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So This is Family

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"Merlin?" Arthur sleepily asked his lover, five months after the battle of Tessir. The sun's first rays had just breached the horizon, giving everything a golden glow. Merlin and Arthur had been lying in bed, sound asleep, and Merlin had suddenly scrambled away from him, running to the opposite side of the chamber.  "Merlin are you alright?" Arthur asked, blearily concerned in his early morning haze.

Arthur was instantly alert, as the sound of Merlin noisily vomiting into their chamber pot."Goddess, please..." The Royal Consort groaned. He'd been feeling unwell for the past two months, extremely tired, nauseous, always hungry... Now apparently, it had progressed to actual vomit.

"Do you need Gaius, love?" Arthur asked, as he tenderly brushed Merlin's sweaty hair off of his forehead. "This sickness is worrying me."

"Yes, get Gaius, please..." Merlin gasped, still leaning over. "I don't understand why..."

Arthur kissed his cheek, pulling a clean shirt on over the light trousers he slept in. "I'll be right back, just stay calm. Panicking doesn't help anything." Merlin managed to nod his assent, before Arthur left, and rushed down the long corridors to Gaius' chambers. He knocked on the physician's door, praying he would answer.

"Arthur? What are you doing up at this hour?" Gaius said as he pulled the door open. "It's barely dawn."

"Merlin is ill." At the words, Gaius leaned just behind the door, grabbing his medicine bag, and a few instruments.

"What caused it, Sire?" Gaius asked as he hurried down the corridors. "Was it something he ate, or drank? Has he been to the Lower Town, I know they've had an outbreak of influenza."

"We don't know what caused it. He hasn't been feeling well for some time, and just now, he started to vomit." Arthur opened the door to the royal suite, suprised to find Merlin sheepishly sitting on the bed. He appeared to have recovered, if not for the slight sheen of sweat still covering his face and torso. Arthur sighed, both relieved and exaserated that he was fine now. "Merlin, you idiot, what happened?"

"Well, I threw up, and I must have gotten whatever it was making me ill out of my system..." He grinned his foolish 'I know I've messed up, please don't be angry' grin. "Honestly, I'm better Gaius," he added, as the old man felt his forehead, and took his pulse. Arthur hoped that it was simply somthing he had eaten. However, that wouldn't account for the other symptoms...

Gaius looked skeptical, as he turned to Arthur, "What other symptoms has he been having, Sire?" Gaius asked the king. when Merlin began to protest, he silenced him, saying, "Merlin, everyone here knows how self sacrificing you are, so forgive us if we don't believe you."

"He's been nauseous for the past two weeks, uncommonly hungry, tired all the time, and... moody. He randomly starts crying, no reason at all, just cries. That's been happening for two months, not too long after his natality." Arthur sat next to his husband on the bed, gently stroking his back, soothing him. Arthur was terrified of losing him, and prayed it wasn't something serious.

"Well, I have... a theory on what it might be, but such a thing is completely unheard of... I would like to confirm it, before I say anything." Gaius sighed, removing his spectacles and rubbing his eyes tiredly. Arthur knew the expression on the old man's face. It was the same expression he had everytime Merlin tried to scheme. But... he was sick, not trying to do a complicated spell...

Gaius had Merlin lie on his back, and he gently pressed on his stomach, moving in small circles. He frowned, pressing on one paricular area with both hands slightly apart. His eyebrow suddenly raised, and he pulled out his hearing cone, placing it on the spot he was feeling a second before. After a moment of listening intently, he straightened up, his face had an expression of understanding on it. "I believe congratulations are in order, my Lord. It seems that your husband is with child."