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Demon's Mate

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This is the story of how Lucifer's most favoured son, Jeon Jungkook, fell in love with a human, a royal, who refuses to be his bride.



A howling outside of the castle window startles Taehyung awake with a jolt. His sweat clinging to his clothes against his honey golden skin.

He feels parched.. too parched for his liking, he reached for the water pitcher that resides near his bed and drank a glass.

After a few more seconds Taehyung is more awake, alert and suddenly goosebumps started forming from his nape crawling down to his body, arms and feet as he feels eyes on him. He then scans his room squinting his eyes to adjust them. He stops on a corner to observe but then two small red orbs started to glow. Under the cover of darkness, a shadow playfully wisps around a corner.

That's when he noticed the faint smell of sulfur.

"Mama always tell us of tales from other kingdoms that when you smell sulfur a demon is nearby." Namjoon states from his seat stating it.

'This smell is potent,' he tells himself.

He focused his eyes further as they acclimate to the darkness to try to slip on his bedroom slippers. Looking for anything out of place. The fire that was carefully arranged before he slept has now dwindled to faint glowing embers.

“Hmm.. did I disturb my pretty little prince’s precious sleep?” the figure speaks loud and clear.

Prince Taehyung sat up and stared at those glowing eyes. A face barely is shown in the faint embers glow.

“Are you here for my soul Demon? Pardon me as it’s not for sale.” Prince Taehyung is fearless as he calmly states looking deeper at the other figure sitting elegantly across from him.


“Feisty aren’t we? Making assumptions is a bad habit Sweetheart. A dangerous one."

"..." The prince kept quiet, wanting to hear more.

"Who said I’m here only for your soul?”

"What business do you want from me then?"

"I am here to take what was promised Prince Taehyung of the noble house of Kim."

"And what was promised?" the prince gulps.

The 'Devil's Incarnate' Jeon Jungkook gave him a quick smirk and continues, "You." 

The prince scoffs, "My father wouldn't do such a thing!" he protests.

"Tut, tut, tut... Let us not play these petty mind games. Deep down you know I only speak the truth."

The prince's eyes grew as big as saucers, his head buzzing due to dizziness, breathing heavier.

He’s suddenly panting as he notices his body feeling hot and overwhelming emotions of hurt coursing through his lithe body.

"" a meek whisper escapes Prince Taehyung's mouth as he finds himself sitting by the corner of his bed.

The stranger stood up silently, he can see him nearing and involuntarily his body flinched as he stopped just in front of him.

With a snap from a finger, the fire roars back to life and prince Taehyung can see the demon's face.

The stranger licked his lips and the prince swallows his gasps.
The demon, Jungkook, suddenly hovered over his body and his eyes scanning all over.

"I must say, prince, you’re handsome, no, ethereal. Your aura shines brighter than any gem I own. You attract stares, adoration, reverence and God weep with envy." The demon suddenly cups his face tenderly and after a while traces his index finger down his throat to his exposed


The demon started to speak in a different tongue and his left hand started to glow and placed it on prince Taehyung's left eye and fell back to sleep.

The ancient demon looks at his side and his aide appeared.

“Prepare him for travel and send him to my chamber.”

“Yes my lord at once.” Both disappeared without a trace nor sound.

The demon approached the nearest window and looked up to the heavens then the moon.

"You cannot stop this. I have found 'him,' my Mate, and he will be mine completely." he smirked.



Long-time ago...

The ancient demon Jungkook, Lucifer's most favoured son, was taking his daily night stroll into the dark woods when he came across a familiar scent.

Any demon can smell 'desperation.' He followed the foul perfumed scent, the blood in his veins is jumping. His head pounding with excitement, he couldn't help himself, he was bored. Having seen the turn of centuries he knows well when a human is desperate enough to offer their soul for simple selfish desires.

You’d think that at this point just about everyone would know that a contract with a demon isn’t going to work out the way they want it to, but Kings, Queens, and people keep doing it. 

Sure, there are exceptions to the rules but chances are that anyone that enters into a bargain with the Great Beast is going to be ruined in the end.

Even if you think you’re lucky and smart enough to beat Demon Jungkook at his own game, selling your soul isn’t as easy as starting an auction at the market.

To Make a Deal With the Devil one must meet at a crossroad to bargain for their soul.

Unhappy with his lot in life a weak and vile bastard son of the previous King, Mingyu, decided to explore his claim to the throne. He hired a witch to summon the devil.

The witch was halfway through her chant when Demon Jungkook appeared. The demon hears his request and offered Mingyu the position as King in exchange for his soul. He signed a contract in blood nut with a slight change of the soul's name, offering his second son and shortly thereafter he finds himself King of Liberatus. His enemies have died of a mysterious disease.

After his heir to the thrown turned 18, King Mingyu took the contract to a bishop and asked for his help. The bishop enraged and ripped up the demon contract and he died on the spot, supposedly out of joy to have gotten out of the deal, but it’s not like he’s around to ask. 

Whether you’re getting in or getting out of a deal with the devil, be warned, you can't escape it.

Demon Jungkook always obtains what was promised.

Shortly after the King's death, the Queen was reported to be pregnant and the demon smiled.



Present time...


The rush of delight that swept through the demon was ridiculously powerful.

He was eager, ridiculously so. He was dying to see his little prince naked.

Dying to run my hands and lips all over him. He was damn near desperate to be on top of him, to feel his mate straining under him, pounding into him, coming hard and deep inside him...

A low whimper broke his thoughts, he stepped forward to see soft white material made of polar bear furs enveloping his entire bed and his mate was carefully placed in the middle.

The demon decided to join the prince on his bed, "It has been many winters, I loved playing with you by the meadows sweetheart. I missed your giggles as you play with the purple flowers."

“I miss you..” Prince Taehyung mumbles out in his sleep and it makes Jungkook’s eyes widen.

After closer inspection, Jungkook knows his little prince is asleep his hand that was resting on Taehyung’s bare side, slides to his thighs and rubs large circles all over the skin.

A few minutes later, Jungkook found myself standing in his washroom hidden behind a door that blended seamlessly with the mahogany panelling.

He saw Prince Taehyung as a challenge he needs to overcome.

What he didn't know was that his mate has awakened something profound in himself, lust, love and passionate surrender comes at a hefty price.

The next morning Prince Taehyung slowly opened his eyes, he was woken by crows loud calls, it reminded him of death.

The sudden move to sit straight but had his head buzzing.

A voice pipes up in a corner at the foot of his bed.

A stranger, a man, sitting quietly, observing him then he starts to speak.

"Hello to you my pretty little flow.."

Prince Taehyung's brows knitted at the middle, he is confused as to who, how and why he's here with this stranger.. he just answers.. with a weak shrug as he recalls what happened earlier in the day.

He stiffens beside the demon, "Where am I? Am I dead, Demon?" he questions while looking around the spacious room.

Jungkook pulled his prince down on the bed, caged him and burned a searing gaze.

Prince Taehyung set his hands against his abdomen and Jungkook licking his lower lip.

"Just an observation."

"I don't like your dismissive mouth." With his palms pressed flat to the bed on either side of the prince's head, he lowered his mouth and kissed him softly.

Then Jungkook stood up silently he removes the heavy fur covering the prince's body, he can see his dick stand up and involuntarily twitch.

His eyes scan over his mate's body and he licked his lower lips again and the other struggles and swallows audibly.


The demon Jungkook spoke a spell, ‘Praeterita, praesentia et futura. Pleadge est hic et nunc mecum es, ut mihi tua.’

Translation: Your past, present, and future. Pledge is here and now, you are me as I am yours.


The demon placed a power seal on the prince by pressing his hand against his left eye, the demon's chosen placement.

Jungkook's mark appears and is absorbed turning his eye colour purple. The more visible the seal is, the stronger the bond is. 

"You are my mate. You are now bound to me. You have free reign in my kingdom, little one."

He kissed his little prince’s forehead with obvious reverence and mirth as he goes and sits on the corner of the bed looking at him with full attention.

Prince Taehyung was too taken aback to understand what happened until he feels something happen inside his body.

"what's happening?!" 


"W-whats this.... my whole body... feels hot, Demon!!"


"Ahh.. uuggghh... hhaaaauuuggghhh.." Prince Taehyung continues to pant heavily.

"What's going on?’ Prince Taehyung asks weakly.

'My head, chest, and everywhere else is throbbing.'

'What is this? What should I do..?' He can feel his face get more heated...

'I feel so hot.. N-no way... w-what’s this..' panting.

'What should I do? How did it I get so horny and my dick this big?'

'My chest is pounding.' panting harder.

‘Uuugghh... Hha.. ha.. Ha.! I need...’


"What did you do to me?!" he screams over the burning sensation on his body.

Thunder erupted outside, flashes of lightning dancing over the window. Crows cawing just as loud, a heaviness in pressure spreads all over the room.

Prince Taehyung feels as if he is dying in a show of flames and combustion, he can trace fire licking each and all crevices in his body. He screams further, sweat beads covering his temples and forehead.

Indeed it is a great rarity to see a human turn into a powerful demon befitting his mate to govern his kingdom for all eternity and Jungkook smirks wider.

In that instant, all the creatures around this world felt a foreboding presence and felt another equally strong presence.

The Ancient Demon King has found his mate, his Mate.

Taehyung's eyes travel back to the demon and see glowing crimson eyes trained on him.

He's panting harder but he also notices that his breathing better than what he experienced earlier.

'Ahh.. what now.. ha ha.. haa.' panting.

"Wha.. what are.." panting.

Before Taehyung can finish his sentence the demon spoke, "I will explain everything to you. For now, I need to ‘help you.’"

He scooped Taehyung up, carrying him bridal style they both disappear into the shadows.

The shadows opened its arms and embraced them both in loving darkness and took them somewhere.

The first sensation Taehyung felt was the smell of lavender and a quick fake cough to get his attention.

"You can open your eyes now, no need to be afraid Sweetheart." the demon says.

The clouds have started to move more than usual that turned the pink and orange skies into the night where the stars came out to play.

Taehyung is still panting when he's manoeuvred in a position that more comfortable for both of them—seating him down on the demon's lap his chest pressed together leaving no space between them. For some reason, this brings tears to Taehyung’s eyes. Sniffing, and swallowing heavily, the stranger gives him a lopsided smile.

"Why don't we start with introductions? Hmm?" there's a teasing tone from the demon.

‘Hello my little flower, I’m Jungkook, the demon king’


Startled to hear the demon's introduction Taehyung sat up straighter almost clashing heads with the figure above as the other moved away quickly.


"I need to explain certain things before we proceed." Jungkook only looks at him, the look in his eyes makes Taehyung choke up.

“You are my mate and I, I am your King, Taehyung.” 

Taehyung looks directly in his eyes, hums quietly in response, his muscles leaden in comfort rather than fear.

With his head nested on the other’s chest, he could hear Jungkook's strong heartbeat and it also worked in soothing him.

Soon enough Taehyung's breathing Jungkook's scent and felt their heartbeats beat faster. It almost seemed like everything about this man calms and excites him but at the moment he made him feel lustful and a quiet moan escapes his lips.

Taehyung tried to stop anything else escaping but its too late. Jungkook looked at him fondly and a bit teasingly.

"I’m not sure if you noticed, Jungkook," he squeezes the other’s hands, "I feel a bit better but this heat inside of me... it's... I.. I needed to let the heat out. My brain is telling me, no, calling me to 'touch' myself. I feel weak and I don't know what to do. H-help me..."

Jungkook’s crimson eyes glowed at that moment, he was quiet as he nodded at Taehyung’s comment.

"By simple explanation my lovely prince you are transforming. The fire needs to like you effectively marking your rebirth, a demonic transformation."

"We still need to seal our deal. I will have your baby doll, after all, this is our wedding night."

Taehyung summoned all his strength to grab Jungkook's face, he stared into its eyes to detect any lie. He found none.

Lips trembling, "Is this r-real?"

Jungkook started to stroke Taehyung's cheeks with his thumb. 

Taehyung finds it that the more he strokes the better he felt. The sudden bolt of energy he feels is making him confused but felt resigned. 

Everything is so confusing, still, he feels the heat he described.

Beyond anything else, Taehyung feels his body with tremendous heat energy released in the fire the transformation that each human vein and muscle tissue has chosen to take and be forced into by death at some point.

And then his lips are on Jungkook’s and thinks it’s the softest he's ever kissed.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!" Taehyung pulls out from the kiss then shouts from his position, tucking his face between Jungkook's neck and shoulder.

He's not registering what he's doing at the moment, all he knows is his body feels heavier than before and that he's getting sleepy.

At the same time, a different kind of fire is starting to stir up in his belly. He then looks up and sees Jungkook with hunger in his eye. Smile growing wider, he caresses Taehyung's cheeks again. 

"I can hear you and sense your body's need. Be true, listen to your baser instinct?"

Like a spell cast, Taehyung's hands won’t stop moving.

"hha.. hhaa..ha.." panting.

"T-this is bad. This is too much... I can’t stop.. ha..ha..hhaa.."

"This feels amazing.. ha.. haa.."

"This feels too good.." he closes his eyes, breathing heavier.

"Don't close your eyes. Look at me, only me." Jungkook growls, voice possessive.

"I-I’m go-going to cum!"

"Baby doll, try to prolong it further." Jungkook coaches bringing his hand to cover Taehyung's fingers, "that's it glide it over your shaft slow and steady." he licks his lower lip.

Taehyung then is laid down the flower bed, a musky lotion was poured over his lower body covering his nipples, penis, rim and thighs. An instant tingly feeling erupted as the lotion made contact with his skin. 

He's back to panting, face flushed crimson red, he doesn’t know what comes over him but he pleads for Jungkook to ‘help him.’

Without breaking eye contact, Taehyung feels his chest lighter. He feels fondness take over his heart, he feels like a puzzle piece was missing was finally put in place. 

Jungkook smirks as kiss his mate on his lips.

"Should I help you further my love?" Jungkook coos.

Taehyung’s long fingers slide from his cheek to the back of his head, the taste of Jungkook's lips still linger as he agreed with a nod. 

Jungkook snakes his arm around to roll on top of him. He kissed him deeply, licking into his mouth in that way of his.

Taehyung thought Jungkook could make him come with just a barely-there-kiss if we stayed at it long enough.

Everything about Jungkook turned him on, from the way he looked and felt through my hands to the way he watched me and touched me.

His greed and the silent demands he made on Taehyung's body, the forcefulness with which he pleasured and took his pleasure in return, drove him wild.

Taehyung ran his hands through the wet silk of his hair. The crisp air teased his tightened nipples and the feel of his rock-hard body against mine was enough to make me wet and needy.

Loosening and opening Taehyung up with his broad fingers enjoying the sound of his moaning, slowly giving in to the pleasure and treatment given by the older experienced male.

Body hovering over Taehyung’s he feels the other's tongue lick his bottom lip, he kissed deeply, licking into my mouth in that way of his.

Jungkook has to focus hard to bite back the possessive growl that wants to escape as Taehyung gives in and kisses again on his mouth.

Intense waves of pleasure that begin deep inside your body and radiate through the rest of his body. 

A leg slides in between Taehyung’s thighs and he gasps when he slowly rub against it, “Love..” he warns heavy commanding voice.

Pulling away from their kiss but is pulled back immediately “M-more..” 

After a lot more kissing the demon clasps his erection together with Taehyung's.

Taehyung saw how big Jungkook is and he’s a little scared, to say the least... The demon is twice as big and as thick. He turned towards the demon to see him smirk before he feels Jungkook tease his nipples.

"I love your body," he whispered, his lips moving across Taehyung's cheek to his throat.

His hand caressed the length of his torso from chest to hip.

"I can't get enough of it. I don't think I'll ever have enough." Nibbling and licking across his shoulder, he slid down and caught his nipple between his teeth.

He tugged and the tiny dart of pain had Taehyung's back arching on a soft cry. He soothed the sting with a soft suck; then kissed his way downward.

"I've never wanted anything this badly." moving lower, rimming my navel with the tip of his tongue.

He kept rubbing their dicks together as Taehyung tried to get his arms free. He caught his wrists and pinned them again.

"You have a tight little rim, my Love. I'll be careful as to not bruise you on your first time. I'll try to get you soft and relaxed."

A violent shiver of arousal moved through Taehyung. It turned him on when he talked so bluntly about sex. Then he slid lower and Taehyung tensed. He nipped my inner thigh with his teeth. 

He massaged a tender spot between my balls and rim, an orgasm threatening to pulse through in a slow, heated roll of delight, no less devastating for being gentle. His hands rough now as he yanked me down to the centre. He stretched himself on top of me, pinning me, tucking his forearms on the outside of my biceps and pressing them to my sides, capturing me.

Taehyung's gaze was riveted to his austerely beautiful face. His features were harsh with lust, his skin stretched tight over his cheekbones and jaw. His round doe eyes were so dark and dilated they were black, and I knew I was staring into the face of a man who'd passed the limits of his control.

Jungkook smirks as he snakes his had to his rim loosening and opening him up with his broad fingers enjoying the sound of his moaning, slowly giving in to the pleasure.

"Don't hold yourself back my love, I love hearing the sounds you make, the way your body quivers." 

Taehyung hands on his hair, anticipation building. He'd made sure 

"Fuck me," I ordered, daring him with my eyes. He aligns his dick to enter Taehyung's puckered rim.

"Tae-." He snapped out my name as he rammed into me, sinking balls-deep in one fierce drive.

The demons head entered and Taehyung sees stars, he is already sweating into his temples.. he gasped. He was big, hard as stone, and so damn deep.

The connection was startlingly intense. Emotionally. Mentally. Taehyung never felt so completely...taken. Possessed.

Taehyung clenched around him, relishing the feel of him inside me, filling me.

His hips ground against mine, prodding as if to say, 'Feel me? I'm in you. I own you.'

His entire body hardened, the muscles of his chest and arms straining as he pulled out to the tip. The rigid tightening of his abs was the only warning I got before he slammed forward. Hard.

Taehyung cried out and his chest rumbled

with a low, primitive sound.

"Christ...You feel so good."

He buried his face in Taehyung's neck and held me tightly in place, plunging hard and fast, gasping raw, heated sex words that made me crazed with desire.
"You are exceptionally tight baby doll, perhaps you’ve not been taken before? No matter. I will fuck you open myself."

"I've never been so hard and thick. I'm so deep in you...I can feel it against my stomach...feel my dick pounding into you."

Tae feels so full... Full and satisfied.. he's about to cum.. just by the demon entering him. But he held off as he wanted Jungkook's permission. He finds himself panting through his mouth.

"Your ass pussy feels nice inside. You will feel me spreading you, stretching your hole down onto every inch of me."

"I will fuck you so deeply you will feel my cock at the back of your throat. And when I am finished... I will leave you gaping, wide and deep as a chasm...and you will long for me, baby doll."

"Aaaahhh... Jungkook! ahhh... ahh.."

The demon king releases a short groan, the thrusts are becoming harder and deeper.

"Let me hear you more."

"Oohh fuck!! Haa.. haa.. ha, J-Jungkook!"


"To feel me between your legs.." Jungkook continues, "You will learn to swallow all of me.’ Smack.. the demon smacks his left ass cheek.. and he’s fully setting himself bottomed out"

Right then the demon started to move this time, slower thrusts his damp hole taking it like a champ. Tae is still panting his saliva oozing out of his mouth from all the pleasure he’s receiving, his dick twitches involuntarily aching to be touched.

'Is this how it feels to have a demon ram his way into you? if it is he'd sign up immediately.'

With furrowed brows, the demon sensed his Mate has adjusted to his size and started to go faster and faster until they both groan and moan their way into ecstasy.

"You will serve me as your body will serve me..." The demon smirks again, "you are mine! Am I making myself understood?"

"MMmmff.," Tae confirms with a nod as well.

"Your body is responding w enthusiasm... What a delight. Look at how hard your cock is baby doll. You like being fucked by one bigger, so much stronger than you?"

"Don’t you doll face? Answer."

"Krry.. yes.. yes my King!" Tae groans out.

"Very good. What a rare opportunity you are.’ The demon hugs him and thrusts harder.. reaching deep within Tae.."

"Aaauuuggghhh.." Tae’s tears streaming down his fucked out face.

We were dripping in sweat, our skin hot and slicked together, our chests heaving for air. As an orgasm brewed like a storm inside me, everything tightened and clenched, squeezing.

He cursed and shoved one hand beneath my hip, cupping my rear and lifting me into his thrusts so that his cock head stroked over and over the spot that ached for him.

"Come, Tae" he ordered harshly.

"Come now."

Tae climaxed in a rush that had him sobbing his name, the sensation enhanced and magnified by the way he'd confined my body. He threw his head back, shuddering.

"Ah, my love!" He clasped me so tightly Tae couldn't breathe, his hips pumping as he came long and hard.

I've no idea how long we lay like that, leveled, mouths sliding over shoulders and throats to soothe and calm. Tae's entire body tingled and pulsed.

"Wow," Tae managed finally.

"You'll kill me," he muttered with his lips at my jaw.

"We're going to end up fucking each other to death."