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The Spark Is Only a Nightmare

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Its 2002 and Richie is now 26, married and for an odd reason him and his husband decided to adopt a baby girl well she is no longer a baby she is 9 years old now and Richie calls her Sweetface, and his husband calls her bear " it was so cute .. "  speaking Richie's husband, is none other than .. Eddie Kaspbrak .. yes, Richie Tozier himself married the biggest germaphobe he knows and he doesn't regret it one bit him and Eddie are middle school sweethearts and after the dreadful 1980s they soon realized they had something, " something so special .." a spark that formed from one another that grew into a strong, unbreakable bound, " our bound, our love was so strong I miss you " and after getting together Richie and Eddie decided to perform a Blood Oath 


 Bill stood in front of Richie and Eddie, " I now grant you two with the glass of love .. " Bill snorts, " Hey! This isn't some kind of big joke you big bastard! " His one and only .. Eddie Kaspbrak .. " If this isn't serious to you then I rather Bev hand us the shard of glass! "  Eddie barked, in his harsh tone " o-okay okay .. i'm sorry " Bill chuckled and he pulled Eddie into a strong hug and he pulls away, and Bill looks into Richies burning amber eyes and Bill starts with a light smile and ends in tears sliding down his face, " Dude!? Hey don't cry.. " Richie shouts and he pulls Bill into a soft hug and he looks up at Bill, " I love y-you.. Trashmouth" Bill says with his stone soft voice, " I love you too.. big billy " Richie pulls from the gentle hug and he wipes Bills tears that hung from his jaw, and Bill hands Eddie the glass shard " Let's get started already! these two love birds don't have all ! " Beverly shouts with her fierce, sassy tone, " yeah.. " Ben softly says and he is smiling his welcoming smile, the smile that is always smeared on his face when Beverly speaks with her sparky nature, " gosh they are so cute.. " Mike, the mom of the group basically " don't you agree stanley? " Mike says while turning to look at Stan and, Stan is just standing there with his arms crossed, stern look but you know that he is really happy right now but only on the inside, Eddie clears his throat so everyone will quiet down and everyone could hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing through everyone's hair, Eddie begin " Richie Tozier .. fucking damn .. you look so beautiful .. gosh- a-anyway! I Eddie Kaspbrak vow.. to never hurt you in anyway .. never break a promise .. never keep secrets from you .. love you even after death .. and there is so much I could say right now and but I want you to have your turn as well.. "  Eddie gently takes Richies soft hand and cuts into his palm and Richie winces in pain and he squints his eyes sightly and he tears up and Eddie kisses Richies tears away, and Richie takes the now blood stained glass shard and Richie begins, " Eddie Kaspbrak .. my fucking everything .. I to will never hurt, lie, or unpromise and I will fucking love you even after death .. my mate! " Richie laughs, as well as everyone else and Richie wipes his tears of laughter and he continues " I should have realized sooner that you were the handsome kind guy I needed in my life and that I should have heard my feelings soon enough " .. as Richie speaks, he to thinks about everything that happened before this very moment and Richie begins to cry a little and soon Eddie and Richie lace hands and close their eyes and have a moment, the birds are chirping less and the sunset is now shining its brightest till tomorrow and Richie thinks its shining just for him and Eddie, and they open their eyes and all the Losers begin to cheer with happiness and Richie notices Eddie busy looking at the Losers and Richie takes this chance and cups Eddies cheek with his bloody hand and he kisses him passionately and Eddie is caught by surprise as he is pulled closer into the deep kiss and his eyes that are pools of brown soon shut and he brings his non and bloody hands to Riches slim waist and they both dive deeper into the kiss until all the Losers come and hugs them both and both Eddie and Richie looked at eachother, " we both knew we were bound for life now and we couldn't back and we would never go back, we could now be happy together in harmony, are blood mixed with each other and we thought all that bad stuff was behind us but oh no .. no we were so wrong.. " 



Richie yawned while he made his daughter a sunny side up egg while listening to the calm music, until Charlotte changes it " mama! mama listen! " Charlotte shouts, " okay okay sweetface hold on! " Richie says and he finishes up her breakfast and he slips off the apron and places the steaming plate in front of Charlotte and he turns of up the radio and begins to do the dishes " good morning folks! welcome back to another sunny beautiful day in Maryland, great day for swimming am I right kids? " the man says and Charlotte looks at Richie with a pout, Charlotte definitely got the put from Richie himself " maybeee swimming- but for now shush you wanted me to listen to this and I a- "  Richie is cut off by the news guy and sighs and he snorts and he continues to do the dishes, " Let's get back to our daily Maryland news! looks like we got a phone call from .. oh wow! Derry, Maine! go ahead bucko speak up! " says the man and Richie eyes go wide his burning amber eyes soon turn into watered down brown, " o-okay.. hey um .. if Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak a-are listening .. get y-your asses to Derry now.. " couldn't believe it, he has to be dreaming and Richie started breathing quickly and fast and Charlotte notices and she gasp " mama!? " she jumps from her seat, " EDDIE! " Richie calls for Eddie with a shriek, and as soon as he did Eddie comes running in and hugging Richie " are you okay?! what the fuck happened!? " Eddie shouts but the voices in Richie's head are drowning both Eddie and Charlottes voices out and all he can hear is those stabbing words, " You will never be my son .. you are a freaky slut aren't ya trashmouth~ .. now is the time to shut the fuck up you fucking faggot! .. imma beat the senseless shit outta ya .. not my son .. shut up trashmouth! .. you got pretty plump lips boy mind using them for my cock?~..  shut up SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!- " Richie screams " GET OUT OF MY HEAD! " he kicks his legs around but Eddie grabs him and he easily stops Richies legs from moving and he holds him " sweetheart .. shh .. its okay .. its okay baby .. the voices aren't real .." Richie opens his eyes and he looks around only to see his bloody finger from a glass cut just now, Eddie and Charlotte and that he came back to reality and he starts to breathe slowly and Charlotte crawls into Richies lap and hugging his slim waist " mama dont be sad! those mean voices aren't real" Charlotte shouts and both Eddie and Richie laugh and Richie does his cute snort that Eddie loves so much, and Eddie looks down at Richie and kisses his pink plump lips that taste just like strawberries, " its been awhile since you had a .. panic attack.. what do you think cause- " Eddie was cut off by Richie grabbing his face gently, " w-we gotta fucking go .. go back to Derry... " Eddie is shocked but then his eyes that are brown pools spark with a fire and he pulls richie closer and charlotte as well and he looks at richie and all he could say in that moment was, " shit .."