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Werewolves and Vampires

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Trevor sat in one of the dark corners of the boiler room, daydreaming. Specifically, he was daydreaming of her, Nat Vancey. He had a crush on that girl ever since he came to the habitat, he liked her style to say the least. He thought she was a vampire the first time he noticed her, but she would have had to have been the prettiest vampire he had ever seen. See, Trevor had a bit of an issue with vampires to say the least, he was a werewolf, nobody seemed to believe him when he told others of this but it was indeed true. He had gotten it from his father's side of the family. Trever claimed to a lot of people that vampires and werewolves had a rivalry and he was somewhat correct, werewolves and vampires did have a rivalry. One-hundred years ago to be exact. In reality, he was simply nervous of them, he did have a curiosity about them and was intrigued to learn more about them, but the sharp fangs and glowing red eyes intimidated him to no end. Trevor sighed silently, he desperately wanted to confess to Nat. Peeking around the corner he saw the silhouette of a gothic but fashionable looking man, Trevor had suspected the man was a vampire from the way he dressed and a nice habitican had proved his theory correct by showing him a picture, so he couldn’t bring up the nerve to pass the man.

“Trevor?” a gruff but solemn voice echoed from the other side of the boiler room, “Are you there?” the man’s voice asked.
“Oh, yeah, I’m here Wallus” Trevor responded looking over to the small crack in the wall, Wallus was a man who lived inside the walls of the boiler room, he claimed to be the Habitat’s janitor who shelled himself up in the walls.
“What’s wrong kid? You’re really quiet.” Wallus pointed out, he wasn’t used to Trevor being quiet, despite how annoying he was when he talked sometimes. He was used to Trevor rambling his head off about vampires and theories on the other habiticans, so Trevor was usually fairly talkative.
“Well…” Trevor hesitated for a minute, “I-I was just observing that vampire at the end of the hall, he-he seems to be plotting against me.” he lied to try to avoid the topic of Nat. Although, judging by the silence of Wallus from the other side Trevor had a feeling that he wasn’t buying the lie whatsoever.
“What’s wrong?” Wallus asked again, “You’re always mumbling and yapping your head off but today you haven’t said a word.” he pointed out.

Trevor let out a small sigh when he knew he had been caught. “Okay, I’ll tell you, but you have to swear not to tell anybody” Trevor argued pointing into the hole accusingly.
“Who am I gonna tell?”
“I don’t know who you have in there with you”
“Trevor we’ve been over this-” Wallus began but sighed defeatedly, “Look, just tell me, your secret is safe with me, I swear.” he promised rolling his eyes. He didn’t understand why Trevor still didn’t believe him, he was the most truthful person in this place if anything. However, he swore to stay quiet just to keep the kid sane.
“Okay so..” Trevor began, hesitating slightly, “There’s this girl..” he continued finally getting to the start of the problem.
“Oh!” Wallus exclaimed slightly with a bit of a chuckle, starting to get interested.
“Shhhh!” Trevor hissed, feeling his face go hot with embarrassment, “Don’t judge me” he growled angrily.
“Okay, sorry, sorry, continue” Wallus apologized, reaching his hand out of the crack and gesturing for Trevor to keep going
“It’s Nat, I think she’s pretty and I like her” Trevor burted quickly feeling his face flushed as he spoke the words, his heart racing a bit.
“Oh this is rich.” Wallus said stifling a laugh, he had bared witness to all of Trevors rants and raves about vampires he almost wanted to tell him.
“Keep your mouth shut” Trevor threatened glancing to the side, “Listen I have a feeling she may be a vampire...and I know the rivalry is a thing...but her style is just really cool...and I want to talk to her because she’s cool..” he admitted bouncing a bit on his toes.
“Lips are sealed, I won’t speak a word.” Wallus agreed raising his hand upwards, “But the question is will you? To her?” he asked pointing at Trevor.
“Well...I want to...but there’s sort of a problem..” Trevor admitted nervously as he looked towards the exit of the boiler room.
“Which is?” Wallus questioned before Trevor pulled out a photo of the man in the gothic attire, or more specifically a photo that only showed the gothic attire with no sign of the man’s face, “Ah. Trencil” Wallus realized, “So you’re scared to go out?” he questioned.
“I wouldn’t exactly say I’m “scared” to go out.” Trevor denied it, “I’m just trying to avoid him. Because know. The rivalry between us” he lied to try and brush the comment off.
“Sure, Trevor just go, I promise you Flower kid is more likely to punch you than Trencil is to bite you” Wallus reassured not buying into the lie again.

Trevor paused for a moment, thinking a bit to himself as he thought about what Wallus had said, “Flower kid….” he muttered looking down at the photo when suddenly an idea sparked in his head, “Wallus you’re a genius!” he smiled happily.
“Oh god what? What did I say?” the gruff voice asked sounding exasperated and slightly fearful of the next thing that could come out of that child’s mouth.
“Flower kid, they could help us.” Trevor said gleefully, “They could distract the vampire while I go talk to Nat.” the idea sounded perfect to him. Flower kid never said no to requests and was one of the most helpful habiticans around the habitat so it was the perfect plan.

Wallus hummed, actually not minding the sound of the idea, “That could actually work” he said as he drew his hand back into the hole, “Question do we get them down here? they rarely come anymore.” He asked thinking a bit to himself. Trevor hummed a bit and thought on how they could get flower kid to come and see them. He looked at the crack in the wall, “one of us would have to go get them” Trevor finally said.
Wallus didn’t seem too convinced, “how? You’re too scared to move.” He asked as he scanned trevors face which seemed to be looking specifically at him, “No. no way.” He refused already knowing what Trevor was thinking.
“Please! Just go grab them and bring them over here.” Trevor begged putting his hands on the edge of the hole, “O-or at least tell them to come by tomorrow morning” he tried to comprimise.
“No, no way, why don’t you tell them before you go to your room?” Wallus asked sounding angry and fairly annoyed by the request
“You know I don’t get there on time. I’ll be out by the time I get to the second set of stairs” Trevor shook his head, he usually left once he was sure Trencil was gone, which was usually by 10:30, thirty minutes after curfew. He usually passed out from the gas so usually he didn’t get to his room by himself.
“Trevor grow a spine,” Wallus snapped, “I can’t go out in the day, everyone will cause a scene. The only time I can leave this hole is at night which is something I’m definitely not going to do.” then huffed not wanting to speak anymore about it. Trevor sighed in defeat and walked back over to his side of the boiler room for a while.

Wallus sat in his hole, although he didn’t want to do it his mind wouldn’t stop pestering him about it, he couldn’t help the kid was scared, but at the same time he swore to never come back out of these walls. Part of the reason was from fear, fear of HIM, another reason was that he simply didn’t want to be a pawn in this game HE seemed to play. However, Wallus felt uneasy about not helping Trevor out. The kid was lonely to say the very least, he didn’t have any friends in his peer group, let alone a girlfriend. Once the clock hit three, Wallus had made up his mind, “Hey. Trevor, c’mere” he said knowing that Trevor was still in the room. He heard footsteps come towards him and saw Trevors face in the dim lighting of the boiler room, “I’ll do it.” he gave in.
Trevors eyes lightened as he smiled with delight, “Really!? You really mean it?” he asked, sounding as if he had just received the most unremarkable gift a twelve year old could get.
“Yeah, but under two conditions.” Wallus said before he held out his hand which was holding up one finger, “One, I’m not going to tell them the situation, you are. I’m just telling them to stop by” he said firmly, “Second, before you come back I want you to tell Kamal to come down here” he added as he held up the second finger.
Trevor nodded eagerly, “You have my word” he swore to the janitor, feeling his heart race with excitement, “Oh, are you going to be okay with the gas? Will you pass out?” he questioned worriedly.
Wallus waved his hand, “Don’t worry about me, I’ve got all that stuff planned out, you just worry about gettin’ to bed as fast as you can” he dismissed. He’d probably leave at around one or two in the morning, just so that he was sure he possibly wouldn’t be caught. He let out a heavy sigh and pointed to Trevor, “You owe me big time, kid” he said jokingly before putting his hand back into the hole.