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The Irregular & The President

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With Tatsuya smoothly operating the terminal despite their close proximity without a care in the world, Mayumi didn't become anxious or display a disappointed expression.

Frankly, she continued their interrupted conversation in a wholly unguarded fashion.

Mayumi continued on a tangent about the Thesis Rin-Chan wished to pursue and what she knew about how Rin-chan felt. By using her theory, Rin-chan hoped to raise the social standing of magicians away from just common war tools.

"I can't believe I found someone who shared such radical beliefs."

Seeing Tatsuya wear an admiring expression rather than shock, Mayumi stared at him for some unknown reason.

"......Hm, that's wonderful. So you share the same interests as Rin- chan."

Not only her eyes, even her tone was irked.

"Ah, no, I hardly think that it's a question of whether Ichihara-senpai and I share the same interests...... Our methodology is completely different."

What is she so upset about, Tatsuya thought as he replied in a fashion like someone plucking an excuse out of nowhere.

"But the basic concept is the same, right? Tatsuya-kun, in reality, Rin- chan's more your type, huh?"

Tatsuya paused, his eyes widening a fraction.

"Even with such an alluring young lady next to you,” Mayumi pouted, wrapping her arms around her waist.

“Yet you show no signs of even trying. Well, Onee-san is sorry that she has such an adolescent figure."

What was this person talking about? Those were Tatsuya's unfiltered feelings.

Speaking of which, even if they shared the same topic, it was hardly a guarantee that they were companions and more likely that they were opponents.

Despite her petite figure, Mayumi didn't boast an adolescent physique at all, instead her small satire emphasizes her assets quite well.

There were too many misunderstandings that demanded his immediate attention, but Tatsuya was at a loss as to where to begin.

"I have no exhibitionist tendencies. I would never do anything to a woman before all these cameras here."

The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could even register another possible answer. His finger pointing upward in order to remind her just where they were.


At Tatsuya's apparently profound, but actually completely careless words, Mayumi started fidgeting in place and her eyes started drifting around.

It was then she noticed it. The camera looming above them near the center of the ceiling. How had managed to forget about that?

"Well, then, what if there weren't any cameras or people here?” She inquires her tone softening up as she leans closer towards Tatsuya.

“Let's say, for example, if it was just the two of us alone in a hotel room?"

Batting her eyelashes towards him, Mayumi made it a point to press a delicate hand against his shoulder. Drawing Tatsuya’s attention away from the terminal.

"Well of course, if that's senpai's invitation to dine, then I wouldn’t hesitate in sampling everything you have to offer."

With a clatter, Mayumi sprang away from her stool, blushing furiously and pressed against the wall to pull as far back as possible from Tatsuya in the narrow room.

Seeing this, Tatsuya suddenly realized the double entendre in his words.

Still, saying anything else would just dig himself deeper, so Tatsuya took it as a fortunate sign that he managed to stop there. He turned his gaze from Mayumi and concentrated on gathering the necessary data for the project.

On the other hand, Mayumi, who should have felt threatened by Tatsuya's response, chose to remain in the reading booth.

A feeling of warmth spreading throughout her body as she watched Tatsuya work his way on the terminal. The data flying faster then her own eyes could comprehend.

Biting her lower lip, Mayumi allowed her herself the pleasure of watching him move. The way his dark eyes shined in the dull blue light made Tatsuya-kun appear all the more dangerous.

Tatsuya's physical stature was undoubtedly above average among his year one peers. Despite not being particularly swarthy, his wide shoulders still took up considerable seating space.

Mayumi had seen him in action. She knew he practiced ninjitsu and that his body was unlike that of the common magician.

Yet what made him even more appealing is that unlike Jumonji whom was built like a tank, Tatsuya-kun was built like a missle. Each muscle designed to do exactly as if he was drawn to life.

When was the last time someone of the male verity didn’t treat her like a fragile princess? That spoke to her so casually?

Drawn to him like a magnet, Mayumi place both her hands on his shoulders. Leaning forward she whispered in his ear.

“Tatsuya-kun, when you’re finished would you please join me for some sweets?”

Once again Tatsuya was lost in how to handle Mayumi. Did she not misunderstand him before?

Glancing over his shoulder, their lips were merely inches apart. The paleness of her cheeks even more pronounced as he admired the crimson flecks in her eyes.

The feeling of her bosom against his back let Tatsuya know that she had no intention of pulling away.

“It will take me some time to finish—“

“Great! I will see you one hour outside the north gates!”

Mayumi quickly left the reading room. Smiling brightly to herself as she went about her business.

Remaining inside, Tatsuya sighed deeply. He had much work to do here. He would have to speak with Saegusa-san when the moment arises.