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The Unexpected One

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Loud muttering made Alec look up from his paper to stare at his closed office door. He told his secretary, Molly, to make sure that people leave him alone for his last hour that he was here, so that he can get all these papers signed in time for the weekend tomorrow, but it appears as if someone snuck by her, or she disregarded what Alec asked and let them by. If she let them past her than that means it was family. They are the only ones with permission to enter his office when he tells everyone else to stay away.

He moved the stack of papers to the corner of his desk and stood to make his way over to the thick mahogany door, pressing his ear against it to try and gauge who was behind it and smiled when he could make out who it was.

“Just knock.”

“What if he says no? What are we gonna do?”

“We’ll deal with that when the time comes, but we won’t get an answer at all if we don’t knock.”

Alec chuckled to himself and flung the door open, surprising the couple on the other side. “Ask me what?”

Rachel and Oliver stared slack jawed at him, not expecting Alec to open the door for them. Alec smirked at the surprise on their faces and motioned for them to come in and have a seat on the other side of his desk, so that he could continue his work as they talked to him. He was a little worried about what they wanted to say as they both looked a little worse for wear.

Rachel’s long back hair was pulled back into a braid that had loose strands falling into her face and Oliver’s shaggy blonde hair was messier than it usually was. Both of their eyes appeared tired and had dark bags underneath them.

“Are you guys okay?” Alec asked, worried for his semi in-laws.

Rachel reached down to grip the edge of the chair tightly in her hands and pursed her lips. “Yes and no.”

“What do you mean?” Alec put his pen down to give the younger two his complete attention.

Rachel opened her mouth to speak, but stopped and glanced at her husband. Oliver frowned deeply and turned his head away, hair falling down to hide his expression from either of them. It worried Alec. He has not seen them this upset over something since they were just out of their teen years.

“Well- Um.” she bit her lip. “You know we’ve been trying for a baby for a couple years now, right?”

Alec nodded and rested his elbows on the table to have a place to rest his chin. He did know that. They have been trying for half a decade to conceive a child and they have not had any luck. He remembers hearing Rachel mention to Magnus once that they went to numerous healers and warlocks, including Cat, to try and help them. It seems they were still struggle.

“We found out yesterday that..” Her voice faded away as she looked toward Oliver again, who still refused to face them. “We found out yesterday that Oliver is sterile.”

Alec’s eyes widened and he looked between the two. “Oh, guys, I’m so sorry. Is there nothing you can do for it? Can he take anything that might help.”

“I have,” Oliver sighed. “We actually found out last year that I had a low sperm count and I was given many different antibiotics and potions from people who claim it would work and help me. We checked again yesterday and the healer said my sperm count went from low to basically non existent. She said that there was probably no way to bring it back up since nothing we’ve tried yet worked.”

“Oh shit, you two.” Alec dropped his hands to the desk. “I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how badly you wanted a baby. Are you going to adopt?”

“Well, you see, Alec,” Rachel interrupted, moving to the edge of her chair. “We talked about it all last night and we had an idea.”

“Idea for what?”

“We still want to have a child and adoption is still an option. We were thinking for our second child we could adopt, but we had another idea for our first. I still want to experience pregnancy and everything that comes with it, so we wanted to ask you if- Um... If you...”

Oliver sighed and met Alec’s eyes with a small smile. “We wanted to know if you would be willing to donate sperm to us, so we can have a baby?”

Alec jawed drooped and he stared at Oliver. What? Out of all the things that they were going to ask, Alec was not expecting that. They wanted him? “Why?”

“Because we trust you.”

“After we came to the decision that I still wanted to carry our first child,” Rachel continued, “we were between asking you and Kaleb, what with him being Oliver’s parabatai, but we kind of mentioned it to Kaleb this morning and he did not seem up to it at all, neither did his wife. We didn’t want to push him, so we came to you.”

“Now you weren’t our second choice, though,” Oliver commented, pointing a finger at Alec. “We actually wanted to ask you first and go to Kaleb as a fall back, but we ran into him on the way here, so we tested the waters.”

“And the water was to deep for him,” Alec whispered, lacing his fingers together on the desk.


“Why was I the one you wanted though? I know you said you trusted me, but that can’t be the only reason.”

“It’s everything that you are, Alec.” Rachel smiled and shifted forward to take Alec’s hands in hers. “You’re so smart and one of the bravest people we know. You care so much for everybody, even those who don’t even know you or don’t even like you. You are strong and you always make sure that everyone around you is safe and okay before you worry about yourself. You have so many amazing traits that we would love our child to have.”

Alec felt his eyes tear up a little at her words. She was so much like her brother. These sound like things that Magnus would tell him all the time and it made him shake his head in wonder.

“Not to mention you’re really good looking. Which is a bonus.”

Alec and Oliver laughed so loud that they were surprised that Molly did not come to check on what was happening.

“I have to talk to Magnus.” Alec said once he calmed down.

“Of course.” Rachel nodded vigorously. “Take your time. You’re not on a time crunch or anything.”

Alec nodded.

“We should let you go.” Oliver stood and reached out a hand towards Rachel. “Seriously though, Alec, take your time. You don’t have to give us an answer tomorrow. We know it’s a big decision and we respect whatever you and Magnus decide.”

Alec stood to walk them out. “Thank you, Oliver. As soon as we know, we’ll call you.”

He gave Oliver a pat on the back and hugged Rachel tightly, kissing her temple. They waved as they walked out the door and Alec shut it behind them, resting his forehead against the cool wood. He heard them saying their goodbyes to Molly and it made him smile. Oliver and Rachel were kind and wonderful people. They deserved the family that they wanted, but they were right, this was a big decision. To let them bring a child into this world that was his blood. His child. He was not sure about that.

But it would not be his child, though. It would be theirs. Oliver would be the father, not him. He wanted to do it. He wanted to agree immediately when they asked, but part of him was holding back. Was scared to say yes and then crave that child.

He shook his head to clear it as he moved back to his desk to finish his papers. He will put it to the back of his mind for now and talk to Magnus once he got home. They will figure it out together, so with a deep breath, he dived back into his work.