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Izuku Gets His Revenge

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“Next to present, Izuku Midoriya,” Aizawa sighed as he rolled over in his sleeping bag.

Izuku silently strode to the front of the room. “Forming meaningful and healthy relationships as a professional hero, by Izuku Midoriya,” he smiled evilly at his classmates. The weeks of planning Izuku had put in would now come to fruition.

From an outside perspective some would say that this all began a few months ago and that Izuku was taking things way too far. But from Izuku’s point of view, this all began the day he was born. Unlike most people, or even every classmate he’s had growing up, he was quirkless. Meaning he didn’t possess a latent power that made him faster, stronger, more agile, shoot lasers and so on. The other children and adults in his life had those powers, and they never shied away from a chance to show off and use them, many times on him.

What he did have was a brain, he saw how people looked down on him, how they pitied him yet did nothing to reach out and help him. He had tried to keep a positive outlook on the situation, until his father left. He just never came back one day, it tore Izuku up inside to watch his mother struggle so much without his father there. The changed something in Izuku as he watched his hardworking mother slave away at job after job, hour after hour to pay bills and give him the best upbringing she possibly could.

The result was he saw how the boys and girls his age acted; how different they were from his mother. How they treated him horribly, while she cared. Izuku at a young age learned just how much she cared for him when he looked up what would happen if she too disappeared, he’d just end up in foster care and she would be free and clear, one less mouth to feed, one less person to care for, she could have a free life clear of him if she just walked out the door and never came back. But she stayed, for Izuku that clinched the deal, that mothers cared for their children, above all else, they did what was best for their kids even if it wasn’t the best for them.

So Izuku planned to find the best way for him to repay his mother, to ensure she got the life she deserved, to relax and not stress. He decided he needed to be a hero, the pay, respect and recognition one would get even in the middling ranks was enticing enough, but Izuku had bigger goals, he was going to be number 1, the greatest hero without a quirk. Because his mother was his hero, he would in turn be hers.

He studied like crazy, planned exercise regimen that would make the most intense fitness nut gape. He worked his body like a madman, until he was ready for the day he stepped foot on UA campus. It was hard work just being allowed to take the entrance exam, he had been pulled aside by the proctor, a Pro-hero names Present Mic and questioned if he was sure he wanted to take the test with the rest of the applicants. Inside Izuku was furious, that just because he didn’t have a quirk, that he couldn’t succeed. Stopping himself from exploding on the man he just calmly replied. “Sir, as you are well aware, not every quirk enhances one’s physical attributes nor is inherently designed for combat, I will do just fine.”

Shrugging Present Mic couldn’t find a fault with the argument as he knew that his best friend Eraser Head’s quirk wouldn’t work against robots so he too would be relegated to practically quirkless as well in this exam. Which made him think his friend had a better point as if some applicants were effectively quirkless then that didn’t show an accurate measure of their power if someone actually quirkless could pass. He began the exam like every other time and waited patiently to see what the result would be, if the quirkless kid passed, then he’d bring it up at the next staff meeting that there may be a flaw in the testing and they should redesign it so only those with quirks would be able to pass.

Izuku huffed as his knuckles bled, smashing robots, using their metal and weapons against each other was difficult, but he persevered; he had trained harder as evidenced that for the last twenty-five minutes he had been demolishing the targets non-stop. He’d passed by other applicants who were winded five minutes in and looking ready to quit. Izuku was certain he was well into the sixties for score, when he saw the Zero-Pointer, a loud call from Present Mic informed him he had one-minute left. Izuku swore under his breath, “that’s not enough time to get more points, unless I do something drastic.”

Quickly taking in his surrounding’s he noticed that many of the robots were behind the Zero-Pointer, just ready to be destroyed, but getting passed the colossal machine seemed a truly daunting task. He looked for anything he could use when he spotted two full missile salvos on the ground from a freshly destroyed robot. Grabbing both of the heavy armaments and gritting his teeth he stormed across the battlefield shoving other contestants out of the way. Passing by a young girl stuck under rubble. Huffing he picked up speed before letting go of the weapons and heading into a full-on sprint, he first felt the shockwave, then heard the explosion. The Zero-Pointer had stepped on both of the packs that he had left in its path, the force sending the machine falling backwards.

Dodging out of the path of the titanic falling obstacle, he saw as it crushed another dozen or so robots. The call of the end of the exam, left Izuku slumping to the ground exhausted. A few minutes later Recovery Girl slowly made her way over to him. “You are a crazy young’un aren’t you,” she smirked at him covered in sweat, dust and grime.

“I wouldn’t be here if I was sane,” Izuku chuckled. He braced himself and stood up, wobbling on tired legs.

“Here sonny,” Recovery Girl said as she reached out her hand, in her palm some gummies. “These will at least give you enough energy to get back on the bus.”

“Thanks,” Izuku said as he popped the treats in his mouth before swallowing. “So when will we hear about the results, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Not for a few weeks young man,” Recovery Girl tisked. “Kids these days, can’t even be patient enough to be superheroes, back in my day,” she rambled as she walked away.

Izuku managed to get back to the bus, ignoring how one girl was yelling about him just ignoring her cries for help and how stupid it was to blow up half the testing ground by destroying the Zero-Pointer.

“Doesn’t matter, he’s quirkless, we just don’t accept him,” Kan said firmly.

“He broke All Might’s record,” Midnight interjected.

“By nearly killing himself,” Snipe replied. “And potentially endangering the other applicants.”

“He’s desperate to prove himself,” All Might said.

“I won’t take him,” Kan folded his arms. “I’ll expel him the first day, he has no business being in the hero course.”

Nezu raised an eyebrow at this declaration, he had given his homeroom teachers that right to expel students they thought unfit or a potential problem, but to declare the intent to do so before the first day was new. “Shota, will you accept Mr. Midoriya into your class?” he asked, should Aizawa say no, then that would be the end of it, Izuku would be rejected from the hero course and offered a place in the general education.

“I shouldn’t, but,” Aizawa sighed. “He’s just going to do something suicidally illogical during the sports festival to earn a transfer into the hero course,” he admitted, normally either himself or Kan could request a student who performs well in the festival be transferred into the course as there are typically open spots by that time, however the process would be automatic should a student not in the Hero course finish in first place for the events.

“We could just expel him then too, if he continues to be a problem,” Kan scoffed in disbelief.

“And then what,” Thirteen asked. “How would that look on the school, if a quirkless student was able to outperform every student previously and yet we, the administration, at every turn tried to get rid of him. It would make us look as if we are trying to hide him for fear that it makes our school look bad.”

“Of course it would look bad,” Ectoplasm shouted. “If we graduate a quirkless student, how can we claim to have the highest standards when someone like him passes. It would defeat the purpose because it would seem like it was too easy and we had lowered the bar for a class of weaklings.”

Nezu sighed, this argument had been going on for the last hour and a half, some of the staff like Midnight and All Might advocating for the quirkless child’s acceptance based on his merit, while the others saw him as a threat to the schools reputation and prestige, which he could admit Izuku Midoriya was. “So Aizawa, what is your answer,” Nezu asked.

Aizawa looked at the files of the students. “I’ll take him, if he falls behind, he’s gone,” Aizawa said bluntly.

Izuku showed up on the first day of class, after a couple of weeks of waiting and a rough confrontation with Bakugo the day it was announced he had been accepted into UA’s hero course, he was finally there. He sighed as he stepped into the room, took one look at Bakugo arguing with some blue haired boy. “This is exactly how I want to start my day,” Izuku thought as he found a seat near the back. He sat quietly and contemplated on what All Might had told him in his acceptance video.

“I am here as a projection,” All Might proudly shouted, the titanic hero seemed to struggle for a moment before looking around the room. “Okay, Izuku Midoriya, I’m going to be real with you, you’re quirkless,” he bluntly said causing Izuku to frown as if that was a startling realization. “Normally for the students, I would tell them their score and if they passed or not. You are not a normal student and you know this.”

Izuku rolled his eyes at the projection. “You created an issue for the staff at UA,” All Might admitted. “Had you scored poorly, that would have been the end of that. However you didn’t and from what Present Mic told us of your brief interaction, you also may be the last quirkless to ever pass if what they said about redesigning the entrance exam has any real merit. But that’s neither here nor there. You didn’t score poorly, kid, you broke my record and that had been standing for almost twenty-five years.”

Izuku smirked gleefully at that acknowledgement. “This put them in a strange position, anyone else and UA would be clamoring to accept you, but, the discussion among the staff was if we should prematurely expel you.”

Izuku’s features darkened as he felt fury about being denied simply because of how he was born, instead of doing something rash he buried the anger down. “The conversation lasted for a couple of hours, and the result is, they’re accepting you. But, they’re going to keep you on a tight leash, apparently you’re going to be held to a higher standard than the other students, which if you asked me defeats the purpose of what they are doing. If you continue to succeed all you will do is prove you belong there more than the other students.”

“So Young Midoriya, this is your hero academia,” All Might said.

After a moment, Izuku was pulled from his thoughts when the door opened and a teacher came in and shouted at the two arguing students. “I am your homeroom teacher, sit down and we’ll get started,” Aizawa looked around the classroom before resting his gaze on the green haired problem child. “Put on these uniforms and head out to field.”

Izuku like many took the threat of expulsion seriously, because unlike the rest he knew it was serious, one slip up is all it would need for them to remove him from the school. So he pushed himself hard during the tasks, despite the soreness he was feeling, he placed in the top 5 for most events, as some quirks were far more useful for certain tasks. He was feeling pretty good about himself until someone asked. “So uh, why aren’t you using your quirk?”

“Because Deku here doesn’t have one,” Katsuki replied for him.

“Wait you’re quirkless, how did you get in?”

“Sir, isn’t there a school policy that would have stopped someone quirkless from entering UA, I mean, how can he be a hero without a quirk.”

Aizawa folded his clipboard. “Legally, UA and all other business and schools in Japan cannot create a policy that directly discriminates based on one’s quirk or lack thereof.”

“Well he’s not going to be here long anyway, he hasn’t taken first in any event so far.”

“Really, that’s the level you’re all at,” Izuku laughed. “I might not have placed first, but if any of you have been paying attention, I haven’t been lower than fifth on any of the tasks so far, which if my math is right should mean I’m in third place for the class.”

The other students shouted in disagreement. “Shut up brats, and he’s right,” Aizawa’s voice carrying over them. “I was going to save this for the end, but here’s the current tally.” Showing that Katsuki Bakugo and Tsuyu Asui were in second place, both of them due to the versatility of their quirks for physical tasks. With Izuku listed as third place.

“So what, he’s a fitness nut, any of us could do what he does if we waste all our time only exercising. But he can’t do any of what our quirks can do.”

And for the rest of the day, Izuku dealt with harsh or pitying stares. Surviving that day was tough and he was sore from pushing his body to its limits. But he wasn’t expelled because he finished out the day in fourth place, much to the chagrin of his classmates.

Izuku turned to the screen where his presentation was being presented. “I think starting here would be a good point,” he said as he pushed a button on the remote, starting a video. “So Missus, or should I say Miss Uraraka, let’s begin.”

“Mom,” Ochako cried out as she tried to jump out of her chair.

“Uh uh uh,” Izuku tutted. “Can’t have that,” he said as he pressed another button. “So glad I had Mei design these.” As straps came from under the chairs and bound the 1-A students to cries of shock and dismay. “Oh and before you get any ideas Aizawa,” he said as his teacher began to extricate himself from his sleeping bag, thick gauge metal straps exploded from the inside of the bag and firmly wrapped him up.

“How didn’t I notice the extra weight,” Aizawa asked.

“Plot convenience,” Izuku shrugged. “And yes, if you must know, I am doing this with the full permission of the principal. That video he sent me really helped push me over the edge, but that’s for later, now let’s get to some Zero-G entertainment,” he said as he turned back to the screen, restarting the video.

“Oh are you sure about this, Midoriya,” Uraraka’s mother asked as she started to strip down. “I mean, what if my quirk can’t hold us up for long?”

Izuku smiled sweetly at the mother of his classmate. “That’s alright, I trust you and even if you can’t we can still have some fun,” he reassured her as he removed his shirt, showing a body covered in scars and tight corded muscle.

“Oh my,” the newly minted Ms. Uraraka gasped as she gazed upon his visage. “That’s so hot, I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” she eagerly said as she pulled the young man close to her. Both of them beginning to float off the floor. “I’ve never done this,” she admitted as Izuku gently rotated her upside down.

“It’s alright, I figured based on your daughters quirk, you would have similar capabilities,” Izuku mentioned. “I took notes on everyone in my class to breakdown their quirks to find uses and way to improve but well, none of them thought a quirkless kid would be able provide meaningful insight. Their mothers however were very interested in their quirks application in the bedroom.”

“So I’m not your first then,” Ms. Uraraka said as she began to lick his hardening shaft.

“Sadly no, but if it makes you feel better, I do wish you were,” Izuku replied as he lapped at her pussy, his tongue dragging gently over the slit. Ms. Uraraka shivered and squealed at the sensations.

“Oh my goodness, if you learned how to do that from the other mothers, I don’t feel sorry at all, that’s soooo goooood,” she moaned as her legs firmly gripped Izuku’s head. “I feel like I’m already at my limit in just a few seconds.”

“That’s great and all, but shut up and suck my dick,” Izuku ordered before he smashed his face into his classmate’s mother’s crotch and sucked on her clit.

Ms. Uraraka had just put the tip of Izuku cock in between her lips when he did so, shocking her and making her lurch forward, accidentally forcing Izuku’s huge dick deep in her mouth. With it firmly plugging her orifice she suddenly struggled to breathe while feeling as if her whole body was being assaulted by pleasure as Izuku sucked and licked her pussy. This sensation caused her to swallow and try to suck in air only making his dick enter her throat.

“Oh fuck Ms. Uraraka,” Izuku shouted as he buck his hips, his ballsack slapping her face as he does so, shoving his cock in her mouth a few times.

Despite not being able to breathe, Ms. Uraraka felt euphoria as her pussy was expertly eaten out while her face was used as a cock holster. Her vision blurring as she started to lose consciousness, all she felt before everything went black was a second orgasm more intense than the last taking over.

That camera moved around and got a close up of her blank expression, before panning up to look at a panting Izuku who dislodged his girthy cock from her mouth. “Holy shit Izuku,” a female voice said as the camera moved around, even though it sounded further away. “Is she going to be okay.”

Izuku wiped his brow of the sweat. “Yeah, she’s breathing I’ll give her a minute, that might have been a bit too much.”

“I think that might have been too much for any woman, fuck it was really hot though.”

Nodding Izuku picked up the housewife and carried her further into the home. “Come on Setsuna, I need you to get the best angles.”

“C-cumming, give me a, mmmm,” Setsuna answered as she fingerblasted herself to release. “When are you gonna do that to me huh,” she demanded as she floated her body parts down the hall into the bedroom where Izuku was laying Ochako’s mother on the bed and spreading her legs.

“Soon as I get the rest of them, only a few more to go,” he told her as he rubbed his long cock against her moist pussy. The sensations causing the passed-out mother to moan in pleasure.

Slowly Ms. Uraraka’s eyes fluttered open. “Oh is this heaven, I’ve never felt so good,” she whispered as she stretched on her sheets.

“Good, you’re awake, now we can really get started,” Izuku said as he lined himself up.

“Wait,” Ms. Uraraka gasped out as Izuku plunged deep inside her, her scream catching in her throat as Izuku roughly pounded away in her. “Oh, fuck, shit, god, wait, no, don’t, stop, deeper,” she cried out in ecstasy as Izuku leaned over her, allowing her to wrap her arms and legs around him.

Izuku shifted his angle, lifting the mothers bottom with his hips so he could fully submerge his cock inside her, smashing the tip of his penis against her cervix. Ms. Uraraka couldn’t breathe again as Izuku wiggled and pressed against her, his dick pushing passed into her uterus. “Gonna drop a load or two inside you,” Izuku grunted as he felt his cock twitch releasing a torrent of his seed in her. “Going to put a baby in that oven,” Izuku promised as he pulled out only to slam back inside, further pushing his seed into her.

With a squeak, Ms. Uraraka passed out and lay a sweaty heaving mess on her sheets. The camera panning out to an equally sweaty Izuku as he stepped back from his work and took a water bottle that Setsuna handed to him. “Thank god I never made an enemy of you, or maybe I should have,” she mused as she looked at Ms. Uraraka. “I mean, would you do me while you did my mom?”

“You’re a bit of a freak aren’t you Setsuna,” another voice called out from the camera.

“Says the inventor who’s a voyeur,” Setsuna scolded Mei who was watching from the other end.

“So are you, until he sticks it inside you,” Mei shrugged as she pulled a large toy out from inside her. “I just prefer to use a machine and watch some porn, but god damn this is the best shit, who knew watching someone I know fuck people was way hotter than just your average porno.”

“Ladies, we do have other places to be today,” Izuku said as he started to redress himself.

“That’s what your, fourth mother today,” Setsuna asked.

Izuku nodded in response. “Yeah and I only have a few more days before the rest of 1-A cares to report that I haven’t been in the dorms all week. So who’s next on the list,” he asked as he and Setsuna started to leave, the camera catching a glimpse of divorce paperwork on the table.

“Let’s see,” Mei said as she tapped away at her keyboard a vibrator set to slow pulses humming away constantly keeping her on edge. “That would be, Jirou.”

“Heh, I wonder how loud I can make her scream,” Izuku smirked as the door shut and the clip ended.