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My Lullaby, Baby sweet goodnight

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When the sky is a black mantle adorned with few stars, Yibo drops his head in the backseat of the car, an expression tired by the long and moving day.


Through the open window where a light and cool breeze enters, the streets are lonely and free, only a couple of people walking in some parts, several places have their lights on and cars sliding down the track with more freedom and confidence. It's just Wednesday, and most of the bodies are tired in need of a break, Yibo qualifies as part of them.


Working until a little more than midnight almost every day in a row and for several months certainly creates an emotional and physical fatigue, something that's definitely consuming and demanding a break. Its perceived in his face, in his eyes. And no, he is not complaining or feeling regretful about what he does, he just feels tired and has a strong desire to lean on his pillow and sleep, relax and feel at peace while some song fades as his eyes close and welcome him the darkness.


like a sweet song to the ear, like ...               


"Yibo," his manager calls him in a soft tone, is in the front seat. With a look, they share one of the same expressions. "It's late, and the best thing would be for you to stay in a hotel until early tomorrow."


Listening to him, Yibo's brow frowns noticeably. He doesn't like the idea and which makes the man's eyes wander anxiously, mechanizing a more favorable option for the child. However, he obviously finds no other, and that frustrates Yibo much more. Because, if it's not his house, it's nothing ... And he definitely hates having no other option at hand and ...


His eyes light up and widen, suddenly straightening in the seat.


"I ... I have another option." he mentions in a low voice, watching the man's gaze go between closing. "It will be close and-"


"If it's what i'm thinking, I don't think it's a good idea." he tells him, shaking his head. Yibo's lips pucker and his gaze becomes intense. The older man clicks his tongue. "Yibo, I can't take you there."


"It's not the first time." he reiterates, settling in that awkward seat. "Please."


"Do you know how dangerous it will be if someone sees you entering or leaving there? You know it."


Now, Yibo's hands are insistent fists.


"It wouldn't be the first time I go there. And besides, it's late and ..."


his manager denies. "It's so dangerous that I prefer to stay in this car and leave you in your own home."


"Come on ... Please, please." Yibo finds himself begging softly, his tired eyes accompanied by incredible hope. "It's no big deal if we'll be so close and I have that opportunity. You know it."


The other man simply cannot believe it, and although his eyes must also express the same tiredness and the same desire for a break soon, his sanity and the best for the boy go first. So, he denies again and clenches his lips.


"I can't do it Yibo."


Yibo and small hopes no longer go hand in hand.




And then, Yibo growls in annoyance and drops rudely on the back of the seat, hiding part of his face with the black wool cap that was previously falling from his head. The elder only sighs tired, swallowing a couple of words and averting his gaze to the driver, who looked at him and shrugged. He only sighs later.


"You know I don't do it in a bad way," he mentions out loud, feeling really restless. It doesn't help to talk to a Yibo completely covered by his cap and sweater. It's like talking alone and can't wait for anything else. "Just-"


Yibo turns to the opposite side of the window, interrupting it. "I just want to get home."


If there was an answer, he wasn't able to hear it, replacing the outside sound with the sound of his headphones and a soft song at maximum volume. Although he is not seeing, Yibo can know the exact moment when the older man rolls his eyes and tries to call him, but it is not that he cares much, since his eyes close and tired, he plunges into darkness.


God, how many times wish he could change the direction the world is going.




The next time his mind becomes conscious again, it isn't because his bad position bothers your dream, or because someone calling his name next to a tap on the shoulder, or in the worst case, because his music playing became a disaster that scared and interrupted his sleep. No, it was none of that. It's because there is a lot of wind that hits his face and freezes his cheeks and is accompanied by a conversation that is strangely heard too close, as if they were speaking in his ear.


The farthest voice is just a little loud in tone, finishing saying something that Yibo didn't hear from the beginning.


"... he has the morning free, so you can have him for tonight."


Ah, that is definitely his manager.


There is a soft laugh later, and this is heard too close. Yibo's eyes are too tired to open.


"it was a long day? It's strange that he not awake."


"It was, he has worked hard."


There was a little silence.


"Thank you for bringing it ... here."


Yibo's body moves slightly and his eyes slowly open, processing information and voices. That’s definitely not the driver.


"I've told him not before, but I think he needs it." They laugh, and Yibo's eyes finally open completely.


"Look, he has already noticed." The opposite voice mentions and they laugh again.


Exactly that one laugh.


"Zhan-ge …”


And yes, Yibo's tired eyes catch ... his love. Up close, so close, what it can be like a dream. Because it must be a dream, right?


"Hey, Bo-di." Xiao Zhan moves his head towards him, a genuine smile lighting his eyes.


Yibo's heart accelerates and clumsily tries to move, looking suddenly held back by something, rather, this position that is obviously not the backseat of the car. Yibo removes himself again, and frowns when he realizes that he is being taken by Xiao Zhan nupcial style at the moment, her cheeks spontaneously heat up to a point where she feels them burn.


"Zhan-ge, what are you doing?" He question confused, blinking several times.


The elder's gaze is on him, watching as Yibo looks embarrassed around him, catching his manager's eyes and moving very restless.


"Yibo, sweetie, you don't weigh too much but still try not to move much." Yibo turns to him, widening his eyes, the surprise in them.


"Ge ..." Yibo's eyes rest momentarily on the man standing a few steps away from them, warning the major with his gaze.


Xiao Zhan nods and smiles.


"It's okay baby, it's someone who is always by your side, do you think he doesn't know?" he tells him, still smiling, wishing he had his free hand to caress Yibo's perplexed face.


"Baby?" He gets nervous. "Zhan-ge get me down, Ge, Gege let me go ..."


Exerting strength in his grip, Xiao Zhan looks at Yibo offended. Well, pretending to be. "Is this how you treat me when it was you who wanted to be here? God, I can't believe it..."


Yibo's puzzled eyes are funny and cute. "What? It's not true-"


"You were so cute sleeping on my shoulder Yibo, who do you want to fool? Your manager? No, he already knows." he mutters funny, releasing his first laugh when Yibo hits his shoulder.


"Zhan-ge take care what you say and get me down!"


"No my love, he told me that you looked relaxed and peaceful sleep in my arms that in that awkward seat, how could I?" Xiao Zhan click his tongue. "True?"


Yibo follows Xiao Zhan's gaze to the man, who sees with a hard-to-read expression. But maybe he was laughing inside, because well, Yibo has a bright, tired and pretty look. More than anything cute and adorable, even if he can't see himself.


His gaze moves away from his manager to the ground, with remarkable shame. What happens to myself? Why don't you have the strength to get off? He wonders, the answer comes immediately.


"Hey Yibo," his manager calls him, but he can't look, not when Xiao Zhan has called him baby and sweetie without shame on his face. So he hides his face between the neck and shoulder of the elder. He can hear him laugh. "I'll pass by you tomorrow after noon, your flight leaves at night. Good?"


He just nod. "Yeah..."


"Great. I hope you sleep well in your house."


And oh God, Yibo groaned in frustration when the two laughed again in his face. His damn hot face.


"Why? Why are they agreeing to embarrass me?!" he screams with a frown, in which Xiao Zhan leaves a short kiss and laugh when the elder disappeared laughing.


"Because you're cute.. But you haven't realized what your wrinkled and freshly raised face produces." Xiao Zhan whispers and by then there are only the two.


In the center of the main courtyard of Xiao Zhan's house, his cheeks were so hot that they could start a fire.


"And I know you have a lot more strength to get off, which confirms that you want to stay that way."


Yibo can't deny it. "Maybe ... Although that doesn't take away the fact that you've embarrassed me in front of my manager. Sweetie? Baby?" He hits him several times in the chest. "You're a stupid!"


"You spend telling me bunny! I have a right!"


"I have an image to keep Zhan-ge! I don't want them to think that I am weak and I can blush ..."


"But it's cute!"


Xiao Zhan closes the entrance door with his foot, a soft kick. The place is dark, Yibo surrounds his neck with his two arms.


"Only you make me like this ..."


"If you say that, I like that only I can make you and see you blush." he mutters pleased, walking towards the stairs. Yibo looks at his profile, darkness makes it difficult.


"Gege is the only one for which I have blushed ..." Yibo whispers in his ear.


His smile say his sincerity. It's beautiful.


"So ... I'm your first love too?" He asks and massages his waist. Yibo bites his lips.


"You’re not my first kiss." Yibo evades and instead says, causing Xiao Zhan to stop in the middle of the stairs. The upstairs is with the lights on, allowing him to look at the face of the tallest."


He can't help laughing when Xiao Zhan frowns.


"What? I gave my first kiss a few years ago Zhan-ge! Don't you believe me?" Yibo feels offended.


He has kissed before, is not an inexperienced either.


"Is not that..."


However, Xiao Zhan's frown is not for not being his first kiss. When Yibo understands, he laughs again, with a mix between fun and excited. Something tickles in his stomach.


"Jealous ... ZhanZhan is jealous!"


"Of course not."


"Of course yes, your front is frowned and ..."


"No, it is enough." he orders, but still with that remarkable frown and his dark gaze.


When he tries to climb another step, Yibo surprises him and his quick maneuver to secure his neck and change position to accommodate his legs on the hips and surround him. Xiao Zhan's arms rest, but his pulse does not when he feels a soft nose gently rubbing his neck, smelling and inhaling his smell. Yibo groans very low, reaching the jaw line and leaving a small kiss.


"Zhangen is not my first kiss, but it is the best of kisses. Much better than a small body, delicate hands, than a feminine treatment ..." his nose rubbed again in the same place, almost melting Like a candle to the fire, the aroma and warmth relax his senses. "My first boy and my first-"


The last word vanished in the opposite throat, a kiss that stole more than a sigh and covered more than a longing. Xiao Zhan's mouth invites him to an addiction, no matter how crazy it sounds, he was becoming addicted his lips, which suck, tickle and numb his own. There is another sweet taste that is on the tip of his tongue, contouring in the center of his lips, which makes him groan and squeeze the thighs on Xiao Zhan's hips.


Yibo gasps a little, breathing enough to press their mouths. Xiao Zhan's hands grab his thighs and when he notices, they have entered a room already known to Yibo. It's all dark, as below, and Yibo's hands cling tightly to Xiao Zhan's neck, tightening his legs more when he sits on the edge of the bed, the dim lighting of the TV flickers.


"You smell so good ..." Yibo says and like a  little cat sinks the tip of his cold nose into the elder neck, inhaling relaxed.


Xiao Zhan's hands massage his back calmly. "You do too."


Xiao Zhan kisses Yibo's neck affectionately, but hey, the boy is tightly clenching his legs and hiding his face in his neck, enough to make him laugh.


"Hey, Wang Yibo, what are you doing?" he asks, massaging his legs.


"Don't tell me Yibo, tell me sweetheart." Yibo breathes and moves away a little, with slightly swollen lips. Xiao Zhan caresses them, listening. "Sounds cute..." he says softly, hiding again and hugging him. His body feels heavy, lazy.


Xiao Zhan thinks that Yibo, after a nap, is completely different. And lovely.


"Okay, I'll call you sweetheart, but first tell me what happens?" Xiao Zhan takes him away from his body, looking him straight in the eye.


Yibo's cheeks are bulky. "Is nothing..."


"Oh, yes it's something, you have that pout." Xiao Zhan replies, hitting the lips.


"It's not true." Yibo frowns, pulling away, but still having that unconscious pout.


"Tell me, otherwise, you will sleep alone."


Yibo opens his mouth indignantly.


"Zhan-ge! Why are you like that? That's a threat!"


"Just tell me, I'm not a stranger!" Xiao Zhan exclaimed, sighing. Yibo crossed his arms and looked down, without saying a word. "Yibo!"


"Sweetie!" he complained, but well, he was suddenly smiling. "I also accept that baby Koala you usually tell me ..."


Xiao Zhan looked at him perplexed, his mouth ajar, but then he laughed, unable to contain himself, a blow with the palm of his hand on Yibo's arm. Yibo returned it, approaching and kissing the corner of the mouth.


"Today you just want to be treated softly uh?... Uh?" He asked and Yibo relaxes the legs and arms, ashamed. Being tired and more sleepy makes him helpless and pretty. Yibo knows it, he discovered it with someone.


"I want to give more, but my body is demanding a rest."  Yibo snorts.


"I know, I can see, pretty." he tells him softly, putting his hand on the back of his neck and pushing him back to his shoulder. Yibo lets himself move, tired enough. "So sleep in my arms little baby koala."


The silence comes for a moment, where Xiao Zhan sits and lies on the bed, placing Yibo at his side with his leg on his hip and his arm on his chest. The TV screen is still on and transmits the movie that Xiao Zhan starts watching while stroking Yibo's messy hair, his breathing calm. Their bodies are together and warm. It is as if it were only so, how they can feel comforting.


After a while Yibo moved and touched his arm.


"Zhan-ge ..." Yibo whispers, the voice very soft and hoarse.




"What I wanted before is," he pauses, looking for Xiao Zhan's hand to intertwine his hands. His fingers tangle and caress. "I want you to sing me a song..."


"Like a lullaby?" Xiao Zhan also whispers and squeezes his hands.


Yibo nods. "Yes, my lullaby." His finger caresses the back. "I will remember when my days are long and tired, when we are not together and I will not have a terrifying dream. Like my lullaby, my sweet lullaby ..."


"That sounds beautiful." Although Yibo has his eyes closed and Xiao Zhan cannot see his full face, he looks at him with affection, tenderness.


"As Gege's voice is."


Xiao Zhan strokes his hair, drawing his head to his chest, near where his heart beats. Now Yibo is practically on him, relaxed and sleepy.


"Okay, I'll be your lullaby." he accepts and turns off the TV screen, while still stroking his head and silky hair. Yibo purrs. "Sweet Dreams Love."


Xiao Zhan starts humming a song a few minutes later, relaxing his throat to start singing to Yibo's ear as smoothly as possible, as his voice is, relaxing more than a mind and a heart.


The song is not known by Yibo, but it is as pretty and soft as a unique whisper that soon appears in the number one song on his list, more because it is sung only for him, with intentions and affection. What he loves and confirms that he has made the best decision.


And although it is too early to think about it, when he closes his eyes and the last thing he manages to hear is a whisper that fades, he thinks:


I really want to hear you forever.