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Baekhyun wants.

Soft touches, gentle kisses, and rough ones all the same. Wants hugs in the morning and the night, midday. Any time really. Words assuring him he's loved, cherished.

Baekhyun wants a Mate.

The boy has a mate. While a bite is present, settled in skin along the curve of his delicate neck, he lacks those things mentioned before. There are no soft touches, no kisses or hugs. Not even words asking how his day has been and if he's feeling well.

Junmyeon is a good Alpha, he takes care of him. Brings home a fresh kill when theyre in need of meat, provides a roof over his head and warm furs to sleep in. But he never touches Baekhyun, never nuzzles his neck to leave his scent, warning other Alphas to stay away. They never really speak either.

Dinners that aren't shared with the pack usually consist of wooden utensils scraping against plates and a deafening silence. An occassional request for seconds sometimes makes its presence known, but even that is rare. The Omega never was very good at cooking. That doesn't mean he never tried.

Many a time Baekhyun found himself observing older female wolves cooking around the fire, trying to retain what spices they put in which dish and attempting to replicate it later. Never had it turned out like their dishes. Perhaps making meals just wasn't his strong suit. Once, the young omega had fixed up a plate full of berries and dried meat for his Alpha while he worked on a new hut.

Upon arrival, the youngling stopped in his tracks. Another Omega was perched upon a log facing Junmyeon, his hands were patting the Alphas in laughter. It was only then Baekhyun noticed...

Junmyeon was laughing also.

Never before had Baekhyun witnessed the melody of Junmyeon's joy. Perhaps he wasn't worthy. The Omega, he recognized as pack Alpha's son, Sehun. With tears in his eyes, Junmyeons mate turned away, the plate of berries and meat left discarded beside the treeline.

After that day the Omega had decided it was best to let Junmyeon have his lover. Afterall Baekhyun wouldn't want himself either. Their mating was the result of Junmyeon's need to move up in rank. No feelings were involved.

They weren't even friends. Recently, Junmyeon had also be slacking off in his duties. Many a time he had neglected to help Baekhyun carry his load of laundry to the river, leaving the tiny boy to drag the basket by himself. Or just yesterday, when a pack dinner had been held, Junmyeon never made a plate for Baekhyun. Instead, choosing to gather enough meat for only himself, ignoring Baekhyun's confusion. All of these thoughts found the young Omega sitting by a pack bonfire, furs draped over his shoulders and dull eyes staring into nothing. Sitting on his right was a Beta, Yixing, the packs best healer and also one of Baekhyun's only friends.

To the left, fellow Omega Chanyeol was perched upon a pillow, features lighting up at sighting his Alpha crush, Minseok. There was a great size difference between the two as the Alpha was much, much shorter. Often times Yixing and Baekhyun would snicker over the way Chanyeols long legs stumbled around Minseok. It was endearing to say the least.

Suddenly, a weight shifted onto the Omega's hand, pulling Baekhyun away from that dark mass of thoughts. Yixing's kind honey eyes smiled, seeming to question if he were alright. Unfortunately, in order to gaze at his friend the Omega must also face a direction in which a certain Alpha and his lover sat, curled up in their own furs. Oh how he wants to feel that way. Safe, warm and loved.

Scenting sadness permeating from his friend, Yixing spoke up in protest, hissing out his words in haste.
"Don't look at them." The Beta's sudden outburst gathered the attention of a certain tall Omega who instantly boiled over in anger upon realization.

"How can they act like wolves in heat while you are sitting only feet away!?" Chanyeol whispered angrily. The young one shifted uncomfortably in his spot. It bothered Baekhyun as much as he hated to admit.

Why was he not enough? Perhaps it was because of his young age. There was a large difference in winters between he and Junmyeon. When they first considered mating the Omega hadn't thought anything of it, pondering instead what mated life would be like.

The joys Baekhyun thought he would experience blinded him to the truth. Those dreams were crushed under the scent of honey and cloves that clung to his mates furs every night.

"Doesn't it bother you? Seeing them like that?" Chanyeol's inquiry stunned Baekhyun, and for a moment all he could do was watch his mate. Sehun smiled at something Junmyeon said, strong eyebrows dipping and thin lips stretching into a charming lie. Baekhyun parted his lips a moment.

A howl split the silence open.

Everything stilled.

Mates clutched each other closer and the hair on their arms prickled.

That was no ordinary howl.

It was a cry for help.

Minutes after, their whole pack was gathered around the village gates. Alpha's lined up in a wall of muscle and pheremones ready to vanquish any threat. Baekhyun pushed his way between bodies and through a thick cloud of fear before coming to stand behind Junmyeon. Peering over his broad shoulder, Bakehyun sought out a limping figure making it's way towards the group.

As if sensing his presence, Junmyeon turned toward the young Omega, their eyes met.

"What is it?" Baekhyun inquired. They held contact a few seconds more before Junmyeon sighed, casting his gaze downward. Baekhyun hoped he was battling guilt.

"Another rouge I assume. Go back to stand with Chanyeol." Giving him no other choice, Junmyeon glared down at Baekhyun, sending him stumbling backwards into the chest of another wolf. With a humph and quick apology, the young one tiptoed back to Chanyeols side.

Yixing made his way through the crowd shortly after. Having seen Baekhyun's interaction with Junmyeon, the Beta stopped shortly to caress his friends blonde hair before furthering his journey. The sea of wolves parted just enough for Baekhyun to catch a glimpse of a strange wolf. Blood was evident along the torn furs covering the males skin. Whatever had happened must've been horrifying.

"Everyone please return to your huts, Healer Yixing will carry on from here."

"We will ensure Alpha's are positioned along the borders of our village for safety." The voice of Head Alpha Oh commanded his pack to return home even if sleeping was the last thing they wanted to do. Slowly, wolves filtered away one by one until only a few Alpha's remained. Junmyeon among them. Baekhyun couldn't help but notice the presence of Sehun clinging to his arm. The Omega whispered something into Junmyeon's ear, resulting in a large hand rising to cup his cheek.

It was so intimate of an action the youngling felt it improper to watch any longer. Forcing his body to move Baekhyun trudged on towards his own lonely hut, making up his mind to visit Yixing tomorrow.

Curiosity of the injured wolf won him over.


Early the next morning, Baekhyun fixed a quick breakfast of eggs and berries, leaving a portion for Junmyeon when he arose. The Alpha had come home late into the night, smelling of the same honey and cloves as always. It was obvious he had been with Sehun prior to sharing a bed with his mate. The scent sickened Baekhyun so much that he could no longer stand to smell it. Rising earlier than usual, he attempted his morning routine taking extra care to scrub the disgusting scent from his body before heading off to the healers hut.

Along his way birds welcomed him with their songs of happiness, for no pack mates were awake to greet him quite yet. Birdsong was Baekhyun's favorite thing to hear early in the day. Finally reaching the healers den he pushed through the door only to be struck with a large cloud of Alpha scent.

Fresh rain, smokey firewood, along with the sour scent of pain. A strong concoction, overpowering with the pain, but Baekhyun was sure once the sourness was erased it would be a beautiful scent. After gaining back his senses the blonde thoughtfully stepped further into the hut. In passing, Baekhyun noticed a door was cracked and the heavy cloud of Alpha scent grew stronger, more intoxicating. The stranger must be in there. Curiosity pushed him forward and Baekhyun slipped through an open door.

There, on a cot, lay an Alpha. His mop of black hair fanned out onto the pillow under his head while some clung to sweaty skin. Baekhyun noticed how his eyes moved violently under thin eyelids, almost as if the male were having a nightmare. Though his flesh was pale with sickness, Baekhyun could tell in full health it would shine golden like marigolds.

Stepping closer still, the Omega's fingers sought out a cold rag soaking in a bowl of water from the bedside table. Gently placing it onto the feverish males head and dabbing. This man had such soft features for an Alpha and the other chuckled at his cute button nose. Unbeknownst to Baekhyun, this stranger had awoke at his prodding. Turning to refresh the cloth Baekhyun gasped, stumbling backward and clutching the rag to his chest. A large hand reached for the boy, grasping his thin wrist at last second.

"Don't go." Ragged and rough, the Alpha begged him not to leave. Heart beating fast, Baekhyun slowly settled closer onto the cot.

"I'm Jongin... you are?" Scanning Jongin for any kind of danger, the youngling decided to answer. Only offering a short, cautious word.

"Baekhyun..." Baekhyun's fingers loosened around the rag when Jongin's body contracted in a violent cough letting it fall to the floor with a wet plop. The blonde couldn't help but notice sinewy strips of muscle that roped down visble scapes of the Alpha's arms. This Jongin's, attention was back on him now, calculating.

"You aren't from here are you?" That question threw Baekhyun off for a moment, never had any wolf asked him of this before.

"No, I'm from the North... my mother and father brought me here when I was just a pup."

"How did you know?" The Omega was curious as to what gave his heritage away. Blinking, Jongin took a breath in thought before answering.

"Your hair, not many Omega's have blonde hair unless they're from the North." Nodding, Baekhyun twiddled his thumbs, eyelashes settling on porcelain cheeks, producing an innocent facade.

"How old are you Baekhyun? You look very young to be mated." Unconciously, the Omega's hand flew to his neck where Junmyeon's bite lay. Sorrow filled him momentarily until he forced it away, cursing himself for forgetting his leather strips to cover the offensing scae; holding his head high, Baekhyun turnes to meet this Alpha head on.

"I am seventeen winters." Jongin hummed in acknowledgment to the boys small pout, and he shifted slightly, wincing at moving in a way which angered healing injuries. It was not uncommon for Omega's to be mated that early on in their lives. As a matter of fact some traditional families encouraged it.

In Baekhyun's case it was due to the need of care when his parents passed away, along with Junmyeon's want to improve his rank. Jongin swallowed. Baekhyun's orbs traced the mans neck, following a strong curve before settling upon what appeared to be a faded mating scar. Baekhyun furrowed his eyebrows in curiosity.

"Are you mated?" Jongin mellowed, turning to Baekhyun once again. The ravenette seemed to be far away, as if remembering something long ago.

"I was once."

"Once?" Before he could think any better the question poured from his cherry lips and Baekhyun's own hand slapped them in earnest. Smiling slightly, Jongin found the young ones antics refreshing.

"It's alright... his name was Kyungsoo, he was the Head Alpha's Omega son."

"Kyungsoo died... during childbirth, our pup was lost with him."

"I'm so sorry." Baekhyun whispered. Jongin smiled yet again. It was remarkable, for no sorrow was found anywhere in his being.

"Nothing could be done, I've accepted his fate and it has been many winters ago." Still, the feeling of guilt for asking such a thing haunted Baekhyun. Before another word could be uttered between them, the door squeaked open revealing a surprised Yixing.

"Oh... Baekhyun, I didn't know you were here!" Quickly, the Omega in question stumbled up from off the bed. It was in that moment his cheeks burned in embarrassment at being caught with a strange Alpha. For heavens sakes he didn't know Jongin! What was he thinking? This could look very wrong.

Mentally reprimanding himself, Baekhyun stepped further into a corner.

"I see you've met Baekhyun, he's a very good friend of mine!" Yixing's kind timbre danced through the air. The blonde Omega snuck a glance at Jongin. The males dark amber orbs were already trained on his form, admiring with a small smirk adorning plush lips.

"Yes, he's been very sweet and great company." Had his voice always been so deep? There was a lilt that seemed to melt Baekhyun's body, turning his legs into warm jelly. Yixing's minstrations paused and the Beta threw a sharp look over his fur covered shoulder.

Those honey eyes seemed to relay a warning.
'I want to speak with you.' Lowering his gaze once again, Baekhyun shuffled in place.

"I'm happy to hear that, you should meet his mate once you heal." If Jongin noticed Yixing's emphasis on the word, mate, he did a splendid job of hiding his reaction. No more words were spoken between them as the healer worked in replacing bloody bandages and stitching more wounds. Upon removal of furs, the Alpha's torso was made bare. Baekhyun caught a glimpse of taught muscle and beautiful tan skin.

One could not possibly turn away from such a sight and once the boys eyes finally removed themselves in shame they met with Jongin's heavy gaze. It burned into his whole being, engulfing the Omega's insides in flame yet again. He needed to leave soon or else he might find himself doing something very shameful.
Upon studying Baekhyun's form, the ravenette took in how his slender shoulders seemed slightly rounded and a deep pool of sadness lurked in those beautiful, wide brown orbs. Jongin concluded that something was amiss with the Omega.

Whatever it may be, he found himself wanting to strip it from the boys very soul, to replace it with happiness and confidence. Perhaps that was an innappropriate thing to hope for. They had only just met afterall. Twisting the lid onto a jar of ointment, Yixing moved away from the bed, supplies in hand.

"As I said before no sudden movements, and please let me know if you need something, that leg is still healing and you're weak from fever." Jongin nodded in understanding. Yixing turned on his heel to face Baekhyun, eyebrows raised and face stern. Baekhyun already dreaded the scolding to come.

"Come with me please, I'd like a word." Dejectedly following his friend out of the room, he moved to shut the door. Baekhyun offered a quick wave to Jongin between a narrow crack before finally letting the oak slab fall into place.

Taking a moment to breathe just outside, Baekhyun took in the sound of bottles clinking further down inside the hall. Subconciously, he concluded that Yixing must be in his medicine room. The Omega took his sweet time getting there, in no way was he looking forward to 'the talk'. Baekhyun knew all to well how vicious his Beta friend was when upset. Upon rounding the corner Yixing ushered him inside, pushing his body into a wooden chair under the window.

Instead of starting his rant right away, Yixing shuffled around with other herbs and mushrooms. Baekhyun could tell the Beta was doing it on purpose. Yixing wanted the Omega to sweat. Without warning his friend whirled around, launching into a sentence, each word laced with intent. Finally.

"Listen to me, Jongin is a strange Alpha... you don't know where he came from or what he's capable of." Baekhyun rolled his eyes in disbelief.

"But he seemed harmle-" Yixing cut the younger off.

"You should take this seriously, Baekhyun!"

"What would Junmyeon think about you visiting a strange Alpha?" Inahling sharply the Omega kept his attention on the floor. What would Junmyeon say about you visiting a strange Alpha?...

"Junmyeon does not care about me..." Yixing's expression turned sour at the blondes words. He most certainly did not mean to use such a sore subject against Baekhyun. In the heat of the moment, Yixing had said whatever came to mind first. And he regretted it greatly.

"That's not true." The Beta whispered. Letting out a shakey breath, Baekhyun raised his head, blonde hair falling away from his face and tears trailing down the swell of pale cheeks.

"Junmyeon never cared for me, I am just a pawn to use for his own gain."

"Just a young, foolish Omega who is too naive and too dumb..." Baekhyun's features hardened with every word.

"Junmyeon has hurt me time and time again, parading around with that little whore on one arm while his own mate is forced to watch... forced to smell the scent of another wolf clinging to him when he comes home everynight." Lips wobbling in anger and pain the Omega continues on.

"Don't you try to tell me he cares! Not when I can't even remember the last time he touched me." His words were choked out as if they were poison on the tongue, smothering anything in it's path. Baekhyun bent forward, giving up any fight left inside himself. Yixing rushed closer, cooing to the boy, catching Baekhyun's face in his hands and pushing their foreheads together in affection.

"I'm so, so sorry, love." Words were no use now. The Omega had been hurt far too many times for them to hold any meaning. So instead of speaking, the healer rocked Baekhyun until his sobs ceased and sleep took the blonde into a gentle embrace.


After that day, Yixing allowed Baekhyun to help out with Jongin and over time the two grew very close. Jongin was unlike any Alpha the Omega had ever known. He never treated him like a little child, never ignored him when he spoke. In fact, the male would encourage Baekhyun to speak what was on his mind. Sometimes even offering advice or just simply listening.

Baekhyun grew to treasure their moments together and as Jongin healed he regained color in his skin and light in his eyes. It was a day before the spring festival when Baekhyun dropped in, bringing Jongin a piece of pie he had snuck from the kitchens. While they munched on the sweet dessert, Baekhyun couldn't help but stare his new friend.

Jongin was very handsome.

Those charming amber eyes, plush lips, tan skin and melodious laugh could make anyone fall in love. The Omega found himself blushing even more than usual that day. Especially when the Alpha held his hands while praying to the Godess.

Had Jongin's hands always been that big?

They seemed to swallow his own whole. Calloused but not rough, gentle and warm.


The boy wanted to kiss them, feel them cup his cheeks and brush through his hair- What was he thinking!? He has a mate for Godess sake! Even if Junmyeon didn't love him, Baekhyun was determined to never have another Alpha as long as they were mated. He would not bow down to such an unsightly sin.

Even if Junmyeon himself had a lover.

It was with these thoughts in mind that Baekhyun pledged to himself.

I, Byun Baekhyun, will never fall in love with Kim Jongin...