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On mount Ebott Frisk and some of their friends stood in awe of it all the surface was there and frisk decided to keep it this way. After a hour of papyrus asking sans what everything is they decide to head into town. Papyrus proudly goes ahead with sans following toriel holding frisk's hand and people scream when they see them

Papyrus is confused and asks "SANS WHY DO THE HUMANS SCREAM?" Sans says pulling papyrus desperately back to the group "I don't know but come here pap this is...just come." Multiple soldiers came and corraled them into trucks undyne absolutely furious and Asgore and papyrus try to hold her back physically while alphys tries to calm her down. "U-undyne this is-isn't going to help us!" They arrive at a large building with people going and retrieving every item in the monsters former home. Undyne is furious when they take her clothes and they pull out her undergarments which makes alphys blush and a male says "Whoah size D!" Sans fake gags "I FISH I would have not heard that." Papyrus grumbled and behind them held by a doctor with 2 soldiers at each side was flowey. Flowey said "Howdy smiley trashbag still telling horrible puns-Oh papyrus how are you?" Papyrus smiles "PERFECTLY WELL FLOWEY-" Undyne interrupts loudly "WAIT HE IS REAL!" Sans replies "I guess" Mettaton walks fast and points at humans hauling tapes of all his episodes when papyrus sees this they both are furious that they are holding those tapes not caring for them some others get mad but the guns dissuade them but Papyrus and Mettaton don't care then the doors open and a man with a metal leg says "Listen up freaks you are not humans meaning you have no rights here you will live here and do what we want here no questions now we will require every monster to identify their name, gender, Sexual preference and any other information we ask and perform any test we ask!" This is followed by groaning and angry grumbling from anyone the monsters are taken in and done test's on first are the normal monsters working at the bottom to the top toriel is shrieking after a couple hours "My child where is my child" she runs and shouts to the gaurds a doctor comes a pale old man with a long beard he has frisk in his hand they look uncomfortable until they see toriel then a soldier holds them back making both the old man and toriel mad the old man barks frothing at the mouth "DENNIS YOU DO WHAT I ASK DID I ASK YOU TO STOP THE WOMAN NO I DID NOT LET HER MEET THE KID" this made every monster and human pay attention sans runs over papyrus and Mettaton were chatting now following him Asgore runs along and when undyne madly dashes 4 buff men tackle her but she stands and waddles over alphys is trying to pry the guards off Dennis digs letting them meet the old man smiles turning nice flowey hops over the doctor and guards searching for him. The old man speaks "now the child was taken and seen It him her-" frisk grumbled the old man sighed "they are all right but we are deciding what to do I was furious when Dennis said the child was to be put on adoption I said they are okay with the kids some maniacs even said to- I am getting off topic you won't see the kid without guards for a unspecified amount of time" toriel shouts "she is my child she was fine and will be you will not take them!" Flames erupted from their hands and many gunsman pointed Asgore said quietly "Tori-" toriel said coldy "don'" sans said "Tori this will not help anyone." Toriel calms down when Frisk looks scared. Then toriel gives the child a hug and the old man sleeps while standing sans chuckled and papyrus gently said "wakey wakey Mr old man sir" then a female doctor above them took notes and said "Ok now you go to processing" she points to Asgore he walks calmly then comes out wide eyes a hour later he says quietly to the group "the tests were-um rather invasive" undyne erupts in laughter and a guard chuckles and says "I wouldn't be so happy since the only ones safe for the test are the skeletons" then he sees napstablook floating behind Mettaton "and Mr spooky here"undyne stops and papyrus gives Asgore a hug "I AM SO SO SORRY THAT I THE GREAT PAPYRUS COULD NOT SPARE YOU THIS FATE!" Then he gives undyne a hug saying "YOU AS LEADER OF THE ROYAL GUARD DESERVE BETTER." And he hugs alphys and says "AS ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST MINDS OF ALL MONSTERS YOU DESERVE BETTER." then he hugs toriel "ANY YOU MRS. ASGORE CLONE TORIEL DESERVE BETTER AND ALL THE LOVE FRISK CAN GIVE YOU." Toriel hugs him and sons quietly with sans comforting her and Asgore patting her back offering a tissue which she accepts then papyrus says "WHAT DO WE SAY WHEN SOMEONE TRIES TO MAKE UP FOR THEIR PAST ACCIDENT AND MOVE ON BECOMING A BETTER GOAT KING?" Toriel giggles and says "thank you I won't TISS-USE this" then sans and toriel laugh while papyrus groans and moves on then he hugs Mettaton tightly "AND A FORM AS EXQUISITE AS YOURS SHOULD NOT BE INVADED ANY BIT STAR OF ALL MONSTERKIND!" Burgerpants and flowey gag and Mettaton's eyes sparkle and says back "OH YESS darling I appreciate the support maybe I need to be held in these strong arms of yours." He says with a smirk holding back tightly Papyrus blushes and burgerpants says "why don't I get a hug this is favoritism I swear I am not as strong or sexy as any of you" Flowey smirks and papyrus madly dashes so fast and hugs him lifting him up the alphys whispers to undyne "I th-think I prefer the ship hug" then undyne smiles a toothy smile and says to papyrus now holding burgerpants in the air saying many compliments while flowey laughs so hard he knocks over then is picked up by the doctor undyne says to papyrus making sure Mettaton hears "Hey would you rather smooch a ghost, box on a wheel or a-" Mettaton screams "NOOOOO" then papyrus puts burgerpants down who says under his breath "the best moment of my life so far it ended this soon..." Papyrus awnsered a completely normally and innocently "Was the last option a sexy robot it is absolutely to all 3 if it is" Mettaton blushes and flowey says "OOOH the bucket of bolts loves papyrus well he is my favorite so back off" sans says with a trombone "Flowey WEED you be quiet I heard on the VINE you are jelous of my bro" Papyrus screams "SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS WHY DID YOU RUIN THE MOMENT WITH PUNS AGAIN!!!" Then he plays it and someone takes it and he says "First of all How second why and I am not mad more proud than anything." Sans shrugs "thanks I guess" then the woman says "now time for the fish" 4 huge men come close a doctor and a man normal sized who she recognized holding her bra walks with the doctor she says "YOU SON OF A BITCH WHY DID YOU TAKE MY BRA." A guard shouts "LANGUAGE!" Undyne says "ENGLISH DUMBASS!" Then another doctor says hours later with undyne hugging alphys "next up the lizard doctor" alphys looks very very very uncomfortable and the doctor says "Undyne can come too if she wants" then a guard holds out his phone and blushes his friend asks "Yo Rob is that the fish woman naked?" Then undyne storms over and alphys following undyne takes the phone and flowey gets a bone to drop it so alphys can pick it up when she does she gets the anime nosebleed and faints and undyne says "Well at least I saw the anime nosebleed and alphys saw it" she then smashes the phone and Rob cries and his friend says "it's just fish tiddies." Rob screams "JUST FISH TIDDIES THOSE WERE THE BEST RACK I HAVE EVER SEEN AND ITS GONE!" Undyne laughs and jokingly says "10 G and maybe you will get another peek!" The Rob says "don't give me hope." Then hours the want said "Short fat skeleton you are next." Then sans goes and comes back after twice as long as the others papyrus asks "SANS WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG?" Sans said "Doc tried to understand how I function and we eventually just kept saying puns and uh pap they may ask for... See ecto stuff just a warning." Papyrus's eye sockets were wide and he hugged Mettaton who was thinking about many skeleton related questions.