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Ocean, nothing but endless ocean, plus some wind and snow, the village was destroyed, a pile of ashes, the smoke still visible, or maybe she was imagining all, maybe the height was starting to mess with her mind, anyways, Cela sat on Huntress´ back, face expressionless, trying not to fall and drown, "So... Berk, you say they taught you about dragons, right?" her voice just like her face, "We can go there... We can ask for help..." she clenched her teeth, a knot on her throat, "We can make her pay..." her voice finally broke, "It wouldn´t work..." Ryden said, "It wouldn´t work, we would only involve innocent people into a fight that isn´t theirs..." his voice, contrary to Cela´s, sounded more calm, no, not calm, wiser, not that, she couldn´t think of the aproppiate word, "It´s your people we are talking about... your people are the one who died, chief..." 

"What about you, Alda, you haven´t say a word yet..." he directed his attention to Alda who had been quiet all the time, "It happened again..." she muttered, "It happened again..." this time more clear, gods, her voice, her eyes, fury and regret, what Ryden´s lack, Cela didn´t know what would happen next, for the time being, they were wanderers, just for the sake of finding a pretty word for it...

Ocean, ocean and more ocean, cold and unforgiving water who wouldn´t mind claiming a viking´s life, "What are we gonna do... flight until we reach the end of the world?" she asked, "How funny, if I remember properly you weren´t on board with this plan..." Ryden clearly seems annoyed, voice with just a pinch of sarcasm. If there was something that they could take for granted, was how tired they were, the sun was going down, the dragons needed to rest, they needed food, shelter, they couldn´t keep going like that. "There´s an island..." Alda finally spoke again, "Is small but we may be able to find some food, maybe an empty cave... We brought some weapons, right?" and indeed, they did, "Then let´s land there..." Cela did struggle to do so, being the least experience rider of the three, but all of them did land, and the moment they did she fell from Huntress´back and covered her face with her hands, only to scream in frustration.

"Wake up..." Cela look at Ryden, "Wake up? That´s all, your whole village died, Ryden!" she protested, standing up, and walking around the place, trying to find something useful. "I´ll collect some berries over there..." Alda seemed to know the place better than them, like she had already been there, "You seem to know your way around..." and she replied with nothing but a look and a few words, "I think I may know this place..."

They sat on the ground, dragons surrouding them and acting like shelter, wings sprear above them, Novaki´s, Alda´s dragon, being the only one capable of breathing fire, kept them warm, just a few dead plans and they got some fire, advantages of dragons. Alda had a stick on her hand and she drew on the snow, "Sotha is on the south, somewhere on the east of the archipielago, plants like these grow around the middle of our usual travel routes, I know this islands... sort of, I been on a few..." she kept explaining every single detail, "Some have vikings, we can go to one, hide the dragons and maybe..." Ryden interrupted, "Get a job? get yaks and sheeps and what not? Come on, like that´s gonna avenge Hagthuria, like that´s gonna revenge any of our tribes, our villages!" they were arguing, just like the nigth Cela met them, "We could find people..." she made a pause until both of them were looking at her, "I doubt Stormheart only did that to us and there may be some bounty hunters, we can make gold and find people who join us and-"

They stared at her...

-What? I alredy broke my code as a hunter, might as well breake my morals...

"You´re right, it may be good..." Alda gave Ryden a look after hearing him, "But it would take a while..." he ate some berried that Alda collected, "Then it would give us enough time to be ready..." she responded, "You two are crazy..." Alda paused, "But crazy is gonna get us out of here..." she took some berries for herself, "How is that crazy?" Cela also ate some, "Well, usually revenge involves crazy plans, not doing crazy plans it the crazy thing..." clearly she tried to make them feel better, it didn´t work...

"And after it?" Alda had the best questions, "I don´t know..." Ryden had no answer, "May the gods decide..." Cela raised her hand, pretending she had something to drink, despite not having it, "May the gods decide..." they did the same.

Silence, for a while, nobody had anything better to said and all the good plans would be make in the morning, the occacional noise of trees on the wind or an animal, even the dragons, who went for some fish for themselves, soon, everyone was minding their own bussiness.

Then they heard something, a sniff, the sound of heavy breathing.

It was Ryden.

Of course, it drew their attention, Cela and Alda stood close to him, "I´m so sorry you have to see me like this..." the knot on his throath made talking hard, "It... my people, my people are... it is nothing but..." trying to explain it was uselles, specially since they already knew, tears on everyone´s eyes, some more than others, but they kept going, and how much Cela wanted to do something, to tell him something to stop the crying, to help Alda, people she barely knew, how much she wished someone could do that for her, to her... Soon, everyone fell asleep.

Smoke, smoke and blood on the white snow, ashes, piles of ashes, houses burnt down, vikings, oh, the vikings, and dragons.


They weren´t the monster, no, they were in cages, a wooly howl, big purple eyes staring at her, crying, roaring, a mix of sounds that could only indicate something, and that something was the thing she wanted to avoid.

A woman stood among all of that, staff on hand, hair blowing on the wind and those eyes, those souless, greedy eyes that she won´t forget.

She had a face, a name, and she came for her, for them, she came for them and nothing would make her stop.

No one would make her stop.

Help me, help me, help me...


Help me, help me, help me...


Please, please help me...

A cold hand holded her down, that beard she knew, those eyes she knew, black hair, brown eyes like hers, a face she saw on that boat before he never came back, the father she missed so much.

You don´t deserve help...

Cela woke up in a cold sweat, talking to herself, it was a dream, it was a dream, it was a dream, it was anightmare, the worst in months, months, she felt like those were years, everything happened so quick, and she had something on mind.

She´s gonna pay...