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The pain of living

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Chuuya had been away on a long mission away from Yokohama when the whole Mimic thing happened. When the executive returned she learned that Ango had been a spy for the government and that Oda, who had survived his battle with Mimic's leader Glide, had left the mafia and gone into hiding. The redhead knew what that meant for Dazai, the one left behind. So she was right now hurrying to the brunet's apartment. It was selfish, but the shorter deeply prayed that she wouldn't be too late.


Chuuya knocked on the door that led to her partner's apartment. The redhead had to really restrain herself when knocking because if she knocked harder, the door would have gained hole as big as her fist. No respond. The mafioso took a deep breath and took out the extra key that Dazai snuck into her pocket at some point. The door got unlocked and she entered.

It was dark in the apartment, as it was the evening after the battle against Mimic. All the blinds were down and curtains drawn over the windows. Not a single lamp was on either. Chuuya gently closed the door behind her and locked it. She didn't need anyone randomly coming by. Slowly the redhead took of her shoes before steping passed the hallway.


She tried to softly call out to her partner. Chuuya could only guess what kind of state he was in at the moment. The redhead took a glance into the bathroom, the bathtub was filled to the brim but no Dazai in it. There was no blood in the room either. The medic cabinet was open on the other hand and she saw that a few things were missing. The reason the shorter knew what was missing was because she was usually the one who made sure the brunet never ran out of things in there.

“So he has been hurting himself...”

Mumbled with a frown before she continued deeper into the apartment. Chuuya checked the kitchen, all the big knives laid unused, like the whole kitchen actually. So the redhead concluded that her partner hadn't eaten anything yet. The female continued her search for Dazai and finally got to his bedroom. She slowly pushed the partly open door more open and finally saw the brunet sitting crawled into a ball in the corner of the room, beside his big bed. Chuuya let out a low sigh, he was still alive. That was enough for now.


Spoke as she slowly walked closer to him. Once a few steps away Chuuya sat down on her knees and slowly crawled closer. Once close enough to touch the redhead stopped. She tried to call out to her partner again. This time Dazai slowly raised his head and turned it towards her. The redhead gave him a soft smile despite the completely devastated look in hazel brown eye. Very slowly the shorter opened her hands towards him, showing that she didn't want to hurt him.

Dazai seemed to process her soft careful gestures for a bit before he suddenly threw himself at her. Chuuya was taken by surprise. But managed to keep her balance. The brunet buried his face against her chest and long lanky arms around a slim waist. The redhead took off her gloves and gently started comb brown fluffy hair. The shorter wasn't going to hug back. It could make her partner feel trapped.

“It's alright Dazai... I'm here... I won't leave...”


“Of course... I lost that bet remember? Dog for life and all.”

“Yeah... dog for life...”

They sat in silence for a bit before Chuuya made a decision that she knew would help Dazai gather himself.

“Take it out on me...”

“Take it out on you?...”

“Yeah, all of your emotions. Everything you're feeling. Your whole mess.”


“It's fine, I can't have my partner in this state.”


“Yeah idiot, we're partners. Have you forgotten that?”

Dazai rose his head and they looked at each other for a moment before the brunet reached up and pressed their lips together. Chuuya closed her eyes and let the brunet lead, she let him have the control he needed to feel right now. As he didn't have control over anything else anymore. Hands pushed her coat and jacket off her body before long fingers started to unbutton her vest. Her own hands rested on the taller's shoulders while their lips remained locked against each other. The redhead only let go of her partner when he wanted to push off her clothes. Once only the bra was left on the upper body, Chuuya got lifted up and placed on the bed.

Dazai broke their kiss before he turned his attention towards her pants. They quickly slid of slim legs and her socks were quickly with her black pants on the floor. So now she was dressed in merely her underwear. The brunet crawled up on top of her. Where ocean blue and hazel brown met. The taller took off his suit jacket and tie. Before he leaned down and started to gently kiss her along the shoulder. Chuuya let out a low shaky breath over the gentleness that the younger had when he handled her. Hands found slim hips and gently massaged them while the mouth gently left a trail of kisses from her shoulder to the middle of her chest.

When Dazai raised his head again his hands gently stroke her along the sides up to her breasts, where the hands took hold of a boob each. Chuuya let out a low breathy moan when her chest was gently massaged. The brunet lowered his head again and started to leave kisses above her heart. The redhead understood the gesture clearly. It was her partner's way of saying that he was happy she was alive. The man would never say such a thing out loud. The taller would only leave hints like these for those soft important words.


Chuuya had whispered her partner's name in a breathy moan and the brunet seemed to have understood what she wanted. Because he let go of her breasts and turned his attention towards her panties. That was soon taken off and he unzipped his pants. The redhead saw that her partner was impossibly hard and had surely waited on her to give him the clear. So she spread her legs for him and the taller moved closer. The shorter let out a low moan as the hard erection slowly sunk into her vagina. Her fingers tangled with sheets and his hands now held onto her hips.

“I'll start moving now...”

A single nod was all that was needed from Chuuya before Dazai started to move his hips. He thrusted hard and as deep as he could. The room filled with their sounds of pleasure as the redhead let her partner use sex as an outlet for his tangled emotions. Slim fingers dug into the sheets as she gave her whole body over to the brunet.

Dazai leaned forward and pressed their lips together into a messy kiss as he continued to thrust into the slim body. One of the taller's hands let go of slim hips to take a hold of Chuuya's hand. They both gripped hard. The brunet angled his thrusts and found the perfect spot. Made the redhead's moans louder and just a few thrusts later her body tensed up as she cum. Dazai wasn't far after her and the warm liquid filled her. The brunet then collapsed beside her, after having pulled his now soft dick out.

Chuuya wrapped her arms around her partner and pulled him in close. Lanky arms wrapped around her and he held hard. Dazai's body was tense and shook. Slim fingers gently stroke brown locks as they silently laid there on the taller's bed. It didn't take long before the brunet wanted more sex and the redhead went along. It ended with them having sex most of the night. But by the end of it all, the taller was back to his old self. Well, almost. They now had a softness between them that hadn't been there before. Soft words, soft touches. Chuuya was glad that she was able to help her partner feel better for once.

If only it would have lasted.