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Plum Tree is your gift

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Hua Wuxie was in bed and was ready to go to sleep because he was tired to deal with lots of issues and was a little sick.
And he was kinda alone since Pei Wende didn't arrive from one of his mission and he missed him.

He was trying to sleep when he heard the noise of someone marching and saw that it's was Pei Wende who have arrived.

Pei Wende thought his husband was asleep and was smiling while he changed his clothes but what he didn't know is that Hua Wuxie was not asleep and that he looked at him.

Then Pei Wende goes in the bed where he kisses the forehead of Hua Wuxie "I'm home, my love"

Hua Wuxie turn his head and kiss Pei Wende "I missed you"

"I'm home now with you"

What he doesn't know is that Pei Wende was preparing for the birthday of Hua Wuxie who is the next day.
Where he have seen if the road was clear for their trip to one land he found beautiful with multiples plum tree.

The next day Pei Wende kissed Hua Wuxie

"Happy Birthday, my love"

"Thank you" and Hua Wuxie was kissing him

They have spend a long moment in their bed as first birthday gift
Then Pei Wende says "My second gift we have to go somewhere and leave the bed"

They used only one horse where Hua Wuxia was against Pei Wende

"Here we arrive"

It's was one land with multiple plum tree and it's was very beautiful
Pei Wende was happy to see that Hua Wuxie was excited about this, he was smiling.
Then he takes the food he have prepared with the aid of maid for today

"And we are gonna spend the day here, watching the sky and be with tree"

"It's a beautiful gift, thank you"

They enjoy it the whole day where it's was also very relaxing without be at the palace or doing some duty.