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Why Are You Here?

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Travelling through time felt like finally scratching an annoying itch.

For Five it was a relief to know he was right! That he knows his powers better than anyone and that even he could still be surprised by them now and again.

He got exactly 2 jumps before his joy and feelings of accomplishment was knocked out of him.


The funny thing about time travel is that he had no real way of deciding where he landed physically so the fact he was in the middle of the toad shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Being hit by a car was still, however.

Five felt the air forced out of his lungs as he spent a peaceful moment weightless before everything came crashing down as he smacked against the hard concrete and felt the sickening sensation of his skin being torn away by the ground and his bone snap in his arm.

Five was no stranger to pain. His personal training with his father saw to that.

But as his head made contact with the ground and stars danced in front of his eyes he felt waves of pain and panic grip him.

The last thing he saw before he finally passed out was strangers running towards him and all he could bring himself to think was that how pissed Vanya would be when she found out he got hurt.


Patch was not having a good day.

It started with her alarm not waking her up in time so she had to rush out of her apartment and forgetting her keys in the process.

She hated the idea of being late to work but as she stood outside waiting for her slow landlord to get off his butt and let her back in she had to just sit on the steps and watch the traffic go by.

The cold weather really didn’t help her bad mood and she was sure nothing could make it worse.

Then she heard a scream and looked up in time to see a blue light fade away and more importantly a car slam right into a kid.

She was up and running kneeling at the unconscious boy’s side even before the driver had gotten out.

“H-he just appeared! I tried to stop but-“

The man was clearly in shock but Patch didn’t have time to deal with him as there was currently an injured child that needed her attention.

She pointed at a random bystander “you call an ambulance”

She didn’t watch to make sure they did as she told and instead went through her first aid checks.

The kid was breathing and had a strong pulse with was good.

The real issue seemed to be the odd angle his arm and leg were at. Along with what she suspected was a break the right side of his body seemed to get a fair bit of road rash leaving a painful looking bleeding layer of skin a cloth along his shoulder and face.

What really shocked her though was when checking him over she found a tattoo.

And not just any tattoo, the umbrella academy.

“Who are you kid” she muttered to herself as the ambulance arrived and a paramedic gently pushed her out of the way.

A quick flash of her badge later she found herself riding in the back of the ambulance and being allowed as far as the waiting room while the kid was in surgery.

It has already been an hour and she knew she couldn’t put off the call any longer.


“Hey, Diago can you swing by the hospital. I think I’m gonna need your help.”

Patch could hear the distant sounds of movement and a door slamming behind him down the phone.

“The hospital?! Are you ok?!” He asked clearly running.

“I’m fine, I just helped bring in an unconscious kid that apparently just appeared out of nowhere in a flash of blue” honestly if Patch hadn’t caught the tail end of it she would never have believed the driver. “He was wearing the academy’s uniform and... Diago he had the tattoo is there any chance your dad started a next-generation?”

There was silence for a moment.

“I... I don’t know I haven't really been back there in a while. If the kid does belong to the old man I’m sure he’ll show up to claim the kid. We can’t let that happen if he is from the academy there’s no way in hell I'm letting him go back.”

Of course, Patch watched to probe for more information but he hung up on her.

She let out an annoyed groan and glanced at the clock.

This really wasn’t her day.


It took Diago exactly twenty-two minutes to break every speed limit he could and get to the hospital.

He wouldn’t be surprised if he got half a dozen tickets when he got home but right now that didn't matter.

What did matter was finding out what the hell was going on.

The nurse was helpful enough to show him to the room the kid had been put in, Patch was already sat inside scrolling through her phone while the small figure slept in the bed next to her.

He felt unusually nervous and sick.

What if Reginald had been hurting kids like he used to hurt him and his siblings and they had no idea all this time?

He was supposed to be a fucking hero and the idea that it could have been going on right under his fucking nose made his blood boil.

“H-hey Patch.” Diago swallowed as he quietly entered the room catching sight of the familiar tattoo on the small pale arm.

“Hey, he should wake up soon. Broken arm and leg, some nasty road rash and a couple cracked ribs. It’s bad but he should be fine with some rest.” She replied looking up at him and offering a soft comforting smile.

“Good... Any word from...”

She shook her head no and Diago felt a small weight lift from his shoulders.

He beat them here that meant he could keep the kid safe now.

“So people say he just appeared in the middle of the street?” He asked trying not to look at the bandages that hide the needle in the kid's arm from his view.

“Yeah, didn’t one your brothers teleport?”

Diago nodded grimly “Yeah Five... he disappeared when we were kids. I kinda figured he died but maybe this kid is his and dad got a hold of him”

Diago frowned in thought.

It isn’t an impossible theory that Five somehow knocked up a chick while on the run and the baby inherited his powers. Reginald bought a bunch of babies before so why not again?

“When he wakes up try not to overload with him questions hey?” Patch patted him on the shoulder walking past “I’m gonna grab a couple coffees be right back.”

Diago nodded taking her seat by his side.

He sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes when the boy began to stir.

He let out a small groaning noise followed by a hiss as he pulled himself up into a sitting position and looked around.

Time seemed to slow down when they locked eyes.

Diago suddenly realised that this kid didn’t come from Five but he was him.


He squinted at him for a moment before his eyes widened in shock and he asked in a terrified whisper already knowing the answer.

“Number 2?”