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Kinktober 2019

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ShinBaku - Spanking

"You want me to hit you?" Shinsou raised a brow setting his book down to look at his partner completely. Katsuki was biting back angry shouting he could tell by how his lips trembled. 


"No duh idiot. We already do that but I meant like...not just my ass. I want you to smack my face too. Knock me around a little. Really rough me up." He huffed out a sigh and straightened from his slouched position on the beanbag in Shinsou's dorm.


"Alright. But we need a safe word. You know I don't mind getting rough but I don't want to actually harm you. I felt like shit when I did last time." Bakugo moved to sit beside his boyfriend and laughed lightly. "You're such a goober I was fine. I've felt worse." He kissed Shinsou slowly, tangling a hand in his hair as he lowered them onto the bed. "But fine. Red means stop, yellow means slow down, green means good. If I need a break, I'll tell you."


Hitoshi smiled, straddling his partner as he shucked off his shirt. "Alright. Top or bottom? Sometimes you like topping when you sub so up to you hot head." 


Katsuki leaned up, grinding roughly against the others rapidly growing erection. " Ruin me Hitoshi ." And that opened the floodgates. Hitoshi was pulling off Katsuki's shirt and latching onto one of his rapidly stiffening nipples. He had a hand in the blondes hair pulling till he arched his back. The purple haired teen nipped and sucked at the others chest, leaving marks the other guys were sure to question in the locker room tomorrow. He bit into Katsuki's hip area leaving the other moaning in response. 


"Pants off. Turn around and show me your ass you fucking whore." The blonde groaned, quickly complying and stripping off the last of his clothing before getting hands and knees onto the bed. He couldn't even speak before Hitoshi had brought a hand down to smack the newly exposed skin. The blonde keened relishing in the sting that followed. The purple haired man repeated the action in quick succession, refusing to stop until his boyfriends ass was raw and red. He flipped the man over spitting onto Katsuki's thighs so he could fuck them. 


"No please I want it inside-" A quick smack to the face silenced the blonde and Hitoshi could see the boys cock twitch in response. 


"Whores take what they're offered." Hitoshi pressed Katsuki's thighs together, slipping his cock between them and thrusting. Bakugo whined not getting the pleasure he wanted so desperately. "Toshi please!" Another smack. The blonde was tearing up at this point. Hitoshi continued to fuck his thighs, reaching down to jerk his lovers cock in time with his thrusts. 


"Please Hitoshi I'm gonna cum please fuck fuck fuck-" A harder smack this time, tears spilled over the proud teens cheeks. "Don't speak unless I fucking told you too." The blonde sobbed as he came suddenly. Hitoshi continued to fuck his thighs, reaching down now to smack at his red and raw abused ass. The blonde was babbling but he felt like he had cotton his ears. He heard pleas for more and he was pretty sure the kid has slipped fully into subspace.


"Cum on me master please I need it I need to know I was a good toy for you please." Fuck if that didn't make Shinsou cum right on the spot. He heard Bakugo moan again as he hunched over him trying desperately to catch his breath.


He knew from experience that Bakugo coming out of subspace meant a lot of reassuring and some tears. The teen had a lot of emotional issues and coming out of subspace was the only time his guard was down. The purple haired student pulled away and stroked his lovers cheek as he babbled and sobbed. 


"Shhhh shh let me clean you up it's alright i'm here." Shinsou went to grab tissues and wipes off his desk, gently cleaning off his lover. After he tossed them he laid down and pulled the taller blonde to his chest. "Hey hey don't cry you did so well you were so good for me." When the sobs slowed to a stop he pulled back to wipe away stray tears. "My big strong angry Pomeranian back to me now?" The blonde laughed lightly, voice sore from earlier. "Shut up asshole." He buried his face back into Shinsou's chest. ".....Thank you."


Hitoshi smiled. "Of course. Thank you. Get some sleep kitten." That earned him an elbow to the ribs but the blonde snuggled closer regardless. His boyfriend was the cutest little fireball.