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Love comes in many different forms

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“Argk! You don’t get it Terezi! It was hard enough just trying to deal with his ass, but now that he’s flirting with me it’s even worse!”

Karkat stumbles about the room him and Terezi are chatting in, while Karkat spills about Dave and his confusing signs.

“How do you know he’s flirting with you Karkles? Humans are weird, maybe he’s just being nice to you.” She tells him as gently as possible.

“I’ve been thinking about that too! Maybe I’m over thinking this, maybe he’s just being nice, maybe I’m a fucking idiot who can’t tell the difference! But it’s just......”

Karkat pauses and stares at Terezi, who had no idea that he’s staring cause she’s blind. She seems lost in thought but when Karkat stops she snaps out of it and asks him, “but it’s just what? Come on Karkles! Don’t leave me guessing!”

“It just.......he isn’t even sticking to a quadrant! Some days he seems intent of pushing all my buttons and others he like ‘oh hey Karkat, you wanna come hang out in my room and talk about weird shit that’ll make you question your feelings for me?’ “, Karkat does a totally sick impression of Dave that totally does not at all sound like a dying hoof beast before continuing,

“ I can’t even tell if he’s redrom flirting, pale, or black at this point! I swear, the only quadrant he hasn’t tried is ashen, and that’s probably cause it requires a third person!” Karkat breathes a heavy sigh and slumps down onto the floor, Terezi stands up and sits by him.

“So Karkat, what’s the point of telling me this? No offense or anything but all you’ve done so far is rant about Dave and his confusing signs, what are you getting to?”

Karkat seems to shrivel up even more as he slouched forward and hides his face in his knees. He stays like that for a minute or two tops before finally taking a deep breath and mumbling out a single sentence.

“I’m saying this because I think I want to have something with him too”

Terezi can’t help but look unsurprised, Karkat looks over to her and starts rambling

“It’s not like I love him or anything! I just...wanna try something I guess. Please don’t tell him I said that, he might not understand and I don’t want to fuck anything up between him and me, you kn-“ Terezi cuts him off, she can’t stand to listen to him babble any longer

“Karkat, everyone know you want something with Dave, even the fucking mayor would be able to see it! It’s really quite obvious.”

Karkat got even more flustered, his cheeks flushed red enough that any droid that saw him would surely cull him on sight.

“W-was I really that obvious?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Anyone with even the slightest sense of how romance works would be able to see you flushing from universes away”

“So my secrets out, only one thing left to do then”


“Hell no! It’s time to bury my feelings as deep as I can and hope that Dave never finds out about them ever”

Terezi has never wanted to face palm more then in that moment, this boy really did need her help if he wanted to confess, didn’t he? Well, they’d better start now. After all, she did want him to confess today.