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Bedtime snack

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“Jiminie~ its time to feed”, jungkook said as he clutched onto Jimins swollen quickly purpling nipple.
“Kookoo,please don’t take it all it’s for the puppies, don’t be selfish alpha.”
The milk trickled down Jimins freshly bought pink baby doll which split in the middle to reveal Jimins big bump. Jimin and jungkooks pups were coming along now only a few more months until Jimin would have his new babies and their family would expand even further, no one would ever be alone and no one would ever go without, no one would miss out on Jimins sweet nectar.
“Eomma, appa I missed chu!” There’s no sound that’s more melodic than the high pitched screams of a pup.
Jimin and jungkook currently had 3 puppies,
Minjoon joowon and daehyun, their three boys two alphas and one omega were they shining starts, the apples of their eyes
“Eomma, sam-chon dropped us off, eomma where are you appa! Miss yous!” He could hear his dareling joowon say his first born alpha, they say you shouldn’t have favourites and truly Jimin didn’t it’s just the bond a parent had to their oldest and first child cannot be replicated it’s strong, unbreakable.
“In appa and eommas room darling!” Jimin called back, he can’t strain his voice to much it’s for jungkookie to hear for when they are making more pups.
“What!? Eomma didn’t say it was dinner time, that’s not fair Eomma Appa gots everything.” His puppies were whiners, but Jimin can’t be mad at them, he understood it was most likely him that was the reason they had that charming trait.
“Come then pup there’s still s’more left, Eomma shares and feeds all of you doesnt he?”
The 3 pups replied with petulant nods, they weren’t annoyed at Eomma, Eomma does share, they were mad at appa for stealing all their milk. Eomma always says how his milk is for his puppies, so they can grow big and strong just like appa, but appa is taking it all. Appa doesn’t need it, appa already is big and strong
Mission, move appa out of the way, ago.
“Eomma that milk is ours.” Again with the whiny, however this time the whines were tactical, they knew their Eomma was weak to the piteous cries of his own sweet pups, so fragile and depending on their Eomma to feed them.
While the alphas whine, it was up to daehyun to turn up his omega charm.
“Appa, we need that milk and appa is taking it all, appa it’s o-our milk.” The omega begin to sniffle and stare into his appas eyes with massive puppy dog eyes, very fitting of Jimins pup. Adorably manipulative.
Once appa was throughly distracted by the omegas pleas, the alphas struck.
Both boys took one individual nipple, ensuring appa could try to steal their milk again.Eommas milky is theirs, silly Appa should know this.
Jimin was in bliss, this was heaven god could screw it. Nothing felt better to an omega than actively providing for their pups, just knowing he was giving his pups the nutrients they needed. Jimin let his body relax and settle the burning of passion settling into the back of his mind, Eomma mode on.
Jimin would never admit to jungkook, but he got more pleasure out of his pups suckling than his alpha, he alpha was taking but with his pups Jimin was proving, it was a different experience.
Jungkook Made Jimin orgasm, made his nipple leak and pussy wet
But his pups, made his heart full and warm he loved cuddling up to them while they were feeding having them smush their faces onto his chest, desperate to get more drops of Jimins milk. After all it was theirs.

“Alphas! Let’s daehyun have some milk” appa ordered, the pups didn’t mind appa using his special voice, it annoyed Eomma sometimes but the pups didn’t mind the pull they felt to complete the task appa had set out for them, made them feel useful and like appas little helper, they were sure eommas grumbles were worth it, sometimes eommas just a bit grouchy their appa would tell them. Especially when Appa was getting more pups, minjoon could remeber bits of when daehyun was just small in eommas tummy, daehyun used to make Eomma grouchy. But minjoon didn’t mind, Eomma was a meanie with appa not them ever so it didn’t really matter anyway!

Jungkook loved nothing more than his family
His eldest stood at a solid 3.9ft he was tall for his age but that is to be expected with alpha genes for a first child, minjoon wasn’t necessarily small but he was definitely a runt compared to joowon but Jimin just said joowon was a selfish baby in his womb so minjoon missed out, but the little alpha definitely is making up for missed milk now considering the way his guzzles at Jimins chest even more so than jungkook is able to.
Now, his little angel, daehyun the boy stood at a jnderwhelming 2.3ft, honestly jungkook isn’t surprised looking at the build of daehyun omega Eomma he can safely say he isn’t shocked that his baby omega takes after Jimin in the height department, Jimin says it’s an omega thing and he just wouldn’t understand, but jungkook thinks it’s just a Jimins genes thing and that Jimins too arrogant to admit it, but jungkook would never say that to Jimin, he likes his balls just as much as the next guy and would like to avoid castration anytime soon!
It wouldn’t be expected looking at the blissed out image of the warm omega lay in bed in jungkooks baggy clothing while snuggling to his feeding omega son, but Jimin could real be vicious, jungkook had seen it first hand during Jimins heat when they had conceived the twins and hyung had walked in asking for a baster of all things, like he know his hyung was batshit but he didn’t know he also had a die-kink. It’s safe to say jungkook had to pin down an almost foaming at the mouth omega growling and spitting out “my alpha, my knot, my cum.”
It still sends a shiver down jungkooks spine, Jimin had been teriotorial over him which he totally gets the amount of times jungkooks gone apeshit over stupid alphas in Malta looking his omega up and down, but Jimin had gone territorial over Jin trying to ‘take jungkooks knot away from jin’ jungkook loves his hyung but the idea of railing him is enough to make him love him, just a tad bit less, he would probably make a stupid pun as jungkook knotted like “did I orgasm, know in this case.”
He felt sick just thinking about it.
Anyway... back to Jimin
Jimin was perfect, he doesn’t understand how Jimin would get so territorial over him, he understand the hormones and the need for pups obviously that’s why he pumps him full every night, which visible success as noted by the frequent scares and interruptions done by his pups.
But jimin is terriotrial over him, not just his knot, it made his heart warm.
Sometimes he felt bad because when the territorial desires and instincts got to much Jimin would lie down for him and let him release, he knew it could be seen as disgusting, but that right there belongs to him, Jimins pussy is his just like his knot is Jimins.
Pissing on Jimin didn’t happen often, it was ritualistic and they liked to take their time with it building up and up until the release and the yellowish spray would pour down onto Jimin. But they were busy as parents to three with more on the way they didn’t really have time for jungkook to reestablish his territory, they were close with their pups not a lot of boundaries they wanted that natural closeness, the pups enjoyed their Eomma smelling so strongly of appa it showed their parents as one strong unit and what innocent love at first sight believeing pup wouldn’t want that. Nether the less, jungkook wouldn’t pee on Jimin infront of their pups, there were lines and privacy.
Peeing Time is adult time god damn it, his pups already share Jimins milk he isn’t sharing any other fluid.
Jungkooks thoughts are suddenly cut off with the over exuberant and very cheerful
“thank you eomma!”
“My tummy is all fill now, just like Eomma!”
Finally jungkook thought, he can go back to Jimins lovely breast, he had miss his rightful place, his omegas chest. Unfortunately he can’t says he owns his omegas chest anymore like he does his pussy because the pups would get mad at him it’s “our milky appa our Eomma!”
In content jungkook beings to move further over from his spot lay next to Jimin on the bed, however suddenly freezing with the melodic voice cuts in “ ah, no more jungkook-ah my chest is sore from feeding all my babies.”
Jungkook frowns at this “but I’m also your baby, your baby alpha.”
Jimin looks over to where his actual baby alphas are and sees them dozing off and sighs in relief.
“Don’t let them hear you say that, you won’t hear the last of it from months.”
His babies may be tiny but they aren’t stupid, they are attentive and know what’s theirs and title of Jimins baby alpha rightfully so, belongs to them so to hear appa say he was they would flip, appa already steals their milky he can’t have his title, he should be his own eommas baby alpha not there’s.
Jungkook face begins to turn into the infamous pout, maybe he was baby alpha.
“I’m sorry alpha, no more milky today I’m too sore but don’t worry there’s always tommorrow. Seokjin hyung will pick up the pups to spend the day at his house again and we will have another day off, who knows maybe you can even claim me again.” Jimin smirked up at his alphas hopeful eyes.
Jungkook loved his family, especially his pups and didn’t want to saddle them off to hyungs.

But safe to say, jungkook was very excited for tommorrow.