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The Ins

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Fireins and Iceins have been there since the dawn of time since the Fire ones crashed from the sun and the Iceins came from a cold planet or the moon, not clear on that. I bet Fireins caused dinosaur life to end. They tried to help but there's nothing they could do. Now some Fireins and Iceins guard places where Dino bones are. Others wandered the earth, ancient figures have seen some of these creatures who only make animal noises. 

Eventually, they started coming under capture so they fled Equestria and created a chaotic illusion that they lived in. Years later, they became a pack of aggressive creatures wanting to end all creatures in Equestria.


All of them need help bathing because it is hard to do thanks to their paws. They don't clean themselves like a cat because it will mess up their fur. Their ears are also really sensitive.




They like to hold paws when falling asleep sometimes in fear they'll disappear.

They try to win over a mate with what looks like jewelry, but its actually a rock they burned and used their claws on it.

If they get into a play fight, they let the other win.

They usually are more understanding than the other races.

Strangely can produce milk which is why they're not as eager for belly rubs like Iceins.

Suck their paws for comfort.

Meow for attention.

Run fast and roar.

Staying out of the sun makes them pale.

There are cave paintings of all races.

They get breeding urges at spring and summer.

They have three hearts.

They simply like being liked and making their loved ones happy no matter the pain, if you're happy. They're happy.

Have blood that could be used for treating serious illnesses.

They cannot die from being sick.

They all have trouble going downstairs.

Mate for life for all races, but the females always have fierce competition for them usually.

Their hearing acts as a kind of sonar.

They have a perfect sense of direction.


They open fire portals to flee.