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Fright & Corruption

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“It is one thing to have someone around you to make you laugh by telling you jokes. But to torment them to make you crack a smile is another thing. Would you mind handing me that screwdriver? The plus side please.” Muffled Romana as she lay underneath the control panel. It was a bit difficult to hear her over the loud alarm that the Doctor accidentally set off in the lab. You just slouch on the chair near her as you pass her the requested tool.

“‘It add a little, what's a good word… into life.’ I mean, he actually had to think about that for a second! Just! Fuck, what is his deal!?” “It might be too early to say, but by the way you're description of the conversation you two shared seemed like you are his habit.” “Excuse him, what?” You sat up slightly and gazed down at her hidden face.

“A habit. He must have been bored with just dealing with the Doctor over and over again, so he turned his attention over to someone else he can pester at while he plans for some other world domination or some other evil-doers do these days. Ah, there we go.” The annoying sounds of alarm was immediately off and left you two with blessed silence. She sat out from the table and stood up. “Okay, I can see that. But why the fucking Hell is it me he’s pestering?” You grounded as you rubbed your face with full hands in exasperation. “Couldn't he just…..go and find…..” You didn't want to finnish that sentence. You now know what the evil Time Lord is cable of, and wishing to hand him off to some other person next to you seemed like committing an unknown crime you didn’t know you had a part of.

Romana laid her small hand on your left shoulder and gave you a sad smile. “I really wish I can answer that for you, but I can’t. The Doctor would have the better reply to that little tidbit.”

You shake your head no. Yes, you did told him that you met his best enemy. That he actually talked to you, and dropped you off where the Earth Time Vault was. But you never gave him the full details; you never felt comfortable sharing how much this new figure affected you in your life now. Shivering in the non-chilly air, you pull your sweater closer around your form. “Not now. But… maybe someday.” Romana nodded and with that, you two went back to the computer screens to find the Doctor in question running away from a monster made out of noodles.

That was a fun adventure.

While Romana really did helped you by being someone to talk too, you still felt uneasy and terrified. But who could blame you when you just met your future enemy? You felt justified to at least blow off some steam as you whack away the terror noodle monster that day. Perhaps the huge thing that never left your mind was the kiss you gained from the Master. That is the one thing you never told Romana at all. 

You wanted to tell the Doctor, but…. It made you feel vulnerable. And you hated it.

Now after that little excursion, you three were in the console room, the Doctor talking away as he sat in his chair, Romana fiddling at the panel, and you sitting down to clean up the sauce (or in this case, blood) off of K-9. “To think that all happen, all those poor souls on that ship, all happen because of a small classic swap of a food ingredient and a scientific goop .” He said as he fiddled with yo-yo lazaly in the air. No one said anything for a good while. “Maybe I should take up cooking. It is a bit like chemistry.” He declared. “I don’t think so…. Well….. Maybe. I guess.” You chimed in, rubbing the robot dogs head. “Well, I’m not planning on taking up anything other than a vacation. What say you (Y/N), Doctor? I think we are in need for one.”

A smile popped on the Time Lords face as he jumped up from his chair to the control panel in glee. “Splendid idea Romana! I know of a planet that is filled with nothing but beaches with fish galore. Or perhaps a time on planet X-10 where…” He paused in remembrance and almost blush. “Ahem, well, that might be a bit too… provocative. (Y/N)! What do you want to do?” He asked you.

You were taken back, stopping your cleaning chore (much to K-9s dismay). Thinking back, you wondered what you’ve always wanted to do in your life before stepping on board in the TARDIS. And remembering too much of your retail work life. Going further back in your mind and into your high school, you remember a particular book that sparked an interest in you.

“There is someone I’ve always wanted to meet…”


In the city of London, up in the royal palace, there was a ball was being held. It was already going underway, but a few late arrivals just showed up to the gates. A stray dog was seen sniffing near the  door to the back of the palace where the smell of food was coming from. A loud man opened the door and tossed out a big bone that had some bits of good meat with some broth on it. The large dog eagerly snached the bone and ran off to the road.

Further from the road that lead to the mansion, a blue box slowly appeared with a bright light glowing. The sound uttered from it died down and a gente thump came as if it sounded like it landed. The dog crooked its head and slowly crept close to it. A door opened and a tall man with a very long, long scarf with many colors it can't see and a hat shoved on top of his curly hair walked out. “1815! The Regency time. Marvelous books written in this time, Napoleon failed to conquer the world, and horrible plumbing were still left desired.” 

Romana followed through beside him and looked about herself. She wore a very beautiful evening pink gown. Pulling the collar of the sash she brought out closer to her bare neck, she looked around and spotted the confused dog. “Oh, hello there. Were we in your way?” She asked, kneeling down to it. You walked out with your own evening gown, in a cream color and darken laces about. You were fidgeting with the gloves and straighten any stray hair out of your styled hair and fixing the pearl necklace.

“Does this look okay? Do I have anything crooked or wonked out?” “You’re fine (Y/n).” Said the Doctor, smiling at you. “More than fine, you look very beautiful. I wished you would have told me that you are a fan of Jane's work. I would have brought you here earlier.” You smiled back as you calmed down. 

“I wish that I did. Her books really gave me a new meaning of being myself.” You said. “Back in high school, Jane Austins books were one of the few that really got me into reading. My english teacher was pleasantly surprised and suggested some other stuff for me.” You paused as you looked up at the night sky. “I really liked having her as my teacher. She was like a second grandmother to me.” The tall Doctor wrapped an arm around your shoulders for a side hug. 

“Well then, we best get a move on if we are to meet her soon.” You didn’t let him say it twice as you dashed around to the front of the palace with Romana and the Doctor in tow. The guards standing at the entriced gave you a side eye stare as you almost speed walked up the steps with your colored cheeks even more red from the short jogging, but you didn’t care. They gave an even more perplexed look when they say the Doctor coming up behind Romana. “Ah hello! Lovely evening, isn’t it gentlemen?” Hs asked as he tipped his hat to them.

They said nothing. Just stared at him and standing still. Romana grabbed him by the arm and dragged him faster after you. “I have to admit, I've never seen her like this. Except for the time were we all saw that Star movie when it came out.” She said as they slowly caught up to you. You hovered nevervusly near the door, going over your outfit again and again. The Doctor continue to grin as he replied “It is a nice change for once. I’m really happy that she is smiling for real.” 

Now all together, you three stroll into the home of royalty and you couldn't help but be amazed at the people around you. Neither films or the series almost prepared you for the gowns the women wore, the dandies engaging a conversation about politics or the new Darwin theory, and the decor that was lit up by long candles on the walls.The smile on your face only grew, making the two aliens smile gently at your reaction.

“Oh my…. God…. this is…. I can’t believe that ...” “Are you alright? You seemed to look flushed. Are you are in need of a doctor?” said a voice to your right. Turned around, you were staring at a very handsome dandy who almost look like a love child of Tom Hiddolson and Keanu Reeves. Dark hair, tall, and has an air of pleasantness about him.

Needles to say: your cheeks got a bit more red. 

“Oh, no thank you. I’m just so… speechless. This is my first time in a ball.” You said, hoping that you were smiling nicely and not very dopelishly and failing at the latter. He smiled back at you. “Really? How marvels! Allow me to introduce myself.” He bowed to you. “I am Charlie Anderson. And whom am I had the pleasure of speaking?” Just before you answer, Doctor interrupted. “Ah! I would be Lord Doctor. This is Lady Romana, and here is Lady (Y/n).” Charlie, never batting an eye, gave him and Romana the same greeting before turning back to you.

“Forgive me, I haven’t heard of you before. Are you new here?” “I’m from A-” “Austria. Just recently arrived last week.” Interrupted the Time Lady as she wrapped an arm around your waist. ‘What the fuck?’ you looked at her with a questioning look, but the dandy took no notice. “Splendid! Perhaps I can introduce you around to the others? We can share stories of our travels.” “Accully, we’ve heard that Jane Austin would be here. Have you seen her around?” Asked the tall Doctor, taking off his hat from his curly hair and placing it on top of an unlit candle on the wall. 

Charlie looked a bit perplexed and said “I’m terribly sorry, but she was just here last month.” Your whole body deflated a bit while Romana (not so gently) elbowed the Doctor for his mistiming. “Is everything alright my lady?” He asked. You gave him a small smile. “Yes, it’s just that I am a huge fan of hers and I just really wanted to meet her.” He nodded in somewhat understanding way while questioning why you compare yourself to a cooling fan. “I’m sorry (Y/n). Do you want me to retry again now?” Asked the Time Lord. You shook your head no and smiled at him. “It’s okay. We have a tim-” You stopped yourself in time as you remembered who else was listing. The Doctor still understood what you meant. 

“Well, is there anyway I can make your night better? Perhaps some food to fill the soul as one man would put it.” Asked the dandy, just as some music from a ballroom started up. You perk up at the tunes, which did not go unnoticed by him. “Or may I be of service of inviting you for a dance?” Your smile grew wider as your heart flutter. His face in return, looked pleased and cheerful as he offered his left arm to you.

You took his arm and waved the Doctor and Romana as you walked off. While you may not have met your idol, you still get to do something else that you always wanted to do. As you two slowly walked into the ballroom, you then remembered something else. “Oh shit…” Charlie turned to you in a puzzled manner. “I beg your pardon?” “I just remembered, I don’t know how to dance like this. I mean, I’ve only seen it, but never really got to actually do it.” His hand gently wrapped around yours, making you to look up at him. He grinned softly as his green eyes looked into your (e/c). “I’ll help. We’ll take it slow and watch the other women as they go.”

As you two walked in, you couldn’t help but let out a small gasped. The ballroom was huge, there were enough candles to light up every connor of the room, very nicely painted and the decor was just as you envisioned this time period. There were food tables nearby with many delightful edibles with, of course, a pineapple as a centerpiece. The stage where the musicians sat was big enough to fit them all in and small enough to not be in the dancers.

The other dancers got in line, the musicians argued about what music to play, the other party goers still mingled near the walls and some were just picking at the food. Charlie gilded you into the line, you with the women, and he with the men. His grin never changed, neither did yours. Normally, whenever a man treated you like this, always ended up having him to call himself a ‘nice guy’ and expected you to returned his ‘kindness’. Thus, having to learn to be aware of anyone who called himself a ‘gentleman’.

But with Charlie, well, he was very different. Perhaps it was how the normacy here. To be expected to be a gentleman. Or it was how much he resembled Mr.Darcy and acted like Mr.Bingley. It couldn’t be love at first sight, right?

The music started, and you only just managed to not freak out at their choice of piece to play. It was the same at the show, and you knew (or at least part of it) the steps. Everybody moved at the same time and you followed along. Sure enough, you had no idea what you were doing. You almost bumped into the lady on your right, almost tripping the one on your left, just being a general menace to everyone. You look at your partner in an apologetic way, but he only just smiled wider as his eyes gleamed.

The Doctor stood near the doorway with Romana, watching you two slowly dancing. “She looks very happy.” She said. He nodded, signing in content. “I think that this was her dream for a long time. To dance with a handsome fellow, all dressed like this, surrounded by equal pleasant people.” He looked at the food. “And eating almost expire fruits.” Romama scrunched up her nose at the centerpiece, just as an old man walked up to them and bowed. “Good evening. It is always a pleasure to see new faces here.”

They grinned back at him, with Romana making a curtsy and the Doctor extending his hand. The man looked surprised by him, but slowly shook it. “Good evening to you too! We’re just admiring the dancers” ''Ah.” The man nodded as he looked out to them. Everyone was all getting the steps right, their calm faces stared back at their partners, and then (Y/n) nearly misstepped on a note. Charlie never looked angry or disappointed. He took his time and pointed out where to move next. 

“Well,” Begin the man as he watched the two of you with uncertainty. “I’m sure you are here for the Prince speech.” That got both their attention. “Prince? Prince Regent?” “Well, yes. Our future king. About those french dogs?” “AH! Yes!” the Doctors voice boomed out, startling a few patrons. “Him. What about the French?”

“Well, there are some rumors that they are planning to make a massive army that could take out all of Great Britain. Now, I’m no man of the sword, but I will say that I would rather die by my own hand rather then let them storm in.” “So death by the bullet then, eh? Not the best way to go. A teacher of mine once shot himself one day after a bad day of horrid pupils, and it left him a splitting headache. It may or may not be partly my fault, but who's to say that?” His wide grin was back, startling the man to excuse himself, bowed, and left. 

The blond hair alien turned to him with a puzzled look. “But, didn’t the war ended?” The Doctor brows narrowed down  and his smile gone as he looked for a way to find Regent. “Yes.” “And… Napoleon Dynamite is locked up, correct?” “Yes.” He said again, not bothering to correct her. “So… what do you think-” “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” He walked off to find the prince, making the Time Lady hick up her dress a bit and hurried after him.

The music ended on it’s last notes, the dancers bowed, and Charlie walked you over to the dining table. You almost regretted letting go of his hand; wanting to just hold onto him a bit longer. “Do forgive me for saying so, but that was really a hilarious dance I’ve ever had.” You beamed at him. “Well, if you can keep up with me on my bad day, then you must love me on my good day.” He laughed and nearly looked flustered, making you to do a mental fist-pump. You two started to busy yourself with some food and go eat in another room. 

There, you talked for a long time. He asked of your travels and you could only description of a few that wouldn’t not make you sound insane, making you clutter in thought to what you can tell him. There had been a few times where some other patrons that had wanted to take part in the conversations, but then left when he made it clear in a nice and very British way that he only wanted to talk to you. 

Charlie replied to your questions about him. He is the eldest of 3 boys and 2 girls, his father was part of the American Resolution (you had to remember to thank Romana for shutting you up) and now he was in charge of a farming company that also served as a dairy business. “Really? So,” you picked up a slice of cheese and held it up to him. “This is yours?” He nodded, looking a bit uneasy. You smiled and ate it. “I really like it. It still has that milky flavor and yet...a bit of nutty taste to it.” He stared at you with a surprised look. “You… do not think my line of work is… too folk?” Your face contorted in confusion and the word ‘what?’

“No, I really think its really cool that you get to make cheese all day. You get to be invited to the best parties with your pride and joy, not to mention, you get to experiment with them.” To prove you point, you show him a new recipe. Picking up a slice of bread, you grabbed the cut up apple, a slice of meat, and his cheese on it and ate it almost sloppy due to the awkward size of it. ‘Shit shit shit shit shit shit! When do I fucking learn?!’ you looked up at him with a hand over your face and was about to say sorry when he laid a hand on your other hand on the table gently.

“I… I am very humbled by your opinion Lady (Y/n).” He whispered in a pleasant voice. “Please,” You mumbled before finishing your bite and continue with smile. “Call me (Y/n).” Charlie smile came back, but this one was different. He suddenly looked less tense and more relaxed. You moved your hand that he was laying on and held it on the table.

Both of you said nothing for a while, just staring into each others eyes. You heart again beat more jolly, your stomach almost filled with butterflies and your cheeks bloomed with red. You wanted to kiss him right then and there if it weren't for a servant that walked up to him and whispered into his ear. 

Based on what the other man said, it must be something worth looking into because Charlie looked disappointed and a bit cross. He turned to you and said pardon me and left. Not before kissing your hand.

You stared at his disappearing figure as he walked out the door, almost signing out loud. Turning back to your plat of food, you replay the whole conversation in your head. From the moment Charlie laid his hand on your gloved one, back to him staring at you with delight. ‘Oh my god,’ You think as you picked up another slice of dairy and stare at it. ‘I think I am in love.’ 

“Enjoying our night, little (Y/n)?”

You turned sharply at the voice behind you.

The Master smiled down at you.