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Wrath of the Dragons

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“Dany, you need to get up or septa Mordane won’t be too pleased, nor will my lady mother. Are you even listening Dany?”  

Eyes still closed Dany only yawned then, wondering who the boy was at her door with the strange northern voice.  

“Where’s Missanedi?” she called out with her eyes still shut, but heard no reply.  


Until another loud thump came at the door, “Dany Snow you wake this instant you insufferable child!”  

Snow? I’m no Snow, I’m Targaryen, she wanted to say. But she was still tired. 

The banging on the door continued. She wanted to scream for them to go away, let her sleep. But whoever was outside the door wasn't having it.


Her eyes finally fluttered open, looking around the small room, where am I?   

Her hand went to where the wound she sustained during the long night was supposed to be but it was not there. That's strange.  


Then she noticed her hair, as she blew the few strands from her mouth.   

Instead of moonglow hair, all she saw was hair dark as chestnut. What is this? did someone dye my hair?  


She needed to find a mirror. Looking to her right all she saw were three large chests next to plain looking winterboots. She looked to her left, where she saw a small wooden vanity with a bone brush and comb laying on top of it along with a single bottle of fragrance.  


Another bang came then, but this time it came from a male’s voice, she could hear arguing in the background, but paid it no mind, she needed to get to the mirror.  


Walking only a few feet away, as her eyes fell over the young woman looking at her.  

Placing a hand over her mouth, trying to muffle her screams not believing what she saw before her.  


“No!” she screamed louder, staring blankly at the person who was her but certain things were different.  

Her eyes were now dark grey that seemed to match her dark hair. Gone were her violet eyes and Moonglow hair, even her curls were different, they were even wilder now.  


Before she could look any longer on herself, the door burst open, with a strange man with dark-brown hair and grey eyes staring at her with concern. While the woman with red auburn hair and sea blue eyes only scowled at her, as her face eased into something else, was it disgust?   


“See I told you Ned, she was hiding in here, she’s not even dressed to meet with septa Mordane. Bastards never respect the teachings of the seven.  


Bastard? No this was not happening, it seemed to her right then and there, she was living Jon’s life but from the past. This woman in front her, that she had dubbed the Tully bitch when Jon spoke of his life in Winterfell and how miserable she made him feel, was now to be her misery.  


“Leave us Cat!”  

The woman frowned once more at her, before turning around to take her leave.  


As the door slammed, the man cleared his throat. “Dany” the man began.  

Instead of listening to him, she was too focused on the man who basically shaped Jon into the man he became. A northern fool!   

He went to sit on her small bed then, motioning for her to sit next to him.  


Ned Stark looked nothing like the way Viserys described him, often calling him the Usurper’s dog and best friend.  


“Dany are you even listening to me?”  


“Sorry lord Stark, it seemed I zoned away for a minute.” She tried offering him a smile then, which she was sure never made it to her eyes.  


“I told you, you can call me father, when my lady wife is not around”  

I surely will not! You are not my father, nor uncle. She let her breath out then, well maybe uncle since it seems the gods take pleasure in my misery.  Instead of saying this, Dany just remained silent to listen to what lord Stark had to say.  


“My lady wife wants me to send you from here! Marry you off to one of the minor lords who seek your hand in marriage or the son of Roose Bolton.”  


Wait what?   


“You will not, nor can you!” Dany blurted out easing off the bed and away from lord Stark.  

“You don’t have to worry child, I will not.” Promise me Ned!    

His eye’s roamed on his niece once more, the girl looked so much like her mother and father, but her Stark coloring she got from Lyanna hid that part of her Targaryen features well.   


“I won’t be marrying you off to anyone, you are but a girl of eighteen. Even if some lords married their daughters off at sixteen." Ned knew the real reason, he never allowed anyone who asked for Dany's hand in marriage to have her. I'm not ready to let you go yet.

She was pleased then, recalling Viserys selling her off to Khal Drogo for an army at thirteen. Willing herself not to think about the way the Dothraki Khal took her against her will and raping her.  

For a long time, she thought she even loved the man, until she met and fell in love with Jon.  

Jon! How could she be so concerned for herself and not wonder if Jon lived in this world also.   

Especially since she was the daughter of Lyanna. Does this mean Jon was living with Viserys ?   


Lord Stark can I ask you a question?” The man frowned once more at being called lord Stark as Dany, rolled her eyes, but made sure to not let him see her do it.   

“What ever happened to the Targaryen children?” the strong-willed man that entered her room, no longer looked the same, he paled as he stumbled through his words.  


Why” clearing his throat then, “why do you ask about the Targaryen’s Dany? ” maybe because they are my family? And I am blood of the dragon and wolf. She would need to come to terms with being part wolf also.  

“I was reading about their family and just wanted to know what became of them.”  


“The last I heard,  Viserys and Taeryn were in Pentos staying as honored guests by a magister there along with their kings-guards.” He did not feel the need to mention the others, many in Westeros already thought this person was dead and long gone from this world. 

Kings-guards? she wanted to ask, what kings-guards were lord Stark mentioning, neither her nor Viserys  had anyone protecting them except for ser Williem, and he died when Dany was but five.

She would need to find a way to get to Pentos, or maybe Jon would come for me?   


Shaking those thoughts from her head. Reminding herself how disgusted he became after finding out they shared blood.  


The last time Jon even touched her, was when he held his hand over her wound, begging her to stay with him, before everything went to black.   

And besides, there would be no way for Jon to get here in the north or Westeros without an army, or dragons.  


“I will leave so you can get ready and go meet with the septa.” He placed a kiss on her head like how a father would for his daughter before he exited closing the door behind him.  


Her first few days so far seemed to go by in a blur, she was thankful for all the times she spent walking around Winterfell castle, before the war for the Dawn took place. It was the only reason she didn’t get lost too often.  


Sansa was still the bitch, she recalled back then, Arya was like how Jon described her, always defending him, but instead of Jon, she was now defending her, the young woman she barely even said a word to.  


Robb was a darling, she could see why Jon loved him so much. Where Arya was her defender, Robb was her protector, whenever it came to his mother’s wrath or Theon’s flirts and hands.  

Huffing then at the thought of the broken man who traveled to Meereen with his sister.  

He as his cock still.  


Robb was more of a brother to her than Viserys ever was. He even took up showing her how to use a longsword, by sparing with her and Arya in the Godswood.  

Bran was far from the odd thing she got to know back in Winterfell, this boy loved to climb and wanted to be a kings-guard, she would need to make sure to keep Jaime Lannister away from Bran.  

As for Rickon the young boy Jon lost during the battle of the bastards. He became her shadow, her wild child.  

She got along well with the four Stark children Jon also got along with.  

Lady Stark still gave her disturbing looks and Sansa? She tended to be in the company of the steward’s daughter a girl named Jeyne Poole who Dany had to put in her place, when the girl teased Arya calling her horse face.   

Dany reminded the girl then, if she realized she was talking to a lord’s daughter with such disrespect when Jeyne herself was no more than the steward’s daughter. That only seemed to get Dany in trouble that day. When Sansa ran and complained to her lady mother.  


She was sent to her room that night without supper, it didn’t matter to her anyway, she already knew Robb or lord Stark would make sure to send her a plate.  


It was a moon’s turn now, snow falling outside, both Arya and Bran were both trying to get her to come outside and play in the summer snow.  

Her mind was too busy thinking of the events that would start happening.  

She cared not for the Tully fish bitch or her fish spawn, but the rest of the Starks she would not want what befell them to happen again. If Jon also had his old memories, he would not want to see his family suffer and be pulled apart in this life time.  

She would need to help them, Lord Stark became the father she never thought she would need and Robb was her best friend, plus Rickon was the sweetest always sharing his sweets with her.  

She would need to gather both lord Stark and Robb and explain everything to them.  


She finally gathered her strength a few days later, when her uncle and Robb were together in his solar. I am the blood of old Valyria and the first men.


“Lord Stark may I have a word with you and Robb?” Her uncle?  yes uncle she needed to keep reminding herself. Looked up from the different scrolls in front of him.  

Before him his son had a puzzled look on his face, while Dany looked regal, a queen? Promise me Ned, you know he will kill her if he finds out!   


“Are you well child? Did something happen to you?” her uncle’s face was hard to read then, as it hardened.  

“Oh?” Dany realized, “no, it’s nothing like that my lord.”  

His face eased then, “ok both of you take a seat then.”  

Ned watched as Dany turned to his captain of guards Jory, telling the man he wasn’t needed at this time to guard the door.  


His heart started beating at an alarming speed at this moment.  


“Is everything alright Dany?”  

“Everything is fine, lord Stark.”  

He frowned, “I am sure Robb doesn’t mind you calling me father in his presence” He turned to Robb then “is that not right son?”  

“No, I don’t mind it.” Robb sat next to Dany then.  

“See Dany your brother doesn’t mind, nor do I.”  

“But I do mind lord Stark, it would be a lie! Especially since you are not my father!”  


Robb started gasping for air then, as Ned felt as though the room was spinning as he croaked out the words, “who told you that?”  

“There is no need to lie lord Stark, I know my real name is Daenerys Targaryen, and I know my mother was Lyanna Stark and father Rhaegar Targaryen!”  

It did take her a while to accept her brother being her father in this life.  

“I also know they were married in secret in Dorne where you found your sister.”  


Ned shot out of his chair then, shouting to Robb “leave us!”  

His daughter’s dark grey eyes darkened like molten then where he swore before all the gods, he saw a tint of violet, look back at him  

“He will stay, it concerns him also.”  


What Dany spoke to him and Robb made no sense to him, how could his daughter, no niece, know things that was soon to come, the girl spoke of their death and that Robert’s children weren’t his but Jaime’s.  

He was mad finding out what became of his family, has Robb's right hand ran over his neck when Dany told him he died at the red wedding slaughtered along with his mother and bannermen after the Bolton's and Frey's made a deal with Tywin Lannister, where Roose Bolton became warden of the North and lord Frey getting his revenge for Robb breaking his promise to wed his daughter while also becoming the new warden of the Riverlands.  


Ned Stark didn’t know what to believe, his head was already hurting.  

But those weren’t the worst details, she sang a song to them both of the undead. Stopping her then.  


“Wait, so you’re telling me you got sent back to this timeline but not as my Dany?”  

“No lord Stark, I was born Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen and the man you know as Taeryn Stormborn Targaryen was actually your nephew, you named Jon Snow.”  

She shook her head then, “I don’t know what happened after I got stabbed in the stomach by a white walker. Jon was begging me to stay with him before everything went dark, Then I woke here in this timeline. And it seems Jon is living my life in Pentos.”  


She looked at both Starks, Robb just looked tired, she would expect that, he was but a sheltered young man of eighteen and this was too much for him to take in.  

While lord Stark just seemed to be taking in all the details.  


“I get it you don’t believe me, but I would never lie to you both, being here made me realize how much Jon loved you both, and I don’t think he would ever forgive me, if I let you both die and harm come to your family.”  


“I’m not saying you’re lying Dany, but it’s hard to believe that Theon would ever turn against me, and Winterfell.”  Robb replied while trying not to believe his best friend would do that.

“I know it's hard for you Robb, but Theon grew up here as your father’s ward, of course you sending him back to his father Balon Greyjoy would allow the boy to resent his life here.”  


Lord Stark spoke then, “I know you don’t get along with your sis---” Dany frowned then as Ned cleared his throat, “I mean cousin. But it’s hard for me to believe that Sansa would treat you so poorly when you took your men, and what is to believe dragons North for the war of the Dawn, only for my daughter to disrespect you and your people. That is not how I raised my children.”  


“You were dead already lord Stark, Joffrey had your head chopped off. Your daughter became hardened even after”  

Lord Stark stopped her then waving his hand for her to stop, “don’t say it!”  

If any part of Dany's tale turned out to be true.

He would need to wipe out House Bolton.


“Fine you don’t believe me, but watch, what happens if you don’t heed my warnings. I’ve come to respect and love you as a father.”  

Ned smiled at that, as his eyes beamed with pride.  


"Jon never said how all six of your children received dire-wolves, but all six of us, will, his was” she had to stop herself there. “My dire-wolf will be the runt of the liter; it’s going to be white as snow with ruby eyes.”  

Talk of dire-wolves only seemed to wake Robb then, “did Jon tell you what I named my dire-wolf?”  

“He did, if I remember correctly, yours was called, Greywind, Sansa named her dire-wolf Lady, Arya, Nymeria, Bran I believe he named his Summer and Rickon Shaggydog.”  


Robb seemed to get a laugh at the name his baby brother gave his dire-wolf.  


“All I ask, is when the king sends you a raven saying his hand lord Jon Arryn has died, don’t go south and become his hand.”  

She teared up then, as Robb held her hand in his and her uncle rushed over towards her embracing her.  

"Dany everything is going to be fine." Her uncle assured her.

“No, it won’t” she mumbled, “I don’t want you both to die.”  


Before Ned to could say anything, a knock came at the door, “Who is it?” he called out as he motioned Dany to remain silent.

“It’s ser Rodrick, my lord, the men captured a deserter from the Night’s watch.”  


Ned blew his breath out, a distraction was good. “Get my horse ready.” He then turned to Robb, “get Bran, he’s coming with us.”  


His wife was not having it, Dany saw in the distance, as lady Stark put herself between her lord husband’s horse, “you will not take my son to go watch you execute a man, Bran is only a boy, I will not have it Ned.”  


“Cat he won’t be a boy forever.”  

“No, Ned I don’t care.”  


If only he would just ride the Tully bitch down!   


“What’s so funny Dany? Her shadow was next to her then.  

“When did you get here Rickon?”  

“Just now.” The boy looked at his parents arguing.  

She took his hand, “come let’s get you something to eat!”  



Ned didn’t know what to think, when the man kept rambling about white walkers being beyond the wall. He felt unease as Ice came down the man’s neck.  

His son Robb gave him a look then, but said nothing, he knew they would have to talk to Dany once more.  

A part of him still didn’t want to believe anything she said, but he could not deny that her words were not troubling.  

He turned to look at Bran after passing Ice off to Theon, another person he would need to keep an eye on.  

“Did you understand why I killed the man Bran?”  

“He was a deserter father.” Was all his son said before getting back on his horse.  


They were now traveling through the Wolfswood, when their party came across a dead Stag.  

“Search around, we need to find what killed it.” Ned barked to his men.


“It was probably a mountain lion lord Stark, nothing to worry about.” Ser Rodrick told him, but Ned could not shake the eyrie feeling that took hold of him.  

It did not take long for them to find out what killed the stag.  

A dead dire-wolf laid in the dirt with an antler sticking out of it, around its dead body were five dire-wolf pups. Where’s Dany’s dire-wolf?   


His niece was right, his hand grasped a tree . What horrors I let befall my family?  

Robb looked paled, like he wanted to empty everything he ate that morning.  

He was pulled from his pained thoughts then, “father look what I found!”  

“What is it Bran?” His second son ran over towards him, grasping a white dire-wolf, same as Dany described with ruby eyes.  

“That one is for Snow, it's the runt of the liter” Theon blurted out laughing, as he tried handing Robb a grey dire-wolf.  

 Ned watched Robb empty his stomach out at the side of the trail.  


“Father I need to talk to you alone” Robb whispered to him while he was handing his horse off to the stable boy.  

“Let’s chat in the Godswood, I need to clean Ice and clear my head.”  


“Everything she’s told us so far has come true already father.”  

His first born was walking around with his hands shaking.  

“Take a seat Robb, worrying about it won’t fix this issue.”  

His son sat next to him as he heard leaves crunching in the background.  

Looking up, he saw his lady wife, she looked as though she had been crying. He wondered then if she came to apologize for her behavior. But then he saw a scroll in her hand as his eyes fell on Robb.  


“Ned, I need to speak with you in private.” She opened her hand then offering him the scroll she held.  

“Whatever it is, we should not hide it from Robb, he is a man now.”  

She nodded her head in approval, “It’s about lord Arryn, he died and the king marches north with his entire court.”  

His wife looked away, “you know what this means don’t you?”  


He read the letter over, explaining what became of Jon Arryn but Ned already knew that was a lie. Since Dany told him Petyr Baelish was the one who started the war of the five kings. His hands clenched then.  

“It’s alright Cat, I don’t plan on riding south with the king, I will refuse his offer for being hand of the king.”  

His wife only smiled. Starks did not fare well in the south.  

But his son still remained pale in the face.  


It took another four moons before the king’s party arrived in Winterfell, and what Dany saw before her was no king. The man in front of her looked like a fat oaf. He almost fell off his horse when he tried to get off it. She looked down then biting away her laugh.  


The oaf was greeting Ned Stark, when his eyes fell on her, as he licked his cracked crusty lips at her, was that lust she saw from his stare?

She wanted to throw up then at the disgusting cunt of a man who killed her brother/father, for a woman that didn’t even love or want him. She could feel the bile rising out her mouth, did I remind him of the she-wolf Lyanna Stark? My mother?   


Ned cleared his throat then, as the king took his eyes off Dany, moving over towards the rest of the Stark family.   

Dany noticed the dirty stares Cersei Lannister threw her way. If she could stick her tongue out at the woman she would. Her eyes then fell on Jaime Lannister, the man was watching her, but she didn’t know why.  

He turned from her once her old protector came into view. Barristan the Bold, if she could rush right over an give the man a hug she would. Her eyes watered then, as tears started coming down.  

Theon gritted through his teeth then, “why are you whimpering Snow?”  

“It’s nothing, I’m fine.”  



“How many years as it been Ned? You've been locked away here in the north never coming south, one would think a queen hid here in snow.”  

You know why, when you condoned the murder of an innocent mother and her children.   

Recalling how Robert called the murdered children dragon-spawns.  

“I need you Ned, you are of no use to me here in the North.”  

I will never be of use to you Robert.   

They stopped in front of his sister’s tomb then, as Robert ran his hand across the stone face.  

“We would’ve been brother’s in all but blood if your sister lived. She would be mine if that cunt Rhaegar never stole her away from me.”  

She never loved you Robert, and I was too stupid to see it.   


“We shall join our houses, my son and your eldest daughter. I forgot her name."  

“You want to marry Joffrey to Dany?” Ned asked clearly confused then. 

No not her, but I will tell you that one is a vision Ned. But I meant your other daughter the red head.”  

Ned already knew his answer would be no.  

“I will have to discuss this with Cat first.” In truth he would never allow his daughter to marry that bastard. But he had to mention it to Cat, in case the queen caught her off guard.  


“You should send your eldest daughter south also; she looks so much like Lyanna.”  

I will never send Dany south for you to have your way with her.   

“I forgot what she looked like, until I saw your bastard.”   

Ned winced at that.  

“The south is no place for a northern girl like Dany your grace.”  


“Come now Ned, she won’t be there alone.”  

Robert looked at Ned in the eyes, “I plan on naming you my hand.”  

That will never happen!   

“I’m sorry your grace, but I must refuse, the south took too much from me.”  

Robert nodded in understanding, as they both walked out Winterfell’s crypt.  



Dany was sitting in the corner when Robb came over towards her, “Let's go Dany, I don’t like the way Robert is looking at you.”  

She looked over towards where the fat oaf sat foundling a woman’s breast, “thank you, I was too scared to leave alone.” She took Robb’s hand then as he led her out the room. Ned looked in the distance, he also was watching the king. He would surely kill the man, if he laid hands on Dany, promise me Ned.   


He got up from his chair then as his wife looked at him with troubled eyes, “where are you going my lord?”  

“I need fresh air Cat it’s too crowded.”  

She nodded her head in understanding, her husband was never a man for social gatherings and something this huge she knew troubled the man.  

He didn’t know where he was going, he just knew he needed fresh air and to get away from all the noise.   

He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there, his ale was already done, while he sat alone in the stables.   


“I didn’t think I would find you out here brooding.”  

Ned’s eyes glimmered at the sight of his brother, “Benjen, I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”  

He got up then to greet the man.  


“Well my brother wrote my lord commander begging him to release me from the Nightswatch, I had to ride hard to find out why.”  

Ned knew his reasons. He would not let his brother die north of the wall to the undead.  

Before Ned could say anything, another voice rang out.  


“Yes, lord Stark do tell us.”  

Ned cocked his head behind, when he saw two shadows stepping into the dim light.  

He gritted his teeth then, “ser Jaime.” The man seemed taken a back by Ned.  

Jaime might have saved Kings Landing from the mad king and fought for the living when his sister didn’t care to send help north, but Ned still despised the man for crippling Bran, even if it didn’t happen in this life. He would make sure of it.  


Ned’s eyes fell on Barristan the bold, “ser Barristan.” It’s been awhile."  


“It has my lord.” Barristan replied as his eyes fell on Ned’s brother, “and you must be Benjen Stark?”  

“That I am” Benjen replied as he eyed Ned, who looked just as confused as he did.  


Both kings-guard did a sweep around the stable then before Jaime spoke.  

“We need to speak to the queen.”  

Ned frowned as his brother clenched his fists.  

“The queen is inside, ser Jaime, I am sure you know your sister in more ways than most men.” Ned sneered.  


Jaime faltered then before regaining self-control, “I didn’t mean her, I meant Dany Snow. I know she is your sister and Rhaegar Targaryen’s daughter.”  

“I think you have my daughter confused ser Jaime.” I think I have had enough of this small talk; I will see you inside Benjen.”  


“There’s a lot undead marching north of the wall, if we do not unite the seven kingdoms, everything will be lost.”   


Ned stopped in his tracks then, how did he know this? Was he sent back also?  

“You may not want to believe anything I have to say, but I was sent back to this timeline a few moons ago.” Jaime shook his head then, “I don’t understand, how any of this happened, or why Jon Snow is a young girl and not the boy I recalled the last time I was here in my last life.”  


Ned turned then to face Jaime, “that’s because she’s the queen you remembered, at least that’s what she’s told me.”  
He couldn’t believe the words that were about to leave his mouth. “Come we all need to talk to her.”  


Dany was inside her room with Robb, who had the door locked, her protector refused to leave her side, worried the king might send men to come for her.  


A knock came to the door as Robb got off the floor, “who is it?”  

“It’s your father Robb, what are you doing alone locked in Dany’s room?”  

Robb gulped, quickly unlocking the latch, “It’s not what you think father. I was only here keeping her safe!”  

He stopped speaking as his eyes fell over the two kings-guards standing outside with his father and uncle.  


Dany stood from her bed, as a man dressed in all black came over hugging her tightly, “hello Dany.”  

He stepped back a few to get a good look on her. “You’ve grown since the last time I came for a visit.”  

This must be uncle Benjen , the undead man who saved Jon beyond the wall. She embraced him back, she would need to talk to him in private and thank him for saving Jon.  


She watched as ser Barristan closed the door with the latch.  


“They know you’re not my daughter Dany.” Ned told her as she let go of uncle Benjen, as tears came from her eyes.   

She rushed over towards ser Barristan, hugging him tightly.  

“I’ve missed you Barristan.” Selmy hugged her back. Jaime had confided in him of the events of his past life, but he did not expect to be engulfed in a tight embrace from his queen.  


Jaime looked at Barristan with confusion, “I don’t understand, Jon didn’t know Barristan in his past life only the dragon-queen did.”  

“That’s because I am the dragon-queen ser Jaime.”  


The man’s eyes, fluttered with recognition, “if you’re living Jon’s life then where’s Jon? Where's the king?”   

“It seems Jon, is living in Pentos with my brother Viserys.”  

Jaime leaned on the door then, “I should’ve known to put two and two together, when I woke up to this life a few moons ago. When I was told Ned had a daughter and not a son. Then I found out it was two Targaryen males in exile.”  

“You were never the smartest Lannister.” Dany jested as Jaime laughed at her words.  

“That I am not, my queen.”  


Benjen spoke then, “ok I am confused at what’s going on.”  

When everything was explained to him, he also needed to take a seat, “so you’re telling me the dead are coming?”  

“I need to get back to the wall then, warn them.”  

“You’re not going Benjen, I don’t want to lose you.”  

“I won’t go beyond the wall this time.”  

“You’ve already been released from your vows Benjen.”  

“And how did manage that Ned? The nights watch takes no part in Westerosi politics”  


“Let’s just say I did Jeor a favor.” confusion over took Benjen before he realized what Ned meant.  

“Dany told me Jorah fought for the side of the living, it was only fair.”  


Robb broke the silence in the room, “you should go father, I am sure everyone as realized your absence.”  

Ned frowned at the thought of returning to the Great Hall to listen to Robert drunken rants.  

“You can’t stay locked in Dany’s room with her, it's not appropriate Robb, I expect you know better.”  

Ned gave both a warning look.  


Dany laughed at her uncle’s words. There was nothing between her and Robb, she gave her heart away to Jon a long time ago.  


“I’m not guarding the king tonight; I will stay with our queen until it’s safe for me to leave.”  

Jaime grimaced then, since he was on duty to guard Robert tonight.  


Dany’s eyes lit up then, as fresh tears fell once more, “I would love if you did ser.”  


Everyone else left, it still took a bit of convincing, to get both her uncles out her room.  


“What would you like to talk about ser?”  

“Everything!” her old knight replied, as Dany sat in bed telling ser Barristan everything about their past life, and how devoted and protective he was of her.  

When she finally fell asleep under the covers, Barristan said a small prayer, he may have failed her family in his last life, but surely wouldn’t this time around.  



He laid in bed next to her, he would need to tell her now, “I spoke to the king.”  

She yawned, “what did the king have to say?”  

“He wants to marry Sansa to Joffrey”  

It seemed his wife was no longer tired, as she rose from the covers, “and you’re now telling me Ned?”  

Her hand fell over her chest, “think of it Ned, our Sansa future queen of the seven kingdoms.”  

“She won’t be Catelyn, I will refuse, Starks don’t fare well south, you said it yourself.”  

“She’s also part Tully and as the looks to prove that, never forget that Ned. You will not refuse the king I forbid it. You already refused to be his hand, he might take it a slight if you refuse him a betrothal for his son and our daughter!”  

His wife left the bed putting her nightgown, cloak and slippers.  

“Where are you going Cat?”  

“To my Sansa’s room since the queen as taken my chambers. I will not return until you accept the betrothal!”  

Ned watched as his wife slammed the door shut behind her, he would need to try to make her understand without telling Dany’s secret.  

This is going to be a long night, he exhaled, thinking back on his wife’s words.