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Without Equality , I Say , There Cannot be Liberty

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Chapter 1
All men are not created equal

" No" the words rang in his head "No I don't think you can become a hero without a quirk" All might had said that , he told him his efforts were going to be fruitless and the pain he'd endured earlier in the day was for nothing. The beatings he took the worried glances from his mother the whispers the laughs. All of his work and willpower meant nothing he would never become a hero. Earlier when he had seen the destruction he had caused by his quest to ask for redemption from his hero a sense of dread filled him. Was he really useless was his wanting to pursue his dream so wrong was it wrong to have a dream in life. Had the world punished him by letting the slime monster escape while he pursed his dream, was it a sign of him never being able to accomplish it in the first place. The walk home was quiet and still he took the long way home hoping that All Might would appear once again to take back his words. Even now as Izuku stared at the knob to his house , he hesitated he wanted to hold on to his hope . The sun was setting and it was last shine that broke him from his stare at the door. "Mom I'm home" the cheerfulness in his voice made him cringe. "Hi Honey, how was your day at school? Did you hear Katsuki got held hostage by a villain? Mitsuki called to tell me all about it! I'm glad you're alright honey, I'll have dinner ready soon". Mom was rambling again and it brought a smile to his tired face. " Okay I'll be in my room, today was really tiring , call me when dinners ready". Even as he trudged down the hall to his room and laid down, Izuku couldn't forget the words of his hero. "No". He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes , daring to burst free , blurring his vision. "No" I wanted to be a hero , but I won't ever accomplish my dream. The reality of his world was cruel. With no powers, he couldn't fight he couldn't become a hero. Exhaustion filled every bone in his body. He accepted it, hoping it would wash him away from this unfair world. He felt the dark tendrils of sleep take him and for the first of many nights soon to come; his world went black, and his body became restless.

That night when his mom came to get him, he was silent while he ate and ignored her worried glances, assuring her that school was just the cause for his exhaustion. He opened the door to his bedroom switching on the light, staring forward at the posters of All Might the reminder clear as day "No" . He couldn't bare it, the lump in his throat as he tried to swallow to forget but he couldn't he couldn't forget "No". At this point his skin crawled "No" he forced himself inside his room, closing the door behind him. Why ,why can't he be free to choose how he wanted to live without people saying that he could never make it why , why couldn't he chase his dream too, why. He couldn't bring himself to move from his place in front of the door, choosing to stare down , down at his feet . I'm pathetic chosing to wallow in my misery I knew I couldn't become a hero and still I tried stupid stupid stupid stupid Izuku Midoriya. Tears welled up again his vision blurring .

"No I don't think you can become a hero without a quirk" . And then he felt it , it was like time stopped his eyes widened and calm came over him a calm before the storm. You can't , You're Quirkless, Stupid Deku, Go take a swan dive off a building and hope to be born with a quirk in your next life, I'm sorry Izuku I'm so sorry, No I don't think you can be become a hero without a quirk, You're just useless Deku. Wake Up.

Rage filled him, something snapped. He threw his head up from the staring contest he had with the ground and glared at the posters and figurines that adorned his walls. In a fit of pure rage, he ripped the posters down. Tearing them apart, shredding their taunting words of malice and reminders from his walls. That night he threw everything away. He trashed his posters, threw his figurines out the window and held back the strongest urge to punch the living shit out of computer, seeing that the wall paper was All Mights' face . And the video, the one he kept to motivate him, especially when the beatings his bully's would give him got bad and when people told him he could never dream of even being a hero, he deleted it . He erased heroes from his life that night . Before he could even sleep he tore his journals apart , he could feel his tears streaming down his face but he didn't mourn them. He mourned his dead dream. And finally, when he could finally embrace the exhaustion that overtook him he mourned the death of one last thing without even knowing

His sanity


The next morning when his mom came to wake him she stared shocked at the bare walls of his room. Izuku sat up in his bed turning to look out the window at the rising sun , he couldn't face her not yet " what happened to your posters" she was worried " I took them down , I realized I wanted to do something else and that I'm not a little kid anymore" he felt his throat close up and his heart clench . "Well as long as your happy" mom said with a small smile . He could tell she was relieved . "I'll be down soon""alright" and from that she left his room the soft sound of a click telling him she left. School continued on the same for those last few months until highschool Izuku had been preparing himself to get into a good highschool it wasn't a hero school but it was sure to look good on a resume. In the following months of summer he heard Kacchan got accepted into Yuuei . And several months after starting highschool his mom got terminally ill and died in the fall. Leaving him all alone.


Jesus fuck god hated him