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Frozen Heart

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Light laid in bed in the task force building, looking at his hands. Was it possible? Was it possible touching the Death Note had—

Let's rewind. Turn back the clock by twenty-four hours.

The Japanese Kira Task Force had captured Higuchi and retrieved his Death Note. Light had held that Death Note, but... he felt very weird after touching it, getting a bit of a headache, and his eyes burned like holy hell. And he had heard masculine laughter all around him, and he hadn't had the slightest idea why.

When Light had opened his eyes, he could see everyone's name and lifespan above their head. He didn't know how he could do this. Was this how Kira killed? Seeing people's names. He could even see L's name. L Lawliet. Who in their right mind names their child L? Light had been expecting something like Lawrence as L's name, not just the letter itself.

But that wasn't the only thing. Higuchi had died, and he had only made a vague hand gesture, and the man was dead instantly. L had seen it but hadn't seemed to come to the conclusion that Light had.

To test it, once he was free of the handcuffs, Light sat down in front of the television and made the same hand gestures at the TV. The people on the screen at the time died.

It was a terrible idea for the last test, but he took a walk, did some research on criminals, and made a note to walk past some, waving his hand, and that person dropped dead. 

So now, he was sure. Whatever had happened had given him the power to kill, no notebook required.

He was shocked when Rem the Shinigami came in while he was crying on the bed, horrified he had somehow become the Kira that L thought him to be.

"Light Yagami, it has come to my attention a colleague of mine may have placed a curse upon you out of boredom." 

Light looked up, "Huh?"




Rem knew what Ryuk had done, and she was not happy about it, especially seeing how innocent the boy had become. This was either going to traumatize him, or he'd become Kira all on his own again, or he'd get his memory back while remembering he wanted to kill L, and might go on a rampage. Even if human life had no value to Shinigami—with Misa being the exception—giving a human the power to kill with just a gesture was cruel. But at least the Shinigami eyes here were just a side effect and didn't take away from the boy's lifespan.

However, yes, if Ryuk was going to use humans as his own personal Netflix, this was one way to do it.

So she decided not to tell Light about his past Kira life since Ryuk's unexpected influence had led to Light getting these powers instead of recovering his memories. To regain his past, Light would have to touch the same notebook he had initially found.

Even better, she decided Light was a healthier partner for Misa if he wasn't a homicidal maniac, so she came up with a plan to have Light take time to control his powers and try not using them. Then everything would be close to normal, and Ryuk left unsatisfied.

"These gloves will help," she gave Light a pair of decorative red gloves with little designs on them, "Conceal your power by keeping a tight grip on your emotions."

Light looked down at his now-gloved hands, "Conceal, don't feel. Don't let it show. I'm not a killer." He nodded to himself, "Okay."




L had found himself rather unhappy. 

Light had locked himself in his room, destroyed the cameras, and refused to come out. Since Light didn't have the Death Note, it wasn't like he was doing anything suspicious in there, so maybe he just wasn't a fan of cameras watching him. That was reasonable.

But the thing that worried everyone was that Light never left his room. Didn't let anyone in either. Rem had taken to bringing Light food by phasing through the door, and she didn't give any hints about what was wrong.

With Higuchi dead, the Kira killings had stopped not long after, after seeming to have gotten the last couple of deaths out of its system which had been planned far in advance. It had been two weeks, and no new criminals were dying. This should have been good because Light and Misa were proven innocent with the thirteen-day rule.

But now L was without any cases—he'd decided to stay in Japan since he'd had a colossal skyscraper built, so he might as well stay here as his residence and just travel for cases—so he decided to work on smaller mysteries.

But he also missed Light. Maybe he too was bored?

He walked to Light's door and knocked rhythmically,

"Do you want to catch a killer? I never see you anymore, I wish you'd tell someone why. It doesn't have to be a killer."

"Go away, Ryuzaki." He heard from the other side of the door, and bowed his head, feeling more than a little hurt.

"Okay, bye."


3 months later


L decided to try again since he was apprehensive about Light. His family was desperate to get him out of the room, but he never did. Misa couldn't get him out either. Rem brought him food, and that was it. A small part of L wanted to be cruel and shut the water off in that room or not let Rem bring Light food, so he would have to come out, but morals had said that was a bad idea.

"Do you want to catch a killer? If you're nervous about the other task force members, they returned to their lives two months ago. Your sister really misses you." Silence, and he found himself still talking, "There's supposed to be a worldwide party about the defeat of Kira. I bet it will be beautiful. I'm even planning on going—obviously not as L... Still, I'm sure the cake will be amazing...the entire task force is required to go, so you have no choice but to get out of your room..." he sighed when he didn't hear any response other than the television and left, fighting back the tears as he realized he might have lost his best friend.




"I'm scared!" Light said to Rem, "It's getting stronger!" He looked at his hands and how his powers had evolved into killing in more ways than just heart attacks. He could burn people alive and freeze people from the inside out and all sorts of crazy methods. It was getting harder and harder to hide the fact that Kira still was out there.

He heard L explaining about the party, and Light really wanted to go, just to have a good time like someone his age should be. But he knew he was too dangerous.


6 months later


L sobbed against Light's door, having just gotten back from Watari's funeral. The only man who would take in a strange little boy and love and raise him was gone. His  father  was gone, and now L was all alone in the world, with Light being the only one who he had left in this building. He used to enjoy being alone, but that was when he had the option to talk to Watari whenever he wanted.

"Light... please... I know you're in there. People have stopped asking where you've been. They say I should have courage...and I'm trying to, just please, Light. We only have each other in this building, only you and me. What are we going to do?" He was pretty sure he heard things, but he thought he heard Light say,

"Do you wanna catch a killer?"