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What Will Come

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The day Hisashi Midoriya left for war, he sealed his son's fate.

Within one week, he was killed. He left behind a widow, a young woman named Inko Midoriya.

Inko was a seamstress among the castle staff, and had caught the eye of the kind King. Upon hearing news of her husband's death, he quickly did his best to console her, and the two became fast friends.

But there was a slight problem.

Inko Midoriya was pregnant, and the baby bump was starting to show. The villagers did not take kindly to unmarried women with children, even if the woman was a widow and the child was her former husband's. In tears, she went to her friend and confided in him. The two quickly hatched a plan. Yagi Toshinori would marry Inko so that she could safely have her child, and they would proclaim the child to be Toshinori's. They both agreed that Inko and the child should keep their last name.

When Izuku was born, the villagers held a festival that lasted five days. The King and their lovely Queen had had a son. Within weeks, other kingdoms were sending congratulations.

But one stuck out in particular. Among the congratulations was a deal.

King Enji Todoroki, the King of Endeavor, had had a son just a few months earlier. Prince Shouto Todoroki was the youngest, but Enji had already determined that Shouto would be the heir to his throne. Their two sons were close in age, and would make a powerful couple, if only there were a way to ensure an alliance.

There was.

If Izuku Midoriya and Shouto Todoroki were to marry upon reaching the proper age, then there would be peace between both kingdoms, and an alliance to last a lifetime.

Toshinori and Inko discussed the letter and its contents before reaching an agreement - they would arrange the marriage, but if either son decided to opt out, then the marriage would not take place, and no war would ensue.


Izuku Midoriya was raised to be a Prince, but he was also raised to be someone who loved. He spent all of his free time with the villagers. He grew up with their children. Izuku Midoriya was not just a Prince, he was a friend. The people loved him for who he was. The villagers taught the young prince everything from stories of dragons to how to fight dirty, and even how to cook. Their Prince was not afraid to work with or talk to the help, and considered many of them his friends.

When he turned thirteen, he started working with the local blacksmith because the job seemed fun. When he turned fifteen, he went to work with the craftsmen and the carpenters. He trained with the knights daily so that should the need arise, he could lead them in to battle. He gained many scars from his experiences, but he was proud of each one. Each scar was a mistake that he learned from. Each scar was a story, and ever since Izuku was three, he loved stories.

The day he turned eighteen came and went. There was yet another festival held in the village, this time for eighteen days, one day to represent each year of Prince Izuku's life. When the festivities ended, Izuku was left with a growing anticipation.

In just a few months, he would meet the man he was to marry. He was curious about Prince Shouto Todoroki. He had never been told anything about the other, except for his name, title, and that he would one day rule Endeavor.

Izuku waited anxiously, and often found that the day he would finally be able to meet Todoroki and learn about him couldn't come fast enough. It didn't help that during this three month period, Izuku was no longer allowed to work with the blacksmith, craftsmen, or carpenters. He was still allowed to train with the Knights, but they couldn't train all day. Izuku spent the rest of his time dreaming up stories of what Todoroki would be like, but nothing could truly prepare him for the man.