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Can I be a Hero Like This?

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Izuku glanced at his phone and sighed softly. He had been waiting for a while now, about thirty minutes for his mom to arrive. He waved goodbye to Kaminari, the second to last other person to leave with their parents. He turned to Todoroki, who sat down and took in a deep breath while furrowing his brows.

“Any idea who’s picking you up?” Izuku asked. He was bored out of his mind and needed somebody to talk to before he internally exploded.

“Mm, probably Fuyumi. There is a chance my father could come but he’s probably busy, being the Number One Hero and all. What about you?”

“My mom. She’s coming soon though, she texted me that she’d be here in around fifteen minutes. She usually gets longer workdays on Fridays, so I understand why she’s taking a while.”

“Ah, I see.. Honestly, if Fuyumi doesn’t come in that time, I’ll just go home on my own. I’m sure Aizawa Sensei is too tired to even care.”

Izuku nodded in agreement. “I’d do that too, but I wouldn’t risk going and then realizing my mom was on her way here, you know?”

“I’d tell her not to,” Todoroki replied with a monotone voice.

“I guess you could do that.”

Todoroki motioned for Izuku to come sit next to him. He did so and turned his seat around to face Todoroki.

“What are you doing these holidays?”

Todoroki shrugged. “I’m not sure, to be honest. My sister would definitely try to do something, but I don’t think Natsuo would be fine with sitting in the same table with my dad, even if he did come. I’m not sure if I would, either. I think I’ll get a present for my mother. And Fuyumi and Natsuo too. I think they deserve it.”

“That’s really kind of you, Todoroki. Me and my mom like to cook together for Christmas, actually. It’s kind of like a tradition,” he laughed, “but we’re decorating a tree tomorrow, and we’re inviting our family for a dinner party. I already have a present for my mom, it’s a sweater she really wanted. I managed to buy it while she was in another aisle.”

“I see. I didn’t get anything yet.” Todoroki paused and looked down at his feet. “I’m not sure I even remember what my mom likes.”

Izuku frowned. “Hey, it’s alright! I’m sure she’d be happy with anything! Maybe you could get her something like a bracelet or a pendant.”

“A pendant... Like with a picture inside of it?”

“Yeah! That’s a great idea!”

Todoroki returned the enthusiasm with a small smile. “I think I’ll do it. Thanks, Midoriya. You always manage to find a solution to everything.

Izuki blushed and scratched the back of his head. He knew it was just a compliment but it meant a lot to him, especially from Todoroki, who had gone so far from having no friends at all, even challenging him in the Sports Festival, to being his close friend. “It’s really not that special.”

“It is to me.”

Todoroki took out his phone and checked the time. “It’s almost 7:30.”

“Really? No wonder my stomach started growling out of nowhere.”

Todoroki nodded and cracked a knuckle. Izuku winced.

“How could you do that to your fingers?”

“What? This?” He popped another one.

Izuku shivered with disgust. “Yeah. Doesn’t it hurt?”

Todoroki snorted and turned to look at Izuku. “You used to break your arms and legs and even your fingers with your Quirk. And this bothers you?”

“Can’t that cause arthritis though?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“Some website I found online. My mom told me it was bad and I didn’t know why so I decided to check it out-“ Another pop. “Hey! Are you listening to what I’m saying? It’s bad for you!”

“The internet often lies.”

“The website had .org at the end!”

Todoroki only smiled and shook his head. “Even if you told me it caused cancer, I wouldn’t be able to stop.”

“What, why?!”

“I don’t know, it’s not like I can stop it. It’s kind of like an addiction.”

Izuku’s frown deepened into a frightened expression, his eyebrows knitted in frustration. “An addiction!? Oh my God Todoroki-“

“Relax, it’s not like I’ll die because of it, like smoking.”

“Yeah, but-“

“What’s your favorite color?”

“You can’t just change the subject, you know.”

“Yes I can. What’s your favorite color?”

Izuku sighed and raised his hands in defeat.

“Look, I can’t help but feel worried about you, okay?”

“Why?” Todoroki seemed genuinely confused, one eyebrow up.

Izuku shrugged. “I don’t know, I just get worried about all of my friends, it’s just a thing I can’t stop.”

Todoroki was quiet for a while and he seemed to be pondering something until he looked up in triumph. “See? What worrying is to you is what popping my knuckles is to me.”

“You’re still on that?!”

They laughed for a bit and Todoroki sighed. “It’s been seventeen minutes, Midoriya.”

“It doesn’t look like anyone’s coming, huh?” It sounded more like a statement than a question.

Todoroki shook his head. He turned around as Izuku sniffed and tapped him on the shoulder. Izuku looked up, confused, and saw a figure with green hair running, with its hand waving at him.

“Mom!” He stood up and greeted her while embracing her, taking in the scent of her new perfume.

“I’m so sorry for not making it earlier, I had a long work day and I lost track of the time! But don’t worry, I made katsudon while you were in school so you’ll have a full stomach before sleep!”

Izuku’s eyes softened and smiled. “Even if you didn’t make the katsudon, I wouldn’t mind, mom.”

Her eyes turned into crescents and she clasped her hands together. “Ready to leave?”

Izuku was just about to nod and pick up his belongings until he noticed the boy that was sitting with him earlier. Inko seemed to have noticed as well as she turned to Todoroki and asked, “Have you been here as long as Izuku?”

Todoroki straightened his back and looked up at Inko politely. “Yes. I’m waiting for my sister to arrive.”

Inko bit her lip and shook her head. “I can’t let you stay here all by yourself. Why don’t you come with us for dinner?”

Izuku felt his face heat up. This was so embarrassing. Todoroki would probably be forced to come because of his mother’s persistent personality. What if he saw the food and didn’t like it? Does he hate katsudon? Is his room as messy as he left it? Would Todoroki-

“Sure, that would be nice.”

Izuku wiped his forehead. He had been stressing for no reason. His mom’s a neat person by nature, she wouldn’t invite someone without knowing that. And it would be nice to show Todoroki the Christmas tree he was talking about.

Inko smiled and Todoroki began to take his belongings. They made their way to the exit and Izuku took one last glance at the building. The break was going to be for a week and a half, and they’d be returning to school on the first week of January. Todoroki was on his phone, telling his sister that he’d be at Izuku’s address.



They finally reached the apartment. Inko opened the door and the first thing they could smell was a mix of evergreen and the savory scent of deep fried pork and rice. Izuku’s mouth watered at the smell and he turned to see if Todoroki was feeling the same. 

”It smells really good,” Todoroki said.

”I’m glad you think so! It’s Izuku’s favorite food and I wasn’t able to make it the night before the test so I just made it now for good luck.”

Todoroki nodded and took off his shoes and put it next to the doorstep, following along with what Izuku and Inko were doing.

”You two could go to Izuku’s room while I get the food ready. Have fun!”

Izuku grinned and led Todoroki to his room. As he expected, it was neat and tidy. There was nothing to worry about.

”I assume this is your room without all of the All Might stuff, right?”

”Hah, yeah.. I’m probably going to unpack everything tomorrow. I’m spent right now.”

“Me too. If anyone even bothers to pick me up. Fuyumi hasn’t even read the message yet.” 

Izuku sat criss-crossed and chewed on his thumb. “I wonder what the others are going to do this Christmas.”

”Bakugo seemed like he was excited for the holidays.”

”He was yelling about how he wanted to shave his mom’s head.”

”I think that counts as excitement for him, no?”

Izuku laughed. He really did wonder what Bakugo was up to. He remembered his encounter with him at Ground Beta. What Bakugo said about how he felt about All Might losing his power because of him. Izuku couldn’t believe he was hearing correctly at first. It was such a shock hearing those words spilling out of Bakugo’s mouth like that, and sensing  the pain that the other felt.

Todoroki, on the other hand, was waiting patiently for Izuku to clear out his mind from the thoughts he was having about Bakugo.

“Oh crap, sorry about that! I zoned out for a moment-“

”It’s alright, I don’t mind. Everyone needs time to think.”

”Ah, sorry... I was just thinking about something that happened before.”

”Involving Bakugo?”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

Todoroki hummed in response, not prodding any further. “I like your apartment. It’s very cozy.”

”You think so?”

”Yeah. It’s like I’m sitting next to a fireplace with a bowl of chicken soup or something after a long day of training.”

Izuku raised his eyebrows. It was a strange comparison but he didn’t mind.

“Hey, Todoroki...”


”Do you want to see the Christmas tree?”


Izuku gave him a toothy grin, held his hand and led him to the living room. The tree wasn’t decorated yet, but it was nice enough to look at.

”It’s a really nice tree.”

Izuku laughed. “When it’s decorated, I’ll send you a picture of it. All of the decorations are in that box.”

Todoroki turned his head to look at the said box. It was overflowing with tinsel and various ornaments with different designs and shapes. There were string lights and ribbons as well.

”Those are... Really pretty.”

”Right?! I’m so excited I could practically explode!”

Todoroki’s lips formed an O, resembling a child when they first see something cool. Izuku’s eyes softened at the realization that Todoroki had never decorated a Christmas tree before. Before he could say anything, his mother’s head peeked in from the doorway. 

“Time for dinner!”



The three of them sat and began to eat. “This looks really good, mom!” Todoroki nodded in agreement. “It tastes delicious, too.” Inko put her hand on her face and smiled. “Thank you, I tried very hard on the pork!”

”The hard work definitely paid off.

Izuku caught a couple of glimpses of Todoroki, just to check if he really did like the food or not. He remembered hearing him say that he didn’t enjoy salty foods much, and was hoping that the katsudon was an exception. He felt guilty for doubting his mother’s food like that, but he had to make sure Todoroki liked it. So far, he looked like he was enjoying it.

“So, Izuku, you never told me what your friend’s name is.”

Izuku choked on his rice. “Oh yeah! His name’s-“

”Todoroki Shouto.”

Inko let out a gasp. “Ah, I should have known! You look just like Endeavor!”

Izuku turned to Todoroki. He knew he and his dad had a very strained relationship, and he only knew what Todoroki said at the Sports Festival, and he knew Todoroki, much unlike his cold exterior, to have a very kind heart underneath.

Todoroki nodded. “I do get that a lot. It’s alright.”

”I wonder how it feels, to be such an inspirational figure— I mean, just look at Izuku! All Might has definitely helped shape him into the U.A. student he is now, I swear, the amount of posters and figurines he has can prove that, you’ve seen them right?”

Izuku blushed profusely and shook his head quickly. “Mom!”

Todoroki gave one of his rare smiles and placed his chopsticks down. “I think it was good that All Might was such an influence to people. If he hadn’t been so heroic and popular with children, I don’t think I would have met Midoriya and everybody in Class 1-A. I think we’re very lucky to have All Might.”

Izuku felt his cheeks burn with the fact that Todoroki was glad to have been friends with him. Was he really that special to him? He opened his mouth to say something until he heard a knock at the door. He saw Todoroki stiffen as he looked at his phone to see a text from somebody, who he assumed was his sister, who was probably at the door.

”I’ll get the door.” His mom walked hurriedly to the door to open it.