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Sweet Home of Riverdale

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Betty and Jughead are 10 years old sitting up in Betty’s tree house huddled up in blankets. They had been best friends for as long as their little hearts could remember.

“Do you think there will ever be a day sometime in the future that we won’t be best friends?” Betty asked Jughead.

“I really doubt it,” Jughead said.. “We’re soulmates and I’m going to marry you someday Betty Cooper.”

Betty laughed, “You would really want to marry me?” The other day he had asked her to marry him right then and there, but she convinced them they were too young right now.

“Of course, I would,” he smiled. “I think I would be the luckiest boy in the world.”

Betty blushes and takes a sip of her juice box. “You pinky swear you’ll marry me some day?” Betty asked holding out her pinky.

Without hesitation Jughead pinky swore and leaned in to kiss her cheek.


15 Years Later

Betty sat in her office and typed away on her latest story for the times. It was her first major article for them, and a few people she worked with were saying how if she did good this would be her big break in journalism. She was beyond excited; her dream was finally coming true. Her article was about how different it is to live in a city rather than a small town. Betty thought this article couldn’t be more perfect for her. Her home-town of Riverdale compared to fucking New York City? It was a completely different world. Betty took a sip of her coffee, savoring the warmth as it slid down her throat.

She had been living in NYC for about four years now and had been working for the times for about a year.

Betty rubbed her eyes and leaned back in her chair. She had been working on the article for hours on end and was making serious progress but staring at a screen for that long was making her eyes hurt. She needed a break. Just then her phone started ringing. She saw the caller ID and picked it up quickly, a smile immediately appearing on her face.

“Hi baby!” Betty said, happily.

“Hi hon, how’s the article coming?”

“It’s going amazing. I think this could actually be the article that launches my career full steam ahead.”

“That’s so great, Betty. I couldn’t be happier for you.” He said and Betty grinned from ear to ear. “I just wanted to tell you I’ll be a couple minutes late to our dinner reservation tonight. Is that okay?”

He was never late to anything, so Betty wasn’t at all bothered by it, “Of course, I’ll see you then.”

“Great, see you soon. I love you.”

“Love you too, Arch.”

She put down the phone and leaned back in her chair, smiling. She put her hand over her heart. She hadn’t been this happy over a guy in ages. She felt like her heart was glowing. Her and Archie had been dating for around 5 months now and had known each other for a little less than a year. He seemed to be the literal perfect guy. He had no flaws. None. It seemed like a dream. He was the head of construction sites all over New York City which meant he was pretty well off and Betty loved a man that was doing good all on his own.

Meeting Archie had honestly been a God send for Betty. Since moving to New York, she hasn’t had much time to make friends and even now she feels lonely sometimes. She still keeps in contact with her best friend Veronica from Riverdale and she has a few friends from work, but really Archie is the only true confidant she has in this big city.


When Betty arrived at her apartment she opened her door and was greeted with a huge bouquet of roses. The card read: ‘For all the roses here, I love you twice that.’  How did she get so lucky?

Ever since they first said the L word about a month ago it’s like Archie can’t stop saying it. When they’re on the phone he says it about three times before they hang up sometimes. It was endearing, but also kind of made the word lose feeling. When he says it over and over again it just doesn’t make her heart flutter like it did the first time. But she deals with it because that’s just how he expresses his love for her.


Later that night Betty arrived at the restaurant. She decided on a long elegant strapless black dress that had a slit up the side. Her hair was perfectly manicured in flowy blonde waves down her back. She sat down to wait. The eatery sort of had a special place in both their hearts. It’s where they would always go when one of them did something amazing or had a special announcement and it’s also where Archie first asked her to be his girlfriend. When Betty first arrived in New York this place was completely overpriced, but now it wasn’t bad at all.

The candle at Betty’s table was melting away and her stomach felt like it was getting emptier. She had been waiting for about thirty minutes and was beginning to worry. He said he would only be a few minutes late. A waiter started walking up to Betty then for the second time now and she was about to spew out an excuse saying that she just needed a few more minutes to order, but the waiter started talking before she could.

“Can you come with me, miss?” He asked holding out his hand.

She furrowed her brows, confused by what he meant, “No sir everything’s fine I promise my date will be here shortly and we will order.”

“No, your date, Archie has sent me to get you.”

Now Betty was even more confused, “Wait what?”

“Come along, miss.” He said and started walking away.

Betty quickly got out of her chair and started fast walking to catch up. What in the world was going on?

The waiter lead her to some stairs, and they started walking up them. After about three flights they reached a door and when the waiter opened it Betty saw that it was the roof. The waiter smiled at Betty as he held the door open for her. She smiled back, still pretty confused.

When she walked through the doorway Betty’s mouth dropped. There were beautiful lights strung all over the roof and Betty heard the soft sound of music playing in the background. And there was Archie, illuminated in gold from all the lights, in a tux. He was quite literally glowing. He was standing in front of a cute little round table for two.

Betty walked over to him, smiling. “What’s all this for?” she asked him. “I thought that waiter was bringing me up here to murder me or something.”

Archie laughed softly, a twinkle in his eyes, “Sorry it took so long, but I wanted this to be a surprise.” Archie took Betty’s hands and looked into her eyes. She had never seen him look so vulnerable before. “Betty, I’m so proud of everything your accomplishing. Your journey is only just beginning.”

Betty beamed, “Thank you, baby. I’m proud of you too.”

“I want our separate journeys to be our journeys now.”

“W-what are you saying, Archie?” Betty asked, getting slightly nervous.

Archie let go of her right hand and reached into his jacket pocket. Before Betty knew what was happening Archie got down on one knee.

Betty gasped, putting her hands over her mouth. Tears immediately forming in her eyes. Was she ready for this? Was it too soon? She didn’t have time to think about all of that right now.

“Betty Jones, will you marry me?”

“Are you sure you want to marry me Archie? We’ve only been dating 5 months?”

“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my entire life. You’re it for me.”

Betty paused for a moment, looking at this man that was completely in love with her and screamed, “Yes, yes, of course I will!”

With a shaky hand he put the ring on her finger, and she pulled him up for a hug. They stood there in each other’s arms for what felt like forever, not wanting to let the other go. Not wanting this precious moment to end. Saying yes to him just felt so right. They pulled away and smiled at each other.

Interrupting the romantic moment, Betty heard her stomach make an un-lady-like noise. She forgot how hungry she was. Archie laughed and pulled out her chair at the table. They both sat down and the waiter from earlier came out, back onto the roof. He poured them both a glass of champagne and put their food in front of them. Betty’s mouth immediately began to water.

As she was about to dig in Archie took her hand, rubbing circles with his thumb. She looked up at him and he was smiling at her, giving her the softest look, she had ever seen. “I love you.” He said.

As Betty reciprocated the feeling, her mind began to race and something at the back of her mind slowly rose to the surface, threatening to squash her happiness. She kept hearing him say her full name as he proposed over and over again in her mind.

She was already married.


Betty knew what she had to do, but she didn’t want Archie to know. He would find out eventually what with her last name changing and all, but just not right now. She had to fix this first. So, naturally, she came up with an excuse. She told him that since her article was about big cities verses small towns she needed to visit Riverdale so she could get that small-town feel again. He was hesitant to let her go because they had just gotten engaged yesterday and he wanted to celebrate more with her, but in the end he decided because it was for her job he should probably let her go.

So, Betty headed off to Riverdale in her Toyota Prius. People will definitely see me pulling into town, Betty thought to herself. That’s the thing about small towns. People talk. Everyone seems to know everything about everybody.

The drive there was on back roads with little to no traffic, something she definitely wasn’t used to anymore. But it was serene.

As she entered into Riverdale she was kind of shocked. She remembered everything perfectly but being back in the flesh was overwhelmingly different. Everything was very drab compared to the high class and glamour that sprinkled over New York. She had lied when she told Archie she needed to come back to Riverdale to get a better idea of a small town again, but maybe that was true. It felt good to be back in her hometown though. There were only (mostly) good memories here and she couldn’t wait to see Veronica and her mom and tell them the news about her engagement. She had called them on the way to let them know she was coming, but before she reunited with them she had to take care of something first.

She stopped by her lawyers office on her way out of New York to pick up yet another set of divorce papers. This time she was going to make sure he signed the damn things. She turned down a road that she remembered all too well, headed straight to the Southside. The last time she saw Jughead before she left, he was on his way to becoming the biggest dead beat in town.