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In the mean time

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In today's mission everything had become a reverend chaos. The chaos reached a very tense degree in the middle of the doublecross map. The two teams were at a point of being able to take the victory home, the blue engineer was trying his best defending.

Every second that passed, he met with Kamikaze scouts who tried to take the intel and run to his base back, but what the scout of the enemy team did not know was that there was always a sentry gun waiting for him to leave him with more holes than a Swiss cheese . Sometimes, only sometimes, the engineer is a little sorry for the poor little brain boy who does not stop for a second to think or reconsider that it is not a good idea to enter the room that way, the engineer always changes the position of his sentry so that the scout does not have time to react making him believe that he can be silly enough to leave his sentry in the same place all the time, heh, "it’sa shame boy, but, this gonna keep happening, and happening" .

Then the spy joined the party, that slippery shoe knows how to take advantage of the fact that he is being distracted with the scout to plant some sappers in his constructions, the engineer is always quick to react to remove those damn things from his machines. Luckily, Pyro always goes around, throwing fire with his flamethrower at every corner, getting rid of that snake at the moment it is discovered. That dirty spy is not going to take away his streak and good mood.

And if Pyro is not here to help, the soldier is always there to help him. Ah ... the man is amazing, he can jump with his rocket launcher from one end to the other in a blink, as long as the intel is at risk of being captured. The soldier pounces on who has it carrying him on his back, he flies from the sky like a majestic eagle and with a rapid movement with his shovel, beheads the first idiot who thought he was very ready to try to pass through that bridge and arrive to its base unharmed and intact.

As long as the engineer finds himself protecting the base, the soldier makes a quick stop next to the dispenser, asking if he is well or if he needs help. With a quick shake of his head and a smile he sends the man back to action. whenever he sees him go away screaming like the crazy madman he is, that always makes him laugh a little thinking about the poor unfortunate man who gets in the way of the soldier.

But that happens whenever the mission begins, now that the game is matched and no team wants to lose, everyone is attacking with everything they have, the soldier has problems with the enemy demoman who to ensure their survival accompanies the pyro, the scout try at all costs not to die at the hands of the sniper RED, the duo of the heavy's and medic's are fighting a fierce duel in the middle of the field, the sniper has just been killed by the spy, the BLU spy is nowhere to be seen, which is not a surprise and everyone expects him to do his job, and finally Meanwhile the engineer defends the intel as much as he can, with those scout attacks that always make a good timing with the spy without leaving a single Just time to rest.

With any luck in the last attack, he was able to get rid of the spy and could have some peace, temporarily, he had to sacrifice the dispenser. and it is a real problem to rebuild a new one before the problems come again. But at that moment when he managed to raise the dispenser to level 2. in the distance he could hear some hard footsteps against the ground along with a shout, "I'm fully charge."

A separate voice echoed through the local megaphones announced that the BLU team took over the enemy dossier, but the engineer ignored him now that he has a huge problem approaching.

At that moment the engineer panicked knowing that it was not those of his team who were approaching. Taking his wrangler he prepared for what lies ahead. A heavy uber and medic came around the corner, the heavy waving a war cry discharging everything he has against the sentry, the engineer tries to resist such an attack and luckily the uber has just run out of making them vulnerable to both. The engineer smiled, bearing in mind that he had already earned it.

But to his bad luck, the enemy spy came out of nowhere to place a sapper in his sentry. In a few seconds the sentry exploded after supporting so many bullets sending the poor engineer to the ground. The spy, heavy and medic laughed at him and threw phrases that he should learn to fight for himself without relying on his toys. The spy took the intel and was leaving. The heavy man took out his shotgun so as not to disturb his precious Sasha once more. The engineer closed his eyes behind his protective goggles waiting for the impending lead that came on his face.

"INCOMING !!!" at that moment the soldier came out of nowhere firing rocket after rocket towards the medic that was his main target making it explode into a thousand bloody pieces. The heavy was slow to notice that they just killed his doctor behind his back, and it was even slower because with a strong and rapid blow with the shovel against his back they made him release Sasha, making the ground rumble. The heavy threw a blind fist towards the face of the soldier who easily dodged it backwards but the second fist hit his rocket launcher by pulling it from his hands, the soldier managed to block the third with his shovel. But he was strong enough to push him against the wall by cornering him.
"Never. Never, make me angry. And NEVER, hurt the doctor."

The engineer, seeing that the soldier was in danger, stood up quickly ignoring the gunshot wounds he received or the intense pain in his back, taking the shotgun that heavy dropped to the ground and emptied the entire magazine on the entire back of the heavy that apparently he forgot that he was still there in the room and had not yet died.

"Fiu ... go play chess with your crazy Nazi devil, fat boy." The engineer roared against the bloodied corpse that was the heavy enemy just now before materializing elsewhere. The soldier who was against the wall began to chuckle,

"Well words engie. Show'em who rule this war to this communist pigs." The soldier gives the engineer a thumbs up, he laughs when he looks at what the soldier looks like, all his uniform was more red than blue because of the soaked blood, and if he had his sentry standing now he would surely be confused with an enemy seeing the soldier now, When the laughter was over the worry began.

"Pardon me solly, are you hurt or something?" The soldier shakes his head.

"I feel healthier and more stable than a good American wood oak, engie. And what about you private? Are you alright? Are you in pain?" The soldier asks a little worried to notice the holes in the engineer's jackets along with the small threads of blood that formed in his clothes.

"Agh ... I'm not going to lie. It hurts like hell, but I can take it ... wait ... the spy! He took our Intel, we must ..." the engineer was cut by the palm of the soldier. He pulls the head of the spy behind his back, Gross, but at least he managed to prevent him from leaving with the intel.

"We already have this war won engie." The soldier proclaims by showing him what he brought with the enemy intelligence.

The victory for BLU was announced.

As it was Friday, the blu team was rewarded with the weekend off, everyone exclaimed with joy and triumph for today's victory.

The soldier took the injured engineer to the infirmary for the medic to take care of his injuries. The doctor was surprised thinking that a RED had gotten to the base but then only realized that he was the soldier covered with more blood than he had stored in several jars in the refrigerator.

At the end of healing an injured engineer, the medic scolded them both complaining about when it was the last time the two took a shower, because seriously, they both reeked as if they had left a garbage dump.

After a well-deserved bath to finish the work week after a triumphant victory was almost the last thing these two needed, the soldier was putting on new pants while telling the engineer how he did on the battlefield in today's mission , the most remarkable thing was that the demoman and the pyro were a half-hard duo to fight, but he was able to manage them well and managed to infiltrate the enemy base without being noticed and stealing the intel and returning without a scratch.

The engineer never gets bored of those stories that come from the soldier who tells them with such passion and determination. Seeing the soldier that way is what he likes most about him, who is very determined with what he does and shows so much effort in that.

"Anyway. We won the weekend off, did you know engie ?. Tell me, would you like to go somewhere especially this weekend?"

"Hmm ... I don't know solly-boy. I think we went to all the possible places together in all this time we were traveling. Remember? I don't know if there was any place left yet."

"Something will happen to us. In the mean time. Heheh" the soldier rose from the bench where he was sitting (wearing only pants and being topless.) And approaches the engineer who dried himself with the towel and tied it around of his waist

"Meanwhile we could have some fun." The soldier caught the engineer in his arms, and he does nothing to prevent it, instead he places one arm on the soldier's shoulder and the other caresses the soldier's exposed chest, he never tires of feeling the contact of the hairy gray of The soldier chest in his hands and smiles at how soft the man's muscles feel in his arms and at first glance one would think they would be hard as a rock but in reality they are softer when he feels them as if he were touching a soft pillow.

After passing his cheek through the chest of the soldier, he stares his eyes with the baby's blue eyes, he always admires how the soldier is obsessed not to wear his beloved helmet out of combat. he remembers that soldier would use it all the time and now he only uses it every time a mission is about to start since he had told him he looks very handsome without him. "Hmm ... what if ... tomorrow we both get into my truck and go wherever the road takes us. Who knows, maybe we will find something very interesting, partner." He says as he gets closer closing the gap between the two a little more.

"Engie during working hours and in the middle of the battle we are partners and brothers of war. You know, in the mean time we can do and be whatever we want." The soldier whispers that last against the engineer's lips as he closes the gap, attracting the engineer as close as possible with his hands placed around his hips pushing him against the lockers, the engineer gave a surprise howl but he don't complain and just smiled wider. he don't know how much he like when soldier turn into THAT mode, always make him crazy with so much desire who can't control himself.

"I know very well solly ... oh. You don't know how much I know." Without wasting any more time, the engineer crashed his lips against those of the soldier. The entrance was more than welcome by the soldier, separating his lips a little returning the kiss a second after a tender and erotic way that the engineer's legs became jelly at the same time. The calloused hands of the soldier, slowly and sensually caress each chubby part that has the body of his partner, his back, his belly, his sides. all about the engineer, he considers him fucking adorable and he never gets tired of feeling it in his hands. Sure, his standards tell him that they should exercise a little more often, but if he did, he would not have the same form now and would not like to lose it. Uncontrollably, the soldier deepens the kiss. separating his lips enough to be able to push his tongue into it and moving his lap against his beloved engineer by trapping him between his arms and the lockers preventing him from escaping if he wanted to.

The engineer shudders a little when he feels that those strong hands take a large part of his butt and squeeze it hard but not enough to get to hurt him, he laughs in the middle of the kiss for the mere fact of seeing the soldier there learned how to touch and caress gently. But that was a very predictable sign of what the soldier's intentions are now. And although he wants the same thing, now is not a good time to do it. Making the greatest effort that can be separated from those rich and soft lips. The soldier took that as a signal to do something else, and placed his lips against his neck, biting, sucking and licking the same place leaving a mark.

He swallows a gasp of surprise and he would very much like to continue with what the soldier is doing now, but no, not now. "Solly please." The engineer begs. "It's enough." He pushes him by his chest with both hands to push him away, he did it on time since the soldier was playing with the towel he had around his waist so he could take it off

"Solly here we can't do that." He warns slowly half excited.

"Huh. Why not?"

"Because someone can come in at any time and see us love." He caresses the soldier's cheek with his palm.

"So what? Let's give that person a good show. That doesn't bother me." He leans down to kiss the engineer once more but he stops him.

"Not to you. But to me yes, I had explained it to you before solly."

"Ah sure ... your sissies standars. If I remember very well, that you don't like to be the center of attention and that you would not like to be caught in this way since you want to keep 'this' between us only. That's always a silly thing, but as my lover I have to respect your sissies decisions." He complains about the facts.

"It's not silly sissies things solly. I'm just cautious." He clears up.

"Caution is only for women's and the French." The engineer laughs a little about that. But at least he is happy that the soldier understands, the minority.

"I know. But hey, we can always do this at any time and when we're safer." He points to the door that has the insurance destroyed, according to those who "knew about it that happened" say it broke when the demoman and the sniper had an argument in this place and one of the two broke the bolt.

"Very well engie, as you want. But this is not going to stay like that." He warns with a smile that would make anyone's hair stand on end, leaving one last kiss against his lips he releases the engineer and walks back to where his locker is and starts looking for the odd shirt. "Your room or mine?"

"Uh ..." he starts thinking as he puts the towel back in place, while moving things from his locker looking for his clothes for this week, taking out some cologne and deodorant. "Is yours free solly?"

"Affirmative. I just have to check something and it will be free by then." He proclaims putting on a white shirt with the American flag on his back and an eagle on the front.

"Then there we meet ... aww ... how cute"


"You're wearing the shirt I bought for you and you said you didn't like it at all because it wasn't your size." ... The soldier blush a little, he crossed his arms and looking to other side.

"I don't know what you're talking about, I don't remember saying such a thing towards something that is very American. Besides, I don't have any more clean clothes left." Soldier says hiding that he likes it a lot and that this shirt was a gift from his favorite engineer, but obviously he won't admit that.

"Yes of course what you say." He teases him without mentioning that shirt is tight enough and leaves a small visible space between his belly and lap.

The soldier had finished getting ready and was ready to leave, but before ... wrapping him in the back with his arms he leaves a kiss on the back of his neck along with a warning saying he waits for him in his room after the dinner and it would be better if he was not late or there will be consequences.

After dressing. the engineer left the dressing room and went to the dining room wearing casual clothes. Today was Pyro Cook's turn. And to be a freak with fire, the boy cooked fancy meals that anyone would kill to try even a small bite of that meal and that was the essential thing to finish a successful work week. All the other mercenaries and friends were sitting around the round table with a plate in front of each other. The spy was smoking and reading the newspaper without saying anything to anyone, the medic was apologizing to his partner for not having seen that sniper in time and letting him die, the heavy consoled him saying that he was not to blame, that he is well that he did not know that the enemy sniper was going to shoot him in the head, the demoman was sitting next to the sniper telling stories and nonsense laughing loudly with his scrumpy bottle in his hand shaking it from side to side, the sniper for some reason He was listening to everything he said as if he really cares what his partner next door says, and in passing he also adds things and anecdotes to the babble of the demoman, the scout was babbling under things to himself. The pyro was in the kitchen cooking who knows what. The engineer sat between the sniper and the medic greeting the rest of the team, the soldier was not to be seen in the dining room.

"Good job defending the intel room truckie." The sniper congrats to him.

"That's nothing." He rubs himself behind his neck, "It was a great challenge to defend today you know, but I wouldn't have done it if the soldier hadn't come in time to help me ... talking about the soldier. No one saw him here? " He asks those around him and everyone shakes his head having no idea.

"Don't mention the bastard." The scout says loud enough to attract attention.

The engineer arches a brow looking at the boy, "something wrong boy?"

"Of course something is wrong hard-hat." The scout start very annoying when talking about the soldier, "that soldier kept getting in my way all the friking time, every time I was about to steal the enemy intel that dumbbell came out of nowhere and took it before me, leaving me Alone and I had to take care of all the enemies, you have no idea how many times I died because of him ... "The boy continued cursing the soldier's name multiple times and he was already tired of hearing the child's tantrums and everyone They had enough of those words, they came up with a way to make the child stop cursing his soldier's name and shut up at once.

"Well kid ... I thought you were the fastest creature in the place and you could beat anything who gets in your way, if a soldier is faster than you in your own games of stealing the enemy's intelligent, then that means that you are becoming slower and useless you know, you should learn more from the soldier. And... " the reaction of very pissed that put the scout was enough yo everyone on the table to start laughing, even the spy.

"Hey overalls, you suck." The scout shows him the middle finger.

"just grow up, scout." Spy breaks the silence without taking his dark eyes off his newspaper.

"You shut the fuck up snake." The scout sat back in the seat avoiding seeing others.

"Labor, if you want to know where the soldier is. he approached in the kitchen before anyone else and took a plate with him to his room. He told the demoman to tell you, that if you could bring him a bottle of beer when you go there that has something to discuss a little talk with you. But now in the repulsive and rotten state that imbecile is he can barely remember something so simple. " The spy tells the engineer as he continues to see the newspaper as if nothing.


"And how do you know that?."

"I was here before that and I heard it. De nada amigo." The spy says sacastically, and the engineer is internally grateful for the "kindness"

"Hey doc." The sniper suddenly asks the medic.

"What do you need?"

"By chance, won't you have lubricant?" The table fell silent

"... and what would you want lubricant for? If you let me ask."

"I just need it, I planned to go camping with my mate here and you never know what could happen in a camp." The sniper pointed to the demoman next to him who nodded at that.

The spy took his view of the newspaper "What ...?"

"Uh ... sure ... you can stop by my office later." No one said anything after that.

Pyro left the kitchen carrying a large tray of baked chicken and meat marinated along with several boats with different types of dressings and spicy to accompany. Everyone exclaimed happily at the delicious and good-looking dinner and praising the pyro for being a good cook.

When dinner was over and the dishes were completely empty, everyone went to their respective rooms to rest a little for the weekend. The sniper took the demoman to his caravan without anyone noticing, they had planned to leave that night.

The engineer stayed to help the pyro to gather the plates and utensils of the table. The pyro thanked him for the help and then murmured that he could leave it that he can only take care of the cleaning and that he has no problem with that.

The engineer wishes the pyro good night, but before leaving the kitchen he goes to the refrigerator to get two bottles of beer, one for the soldier, who according to the spy, he had asked for it, and one for him. He walks slowly towards the soldier's room knowing that he is waiting inside to do something else besides having a little talk.