to admit it, the quiet nights in playing games or watching movies huddled on the couch with the Detective and her spawn had provided a reprieve from his otherwise busy, but lonely existence. It was one of the few, nay the only place, where he could relax and be a version of himself that he didn’t often dare show to others. With them he became a softer man, a domesticated devil, if you will.

That guilty, secret, pleasure had turned torturous when he was stuck in hell. All while he had to pretend to be who he had been before, the intimidating King, he wanted nothing more than to have the chance to be the man again who made a nine-year old giggle till she got the hick-ups, the man who had gotten used to casual physical affection to the point where he initiated it with his detective. He had wanted to be their breathing pillow again, as they dubbed him, and he promised himself that if he was lucky enough to make that dream come true, he would never again complain about them drooling on his Armani, or any of his other suits.

So when he found his way back out of Hell, hopefully this time for good, the first place he went to was the Detective’s apartment, begging Chloe to forgive him for leaving her, begging her to allow him inside, granting him his reprieve. Of course, she had immediately slammed into him with her entire body and had wrapped her arms around him. Telling him she wasn’t mad at him, never had been mad in fact, and that he was always welcome. As she had pulled back she had given a small tug on his suit jacket and that was all it took for him to follow her into his happy place.

That night they ended up on the couch, and with the spawn away for the night at Detective Douche’s, that couch became the witness of many of their firsts. The first talk they had where he talked openly about hell and his past and explained all that had happened, the first time she sat on his lap, the first time they both cried at the same time, the first time they were both naked at the same time, many, many naked-related firsts, and then the first time he told her he loved her. This was a special couch and he found himself on it more evenings than not.

Tonight he was on his favourite piece of furniture again, sharing a blanket with his favourite humans, his dear Detective and the urchin. They had just finished watching Frozen, and if anyone asked he would have focused on all he disliked about it, but secretly he adored the film for how it made the mother and daughter laugh, loved how soft and sweet their voices sounded when they sang along with its soundtrack. And that snowman was pretty funny, he had to admit. The spawn wanted to watch another movie, Coco, her latest obsession, but before they could start she had to have another hot chocolate. Because as she said: “it was sweater weather and you can’t do a movie night in sweater weather without a LOT of hot chocolate, that’s the rules”.

As Lucifer was questioning the legitimacy of these rules and was stating that he never wore anything other than suits regardless of the weather, Chloe pushed of the couch with a soft smile on her face, promised Trixie she would make some more cocoa with a stroke of her hand over the little girl’s hair and left the two bickering on the couch. They kept this up until Trixie asks him if he knows any jokes.

“None that your mother would appreciate me telling you, urchin” he replies with a hint of a smirk on his face. The meaning is lost on the child and she looks at him confused, before she turns those powerful puppy eyes on him. “I can tell you a riddle instead?” he offers.

“What’s a riddle?” she asks, frowning deeply.

“It’s kind of like a question, that is also a puzzle” he responds, “and you have to figure out the right answer, here, it goes like this: What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?”

“OH OH I know one of those too!” she exclaims. She hops on the couch a little in excitement, switching to sit up on her knees. “Can I tell you?”

Lucifer huffs out a laugh, his riddle already forgotten, “Of course urchin, continue.”

Trixie settles down, puts on a very serious face and crosses her arms before she asks him: “What has wings, but also wears a suit?”

The smile slips from his face as he narrows his eyes at her. “I may be the Devil but I am not a ‘what’ child, but a ‘who’. Thank you very much.” Now he is the one that crosses his arms as he angles away from her a bit. At Trixie’s chuckle he looks over at her again, still a little suspicious.

“No silly, I mean what animal!” she says as she climbs into his lap, grabbing his lapels in an attempt to shake the affronted look off his face. She ends up just shaking herself and sticking out her tongue in the process. He thinks she is mocking him.

“Excuse you, but I am not animal. I am a divine being. There’s a big difference.” He tries to remove her from his lap, but she holds onto his jacket, laughing hysterically at him at this point. Both because of his attempts to move her, which makes her feel like she is flying through the air and because he is being such a dumb-dumb.

“I am not talking about you Lucifer! I swear!” she says through her laughter, and squeals as he lifts her up above his head, “The answer is a penguin!”

He promptly puts her down, back on his lap as the realisation hits. “Oh…” is all he manages to respond. At his expression Trixie doubles over in laughter. “This is too funny, I got to text Maze!” she says as she jumps off his lap and runs into her bedroom.

Lucifer is left alone on the couch dumbfounded and still a little prickly from the imagined slight as Chloe walks back towards it with three mugs of cocoa in her hands and a mischievous smile on her face.

“What are you smiling about?” Lucifer asks as she puts the mugs on the coffee table.

Chloe plumps back on the couch and wraps both her arms around his neck as she draws nearer. She places a kiss on his cheek before moving closer to his ear. “Nothing my dear penguin, I just love you” she whispers before moving away, a grin on her face.

“I am NOT a penguin!!” Lucifer bristles.

Chloe is trying to suppress a giggle with an affirmative hum, as she settles her back against his chest. After a moment Lucifer relaxes on a sigh and her penguin wraps his arms around her. Nuzzling his nose behind her ear. “I am not a penguin,” he repeats, mouth to her ear, “but you got one thing right,” he continues, “I am yours.” He nips at the shell of her ear playfully before moving back to press a kiss to her hair.

This time the hum she emits is one of contentment. She finds his hands with her own and starts playing with his fingers as she leans back against him. He draws her closer still. She lets herself enjoy the intimacy for a little moment, before she turns away from him and looks over her other shoulder in the direction of her daughter’s room.

“Trixie, honey, we are ready for the movie!”

Trixie runs out of her room and looking at the two of them on the couch decides she wants to be in the same position as her mother on the other side of Lucifer, so she snuggles in close as she thinks of the penguin families she’s seen on tv that huddle close for warmth in a snowstorm. They kind of look like that, she thinks, but better not tell Lucifer.