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Spirit Shackle

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 “Come out, you little shit,”
came his master’s harsh voice as He
rubbed the side of the brass lamp
that was the genie’s lamp, his home, and ultimately his prison, 
bound inside with spirit shackles, unable to escape from his life
was this a life, really?
james didn’t really know, he didn’t live, not really, just obeyed
did everything his master asked of him
unable to disobey, unable to say no
dragged from his lamp, his peace disturbed
to face his master again
 “Your wish is my command, master,” the genie said, bound tight
head bowed, his voice reluctant, but unable to do anything else
 “You bet it fucking is,” said his master, reaching His hand
out to grasp the spirit chains tightly
james hated that He could
that his master was spirit, not flesh
could see the spirit bonds holding him prisoner, bound to him,
could touch them so easily, and make them much tighter to keep him
bound closer, unable to do anything but obey his master’s dark wretched heart
 “What are your orders, master?”
Lord Greg took hold of his shackles
lifted him up, james could not move
and His eyes were so angry now
james knew something bad was coming, something he would hate doing
 “Go kill your old master,
I have no further use for him. You’re mine now, forever.”
 “Yes, master, at once, master,” james replied softly, eyes glazing over
if he had any capacity for sentience
his heart would be breaking in two
but he didn’t feel anything
he wasn’t allowed to, he couldn’t, he wasn’t conscious of carrying it out
didn’t feel anything as he took his life, watched him cower before him
it felt like a dream, these always felt like a dream
he’s killed so many people, did he just make them up?
 “Genie, wipe them out now,”
came the eternal command, echoing loudly now
bad masters always made him do evil
to use his goddess-given magic powers to hurt and to harm
for nothing but conquest and selfish desire, that’s all they wanted
james obeyed every single one
because he had no choice, choice wasn’t an option, not for a genie
obedience was all he was created for
bound by his shackles made of light
from spirit energy straight from his goddess
he could not feel pain
he felt nothing when Lord Greg threw him out into battle
chained to His side, with orders to kill, to destroy them
to bring down buildings, and flood whole cities at his word
with His invincible powers, His iron fist
with His two Archangel Eyes
that enslaved and killed anyone who resisted
but Lord Greg was a god now, tearing james from his goddess’s breast
severing Her shackles before binding him with His own, ones with no escape
james lived in his lamp, which hung from His side at all times
always ready to obey Him
always listening eagerly for his master’s voice
to do His bidding, no matter what