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Without a Trace

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The first thing Lisa realized as she opened her eyes was that there was wetness on her face. She wiped it off slowly and her blurry vision came into focus. She sat up abruptly, wincing at the pain in her head from the too quick movement. Her eyes struggled to adjust to the dark room, but the sliver of light underneath the adjacent door provided enough light to see that she was alone.

She used both hands to touch her arms, legs, torso, head - looking for signs of injury. Besides the throbbing in her skull and resulting wet residue on her fingers from her head wound, she found nothing physical that caused any alarm. Her uniform was still in place, if not a little worse for the wear. It seemed as if whoever took her just dumped her in the dark; underground by the smell of it. No shackles or restraints - either her captors were very stupid or very confident. She hoped for the former.

How did she get here? She wasn’t sure. Everything was out of focus - but near, like she could reach out and grab it. She pressed her palms to her eyes, shaking her head and willing the memories back.

Regardless, she thought, she was here now. She needed to arm herself before her captors returned. She felt around for a weapon but found nothing. Suddenly, the thought of Sonny flooded her mind. Did he know she was missing? He must - she was wearing her fatigues so they had to have been working together.

He was going to lose his mind.


Sonny was losing his mind. There’s no way that the op had gone this sideways this quickly.

The last thing he’d heard on the coms was gunfire and Davis’ voice - “Bravo, command is under attack! I repeat, command is under attack. Bravo -” He’d heard another voice in the background yelling and then gunfire and then nothing. Sonny stopped in his tracks, frantically trying command. “Davis! Havoc base! This is Bravo 3, come in damnit!”

The rest of Bravo had completed their mission and were preparing for exfil - the helos were set to land any second. Sonny walked in circles with his hands on his head and Jason tried frantically to get anybody at command back on the coms. Ray paced in circles, monitoring their surroundings as if he wasn’t sure what else to do.

“What the hell!” Jason yelled, throwing his com to the ground. “What the hell just happened?” Jason turned and looked at Sonny, realizing slowly that Sonny was speechless for the first time ever.

All Sonny could think of was Davis’ steady voice on the coms. He knew her well enough to hear the fear during her last word before it went dark - “Bravo”. He felt like he was in a daze. He heard the helos land beside them and watched as Bravo began to load.

“Sonny!” Clay yelled over the sound of the blades. Sonny was trying to think logistically, though he knew not reasonably. He couldn’t hoof it from here - it was twenty miles in enemy territory. His only bet was to get on that transport. He felt like he wasn’t doing anything. He would be sitting in a helo while who knows what happened back at command. He shook his head and and ran towards his team.

How did this happen? He felt his anger inflating as he loaded the chopper. The daze of the past few minutes start to fade and frantic fury took it’s place.

“What do we know?” Clay half shouted at Jason over the roar in the background. Sonny looked around at his team and saw them all crawling up the walls. They felt as helpless as he did.

“We don’t know a damn thing! Insurgents have attacked our command while we weren’t there and that’s all we fucking know.” Jason pulled his palm back and thrust it forward, hitting the metal wall of the helo.

The helo began to land and Sonny had to fight from jumping to speed the descent. They landed and all grabbed their gear, placing their night vision goggles back on. The embassy was silent - doors were open and windows busted, smoke rising from the back building.

Jason took lead and motioned for him and Clay to follow him in the front and Ray, Brock, and Trent to go in through the side. They swept the front, seeing furniture turned over, glass broken and two bodies. Sonny’s heart stopped immediately each time they passed a still form on the floor. So far, the dead found had been an insurgent and an embassy employee - all dead. Bravo made it to the room that Davis and Blackburn had deemed headquarters and Clay used the signal for all clear. Jason completed the sweep and returned it. The team split up, running to the bodies on the floor.

Sonny was able to look around the room where Davis had been ambushed. Computers smashed on the ground, chairs turned over, blood splatters throughout and one body from their command team. They had taken a small team for this mission as it wasn’t supposed to be complicated. A simple grab of information via harddrive. But what Sonny saw in front of him was a third of the team - and no Lisa.

“DAVIS!” He yelled, not caring who heard or who was still in the building. He began to search under tables and in corners, flipping over furniture as he yelled her name again, “LISA!”

“Jason!” Clay yelled from the closet, motioning for them to come over. Clay was kneeling beside someone unconscious. Sonny had to tell himself not to throw his team out of the way to see if it was Davis.

Sonny hated the mixture of relief and sadness when he realized it wasn’t her. Blackburn lay on the ground, a bullet wound in his shoulder and his eyes closed.

“Oh no no no..” Jason muttered as he felt for a pulse. Trent gently shoved him aside and began his medical examination.

“He’s alive! Strong pulse. Bullet looks through and through.” As Trent spoke, Blackburn’s eyes opened slowly, and then abruptly as he realized what had happened.

Blackburn attempted to sit up, grabbing his shoulder and grimacing. Trent gently tried to push him back down but Blackburn pushed him away.

“Lisa? Where is she?” At Lisa’s name, Sonny knelt down immediately within Blackburn’s line of sight.

“What do you mean where is she? She’s not here, Blackburn. I need you to tell us where the hell she is,” Sonny felt Trent glaring at him as he worked on Blackburn’s wound. Sonny knew he was out of line, especially with a higher ranking officer, but he couldn’t help himself and Blackburn didn’t seem to care.

“We were overrun with no warning - it seemed like they had previous knowledge of the building. Looked like they were after our software. Davis radioed you and they started shooting. Killed -“ He stopped and took a deep breath and continued, “Killed Halston and shot me. Davis saved my life. She immediately dragged me out of sight and I was fading fast. Last thing I remember she had gone back to try to get Jane who had been across the room. I passed out and woke up to you guys.” Sonny immediately rocked back on his heels and ran to the other side of the room. He saw one shoe and then another strewn across the floor towards the kitchen. Sonny threw aside a chair from his path as he followed the shoes. No one.

So that left two - Jane and Lisa. Both gone without a trace.