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A Butterfly's Feather

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The clack of her shoes against the roof tiles was drowned out by the nighttime sounds of traffic. She glided across the rooftops, gently floating across the gaps and landing as soft as a feather. He destination was finally in sight. An obstacle presented itself, as the roof top she intended to arrive at is across the street from her current perch. She sized up the gap, and prepared herself. She runs across several roofs, giving her a running start. She flies across the gap, gently gliding through the air. She lands quite hard, resulting in a loud clack. She looks down and sees that someone on the sidewalk below is looking around for the source of the noise. She hides behind a chimney, and waits for a moment. She waits for a few moments, and looks back. They are walking off, and it seems that if she speaks the nearby road traffic will drown out the sounds. Perfect.

“Hawkmoth, I have arrived at the location.”

“Perfect. All is going as planned. I assume you can take it from here?”

“Of course, sir.”

“See you soon. Dark wings fa-”

The communication was cut short by his de-transformation. Mayura reached into her concealed coat pocket, and grabbed out two small black objects. She placed them on opposite sides of the chimney and began to run off again, back home. The first step was completed.

She landed a little hard onto the roof, which knocked her off balance. If not for her enhanced abilities due to the miraculous, she surely would have fallen off. The top panel of the attic window had a hinge, and was used as a method of entry and exit for the attic. She jumped down into the darkened area, and jumped back up to close the exit. She was alone, as Mr. Agreste had seen himself to bed.

“Duusu, fall my feathers.”

The energetic Kwami flew in a circle around her head. “Whooo! Wasn’t that fun, Ms.Nathalie?

Nathalie felt a small pain in her chest, causing her to cough. A sprout of a smile grew on her face. “It was quite… exhilarating. We will have fun like that again soon. For now, you can rest.”
Duusu nodded and yawned before disappearing back into the miraculous. Nathalie checked the security camera on her phone, before getting on the elevator to the main floor. Once she arrived in the office, she made the realization that for every other night she had been out, Gabriel had been waiting in the attic for her return, but not tonight. He must have realized, after the miraculous had been fixed, that she was slowly getting better from the sickness that the miraculous had given her. She thought to herself that since she got better, he may send her out on her own from now on, and she would be once again treated more like an employee than a person he cared about. She had quite liked being cared for by him, and would miss the experience. She took off the pendant and sighed.

As she turned the corner out of the room, she saw that Gabriel was pacing the floor on the middle landing of the stairs. He spotted her out of the corner of his eye, and sharply turned in her direction.

“Ah, Nathalie!” He expressed with energy. He paused for a moment and cleared his throat before continuing much more formally. “ I see you have finished you work. I am heading off to bed now. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight sir.”

Gabriel headed up the stairs to his bedroom, and Nathalie headed towards hers. Maybe he did care about her, after all.


Nathalie was rushing around her room, getting herself ready for the day ahead. It was nearly 11 am, and she had slept in. All the late nights on rooftops was not good for her, but she wanted what Gabriel wanted, and that was his latest scheme. It was the weekend, so there was not as much to do, but Adrien still had a photo shoot and fencing lessons after lunch, so she would have to make sure he got to them. Her hair bun was more hair than bun today, and her sweater was fairly wrinkled, but she was finally ready. She walked out towards Adrien’s door, but paused, realizing that she could hear someone inside. Adrien was chatting with someone. It was cracked open, and she listened intently.

“… goes without saying there is definitely something going on between those two. They look just like me and sugarcube sometimes.”

Adrien replied, “I know Dad doesn’t want to admit he is getting over mom, but I think it’s a good thing. I miss mom a lot and still wish she was here, but she’s gone, and life goes on. Nathalie has always been nice to me, like a second mom. Even before she disappeared she was there for me.”

Nathalie smiled at the comment.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, kid.”

Nathalie decided now would be the best time to step in. She knocked on his door.

“Adrien, is there someone in there with you? I don’t remember you inviting any friends over.”

“Oh, um, uh, it’s just Nino. I just…decided to call and chat with him. That’s it!”

She sighed.“Alright. As long as you are ready for lunch and the appointments you have after, you can talk to him till then.”

“Thanks Nathalie!” Adrien called out. She closed the door and headed into the office. Mr.Agreste already there, doing some work.

“How is Adrien doing?” he asked, not looking away from his screen.

“He is doing just fine, sir. He will have lunch soon, will you have time to join him?”, she asked.

“No, we must begin with the plan. I am afraid he will have to eat alone.”

She had expected this response, but still wished that he would spend more time with his son. Even a meal with his dad cheered up Adrien quite a bit. She suspected it made it feel like when his mom was around, and as if everything was more normal again. Alas, it was not today for such a moment to occur, as was many others to come.

“Nathalie, you can begin phase one of our plan immediately. You know what to do.”

Nathalie nodded in acknowledgment and left the room. She was going to have to do something that was very risky, but could be of great use to them if what they suspected was true. She walked up to the bodyguard outside the dining room and told him to go prepare the car outside. When she saw he was outside, she took a deep breath in and slowly cracked the dining room door open a small bit. She was nervous.