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Seychelles stared determinedly at the menu in front of her, fidgeting in the booth. She would not think about all those breasts...shielded by fabric...supported by very flimsy bras-NO! She was going to be strong! "Hello everyone," Belgium greeted calmly as she walked in and sat down, but Seychelles couldn't stop her eyes from sliding to the other woman's chest. 

It appeared to be smaller than it actually was, but Seychelles knew better. She'd seen Belgium in a damn bikini for Heaven's sake! Then the North American twins and the Slavic siblings arrived. Seychelles knew that their breasts were large, almost perfectly round... 'No,' she reminded herself. She'd go through this dinner without ogling the other women's breasts! 

But she was admittedly curious. 

Unknown to the attendees and the kitchen staff, several male nations (England, Russia, and France) had followed them, getting into a slight argument and accidentally damaging the thermostat, pushing the temperature to 'max'. 

"My oh my it's getting hot in here," America said, sliding off her brown leather jacket, and Canada did the same with her red overcoat. From what she could see, the slightest hint in the shirt's colour change was at least a modified bra, purple being her guess, figuring that the 'purple mountains majesty' referring to her breasts. 

Like Taiwan, Seychelles was a fan of moe. Nothing like a girl with breasts like a movie star, and a young face. Add in a level of almost childish cuteness, and she wouldn't be able to resist. Unfortunately for her, Canada, America, Belgium, Ukraine, and Belarus all had those features. 

The waitress asked for the second time, "Are you going to order anything?"

Seychelles jumped. "I'm-I'm sorry, I'll take a salad please, with a medium Coke." Smiling, the other women sitting at her table also ordered. After their respective meals had arrived, Hungary, who was walking past, accidentally knocked over a pitcher of water, which landed all over America, who just smiled, telling Hungary she didn't need to apologize, as it was an accident. 

Seychelles couldn't help but look at the now wet shirt clinging to America's bust, which only made it stand out more. It was the same with Canada's own bust, which was as large and as well-rounded as Ukraine's own. After dinner, a admittedly lengthy conversation began, which had Seychelles nodding affirmingly or even just saying, "yes," whenever they took a pause to breathe. 

Her determination only lasted a few minutes more before it crumpled and fell like a burning building. 

"Do you want us to walk alongside you to your hotel, Seychelles?" Canada asked. 

"Yes," she answered immediately. After they stood up and left, they didn't see some other female nations exchange money or sigh unhappily.