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BATIM Flash Fiction

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    The cartoon was never finished. It was never really meant to be finished, as Joey had scrapped the idea very early on. Something about such a premise just didn’t seem to suite him.

    The old reel was set into a projector. In hindsight, it shouldn’t have played. The projector had long since run its last cartoon, back when the studio was still lively & being used. Still, the light flicked on, & the Bendy cartoon title screen flashed onto the opposite wall. The word ‘Double Trouble’ then showed up next. There was a scene missing right at the beginning, where Bendy & Edgar the spider were meant to be standing together, laughing. What was shown instead, was a sketchy scene of Alice & Boris walking as they conversed. There was no sound playing, no music to indicate the mood of the scene. The music band hadn’t, in fact, even begun recording the music before the video was scrapped. Poor Mr Lawrence had almost pulled all his hair out, & his argument with Mr Drew was a legendary moment in the studio’s history. He had worked ALL NIGHT on that score. How DARE Joey throw it all away now?

    The next scene was fully drawn, & it was of Charley & Barley walking, as Boris & Alice did. They were both grumbling & angry, stomping around in an over-exaggerated manor. The walk cycle seemed to loop once, twice, before the reel finally cut to the net scene, in which the four toons bumped into each other. There was a great, big, sketchy cloud, that disappeared soon enough, followed by the four characters looking at each other angrily. A giggle was heard through the studio, the giggle of an angel right as the Devil Darling himself was meant to giggle in the background of the cartoon.

    The scene switched again, this time to the four toons standing back too back. Huge, cartoonish canons faced them from every side. BANG! A cut-out collapsed on the other side of the projector, & the screen turned into a blank scene with ‘smoke’ written on it. When it went away after a few seconds, Barley & Charley weren’t in the scene, while Boris & Alice stood in the middle, looking around themselves curiously.

    “Oh, but I haven’t even put the Butcher gang in yet.” Buddy Lewek had sighed when he got the message that they were scrapping the episode. He had put away the half finished drawing of Charley, & dejectedly begun on the episode idea that Mr Drew wanted, not on the idea that the young animator himself had come up with.

    The final scene of the episode was of both Bendy & Edgar. They were laughing together, matching mischievous grins on their round, cartoonish faces. They then turned to the camera, & begun waving towards the viewer. With one last cheeky wink from Bendy, the screen cut to black, & the projector gave out its last, sad whine, before switching off completely.